E-VPN Review 2020

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
E-VPN users have just a meager 19 servers, cannot unblock Netflix, and most alarmingly, do not receive much clarity about its logging policies or encryption protocols. Is it truly worth your money?
Jurisdiction United Kingdom
Price £0.80/mo. (On a 3-Year Plan)
Servers 19 Servers in 12 Countries
Logs Does Store Some Logs
Encryption AES-128/AES-256
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting No
Works in China No
Recommended  No
Website https://www.e-vpn.net/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple

E-VPN does not pack a powerful punch with its limited features and a lack of security for users online. Users have only a meager 19 servers to choose from and there is not much information about the encryption used.

The provider also has its headquarters in a founding member of the Five Eyes Alliance, United Kingdom. This raises quite a few apprehensions with regards to their promise of providing users with complete privacy and anonymity online.

Add this to its inability of unblocking Netflix and other VoDs, no incentives for users in China, and poor transparency regarding logging policies, it becomes clear that E-VPN is not worth your money or time.

Instead, I would recommend going for the infamous and cheapest, PureVPN. Starting at a minimal $2.91/mo, the service successfully bypasses geo-restrictions on streaming sites and in regressive countries like China with plenty of incentives.

Rating Criteria

  1. Jurisdiction: Where Does E-VPN Operate From?
  2. Security: Can E-VPN Keep You Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: Does E-VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?
  4. Servers: How Many Servers Does E-VPN Have?
  5. Streaming: Does E-VPN Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?
  6. Speed: How Fast are E-VPN Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I Use E-VPN On All My Devices?
  8. Pricing: How Much Does E-VPN Cost Exactly?
  9. Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About E-VPN?

Jurisdiction: Where Does E-VPN Operate From?

E-VPN operates out of the United Kingdom. The UK represents a strange choice for a VPN to be based out of. Until recently, the country was obliged to follow the EU’s strictly pro-privacy GDPR legislation.

With Brexit, the country will no longer be obliged to follow the law or any interpretation of it from January 1st, 2021. This further reiterates the fact that E-VPN is not a safe option for your online.privacy/anonymity.

UK’s Legislation on Data Protection

The primary legislation that deals with user privacy and data protection in the UK is the “Data Protection Act 2018”. The law leaves an incredible degree of ambiguity as it guarantees “freedom to consumers and companies alike”.

In other words, while companies are allowed to ask permission to collect as much data as they need, users have the choice to opt-out at any time. However, it is tough to believe considering that the UK also imposes mandatory mass surveillance and data retention laws.

Negative Implication for users

There is a question mark over the validity of the act considering it is the national interpretation of GDPR. As of yet, there is no indication of how Her Majesty’s government plans to legislate with regards to data protection online.

Perhaps, the most worrying part is the UK’s leading role within the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. The MI5 and MI6 divisions have been known to secretly spy on their own citizens post-9/11 making the UK a less-than-desirable headquarters for a VPN service.

Security: Can E-VPN Keep You Safe Online?

No, a combination of factors such as a vague encryption policy, jurisdiction in the UK as well as a logging policy that has obvious gaping holes in credibility makes it impossible for me to recommend E-VPN as a secure VPN provider.

E-VPN Logging Policy

The service claims to be a “100% No-Logs” service. It promises that the service will not log anything that the users do online. Similarly, it maintains that users will be 100% anonymous if they use E-VPN to secure their connection.

However, I have doubts that the service practices this policy because of their jurisdiction being inside the UK. The UK’s Data Retention & Investigatory Powers Act 2014 gives security services access to phone and internet records of all companies operating in the UK.

The act also regulates companies to maintain logs of all their users, especially online. All these factors lead me to believe that not only does E-VPN keep logs of some kind, but the security service almost certainly have access to all such data.

Encryption & Protocols

The service claims to offer bank-level AES-128-bit encryption as well as military-grade AES-256-bit encryption that is meant to protect users throughout their connection.

However, the service does not explain at all what kind of protocol they use. The only additional information that users get is that E-VPN uses advanced Firewalls with logging turned off to fully encrypt their disks, preventing any server seizures.

For a VPN to be this ambiguous and vague about its exact encryption protocols does not reflect well on either their transparency or their effectiveness at properly securing their users.

E-VPN Virus Test

It’s important that the service that’s meant to protect you online is safe itself. Hence, I conducted a virus test and luckily E-VPN did not have any hidden malicious files or viruses. Here are the results from its Windows client.


Leaks: Does E-VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?

A hallmark of a truly secure VPN service is that it keeps your IP, DNS, and WebRTC safe from leaking when connecting. Such a leak could undo the entire reason for having a VPN, hence it was a sigh of relief that E-VPN did not leak any vital information. 


Servers: How Many Servers Does E-VPN Have?

E-VPN offers users 19 servers spread across 12 countries. As you may have already guessed, these are not enough to ensure users maximum access to all the content they need.

Additionally, most of these servers are in locations that have strict data retention policies meaning that only a handful of these servers would be useful to users concerned about their privacy online.


Does E-VPN Support Torrents?

The service does not state whether P2P sharing is possible using its servers. When I tried using torrents while connected to E-VPN, I was surprisingly able to get them working.

