Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Chrome

Launched in 2016 and headquartered in the Netherlands, GOOSE VPN may not be up to spec with market leaders but is getting popular day-by-day. It is a promising young service, offering quite the appealing features. These include unlimited simultaneous connections and its own VPN network, which is quite rare in the marketplace of privacy tools.

For more information about the provider, read this in-depth GOOSE VPN Review 2020 from BestVPN.co!

GOOSE VPN Pricing Review

Similar to other providers, GOOSE VPN offers three different subscriptions to users of varying lengths. The first one is a monthly subscription, which starts at $12.99.

This is quite expensive for a newbie service that has many facets impending improvement. Even ExpressVPN and NordVPN are priced lower than GOOSE VPN.

Of course, if you want to leverage better pricing, you have the ability to subscribe to a longer duration. The second, yearly plan, starts at $4.99 – allowing users to leverage an amazing 61% discount.

As such, you only pay $59.88 for 12-months access. For the best value, you can go for the third and most amazing 3-year plan, starting at $1.99 (giving you an 84% discount on the monthly costs).

GOOSE VPN Pricing Review

GOOSE VPN Free Trial Review

GOOSE VPN claims that it provides users with a 30-day free trial, but this is quite false really. They offer a refund guarantee, under the mask of a “Free Trial” to attract customers.

Consequently, you will still have to give your credit card information, when signing up with the service. The VPN should clearly state they do not give users a free trial to avoid confusion!

I’ve been noticing that a lot of providers have been doing this recently to fool prospects. This is clear dishonesty, which usually leads to dissatisfied customers.

GOOSE VPN Refund Guarantee

As mentioned earlier, GOOSE VPN markets its 30-day refund as a “free trial”, when its actually just a money back guarantee. Therefore, you have around a month before claiming your refund, if you are not satisfied with the service offered by the provider.

Of course, there are other conditions that have to be met, which I might add are “unreasonable”. In order to be eligible for the refund, you need not consume more than 100 MB bandwidth.

This is silly, considering they have given a timeline of 30-days for the refund. However, the VPN clarifies in their refund policy that they do issue refunds with overused bandwidth in special cases, where users experience consistent technical problems.

GOOSE VPN Dashboard

GOOSE VPN is one of “those” providers in the marketplace that do not grant access to their VPN apps unless you pay for a subscription. Only after the payment, will users be able to click on downloadable links for desktop, browsers, and TV apps.

Users of iOS and Android, on the other hand, will have the ability to get the app from iTunes or Google Play Store. However, they will still have to give their credit card information for signing up and using the app on their smartphones.

GOOSE VPN Payment Options

I expected GOOSE VPN to support a lot of payment options, taking into account their expensive monthly pricing. While they still need to improve the methods available, you can currently pay via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Maestro, and PayPal.

The provider does not support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This means users cannot make completely anonymous payments. As a negative, GOOSE VPN also forgets to add a gateway like PaymentWall.

GOOSE VPN Payment Methods

GOOSE VPN Servers Review

The Netherlands-based provider has a presence in 26 countries, according to its “Meet Goose” page, but the exact numbers are not clear. Even the support team failed to give me an accurate number on the locations, which is a little suspicious, to say the least.

Upon installing the Windows app, I did get access to at least 71 different locations. However, I feel that because of the sporadic numbering scheme, many were not available at the time. Regardless, you can feel free to indulge in streaming or P2P/Torrenting using GOOSE VPN.

Well, I should elaborate a bit more. The servers were good for unblocking websites but failed at delivering seamless streaming on hit VoD services. You do have 14 servers available for torrenting, and for the most part, the performance was good!

GOOSE VPN Servers Review

Does GOOSE VPN Unblock Netflix?

GOOSE VPN does state at quite a few places that they can help you “access all websites, wherever you are”. While that is true to some extent, it really fails in aspects of streaming. I was able to successfully bypass YouTube’s location checks, streaming US-only content easily.

However, the second I accessed Netflix, I was blocked from viewing any content. The website displayed the standard “you’re using a proxy” error message and told me to buzz off. I was able to access Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer occasionally, but it was spotty, at best.

Upon contacting the support team, I was informed that this problem was temporary.

GOOSE VPN Speed Test

To measure the performance of GOOSE VPN, I conducted a speed test using our bandwidth analysis tool. The process involves connecting to five different locations: US, UK, Australia, Germany, France and then analyzing the download/upload speeds for each country on a 50Mbps connection.

All servers were up and running, delivering fast connection times. However, upon activating the VPN, the speeds reduced considerably. I have plotted the results in a graph below for easy readability, and to make you understand whether the VPN is worth your money or not!

GOOSE VPN Speed Test

GOOSE VPN WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 Leak Test

While doing my research on GOOSE VPN, I came across plenty of users complaining that the service leaks your DNS and WebRTC. As such, it was necessary for me to put the VPN to test. After connecting to a US server, I performed a check on IPLeak.net.

If you see the results below, you can notice that all geolocation checks appear to be in their advertised location. So, it might be that the VPN has worked on the problem in its most recent app releases, but I will still keep my mind open to opposing viewpoints.


