Servers550 Servers in 35 Countries
LogsNo Logs
Unblocks NetflixInconsistent Performance
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Apple

Mullvad VPN is known as a very fast and highly secure provider. Many of the provider’s features are different from the industry but in an entirely good way.

Mullvad VPN will cost you $5.55/month and this is the only subscription plan it offers. This is a very unique feature in a long list of similar peculiarities.

But is this VPN good enough to be recommended to users?

On the face of it, it looks so, but I found several problem points with it, some of which are too big to ignore.

So here is our comprehensive Mullvad VPN review containing critiques on all aspects of this service.

Mullvad VPN Jurisdiction Review

The firm behind Mullvad VPN is Amagicom and it fully owned by founders Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson.

Don’t see anything wrong there? Well, that’s because there is a crucial piece of info missing from there.

Amagicon is based in Sweden, which is a 14 Eyes Country.

14 Eyes is an alliance made of 14 nations that have data sharing and surveillance assistance agreements with each other, making Sweden, certainly, a non-desirable location for a VPN to be based in.

Mullvad VPN great logging policy has made sure that even if the authorities land upon its door, they won’t get their hands on any sort of important data, but this is still a major security flaw that cannot be overlooked.

Mullvad VPN Encryption and Protocol Support Review

Mullvad VPN’s encryption level is AES 256 – military-grade, which is industry level and on the security front, it is almost next to impenetrable.

However, the provider only offers two protocols, of which one is the open-source OpenVPN and the other is the new protocol named Wireguard.

While many people are praising WireGuard and promoting it to be the next best thing to happen in the VPN industry  because it enables much faster speeds than OpenVPN, I am a bit skeptical about it because its still not been put to the test much and it remains to be seen whether it is vulnerable to zero-day attacks or not.

So I would advise you to just stick with OpenVPN because its proven to offer stellar security as a protocol.

Mullvad VPN Logging Policy Review

Mullvad VPN’s logging policy is perhaps its best security feature.

The provider has explicitly mentioned each and every facet of the data it does not log in its privacy policy.

Mullvad VPN has even gone on to even tell how it process cash payments and how it destroys the envelope and all of its non-money content once that money is taken it. That’s just how secure it is.

Mullvad logging policy


One extremely likable feature that I noticed was how well its privacy policy is written. It’s not conventional, jargon scribbled gibberish that litters most other privacy policy documents and makes them next to unreadable.

Mullvad VPN’s privacy policy is well written and is enjoyable to go through.

Mullvad VPN Special Anonymity Account Review

Mullvad VPN has an unprecedented Account number generation number feature for user account identification, thereby eliminating the need for users to submit details like their name, email address or other details to create an account with the VPN.

This works by generating a unique number for an account and then this number becomes the only way you can log in to your account or initiate the payment process.

This is just incredible as it makes the user truly anonymous.

Other VPNs should definitely follow suit on this and stop collecting emails to create accounts just like Mullvad VPN in order to make their service truly private and anonymous.

Mullvad VPN also comes with a Kill Switch which works perfectly and ensures that your internet gets blocked when the VPN goes down so that your real identity doesn’t leak online through this issue.

Mullvad VPN Pricing Review

Mullvad VPN offers a simple monthly plan for $5.55 (€5/month), nothing else.

An even more surprising thing here is that the provider doesn’t even have a dedicated pricing page on its site!

I really like this take on pricing from Mullvad VPN and that’s because I know that this VPN is not resorting to any cheap gimmicks to get more sales coming in.

Yes, there are more providers out there offering cheaper plans with much better features like NordVPN ($3.49/month), but Mullvad VPN’s simple pricing makes things very easy to understand and uncomplicated for the general user.

Kudos to the provider for this and for me, this is perhaps the defining feature about the service.

mullvad pricing review

Now coming to the payment methods offered by the Mullvad VPN, they are as follows:

mullvad payment methods

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Bankwire
  • PayPal
  • Activation Codes (Coupons, Affiliate subscriptions, offers etc)
  • Swish

Mullvad VPN offers plenty of choice for users on how they want to pay for their subscriptions.

They have three anonymous payment methods which include two forms of Cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Cash payment is another secure payment option not offered by many other providers, so that’s a big plus for all those people who don’t use cryptos but want secure payment modes other than that.

Mullvad VPN Free Trial Policy Review

Mullvad VPN also offers a very unique sort of a Free Trial.

Mullvad VPN’s free trial lasts for just 3 hours after you generate your unique account number.

If you want to use the service after that, you will be charged for it.

The provider is very unique in all of its aspects regarding price including a simple monthly plan, cash payment availability and the 3-hour free trial.

Conventionally, VPNs offer 30-day refund policies, but Mullvad VPN doesn’t follow this route.

The 3-hour free trial can allow you to make a quick judgment on whether you want to subscribe to the service or not and even if you do, you are not bound by a long term commitment and you can cancel after a month if you don’t like the service. It’s that simple.

Mullvad VPN Server Network Review

Mullvad VPN offers 327 servers in total.

This is not a lot as the best providers now offer 1000s of servers in well-distributed networks across the world.

So Mullvad VPN falls way short in the overall acceptable number of servers that make a good server park.

Moreover, the way the servers are presented, it’s not in line with modern VPN website standards where every single feature like total server count, etc. is mentioned very promptly.

But, when it comes to the performance of these servers, Mullvad VPN performs quite well.

The speeds are one of the fastest I’ve seen in the industry so far, no DNS or WebRTC leaks were seen and it can unblock Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.

Mullvad VPN Speed Test Review

Mullvad VPN outperforms even the best in the business, because of its stellar speeds and much-needed stability.

