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E-VPN Review 2019 – Is it really a reliable service?

A drastically different VPN provider as compared to industry standards, E-VPN is a service that doesn’t disappoint. Despite being a small scale VPN provider, it does pack in a powerful punch with a great list of features and ultra-security for the user online.

While its location in the United Kingdom, which isn’t exactly a data-friendly country, may raise some apprehensions, E-VPN delivers on its promise of providing users with complete privacy and anonymity online.

Providing a great repertoire of compatible VPN clients, fast speeds, 19 server optimized server locations and a whole lot more, E-VPN is a top VPN service that needs to be highlighted even more. To know more about this VPN provider, here is a comprehensive E-VPN Review 2018 by Best VPN


E-VPN Pricing Review

One of the most important factors in the success of any service is how it prices its offerings. VPNs are usually price sensitive commodities and people only go for them if they are not just reasonably priced, but are also providing great value in return for the money being asked.

E-VPN currently offers 3 types of pricing plans:

The prices listed on the website of this provider are mentioned in Great British Pounds or GBP, but for making it much more for users across the world to understand the pricing, we have converted the prices from GBP to USD.

  • Monthly Plan – $3.29 billed once
  • Half Yearly Plan – $15.77 billed once ($2.62/month)
  • Yearly Plan – $27.6 billed once ($2.14/month)

E-VPN Pricing plan


As we have already mentioned earlier in this review, this provider does things differently, sometimes these are going against the established norms of the industry, but that’s doesn’t mean that they are not good.

E-VPN’s strategy for pricing plans doesn’t reflect the usual strategy for pricing plan within the industry as you will rarely find monthly subscription plans at VPNs priced so low. Most VPNs price their monthly plans between the range $7-$10, which is done to deter people from buying the monthly plan and go for the plans with longer subscription periods. E-VPN’s monthly plan is a welcome change from this redundant marketing ploy. At just $1.31, we can bet that this is amongst the cheapest offerings in the VPN domain.

Now comes the biggest surprise of them all. Conventionally, VPNs follow a pricing strategy where prices per month fall as you opt for the long-term plans but at E-VPN, the price per month for the half-yearly and yearly subscription is actually higher than its monthly plan!

But still, even the half-yearly plan and the yearly plan are quite reasonable in their price tags and will remain well within your budget if you opt for them. E-VPN’s pricing strategy should be emulated more in the VPN industry in order to make it easier to start using VPNs for newer users who don’t want long-term commitments for a thing they don’t know much about.

Now coming to the payment options available at E-VPN, they are more than enough for covering almost all popular payment options like Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Cryptos like Ripple, Ethereum etc and Payment Wall options like Yandex Money, AliPay, Union Pay, Giro Pay among others. We were really pleased to see Cryptocurrency being accepted as a payment option because it allows payment easier for those users who don’t want to divulge much of their personal and financial information and stay anonymous.

E-VPN Payment method

However, despite all of these great things included in their pricing, they still don’t offer a free trial as yet. There is a 3-day money back guarantee but that is still too low compared to the industry standard i.e. 30-day money back guarantee. E-VPN should definitely increase its refund validity period otherwise it could serve as a huge turn off for users from experiencing a good service.


E-VPN Servers Review

E-VPN offers 19 different server locations worldwide which includes multiple servers in United States, much of Europe and one each in Australia and Singapore. We acknowledge that a majority of VPN users come from the US and European regions and that’s why, whenever a VPN starts building its server locations, it starts off with placing a high number of its servers in both of these regions.

E-VPN Server Review


But, there are many users in regions like the Middle East and the Far East and VPNs like E-VPN definitely need to start providing them with regional servers in order to provide equally optimal service standards for their subscribers irrespective of where they are situated.

Apart from this, the server speeds were meaningful and they stayed consistent throughout our test runs. This means that the servers are definitely performing as well as they should be doing which reiterates the fact that VPNs don’t need to be flashy, rather they need to be reliable in their service delivery at all times in order to ensure stellar user experience all the time.


E-VPN Apps Compatibility Review

This provider has a pretty impressive client app package which includes dedicated VPN client apps for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux OS. All of these apps have a highly interactive UI, however, their UX does need a bit of brushing up to make them more seamless. The options were easy to access in all of these apps but still, the apps give off a vibe that there is definitely room for more improvement.

E-VPN Compatibilty Review


The VPN performs well and the apps need to get their game up a notch to provide the user with a holistically satisfactory experience.

Moreover, we would like to see an iOS app very soon in order to complete its apps offerings. If E-VPN can also add some browser extensions then it would be a really welcome addition as it would allow users to access the VPN service through a lightweight tool.

E-VPN also provides configuration and APK files in case you want to set up the VPN through OpenVPN or sideload it on to your system. In this regard, the 24/7 chat supports come in incredibly handy. The response time is great and the support team can guide you through all kinds of setups and troubleshooting within minutes


E-VPN might not be among the list of more popular VPNs in the industry at the moment, but it is a sturdy service that offers unlimited bandwidth, AES 256 military grade encryption, zero logging and a whole lot more to provide the user with a holistically sound online security cover. If you want to go for a low priced VPN and don’t want to compromise on the quality of service then there are very few options better than E-VPN.