JurisdictionUnited States
Price$15 billed once
Unblocks NetflixYes
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop

No, this is not a guide for the best VPN for Netflix. There is actually a VPN that goes by the name of “NetflixVPN” these days.

The name of the service is self-explanatory as to what this VPN actually exists for. Unblocking major streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and other is the primary service of this provider which is not unusual as bypassing geo-restrictions on such sites has become a crucial functionality demanded off of best VPN for streaming services these days.

But saying you unblock it and actually unblocking it are two different things altogether and this is exactly what I am primarily going to test in this comprehensive review of NetflixVPN and offer critiques of other aspects of its service ranging from the security it offers, client apps, pricing and more.

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Conventionally, modern day VPNs have a lot of features to offer like the kill switch, ad blockers, client apps and more, but NetflixVPN is an odd exception. But let’s clear one thing before moving on, NetflixVPN is not actually a VPN. You can call it a more organized “Proxy” which offers multiple protocols for you to connect with.

Coming back to features, NetflixVPN doesn’t offer any except for its main service of geo-restriction unblocking and two simultaneous connections.

Netflixvpn review



Everything that I came across this service has seemed pretty odd and unconventional and that holds true for pricing plans as well. NetflixVPN offers four types of pricing plans with the same facilities with the only difference being in the duration of your subscription validity.

  • Monthly: $4 billed once
  • Quarterly $10 billed once
  • Half-Yearly: $20 billed once
  • Yearly: $15 billed once

netflixvpn pricing

The monthly and quarterly plans are fairly priced as compared to the kind of “Stripped off” service that it’s offering. But I really don’t understand the logic behind the lower price of the yearly plan as compared to the half-yearly plan.

The service is charging $20 billed once if you buy its subscription for six months, but the price falls down to $15 billed once, if you buy the yearly subscription, which is seemingly absurd. And in my opinion, the only logical reason for this is to entice people to sign up more on the yearly deal because no one in their right mind would go for the 6-month subscription in this case.

Apart from this, the $15 price tag is more than a reasonable deal as it allows you to get NetflixVPN’s subscription for less than $1.5/month. Most people, including me, wouldn’t mind giving it a shot at such a ridiculously low price.

Ease of Use/ Supported Devices

A VPN for Netflix that doesn’t have its own native client apps and requires sideloading to start operating on your system? Not possible? It is because NetflixVPN does just that.

This provider has no client apps of its own and runs only through OpenVPN’s client. You have to download the individual VPN configuration files of each available residential IP location if you want to connect to them.

Nearly all popular VPN services that either claim or actually do unblock Netflix, have their own client apps and its become a norm to do so. But NetflixVPN, surprisingly doesn’t do so, which in my opinion, is a big factor in making the service a bit unattractive to users especially newbies.

Server Locations

NetflixVPN claims that its Server locations are not your conventional servers but residential IPs that are whitelisted with all major streaming sites allowing them to easily take you past the geo-restrictions when you connect through it

These residential IPs are located in the following places:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. Mexico
  5. Argentina
  6. Colombia
  7. UK
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Spain
  11. Sweden
  12. Russia
  13. Japan
  14. South Korea
  15. India
  16. Thailand
  17. Australia

Netflixvpn servers

This makes up for 17 locations worldwide with a major focus on places where major streaming sites are located like USA (Netflix USA, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc), UK (BBC iPlayer etc), Japan (Netflix Japan, Radiko etc). Although, this server park is quite small as compared to much larger services like Surfshark VPN which offers 800+ servers and offer Netflix unblocking for 8 locations, its acceptable because of the small niche this provider functions in.

Unblocking Restricted Sites

Now coming to the most important question regarding the service i.e. Does it do what it claims to do? Does it unblock Netflix, Hulu, SonyLiv, BBC iPlayer, SBS on Demand etc?

Well partially Yes, making it a good service for the price tag it’s being offered for.

I managed to unblock Netflix US and Netflix Spain from it. Netflix UK was sometimes getting unblocked but often I encountered the proxy error, so maybe they are working on it.

Here is how Netflix VPN fared when it comes to unblocking streaming sites in its server locations:

Streaming SiteUnblocked
South KoreaNo


Speeds were good but I was expecting more as the streaming went uninterrupted but I wasn’t able to achieve HD quality streaming on any site, so NetflixVPN needs to up its scale considering that it doesn’t have the weight of encryption on its connection.

Security & Privacy

VPNs are primarily meant for protecting user anonymity online, but if you are looking to serve this purpose, then NetflixVPN might not be the perfect candidate for this as it doesn’t offer any info on encryption standards or its logging policies on its websites, neither does it promote itself as so.

Its just a sophisticated proxy that unblocks a good number of sites around the globe especially Netflix US, so for $15 for a year’s worth of subscription, it’s a very cheapest VPN service add-on service that you can get if you are in to heavy streaming each day.


NetflixVPN doesn’t offer live chat support like PureVPN support, limiting its potential to offer maximum user ease, especially considering the kind of niche it’s working in i.e. streaming.

When you as a service, are aiming to offer a feature that allows people to unblock geo-restricted websites that other services can’t easily unblock, you need to be in contact with consumer’s queries and questions in the most efficient manner possible.

Disappointingly, NetflixVPN doesn’t commit to this strategy with its current email support functionality.


NetflixVPN is definitely not a bad service on the basic task it does, i.e. unblocking streaming, but I believe that this makes it more like a one trick pony, which is good for garnering customers and gaining success for your business but not for garnering a reputation in the industry as a premium VPN service.

You can really go for it if you like to stream much into different locations and access geo-restricted content. Its low price gives you the freedom to try it at least once and that’s what I advise too, do try it once because its offering something good for that kind of a price tag.