Price$3.45/month ($82.71 billed once)
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Apple

Its rare that a small VPN service, which offers just 5 server locations, can set an example for the rest of the industry on how focusing on providing exemplary security should be the top priority for a VPN service. But that is exactly what AzireVPN surprised me with when I got down to reviewing it.

I must say that my expectations were not high because this provider doesn’t fit in the customary paid VPN services list, but I was pleasantly surprised.

From an intriguing new protocol to a top rate zero logging policy along with Netflix support, AzireVPN is one service you definitely should know more about.

So here is our detailed AzireVPN Review which includes a comprehensive critical analysis of different aspects of its service including pricing plans, security infrastructure, device support and more, by BestVPN.co!


AzireVPN’s Logging Policy and Protocol Support Review

Nearly all VPNs advertise how they follow a zero logging policy, but if you dig deep enough in to their site, especially if you read their privacy policy or terms of service, you would know that how much lying can be involved.

VPNs who advertise a zero logging policy can either keep a log on your connection timestamps, bandwidth usage etc. and while these type of logs may seem harmless, they are not such in actuality because any info that a provider has about you can be used against you anytime.

However, AzireVPN sets a benchmark here explicitly mentioning that what type of logs “It doesn’t keep”. I found this in their Terms of service:

azirevpn logging policy

But that’s not it, as this exemplary VPN provider has also enabled Blind Operator System. This is in actuality, a Linux kernel module which makes it impossible for system admins to query on whatever data is passing through endpoints. The admin cannot even snoop in the allowed IP fields from WireGuard (A special Protocol by AzireVPN, which I’ll talk about in detail later).

This might not be easy for a novice to understand, but I can say that their security is pretty darn good just because of these mechanisms in place. No one can track you or your activities if these mechanism is in place, not your IP admin neither the provider itself.

Even the protocols supported as better than the industry standard here. Providers usually offer OpenVPN as their most secure protocol, Azire offers it too, but it also provides you with the chance to use its own protocol called WireGuard, which it says is superior to OpenVPN!

The service claims that by opting for this protocol (OpenVPN is the default protocol), you can drastically improve the speeds you get along with the latency.

This is just incredible as I have seen few providers, that focus so much on getting the basics right.

The only downside here is that WireGuard doesn’t work on all popular platforms and has a very limited niche. Linux, Android and Macs are the only devices and OS you can use WireGuard on, for others, you need to rely on OpenVPN.

Yes providers these days need to perform flashy stuff like Netflix Unblocking, Torrenting etc which requires the best VPN to unblock Netflix, but there is no compromise on basics. And this is exactly what makes AzireVPN a True “VPN”.


AzireVPN Pricing

Azire’s pricing plans are simple and uncomplicated as they only differ in the duration of the subscription you can opt for, while the features and benefits remain the same on all of them.

The provider currently offers four types of plans, the details of which are as follows (All prices have been converted from Euros to US Dollars for better user understanding)

  • Monthly Plan: $5.74 billed once
  • Three Month Plan: $4.59/month ($13.78 billed once)
  • Yearly Plan: $4.02/month ($48.25 billed once)
  • Two Year Plan: $3.45/month ($82.71 billed once)

AzireVPN Pricing Plans

The pricing for the long-term plans is a bit high as compared to the limited features and functionalities the provider offers. Much bigger VPN services with much more features to boot offer similar plans for even lower prices like NordVPN. So, I don’t really like the long-term deals and believe that they need to come down by a dollar at least.

The short-term pricing, comparably, is better and much more appealing as most VPNs don’t offer short-term plans for such low prices. AzireVPN is best for short-term subscriptions if you are looking to get a VPN for a small time frame.

It also offers you with a 24 hour free trial along with a 7-day refund policy, making its customer facilitation terms quite friendly.

The payment methods are diverse and include all popular options like Credit Cards, PayPal etc. along with cryptocurrency payments for those looking to secure anonymity while subscribing to the service.

However, do note that paying in cryptos will devoid you off the chance to claim refunds.

AzireVPN Entertainment Support

Due to consistent user demand, we, at BestVPN.co, have revamped our review style a bit and have started including reviews on a VPN’s capability to support entertainment. This primarily entails unblocking streaming sites like Netflix and offering secure support for Torrenting,

AzireVPN’s first big disappointment was that it worked with Netflix just two times in 16 re-connections and that too on just the Spain and Sweden servers. It doesn’t work to unblock Netflix US, however I do think that a provider with just 5 locations hasn’t been made while keeping Netflix unblocking in mind.