Privacy and Security Review

GOOSE VPN has an attractively designed websites with relevant navigations on the homepage for informing users about the different facets of the VPN. If you go to the bottom of the page, you can even find links to things like FAQs, blog, community, and support. As such, the user-interface is not that bad, but for a clearly picture on privacy and security, continue reading below:

Protocols and Encryption Review

GOOSEVPN supports all popular protocols like IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN. They even give users the option for automatically selecting the best protocol available and server. For encryption, users received protection via AES-256 bit ciphers.

For both control and data channels, the VPN uses HMAC SHA1 authentication with RSA-2048 handshake and DHE-2048 Perfect Forward Secrecy. This does keep you secure, but judging that the industry is shifting to 4098-bit keys, GOOSE VPN has a lot of catching up to do.

In case your VPN connection disconnects and reveals your true IP address, GOOSE VPN even makes a “Kill Switch” feature available. It automatically shuts down the internet, upon VPN disconnection and activates it again after a successful VPN connection.


GOOSE VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Is GOOSE VPN a Safe Choice?

Since GOOSE VPN is based in the Netherlands, it gains an edge over the competition. The country does not have strict privacy laws, unlike US, UK, Canada and other members of Five and Fourteen Eyes Alliances. As such, you can feel relieved that your information remains completely secure.

In fact, a law passed in 2016 only granted access to the Dutch agencies on hacking computers of SUSPECTS of criminal investigations. This is the max they would go to, which is still quite reasonable in comparison to countries like the US, which indulges in Mass Surveillance.

About logging policies, GOOSE VPN does not store any session/connection information. They only keep your email addresses for providing support and sending newsletters. Apart from that, the service does not cache/store any identifiable information.

GOOSE VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

In terms of P2P/File sharing, GOOSE VPN tends to be quite reliable. It does not restrict users from downloading torrents and gives access to 14 P2P-friendly servers. Though the numbers may be less, you do receive good speeds on BitTorrent clients

GOOSE VPN P2P-Torrenting Review

GOOSE VPN Support Review

For providing assistance/support to customers, GOOSE VPN gives you access to a range of options. If you visit their help page, you have the ability to ask a question by entering your query in the search bar. This redirects you to the most relevant results to your queries.

If that does not sound appealing, GOOSE VPN divides its FAQs into 8 varied categories: Account, General Information, Payment, Privacy, Routers, Service, Technical, and Usage. This further helps in dissecting your needs and clicking on a suitable option to receive support.

GOOSE VPN Support Review

If you cannot find an appropriate response from the search feature or FAQs section, users have the ability to submit a ticket. This process involves entering your name, email address, subject, problem start date, operating system, and the nature of the request.

I tested this out and received a response within a day, which is okay – especially when live chat is not available for instant support. When all else fails, users can also consider sending emails to support@goosevpn.com to receive assistance.

GOOSE VPN Apps Compatibility

GOOSE VPN does provide exceptional cross-platform compatibility. They offer apps for all desktops, smartphones, and even Android TVs. As such, you can easily use the VPN on any preferred device of your choice. The only catch is that in order to get the download, you need to sign up with the service. This means you need to pay up before you can gain access to their applications!

GOOSE VPN Apps Compatibility

Desktop Apps

GOOSE VPNs apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux are quite similar in appearance and design overall. Each app gives you control over selecting protocols, enabling features like “Smart Servers”, “Connect to VPN Automatically” and “Kill Switch”.

For user-interface, I would give the app a 9/10, considering it has laid out all vital configurations in an exceptional and easy-to-access manner. Connection times were also incredibly fast, and we rarely faced any disconnection issues on either platform.

Mobile Apps

The Android and iOS GOOSE VPN apps are available to download directly from the website and dedicated Google Play and iTunes Stores. They are mechanically and visually similar to the Windows OS client, and give access to the same menu, settings, and configurations!


Browser Apps

GOOSE VPN offers a browser extension only for Google Chrome users. They still need to expand their offerings to cover Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Nevertheless, as you can see below, the browser app features the same design and appearance too. You can get it from the Chrome Store!

Router Support

Unlike many providers in the marketplace, GOOSE VPN does not give users access to native router apps for you to download and install. However, you can still configure the VPN on your router with manual instructions. Sign in and head to their download page for instructions!


Final Verdict

In conclusion, I would say the VPN is not a good option for unblocking VoDs for streaming. They need to add dedicated IPs to their features, more servers in varied locations, and decrease the costs of their monthly plan. You can torrent on the VPN, but the speed is poor as compared to other providers. For now, GOOSE might only come in handy for bypassing geo-restrictions on random websites.


  1. Multilingual Website and App
  2. Dedicated P2P-Friendly Servers
  3. Ticket-based and Live Chat Support
  4. 30-Day Refund Guarantee Available
  5. Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  6. Based in the Netherlands (Safe Privacy Haven)


  1. Expensive Monthly Plan
  2. Servers in Only 28 Countries
  3. Does Not Support Cryptocurrencies
  4. Mozilla Firefox and Safari Extensions Missing