Unblocks NetflixYes
Works in China
Recommended Yes
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop, Chrome, Firefox

Before we start reviewing the features of ibVPN, we want the best VPN readers to understand that this review is based on a personal experience and therefore presents an unbiased take on ibVPN. Like any other VPN expert, we had to make sure that the services of ibVPN were fully tested before penning down this review.


ibVPN’s Server Infrastructure Review

The most important aspect of any fastest VPN service is how robust its server infrastructure is. ibVPN has seen a remarkable improvement in this regard by growing from just over 100 servers two years ago to a whopping 180+ servers in 57 countries as of today.

When we tested these servers out for their performance, we found that the most of them provided high speeds, a rarity in the VPN domain where throttling is common, no traffic bottlenecks even in popular server locations and support for unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

We seldom expect providers to bypass the powerful VPN ban on sites like Netflix US and allow its users to gain full value out of their subscription by accessing a much larger content library, but ibVPN surprised us with not just its reliable unblocking capabilities but fast speeds that made HD streaming possible and dropping it in the best VPN service for Netflix.

The provider also offers a SmartDNS service through which you can set up a VPN like service on your media streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV to unblock geo-restricted streaming and gaming sites. You can also access proxy servers if you wish to connect to a location using a proxy service. ibVPN scored big and well above our expectations in this service quality quadrant.

ibVPN’s server count is well spread across the globe covering much of the Continental US, Europe, Austral-Asian regions, Far East Asia and surprisingly the Middle East, where most VPNs don’t even offer a single server.

ibVPN server


ibVPN’s Supported Protocols

Protocols provide on the most important chunks that make up the security mechanism of any VPN. Even if a VPN offers military-grade encryption, limited choice on protocols can deter the user from signing up with the provider due to these very security and protection vulnerabilities.

ibVPN is doing pretty good in this domain as well by providing support for not just conventional protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and IPSec but also for SoftEther in order to allow the user to experience greater levels of choice in choosing the level of security it needs and balance it out with the performance it requires out of the VPN.

However, we recommend that you always use OpenVPN as it’s the safest and reliable protocol out there with an excellent privacy protection track record and its also available at ibVPN if you decide to sign up with the service.

Encryption and Device Compatibility

Before we get to the next point, we would like to ask you a question. If you ever buy a VPN service, what would be your primary and secondary motives? Keeping the ever-increasing online security concerns in mind, we assume that many users would opt for VPN services for maximum protection while surfing the internet.

When it comes to encryption, ibVPN is just as good as any other VPN service provider. It makes your online identity harmless and keeps it safe with SSL and AES 256-bit encryption support. ibVPN uses one of the most secure algorithms, Blowfish, to keep your online ID clean and protected.

To be fair to ibVPN, their device compatibility is pretty decent and yet there is some margin for improvement. You can set it up on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku Streaming Player, Gaming Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) and Routers (DD-WRT and Sabai). Would have been great if BlackBerry and Kindle were also mentioned, but just as we said, ibVPN can still improve with device compatibility options.

ibVPN Compatibility


ibVPN’s Pricing Plans and VPN Packages

VPNs are now becoming increasingly price sensitive commodities as more and more users start showing interest in the domain but with vastly different requirements and needs. So a pricing plan strategy needs to provide ample coverage for all such types of user needs by building plans that offer high value to specific users at affordable prices.

ibVPN has catered to exactly this strategy by formulating its pricing plans according to popular user needs.

ibvpn pricing review


Let’s discuss ibVPN’s pricing plans in a bit more detail here:

Package: Ultimate VPN

Price: $58.06 billed once ($2.42/month)

This is perhaps the most comprehensive plan in the list and can cater to any types of user needs. From unblocking streaming sites to protecting your anonymity online and from Torrenting support to security features like Tor Over VPN and Double VPN, this plan has everything that ibVPN offers to its customers.

Apart from this, you get access to the full 180+ server locations, 5 simultaneous locations, Socks5 Proxies, Unlimited bandwidth along with highly compatible VPN client apps in this plan. And despite all of these overwhelming features, ibVPN’s price is well below of what you will be paying at other providers for a similar plan.

This plan is the best in the list definitely!

Package: Standard VPN

Price: $18.48/ year billed once ($1.54/month) or $2.47 on a monthly billing cycle

Again, a very reasonably priced plan that many privacy proponents can easily afford to latch on to. This standard VPN plan has 140+ countries, a single connection limit, multiple protocol support and dedicated client apps but there is no support for Torrenting neither there are any proxy servers. The plan can be a good option for those who are looking for a basic VPN subscription to protect their online anonymity, but if you are into streaming or Torrenting much, then we would recommend that you go for the Ultimate Plan.

