Price$6.66/mo on a 1-Year Plan
Servers35 Servers in 12 Countries
LogsStore Connection Logs
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple

Run by BV Internet Service PVT. LTD, BolehVPN is a service that has gained a small but growing community of users in a very short span of time. This service is quite small in terms of its offerings as compared to the bigger, Best VPN providers out there and it even has got a few shortcomings, but still, its performance has been reputed to be sturdy and secure.

So today we get down to test those claims finally, in our detailed BolehVPN Review by BestVPN.co!


BolehVPN Security Review

A VPN is only acceptable if it’s secure, no second thoughts. And this is our number 1 metric on which we evaluate VPNs on. Yes, other aspects of the service do matter, but not as much as security does.

BolehVPN’s security apparatus is sturdy and powerful but there are definitely a few chinks in the armor.

It offers standard military grade AES 256 encryption, which is termed as “Brute Force Attack Proof”. With this encryption on your VPN connection, anyone who looks to decipher your data packets would definitely be left disappointed every single time.

Blasting through this encryption level is virtually impossible, so, therefore, BolehVPN is incredibly secure from this viewpoint.

The provider also offers OpenVPN protocol, which is again, top-notch, as there is no other protocol more secure than that. It’s the default protocol in its apps, so until you don’t need to do it out of dire need, then just don’t change it.

Now moving towards the cons, BolehVPN’s logging policy is not transparent enough.

I know of no VPN that says anything other than it keeps zero logs, but most often, the truth is quite different from it and all you need to access it is just a bit of digging.

And that’s exactly what I did with BolehVPN, just dug a little deeper and came up with this:

bolehvpn logging policy

As is evident from this screenshot taken from BolehVPN’s privacy policy page, the provider retains the power to keep your logs if you indulge in any sort of unusual or illegal activity. The provider offers the justification here that if there is not something suspicious, only till then are you logs not kept.

I do not classify this as “Deceptive” or “Dangerous” at all, but a nice zero logs policy should be devoid of all such things.

Another problem with BolehVPN is the conflict in the location of the VPN’s jurisdiction i.e. Seychelles and in the location of BV internet services (the parent company), which is based in Malaysia. If the VPN is being run by the parent firm which is based in Malaysia, the VPN itself being governed by laws from Seychelles puts up some serious doubts.

BolehVPN needs to clarify this and make sure that it issues a statement soon that clarifies or provides us with its stance on the matter of location because the location is one of the most important factors for scrutinizing a VPN’s security.

An unsafe location for data parking like the USA or UK can seriously undermine user privacy irrespective of the amount of sturdiness offered by other security features.

I didn’t encounter any IP Leaks or DNS leaks at all, so that’s a big, big plus!


BolehVPN Pricing Review

VPNs don’t generally offer their pricing plans in terms of days like BolehVPN does but that’s not a bad thing as it will allow users to get a better understanding of the time duration of their subscription against the value they are getting for the money they paid.

I really liked BolehVPN’s honesty in its pricing plans and that’s because it has put up the final price of the plan, which the user will have to pay instead of flashing cheap monthly rates for long-term plans, with final payments being much, much higher than the user expected.

For e.g. a VPN flashes that its 2-year subscription comes at just $2/month. This sounds cheapest vpn, but if you go for this plan, you will have to pay $48 in total. This is a deceptive marketing practice and one that I seriously am against. But reassuringly BolehVPN doesn’t do any of this.

Its pricing plans are simple and easy to understand:

  • 7 Days: $3.70 billed once
  • 30 Days: $9.99 billed once
  • 60 Days: $16.99 billed once
  • 180 Days: $44.99 billed once
  • 365 Days: $79.99 billed once

bolehvpn pricing plans

BolehVPN’s pricing comes within the affordable range, which is a surprise again, and that’s because, many services that are even smaller than this one, are offering their plans for higher prices than this provides.

For me, the best plans are the 60 days and the 180 days plans, as they are one of the best-priced plans in their categories in the whole VPN industry.

The provider also offers a full-fledged, zero commitment 24 hours free trial for its new users, Along with that, there is also a 14-day refund policy, so we can safely assume that BolehVPN is quite inclined to offer a customer-friendly service with loads of facilitation, and it certainly is not greedy at all.

Payment methods include crypto payments which are an added plus.


BolehVPN Client App and Servers Review

NordVPN now offers more than 5000 servers, while these numbers are pretty higher than PureVPN servers which offers 300,000+ IPs and 2000+ servers  and Surfshark VPN which offers 800+ servers. But on contrary to these giants, BolehVPN has just 35 and that too in just 12 countries worldwide.

This server count is extremely low, despite it being a small provider. A VPN of its scale and price should be offering a 100 servers at the very least.

The locations are clichéd i.e. you’ll find most of them in either North America or Europe, so there is nothing special to write home about here.

Yes, we did test its streaming capabilities and it did seem to perform well in terms of unblocking Netflix and that was seriously a pleasant surprise. We got through to Netflix US and Netflix UK, which was a delight and some major points scored by the provider.

BolehVPN also offers okayish performance for Torrenting, not too good, not too bad. The trouble here is in its reach. The major streaming swarms in the world are not in the P2P locations offered by BolehVPN, so the speeds do get slow.

Both of these features i.e. unblocking US Netflix and Torrenting support can only be accessed if you download and access the right server configuration files. BolehVPN has earmarked these files as “Streaming Support”’ and “BolehFlix”.

Coming to client apps, if BolehVPN needs to improve an aspect of its service drastically, then it has got to be the design, compatibility, and number of options of its client apps.

With an interface that would suit the Windows 98 more than today, BolehVPN’s Windows client is extremely cluttered with too many options and signs, that are of no particular use whatsoever.

Bolehvpn windows client app

And the constant failures to connect to a server was seriously a nightmare. The bigger providers in the industry offer the best clients of them all. They are simple, with just a big connect button and a toggling option to switch between servers and that’s that. BolehVPN needs to revamp its clients if it wants to compete with the better providers in the market.

On top of this, BolehVPN’s mobile support is not easy for newbies and novices to understand as for them, you need to go through the manual route by downloading the OpenVPN client, manually downloading the server configuration files and only then can BolehVPN be capable of working on a mobile. Not good, seriously.

A redeeming factor here would be that BolehVPN offers surprisingly fast speeds and it clocked almost 14 Mbps on a 20 Mbps connection, which is not bad at all for a provider of this scale.


BolehVPN Major Round-Up

After critically analyzing the major aspects of its service, let’s get down towards a major roundup of the services in which we will inform you of the service’s pros and cons in a short, confined manner, allowing you to understand the service in a much better perspective.


  • Supports Torrenting
  • Fast Speeds
  • No DNS or WebRTC leaks
  • Can Unblock Netflix
  • Encryption and Protocol Support is top notch


  • Low server count
  • Client apps are not well designed and are problematic to work with
  • Mobile support is next to non-existent
  • No live chat support/ Only email support is available



Now coming to my final verdict on the service i.e. whether I recommend it or not. Yes, I do stand behind the service and that’s because I value performance above anything and everything. If a VPN is keeping a user secure by all means, then there is no reason why one wouldn’t recommend it. Yes, the options and features in this provider are limited like low number of servers, no live chat support, no iOS clients etc. but BolehVPN is winning at things that matter more like faster speeds, zero DNS leaks etc.

If the provider can caress its vulnerabilities out and just expands a bit more, it has the potential to go into orbit. Do try it out, even for the free trial period. I reassure you that it performs a whole lot better than even some of the bigwigs out there.