This VPN needs to introduce Netflix unblocking, at least on the US servers if it wants to captivate the current VPN users as they seem to demand Netflix unblocking as a regular feature of any VPN service.

Azire VPN service for torrent, can be described in just one word and that is “INCREDIBLE”. I can say this because the provider does not have any restrictions on any of its servers for Torrenting and on top of that, its darn too secure to let the copyright trolls get in.

Who would have thought that just a small scale VPN service would be so good in so many things? AzireVPN does look inconsequential at the start with no flashy stuff or gimmicks but once you start exploring its functionalities and performance, you will know that this is one service you should definitely try out once at least.

AzireVPN Servers Review

As you might have known by know, AzireVPN offers just 5 server locations and these are in United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and Canada.

AzireVPN Server locations

The service is undoubtedly good, but its server infrastructure is severely limited. Nowadays, Most top VPNs like Surfshark VPN which offers 800+ servers or others which offer more than 30 locations at the very least, but AzireVPN is not one of those.

AzireVPN server features

Its server locations are just concentrated in North America and Western Europe, which leaves out the majority of the world from its scope.

I would recommend AzireVPN to at least improve its server count to 15 if it wants to compete with the bigger services out there because reach is now an important factor in deciding for a VPN service, and if this is missing, users can get a bit hesitant in going for the service.

AzireVPN Customer Support

I am not a fan of email support at all, because for me its clumsy and old school. VPNs require faster support which can only come through a live chat support feature. Sadly AzireVPN loses some major points here for not offering such an option.

AzireVPN Customer support

Its response time was good, even better than most providers who use this mode of communication to resolve queries, but I still cant come around the fact that I have to wait a couple of hours even to get a simple query of mine resolved.


AzireVPN Client Compatibility

To check how its client app actually worked, I downloaded its Windows app and I must say that it was quite easy to go through the installation process.

The download buttons on the site for each client are quite glaringly prominent, the file size isn’t too big and the installation process also went smoothly.

As far as the working of the client is concerned, it worked fine and made my connection secure. Many people have reported that this VPN has IP leaks but I didn’t find any till the time I wrote down this review, so I guess they’ve patched this up.

However, I was disappointed that the client app disappeared once I got connected to the VPN. Usually, VPN clients have an interactive dashboard that you can navigate around for changing servers, accessing the kill switch etc. but AzireVPN’s client doesn’t have it, so this severely let me down as I had to disconnect it from my taskbar if I had to change my server, which is seriously not what I would have preferred .

The Cons

AzireVPN sure does have it strong points, but there are some downsides to the service too. Let me line them up for you so that you can easily understand them:

Speeds were certainly on the lower range, especially on the North American servers with some upload speeds touching the 23Mbps mark on a 100 Mbps connection, which is something that provider needs to address on a priority basis.

AzireVPN doesn’t have a kill switch yet, which is just plain unacceptable. That’s because, in the event of a disconnection, this kill switch is what will save you from compromising your privacy.

Despite all the good logging policies and secure protocols, one thing sure did alarm me and that was AzireVPN’s base in Sweden, which is a member of the 14 Eyes alliance. Sweden might sound like a good old Nordic country to you, but its membership of the 14 Eyes Alliance makes it a not-safe option for VPNs to set up base in.

This alliance has the right to demand data from users from all member countries, so if ever such a request comes up, AzireVPN might have to comply. The provider seriously needs to shift base as soon as possible, otherwise, there is no use being a saint in a Shark’s mouth.



AzireVPN is definitely a secure, powerful service, which despite being quite limited in size and features, doesn’t disappoint.

Usually, such a small service don’t go far that well, but AzireVPN has done a splendid job till now. There are few chinks in the armor but nothing that cant be fixed.

If the provider does fix them and expands its scope of operations like it increases its servers, adds a few more niche client apps, incorporates special features like Split Tunneling and a Killswitch among others, it will definitely become a regular feature in Best VPN lists all around.

For now, AzireVPN is strongly recommended for Torrenting users and for those looking to get some solid privacy for their internet browsing needs.

Whats it not recommended for is Netflix Unblocking and protection in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.