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BolehVPN 2020 Review

Last updated: June 23, 2022
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William Sams

William Sams

BolehVPN can boast of having refused data sharing requests from some of the most powerful intelligence organizations in the world. But in 2020, is a robust commitment to user-privacy enough for customers to ignore a low server count and no Netflix unblocking?


Jurisdiction Seychelles
Price $6.66/mo. (On 1-Year Plan)
Servers 35 Servers in 12 Countries
Logs Store Connection Logs
Encryption AES-256-Bit
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting Yes
Works in China No
Recommended  Yes
Website https://www.bolehvpn.net/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop

BolehVPN was able to surpass a lot of my initial expectations. But to be honest, I didn’t have that high expectation, to begin with.

First things first, its location out of Seychelles immediately gives it a distinct advantage. It is further helped by the fact that it maintains a regular warrant canary to be transparent about what information requests it receives to keep its users informed. Similarly, its support for torrents via split tunneling is particularly impressive.

However, users may not be impressed at all with such a meagerly low count of servers or that fail to unblock Netflix or China. It is also by no means a high affordable VPN option as well. Considering all these limitations, users might want to consider Surfshark thanks to its 2000+ servers available at the most affordable rates on the market.

Rating Criteria

  1. Jurisdiction: Where Does BolehVPN Operate From?
  2. Security: Can BolehVPN Keep You Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: Does BolehVPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?
  4. Servers: How Many Servers Does BolehVPN Have?
  5. Streaming: Does BolehVPN Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?
  6. Speed: How Fast are BolehVPN Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I Use BolehVPN On All My Devices?
  8. Pricing: How Much Does BolehVPN Cost Exactly?
  9. Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About BolehVPN?

Jurisdiction: Where Does BolehVPN Operate From?

BolehVPN operates out of Seychelles. The country is not a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes intelligence alliance, meaning that users don’t have to be worried about prying eyes looking into their digital activities.

Furthermore, the island nation of Seychelles does not have any data retention laws of its own. The country enjoys a reputation for being extremely pro-privacy, making it one of the most ideal locations for a VPN to be operating from. In short, there are no legal authorities in the country that would infringe on the digital privacy of users using a service based out of Seychelles.

Security: Can BolehVPN Keep You Safe Online?

Despite some issues, overall, the service can be considered safe. Its operations out of Seychelles coupled with a regular warrant canary and strong encryption means that I am willing to overlook a somewhat murky logging policy.

BolehVPN Logging Policy

BolehVPN proudly proclaims that it stores no usage logs. However, it prefers to keep its storage of connection logs in the fine print.

While this insinuates that the service stores no information regarding the users’ original IP address, this usually falls in the category of connection logs. This form of unclarity about its logging policy does not reflect well on the service’s claims of being a completely pro-privacy.

Encryption & Protocols

Impressively, BolehVPN protects its users via the strongest AES-256-bit encryption algorithm. This protection is further solidified thanks to its L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN with a 1024-bit RSA certificate that help users remain anonymous and encrypted online.

Additionally, the service also maintains a regular warrant canary to keep its users informed of any information requests that it receives.

BolehVPN Virus Test

To round off the safety test, I used Virus total to see whether the service has any malicious files or viruses in its installation clients. Here is the result of that test:


As users can see, there are no major viruses to worry about.

Leaks: Does BolehVPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?

I wanted to put BolehVPN’s tall claims to test. Hence, I conducted a series of tests looking for potential leaks on my IP, DNS, and WebRTC. Here are the results from those tests:


As users can see, there are no major leaks that would be problematic.

Servers: How Many Servers Does BolehVPN Have?

BolehVPN offers users merely 35+ servers based out of just 12 countries. I was unimpressed with this number as such a low server count usually means that users will face issues in terms of unblocking geo-restrictions and evading censorship.

Does BolehVPN Support Torrents?

Yes, BolehVPN’s servers support torrenting flawlessly.

BolehVPN can impressively mask your IP address, and make your P2P sharing appear anonymous. When I say this is impressive, it is because some of the other well-renowned VPNs in the industry with thousands of server locations fail to offer the same feature.

Does BolehVPN Work in China?

No, unfortunately, the service will not be any good inside China.

In recent years, the demand for VPNs has grown exponentially in the country because of the increasing amount of online censorships. Millions of users rely on VPNs to maintain access to several important websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Similarly, expats that want to maintain their access to geo-restricted Chinese content also use VPNs to do so. Unfortunately, BolehVPN will not be able to satisfy either of these needs.

Streaming: Does BolehVPN Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?

No, BolehVPN cannot unblock Netflix. Honestly, I was not surprised by this considering the low server count and how Netflix is known for its swift action against VPN IPs accessing the service. It appears as though not long ago the service could unblock Netflix but it soon fell prey to Netflix’s crackdown.

I tried unblocking other major streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, and BBC iPlayer, and it was a similar story. It appears as though the low server count continues to hurt BolehVPN.

Speed: How Fast are BolehVPN Servers?

It becomes clear fairly early on that BolehVPN’s biggest problem is its paltry sum of servers. However, I wanted to see whether BolehVPN could “deliver more with less”. Hence, using a 100MBps connection, I conducted a speed test and connected to servers in

Here are the results:

Server Download Upload Ping
Australia 32Mbps 28Mbps 189ms
Portugal 31Mbps 25Mbps 112ms
Brazil 41Mbps 36Mbps 284ms
France 29Mbps 31Mbps 320ms
Hong Kong 47Mbps 35Mbps 292ms
Average 36Mbps 31Mbps 239ms

Compatibility: Can I Use BolehVPN On All My Devices?