Here is just one Speed Test that I ran on its New York Server:

Ping: 41 Ms

Download Speed: 85.96 Mbps

Upload Speed: 89.52 Mbps

Connection Real-Time Speed: 100 Mbps

Mullvad Speed test results

A speed loss in the range of just 10-15% in both upload and download speeds is truly top-notch.

Even some of the best providers in the industry have never been close to these figures whenever I tested them, so kudos to Team Mullvad for enabling such fast speeds across the entirety of its server park.

On top of this, there were zero glitches in speed performance.

Not even once did my connection experience a blip or did it get slow.

Mullvad VPN’s speed performance is exemplary.

Mullvad VPN IP Leak Test Review

Mullvad VPN does not suffer from any sort of DNS leak and Web RTC leaks whatsoever.

I found it to be extremely secure with no leaks reported in all the leak tests I put Mullvad VPN through.

Here is the DNS leak test from its New York Server.

Mullvad DNS leak test US server

Result: All Clear

I conducted a Web RTC leak test from the same server:

Mullvad Web rtc leak

Result: All Clear.

This makes Mullvad VPN secure for Torrenting and web surfing as it won’t let your real IP be revealed.

Mullvad VPN Netflix Unblocking Review

Mullvad VPN just managed to unblock Netflix US on only its New York Server (us-nyc-009), while the remaining ones remain blocked.

Here are the US servers that remain blocked by Netflix:

  • Netflix not working – Chicago Server

Mullvad chiacago server test for netflix

  • Netflix not working – Los Angeles Server

Netflix not working on Los Angeles server

  • Netflix not Working – Las Vegas Server

Netflix not working on Las Vegas server

Now coming to the only server by Mullvad VPN which managed to unblock Netflix US during our extensive tests.

  • Netflix Working – New York Server.

Netflix Working on Newyork Server

Here is the screenshot that I got while playing the geo-restricted movie Thor Ragnarok which is only available on Netflix US library.

Netflix unblocked

By looking at this, we can say that Mullvad VPN’s ability as a Netflix VPN hangs precariously by a bare thread.

If this New York Server also gets blacklisted by Netflix, then Mullvad VPN would cease to be useful for unblocking Netflix US.

So is Mullvad VPN a good VPN for Netflix?

No. That’s because, it doesn’t offer many servers that can unblock Netflix US, making it a lowly performer.

Mullvad VPN does manage to unblock BBC iPlayer with its servers located in London and Manchester.

The provider is not bad with streaming, however, it’s not top-notch as well.

Mullvad VPN Torrenting Review

Mullvad VPN is extremely friendly towards Torrenting.

The provider makes a point for users to know that it allows P2P activities on its servers with no major issues.

Its fast speeds also make Torrenting on Mullvad VPN a great experience.

Only if it wasn’t located in a 14 Eyes country, it could have easily come across as a secure, fast Torrenting supportive VPN service.

Mullvad VPN App Compatibility and Usability Review

Mullvad VPN seriously fails in the area of compatibility as it just offers native apps for Windows and Mac.

No native apps are available for any sort of smartphone operating system whatsoever i.e. either iOS or Android, which is a big downer.

If you do want to use this VPN on a smartphone, you have to do it by configuring it through OpenVPN and that is too much of a lengthy process for many newbie or non-tech users to easily go through.

All top VPNs offer native apps for the four biggest platforms out there but Mullvad VPN isn’t one of them which seriously undermines its ability to power greater use and connectivity.

Due to this, I am terming Mullvad VPN as a majorly unfriendly service for new users.

The Windows app interface is good, with easy access to major features like server selection, remaining account time indicator, settings, etc.

Vividness is the most prominent aspect of Mullvad VPN’s Windows app, along with the graphics.

It’s simple, fast, easy to use and lightweight, so I definitely can call it a good enough app that you can easily work with on your desktop device.

Mullvad VPN Support Review

VPNs are expected to offer live chat support these days because its the fastest and easiest way to get assistance related to technical issues. But Mullvad VPN doesn’t offer a live chat feature up till yet.

Mullvad VPN is offering email support only.

Their support is fast but the answers were not thorough and the responses were cold.

I inquired about the number of servers they have and which of these servers exactly worked to unblock Netflix in the US in my first email to their support.

The first reply was not too encouraging from their end:

Mullvad Support Review

I didn’t get the exact server count from them right away.

Neither did I get a good enough answer on Netflix, just a guess on past experiences.

But the Netflix servers that their support pointed out did work as is evident from my Netflix unblocking review on the service above.

And after I molded my query a bit more, Mullvad VPN did revert back with a more well-directed answer:

Mullvad’s support responded by telling me that they offer a total number of 327 servers including WireGuard and Bridge servers.

This VPN is offering good enough assistance on email, but due to the absence of live chat, it’s support cannot be termed the best or the fastest among the ones we’ve tested so far.

Is Mullvad VPN Recommended?

No! I don’t recommend Mullvad VPN. 

Mullvad VPN is a service stuck back in time, lacking many modern features like native apps for popular platforms and a live chat support system. But the biggest deal-breaker on its part is that its located in a 14 Eyes Country i.e. Sweden, making it vulnerable to data gag orders from 14 different countries.

In today’s world of mass surveillance and spying by Government agencies across the globe, we cannot recommend a VPN service that’s located in a country that’s part of a major data-sharing alliance.

Mullvad VPN costs $5.55/month (Exchange rates may vary from time to time), and has some good features like a brilliant zero logs policy, cash and crypto payment options, OpenVPN, military-grade encryption, Netflix unblocking, Torrenting support and more, but they all fade in the presence of one major flaw i.e. of a wrong jurisdiction for a VPN.

A great alternative to Mullvad VPN is the cheap and ultra-safe Surfshark which will cost you just $1.99/month on its best plan. It has all the right features and it doesn’t have any flaws.

Read more about Surfshark here.