JurisdictionUnited States
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple

Hide My IP is a US-based VPN provider that is a part of My Privacy Tools Inc, which has been in the privacy industry for over 10 years offering numerous solutions, including Anti-Spyware, Hard Drive Recovery, Cookie Remover, History Cleaner, and Firewall.

Renowned for its good performance and cheapest vpn pricing, Hide My IP has developed a strong reputation in the marketplace, competing with the best VPN services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, PrivateVPN, and ibVPN.

For more information about the provider, read this detailed Hide My IP review:


Does Hide My IP VPN Unblock Websites in China?

With China working on a closed internet for its country, the government has been in support of Chinese-focused apps and services. As such, apps from outside particularly China VPNs that unblock foreign services/websites are banned in the country. Therefore, Hide My IP does not work in China, but their iOS app can still prove useful in unblocking. This is because it uses the IPSec/L2TP protocol, which is not yet blocked by Chinese authorities for reasons unknown currently.


Hide My IP VPN Pricing Review

Our Hide My IP VPN review unveils that the provider boasts a very budget-friendly pricing structure. There are three plans available: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Regardless of what plan you choose, you receive the same set of features. The only difference is the discounts you receive with longer subscriptions.

For instance, if you opt for the monthly plan, you have to pay a measly sum of $2.95 which is pretty cheap compared to Surfshark VPN price which is $11.95/mo. However, if you go for the quarterly, you only have to pay $2.93. This totals to $8.79 for every three months. Similarly, if choose the yearly plan, the monthly pricing reduces to $2.91, which is billed as $34.95 per year!

All subscriptions are auto-recurring and will renew after their prescribed duration, unless of course you cancel manually. Features you receive include:

  1. 120 Servers Across 66 Countries
  2. Thousands of Global IP Addresses
  3. Apps for Windows Mac, iOS and Android
  4. Free Daily Proxy & Premium Proxy Servers
  5. High Speed Servers for Streaming & Gaming
  6. DNSCrypt– Hide My IP OpenDNS
  7. Hide My IP Browser Extensions
  8. 5 Simultaneous Connections

During the checkout process, you may also notice an option labelled as “Unlock Code Protection”. It is highly recommended to add this feature, especially if you have a habit of losing license keys. Hide My IP typically keeps your key on file, if you cannot locate it.



The provider may even replace the key, in circumstances it was stolen or leaked online. If you have ever faced trouble installing a program, because you lost a key or accidentally threw it away, you know precisely how important protection like this can be.

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Hide My IP VPN Servers Review

According to our Hide My IP VPN review, the provider offers 120 premium servers across 66 countries for high-speed streaming, VoIP services, email, browsing and online gaming. You can even download torrents, minus the tension of being monitored. But this number of servers is pretty lower than PureVPN servers which are 2000+ and has 300,000+ IPs.

We tested the service with BitTorrent and uTorrent clients and the downloads were quite smooth. To review the full list of Hide My IP servers, check out the official locations page!



We even conducted speed tests on our 50 MBPS connection under controlled conditions to better judge the performance of the VPN. However, bear in mind that connection to the internet using a VPN will slow your connectivity speed to at least some degree. This may vary depending on a range of factors, which include but are not limited to:

  • Distance From Proxy Location – For instance, users in the US connecting to a location in Germany will likely browse at a slower speed, than if they were connected to a closer Canadian server!
  • Software Interference – Some programs on your PC may come in direct conflict with Hide My IP. You need to ensure that all other IP Hiding software are uninstalled beforehand.
  • The amount of bandwidth and internet traffic used at the time when running Hide My IP.

Speed Test Results

Every test has been conducted three times with the best result chosen:



Hide IP VPN Customer Support Review

Our Hide IP VPN review discovers that the provider offers a number of helpful customer support solutions. These include Live Chat (available 12 hours only), Ticket System, Knowledge Base, and Online Troubleshooter.