Package: Torrent VPN

Price: $36.95/ year billed once ($3.08/month) or $4.95 on a monthly billing cycle

Torrenting Fans don’t get much dedicated support in the VPN domain and that is a big disappointment as they form some of the most important interest groups in the VPN sector. However, ibVPN does offer a dedicated plan, especially for Torrenters as a daring break from conventional industry practices.

And as this plan is just for Torrenting purpose only, you get access to just the 21 servers dedicated for Torrenting or P2P activities by ibVPN, along with a single simultaneous connection and dedicated apps for increased compatibility options. The price range is not that high either and if you go for the yearly plans, it becomes increasingly more affordable coming at just above $3 a month.

Package: IBDNS/SmartDNS:

Price: $36.95/ year billed once ($3.08/month) or $4.95 on a monthly billing cycle

Mediastreamers are all the rage nowadays as people look for more ways through which they can diversify the ways in which they can watch their favorite streaming sites. Such devices like Apple TV can immensely impact the whole experience making them perfect candidates for such entertainment oriented activities.

ibVPN is now offering a dedicated plan just for such devices at the same pricing as their Torrenting plan in a great show of empowering the user with the increased facility to just buy as much as is needed at the moment. You can use this SmartDNS service to unblock more than 300 geo-restricted channels worldwide.


How to set ibVPN up on Windows:

One of the best things that characterize ibVPN is its incredible detail towards developing its client apps in order to provide innate compatibility of their service on almost all popular and many niche devices.

But as the Windows client is probably the most used among the clients available, it needs to be excellently designed in its UI/UX formats to ensure that users feel comfortable while interacting with the software along with providing ever more features to facilitate the user.

ibVPN’s Windows client has been revamped numerous times in the best and in its current standing, its among the best VPN clients for Windows which includes Surfshark Windows client, ExpressVPN Windows App. This is because not only is it easy to use but it now also features some impressive options like a Double VPN, Tor over VPN and even a Kill Switch. The client can also guide you to know which exactly is the “fastest server” available is at the moment after accounting for factors such as current location, server loads etc.

If you too want to download and set up the Windows client, then here’s how easy the process is:

  • Purchase an ibVPN subscription by settling on any of the pricing plans mentioned above
  • Obtain user credentials which will activate your client in the email
  • Download the Windows client and let it set up on your system
  • Opt for the “Fastest Server” Option or select your own preferred server and click Connect
  • Enjoy streaming or protect your online anonymity immaculately through ibVPN’s stellar VPN service


Customer Support

ibVPN does an amazing job when it comes to Customer Support. It is the apple of our eye when it comes to marking a VPN service. ibVPN provides information, educates the users, and helps them with technical issues in their VPN Clients.

You can contact ibVPN through Support Tickets, Email, Live Chat, Remote Assistance, and get some quick tips and learn a thing or two by simply reading the FAQs, Knowledge Base and discussions on Forums. Such an excellent customer support is very rare and a joy to use!


ibVPN Free Trial and Payment Options

At BestVPN.co, we rate those VPN providers in reviews much more highly who try to provide their users with a zero commitment free trial with all the features available. This is because we believe that offering a free trial signifies just how confident the provider itself has in the service it provides and whether it is willing to put it the ultimate user test or not.

ibVPN’s offer of a 24-hour free trial is one of the highlights of our review of this service as it was incredibly helpful from a user standpoint in making the decision to go forth and buying the subscription to the service or not.

Apart from this, if you still have any troubles with the service, there is always a 15-day money back guarantee that can reassure you that your money will remain secure with this credible provider.

As far as the payment options are concerned, ibVPN offers an incredible 50+ payment options including Debit/Credit Card, Ali Pay, Yandex, Bank wire transfer among others. However, the presence of bitcoin as a payment option is what we appreciate the most because it allows the user to experience great autonomy over keeping its privacy protected and anonymous, even while making a payment for subscribing to a service.



On one hand, it was a wonderful experience using the ibVPN and reviewing its features in detail, on the other hand, we found some areas where we feel ibVPN can work on and become one of the best, if not the best, VPN service providers.

The servers across different continents increase its value and a solid Blowfish algorithm ensures ibVPN is here to stay in the VPN industry. Many of you might not know this, but it is the most rapidly growing VPN service and has more than 500,000 people on-board using ibVPN’s services.