I found the service easy to download and install on the major platforms on the market today i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. Considering the service allows 4 simultaneous connections, this would be on par with the rest of the market.

However, it restricts users to just one connection on a given IP defeats the whole purpose of 4 multi-logins in the first place.

Pricing: How Much Does BolehVPN Cost Exactly?

I can’t ay that BolehVPN is the most reasonably priced VPN out there. There are only 5 options on offer, and the difference between them is just that of the subscription period.

  • Weekly ($3.70 per week)
  • Monthly ($9.99 per month)
  • 2-Months ($16.99 per 2 months)
  • 6-Months ($44.99 per 6 months)
  • Yearly ($79.99 per year)


BolehVPN Refund Policy

I found its refund policy to be…interesting, to say the least. Users get a 14-Day money-back guarantee. However, this only applies to payments made via cash or PayPal. While the service does not entertain crypto-refund requests, in the rare instance that it does, it will deduct a 2% charge.

BolehVPN Payment Methods

Users can pay via cash, PayPal or all of the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Monero. While there is a lack of payment options through credit and debit cards, it is to ensure that there is no transaction trail that could leave users’ identities exposed.

Though less convenient, I can say with certainty that this raises a users’ protection online by a significant margin.

Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About BolehVPN?

Despite my somewhat mixed experience BolehVPN, I wanted to see how to do the rest of the users’ experience stack up compared to mine. Hence, I headed over to Trustpilot and Reddit to see how the service is perceived. Here’s what I found out:

BolehVPN Trustpilot Review

BolehVPN’s Trustpilot page is the picture of lousiness. For starters, the page is still unclaimed by the official service. This counts as a severe blunder on part of the service considering how rating platforms like this are a great way of proving the service’s merits.


In any case, I wouldn’t rely at all on the page in its current form. There is a single solitary rating giving it an overall Excellent mark. However, for obvious reasons, it cannot be considered authentic. My advice to BolehVPN would be to promptly claim this page and do some proper reaching out to their customers.

BolehVPN Reddit Review

I hoped for a more thorough reflection of the service on Reddit and I wasn’t disappointed. For instance, I found out about a lot of drawbacks and limitations about the service that only occur in certain servers. There were other troubling issues as well.


Just like me, most Redditors felt that the fact that there is no dedicated app for Android even though the service claims to support Android is confusing and downright deceitful from BolehVPN. How can a service claim be good to use on Android if it doesn’t have a dedicated app or APK files on its website to allow manual installation?


However, the service also seems to have built up quite the goodwill for itself with its refusal to comply with a storage log request from German authorities. All its drawbacks aside, a VPN that refuses to share its customer info belongs to an exclusive club.

BolehVPN Customer Support

Its customer support has both positives and negatives. For instance, the service does have a 24/7 live chat service. However, despite visiting the site 4 times in 24 hours, I never found an agent online.

Additionally, there is an FAQ page, in addition to email support and a community forum. All of these are enough to answer most queries that a user will probably have. My advice would probably be for BolehVPN to become more proactive in how it handles its customer support.

BolehVPN Alternatives

While there are a lot of positives, there are some visible drawbacks of using BolehVPN as well. While it was quite capable of unblocking Netflix and access to China until recently, it has since lost that ability.

Similarly, it has failed to add any significant numbers to its overall server count. And to round it all off, there are the issues of problems with its claims of being cross-compatible on Android and somewhat dodgy logging policy.

Surfshark, on the other hand, comes with no such problems. Thanks to its affordable rates, 1000+ servers, including in China, and complete support for Netflix unblocking, users cannot hope for a better VPN service.

Do I Recommend BolehVPN?

Yes, in the end, I believe BolehVPN ticks enough boxes to be recommended. I have always maintained that first and foremost, a VPN must have a safe jurisdiction. By being based out of Seychelles, BolehVPN provides users with the assurance that they will not be subjected to any form of surveillance.

Additionally, the service has made a name for itself by putting its users’ privacy above all else with its refusal to cooperate with government agencies’ requests. However, there are other areas where BolehVPN is less than stellar.

Incapable of unblocking Netflix, and with a relatively unclear logging policy, it becomes clear that BolehVPN needs to do some major upgrades to take itself to the next level. Until it does, users might find Surfshark with its affordable payment plans to be the ideal VPN for their needs.

Compatible with device: Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop, ,

4 Responses to BolehVPN 2020 Review

  1. Rashid says:

    I am very happy with the service BolehVPN has been providing to my needs. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

  2. caxe says:

    All in all, the service has been great. The first few months I joined had a learning curve to get used to the quirks of the Boleh client, but I began to troubleshoot and deal with disconnection or inability to connect issues on my own. Their support articles are pretty thorough so that’s appreciated.

    I exclusively use the Fully Routed options and consistently get reliable connections without much loss in speed. Their onboarding guide was great in teaching me how to use the client.

  3. Loso Hali says:

    I’ve used BolehVPN on and off for several months and agree that it is a great service. They provide great security and have a no-logging policy. Their xCloak is excellent in getting by firewalls.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Thanks for commenting here. We really appreciate users sharing their experiences about providers. Glad that the VPN has been working great for you. Like we mentioned in our review, the service may lack in features and apps compatibility, but it offers excellent anonymity and speeds online. And that is definitely more important!

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