The Live Chat is possibly the best place to get a queries & issues addressed instantly. However, if the live chat is offline, all your queries are sent to the support team as messages who then reply to your queries in less than 12 hours.

The ticket system is well designed and allows selecting the relevant department you wish to talk to. You can also prioritize your query to ensure a quick response. We were also impressed by the knowledge base, because of its detailed answers and simple interface. 



Hide My IP VPN Payment Methods Review

Hide My IP offers a long list of payment methods for prospect subscribers to pay through. These include:

  1. JCB
  2. VISA
  3. Payza
  4. PayPal
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Discover
  7. MasterCard
  8. Diner’s Club
  9. Payment Wall
  10. American Express


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Hide My IP Review Apps And Extensions Compatibility

Currently, Hide My IP is compatible with all major operating systems with dedicated apps available for all of them. These include:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux

In addition to cutting edge software, Hide My IP is compatible with most popular browsers and provides excellent browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

HideMyIP Extension Review


Hide My IP Extension for Mozilla Firefox (left) & Add-on for Google Chrome (left)


Hide My IP VPN Windows App Review

The Windows app has a very simple user interface. It offers good performance and proves to be incredibly easy to use. The one click connectivity feature is absolutely brilliant and you can simply click the server bar in the bottom and immediately change your location.



The app also has an automatic IP Rotation feature allowing you to change your IP address on a timer you can set manually. In case you need a US based IP while on a US IP, you can simply check the option provided (excellent feature).

You can also clear cookies automatically when the IP address changes. The HideMyIP VPN app offers you to choose between Premium (high-speed) and Standard (slower speed) servers depending on your usage.


hide my ip premium review


Hide My IP Protocols & Encryption Review

Hide My IP employs the OpenVPN protocol (both UDP & TCP) in all its local apps and when you configure it manually using the OpenVPN Connect app. Chosen primarily for its renowned mix of speed and security, the OpenVPN tunneling protocol remains one of the few that the NSA and China have not compromised.

OpenVPN can also be used with both 128bit and 256bit encryption keys, allowing you to do what you want on any device of your choice. Hide My IP uses strong 256-bit AES encryption (military & banking standard) by default, while authentication is conducted using 2048-bit HMA5 keys. The feature was confirmed in an email from Hide My IP Representative Mike R.:

“… We use the strongest method available, which is OpenVPN protocol, with a 256-bit encryption using a 2048 bit key…”

Hide My IP Logs Review

As per the provider’s website and Terms of Use document, Hide My IP is a zero logs provider and does not monitor any user activities over its network. However, bound by US data retention laws the company informs that any illegal activities will be immediately reported to the authorities in case of a legal warrant.  Here is what the Terms of Use claims:

“Although we do not keep content logs of use or share any of your private information with any third party, we will turn over any information we do have if required to do so by law. My Privacy Tools, Inc. may monitor certain aspects of the network to manage abuse, maintain and/or improve service.”

Hide My IP Free Trial

Hide My IP does indeed offer a free trial service as confirmed by the representative. All subscribers even get a 30-day money back guarantee, which is brilliant, and a good way to test the service to see if it performs well for you.

Reviewer’s Verdict

Our Comprehensive Hide My IP VPN Review establishes that the provider deserves a decent 4 stars out of 5. The customer support is excellent and quite responsive. The speeds of servers are good for browsing, streaming, and torrenting. You even have dedicated applications for all popular platforms/Devices.

Features I liked
  1. Excellent Pricing
  2. Open DNSCrypt
  3. Free Trial Availability
  4. Expansive Server Network
  5. Superb Server Speeds
  6. Intuitive Browser Extensions
  7. Standard & Premium Servers
  8. Good Choice of Payment Methods
  9. Decent Customer Service
  10. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Areas of Improvement
  1. Only 1 tunneling protocol available to use
  2. Forced up-selling on the subscription page
  3. Clustered website design


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