However, the speed was atrociously slow and I cannot recommend users to opt for this service if they want their torrents to download fast. Additionally, most of their servers are in countries with stringent anti-piracy laws.

Does E-VPN Work in China?

No, the service cannot unblock the internet from inside China. The recent escalation in internet censorship from the Chinese Communist Party means that the users have to rely on VPNs to access the internet to and from China.

However, most VPNs cannot provide this ability. E-VPN is one of those. So, if you’re an ex-pat that’s craving for some geo-restricted Chinese shows or movies, you’ll just have to find another VPN that works in China.

Streaming: Does E-VPN Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?

No, the service is incapable of unblocking Netflix. I repeatedly tried to connect to different servers in the hope of having better luck but was unsuccessful throughout.

Afterward, I tried connecting to other popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+, but the service appears to be incapable of unblocking streaming sites.

Speed: How Fast are E-VPN Servers?

Although the 5 server locations leave a lot to be desired, I wanted to be as objective as possible testing their speed. Hence, I conducted a speed test on a 100 Mbps connection connecting to servers in all 5 locations of the US, UK, Canada, Spain, and Japan.

Server Download Upload Ping
United States 23.96Mbps 29.7Mbps 236ms
United Kingdom 30.2Mbps 23.4Mbps 233ms
Canada 30.7Mbps 29.1Mbps 303ms
Spain 32.9Mbps 32.7Mbps 219ms
Japan 34.5Mbps 33.3Mbps 302ms
Average 30.45Mbps 29.64Mbps 258.6ms

Compatibility: Can I Use E-VPN On All My Devices?

The service is easy to use on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android but with a catch; users have to install them manually. While installing these files manually is not overly complicated, the service does not have a dedicated page to download these files.

Instead, users have to navigate through the FAQs page and find the files hidden away in an answer to a query. Additionally, other apps available for download include Firestick TV as well as for routers.

Pricing: How Much Does E-VPN Cost Exactly?

While the service is evidently one of the most affordable that I’ve ever reviewed, it comes with a lengthy commitment. Unlike most other VPN providers, E-VPN does not offer, monthly, weekly or even quarterly options. Here are the three plans offered by E-VPN.

  • 1-Year (£10 yearly/£0.80 per month)
  • 2-Year (£20 one-time/£0.80 per month)
  • 3-Year (£30 one-time/£0.80 per month)

E-VPN Refund Policy

The service offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee if they’re unhappy with the features that E-VPN offers. A 30-day guarantee is the optimum time frame as most users have easily assessed whether the service satisfies their needs or not within this time frame.

E-VPN Payment Methods

When it comes to paying for the service, users can choose from the traditional VISA/Mastercard credit and debit cards as well as other popular payment options like PayPal, Alipay, Union Pay, Giro Pay among others.


Most impressively, the service supports ALL major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum making it easy for users that want to maintain their digital financial anonymity.

Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About E-VPN?

In order to gain the most unbiased overview of the service, it is best to see what its existing customers feel. Hence, I decided to see how the services fares on Trustpilot and Reddit as well as its own customer support. Here’s what I found:

E-VPN Trustpilot rating

The service has a decent 3.5 rating on Trustpilot. An average of 76% of users have deemed the service to be “excellent” while another 10% rate it “great”. This indicates most users are fairly satisfied with what the service has to offer.


However, I find it hard to give too much credence to these ratings as the number of reviews is only 21, which is not a good enough number to give a proper reflection of the service itself.

E-VPN Reddit Review

Reddit does not lend too much perspective about what users feel about E-VPN. This is probably due to the generic name of the service, and its lack of “popularity” which is a direct result of their lack of “marketing”.

E-VPN Customer Support

E-VPN’s customer support is close to non-existent. There is no 24/7 dedicated chat support. Users may feel frustrated at how vague the website can be at times and the lack of proper resources to make information easily available for users.

Additionally, there is a lack of a blog or news section, so users are unable to keep themselves updated on the new features or updates E-VPN plans on introducing.

Anything close to proper customer care is a ticket system meant for users to get into contact if they have issues with their subscription. However, users have to provide their emails and create accounts, making it extremely cumbersome.

E-VPN Alternatives

I see no compelling reasons for how users would be missing out on any important features if they opt for a different VPN provider. Rather, there are numerous important and crucial features that are absent in this provider, giving users all the more reasons to look for better alternatives.

PureVPN is one option I would highly recommend. There are few other VPNs out there that can match the features it can offer, the affordable price as well as a wide array of servers spread worldwide. It can unblock Netflix and give unrestricted access to users inside China.

Do I Recommend E-VPN?

No, there’s no distinctive feature that sets E-VPN apart from the rest of the competition. Users only have access to a paltry 19 servers, cannot unblock streaming sites, can expect no assistance in terms of torrents, has an extremely deceptive logging policy.

Most importantly, E-VPN is based out of the contentious location of the UK. Users will be compromising their security, as well as their digital anonymity if they get E-VPN as their primary VPN provider.

I would highly advise users to steer clear of this service and use a VPN provider that is both highly regarded and well-reputed such as PureVPNwhich has a verified/audited no logs policy!

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