My Private Network VPN Review

At first glance, it feels a lot like a UK specific service but looks can be quite misleading and that notion certainly holds true here. MyPrivateNetwork VPN might not be one of the biggest VPN providers out there but it is certainly a good enough service that has not been given its due share in the limelight till now.

Well, that’s going to change today as I am going to review this service comprehensively, inspecting its different aspects including its pricing plans, server network, free trial and more to analyze whether or not it holds up to our Best VPN standards.

So here’s the exclusive MyPrivateNetworkVPN Review by!


MyPrivateNetwork Pricing Review

First things first, the price. For any VPN to be competitive in today’s highly cutthroat industry, it needs to offer its service at the right price. Many providers these days are competing in the industry through their rock bottom pricing plans.

When I viewed the different aspects of the service, which I will cover in more detail later on this review, and compared it with the pricing plans of the provider, I deemed them to be a bit expensive than the norm. Here are the monthly prices offered by the provider:

  • Global Plan £8.97 or $11.65/month
  • Single Country £4.97 or $6.46/month

Long terms Plans are also available:

Single Country:

  • 3 Months — £14.16 or $18.40 billed once
  • 12 Months — £47.71 or $61.99


  • 3 Months — £25.56 or $33.21
  • 12 Months — £86.11 or $111.8

Myprivatevpn Long term plans

At, we don’t usually follow the policy that only those providers who offer low priced plans are good and that’s because we know and are accepting of a fact that providing a quality VPN service does take a lot of money and smaller providers don’t usually have the resources to not just offer a good service but also take the hit through low-profit margins.

So, for providers like MyPrivateNetwork, whose pricing plans are definitely are above the expected range for services of such stature, I do give them a margin of benefit. Other reviewers might slam such providers outright, but I give more importance to a VPN’s performance. Pricing for me is secondary.

The provider offers two types of plans, first the global plan with all features and servers being offered by the provider, and secondly, the single country plan which limits you to a single country server connection only.

I would only recommend to the provider to ensure that first, it changes its prices from UK pounds to US dollars so as to make the plans look at a bit more appealing to global consumers and save them from the hassle of converting. And secondly, I would advise them to cut their prices by a margin of 25% in order to make them come at par with the rest of the providers working at the same level.

If you want to opt for the provider, then my advice would be to go for the long-term plans, especially the global plan 3-month deal, which is perhaps the best deal of the lot according to its price justification.

MyPrivateNetwork Free Trial

The best feature about this service is its free trial and refund policy. MyPrivateNetwork is one of the most generous and open VPN services that I have come across in my reviewing career and I would like to recommend their free trial policy to all other providers in the industry because it goes on to show just how much trust the provider is displaying in its service through this act.

Usually, if you need a Free trial, you need to opt for it or if you don’t, you can go straight towards buying the service, however, things don’t work like that with this VPN provider.

At MyPrivateNetwork, you will be given a full 3-day free trial with zero commitment on every plan which is just amazing as it allows the user to feel much more secure going into the service.

The provider also offers its own free VPN service on top of all of this. In MyPrivateNetwork’s free service, you get randomly assigned to a server in either Germany or Spain and a top speed of 1Mbps.

But the generosity doesn’t end here as you also get to avail a whopping 90 days of time to claim your refund. All of these factors combine together to offer any user an unparalleled semblance of safety when buying the VPN because you know that you won’t be charged till 72 hours and even after that, you can get your money back anytime in 3 months.

I do have apprehensions about MyPrivateNetwork’s highly priced plans, but its free trial and refund policy more than make up for it definitely.

MyPrivateNetwork Apps Compatibility Review

The provider offers four major client apps i.e. for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This is pretty much the basic starter pack, If I can call it that, for any VPN provider to start off with. But I was quite surprized to see that the provider offers a dedicated Firestick app which is no mean feat as it goes on to show that it is catering to a niche user base as well.

MyPrivateVPN Device support

One of the most surprising aspects here was that there was no mention of Kodi anywhere. Kodi is one of the most popular streaming platforms and even if a provider doesn’t offer a dedicated add-on for it, they sure do mention their VPN’s setup process for it. But this VPN provider doesn’t do any of that, which I believe, is a major downer.

Apart from that, its apps are also pretty basic, apart from the Firestick app which is pretty darn good and is perhaps up there with the very best, with not too much flashy stuff. The UI is a bit clumsy and can do away with some modernization and upgrades to include more minimalism into the scheme of things.

But one thing that I need to clear out here is that the Windows app is actually an OpenVPN app, which means that its not your average VPN client i.e. like the ones you get from providers like ExpressVPN or PureVPN. Their Windows app runs on a protocol to protocol-based setup, which is a bit old age in today’s environment, where you have one client in which you can swiftly move from one protocol to other without issues.

MyPrivateNetwork needs to introduce a better Windows client app like the ones offered by the better providers out because this one is too technical for an average user.

MyPrivateNetwork Server Infrastructure

MyprivateVPN Servers review

This provider currently offers around 200+ servers in 44 countries worldwide. The Server infrastructure is skewed highly in favor of Western Europe and the Northern American Region, with few locations in Asia like India and even fewer in the South American and African Regions.

The provider does offer a good server list for those who are looking to connect to servers in the Far East Asian region where locations available include Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The server count is good enough if it’s compared with similar medium scale providers, however, the provider does need to add some more locations in regions like Asia and South America in order to give the provider a wider reach.

As far as streaming supported servers are concerned, disappointingly, I wasn’t able to get through to Netflix US. But the service worked well in unblocking BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK, which was expected as the provider is majorly focused on serving British consumers.

This approach is good, but it can backfire by making the provider limited to users within a single country. MyPrivateNetwork needs to work on making its servers gain the ability to bypass restrictions on Netflix US, if it wants to majorly grow as a service in the years to come.

MyPrivateNetwork Support Review

For user queries or troubleshooting of any kind, the provider offers email support which is standard, but it can definitely improve on it by adding a live chat feature in the times to come. This will allow it to make its service look more appealing and responsive as compared to what it is currently.

Email support is good and is still highly regarded, but its being phased out by the bigger services in the industry and in the times to come, everyone will have to go down the same path, so why not now.

Apart from the method, let’s take a look at performance. I emailed them about a certain query I had in mind and their response time was under an hour, which is quite excellent considering my experience with other similar email support systems.

Myprivatevpn Support review

So I can reassure you that if you sign up for the service, you are getting a good deal. It’s not the best, but it’s not that bad either.



MyPrivateNetwork is one of the better medium scale services out there definitely as its performance is really great as a VPN service. There are few niggles here and there, which if improved, can drastically increase the way the service performs.

MyPrivateVPN Features

As for my major recommendations, MPN needs to add to make its clients more easier to use (Veneer them off of OpenVPN client support or keep it and also build a new one that offers easier handling of the VPN service), add the capability to unblock Netflix US, decrease the pricing by a margin of 20%-40% and lastly, add a live chat support (Optional).

But one thing to be noted here is that, I rate MyPrivateNetwork’s Firestick app as one of the best VPN apps for the platform, and if you are looking to get a VPN for your Firestick then there are few better options than MPN’s dedicated app.

If the provider does implement all of these recommendations, it can become an even better and more popular service than it is today. MPN is speedy, offers a good amount of servers and is secure, so it does get the basic right definitely, the only thing that remains now is to add the novelties in order to gain more commerciality.