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Hamza Shahid June 24, 2018



What is Opera VPN?

Opera VPN is a Norwegian-based free VPN service that works with the fifth most popular browser in the world and provides dedicated applications for Android and iOS devices. The service maintains a small but loyal fan base, and pioneers cutting-edge technologies for guaranteeing exceptional security, like Opera Turbo, Ad-Tracker blocker, and Wi-Fi security checker. Are you planning to use the Free VPN? If so, then make sure to read this comprehensive Opera browser VPN review by Best VPN:

1.       Free VPN service

2.       Ads and Tracker Blocker

3.       Wi-Fi Security Check Feature

4.       Supports AES 256-Bit encryption

1.       Limited server choices

2.       Separate app for Chrome/Mozilla

3.       Non-existent customer support


Opera Pricing Review

Our Opera VPN review unveils that the service is completely free. You can use the integrated VPN in the browser without paying a single penny. Best part of all: you do not have to worry about bandwidth limits. This makes it perhaps one of the most reliable and generous FREE services. Besides, “zero” is everyone’s favorite price, and in many ways, the free VPN delivers quite the fantastic capabilities to users.

For those who wish to protect their browsing activity, bypass content censorship, geo-spoof their location, or simply mask their IP address when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, our Opera VPN review establishes the proxy to be the perfect choice. Of course, whether Opera continues to offer remarkable quality of service is anyone’s guess.


Opera VPN Servers Review

According to our Opera browser VPN review, the provider does not exactly a huge list of servers. However, considering you are getting excellent protection and anonymity free, the five sever locations are not exactly bad. Users typically have the ability of connecting to servers in Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and the US.

Best part of all: all servers are stored in climate-controlled, high-security facilities that support 10Gbit connections. This ensures that you do not have to suffer with poor page load, streaming, and downloading speeds. However, we would definitely like seeing an addition of VPP server locations to offer more versatility to users.


Opera VPN Security and Privacy Policy

The company Opera Software responsible for creating the web browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems is located in Norway – a country that upholds and protects internet privacy with legislation that tends to be favorable for users. However, after acquiring the Canadian VPN service SurfEasy last year and integrating proxy technology into its flagship browser, majority of the acquired powers from Opera and its VPN seem to be located in Canada.

This tends to be a little risky, considering Canada is a member of the Fives Eyes Alliance. This group of intelligence comprises of five countries: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada engages in spying activity. As a result, the governments are constantly keeping track of their citizens’ internet activity. Subsequently, our Opera VPN review discovers that using the service may not be the best idea, if you are looking for absolute privacy and security.

In addition, although Opera claims it offers a VPN service, in reality it is actually a Browser Proxy. This means, it only encrypts and provides a secure tunnel for information sent and received via your browser. In order to leverage complete security, you will have to invest in a full-VPN service with a dedicated client for your operating system or device.


Opera VPN Protocols Review

According to our Opera VPN review, the service does not support a huge list of protocols. However, depending on the device you use, the protocol used for connection will be different. For instance, desktop Opera users establish VPN connection via a SSL proxy. Android devices use OpenVPN protocol and iOS users use IPSec.

The RSA handshake keys, authentication method, and Perfect Forward Secrecy method is not known. However, upon testing the connections, it was clear that the desktop proxy service uses a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Android devices use the traditional Blowfish-CBC ciphers and iOS users establish a connection via AES-128 encryption.


Opera VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Since Opera VPN is a browser proxy, it does not support P2P/Torrenting at all. The service only protects your internet activity sent and received from the browser. Subsequently, users must be careful not to begin downloading torrents, as it will only get them penalized (considering the country they live in has strict copyright infringement lays).

The same goes for their Android and iOS applications. According to our Opera VPN review, the service clearly mentions that it does not support P2P/Torrenting. Therefore, it is imperative that users avoid sharing/downloading torrents at all costs.


Is Opera VPN Safe?

As mentioned earlier, Opera VPN is not exactly a virtual-private-network service, but rather a proxy server. While it does provide all functionality you need from a VPN, majority of the capability is only restricted to your browser data. This means, the provider only encrypts data transmitted from your web browser and the internet. As a result, the service may not be completely safe.

In fact, it is similar to locking the door of your home, but leaving the windows home. While the locked door does ensure a certain level of safety, intruders can still break/unlock the windows – reducing the level of security. We examined the Privacy Policy page for further details on the VPNs security. The service clearly states that it does not log connection/session information.

Since it is a free service, you do not even have to provide a name, email address, and other important personal information. However, agreeing to the Opera VPNs rules also means that you accept SurfEasy’s Privacy Policy because it is the governing service. While there is no clear details on what information is stored, it is your responsibility to use caution before sharing personal data.


Opera VPN Netflix

Our Opera VPN review unveils that although the service does indeed offer US locations for connections, it does not exactly support Netflix or even BBC iPlayer. Both sides can easily detect that you are running a proxy to access their content. This means, you can bypass geo-restrictions for accessing certain websites but cannot gain entree for viewing the content.


Opera VPN Support Review

In terms of support, our Opera VPN review unveils that the service does not offer any kind of ticket system or contact option. You also do not have access to any kind of knowledge base, which makes using the service a little inconvenient especially if you are facing problems. The only support option you have is available in the form of FAQs, which provides detailed answers to common questions.


Opera VPN Review


The same goes for Android and iOS devices. You cannot contact the support department directly. However, you can ask questions on Opera forums. If you have any media-related queries, you can always email the provider at mailto:media@operavpn.com Opera also has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can always message them directly, if you encounter any issue.


Opera VPN Not Working

Our Opera VPN review discovers that many users face trouble in establishing a secure connection for browsing the web anonymously. There can be many reasons as to why the VPN service may stop working. Although Opera itself is not very responsive regarding the matter, you can take help from this forum here – which gives advice from numerous Opera VPN users.


Opera VPN Apps Review

As a browser proxy service, you can use Opera VPN on almost all famous internet browsers, which include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Opera browser, the VPN service is integrated and can be activated by a single click of a button. In addition to this, the service offers dedicated VPN apps for Android and iOS devices.


Opera VPN Apps Compatibility


Opera VPN Android Review

The Opera VPN Android app boasts a very simple and straightforward design. It is very intuitive and user-friendly and offers speed connections. The logo is different from the Opera Browser’s signature red “O” and boasts a red Viking helmet instead. Establishing a connection is easy and all you have to do is tap on the “connect” button in blue for browsing anonymously.


Opera VPN Android Review


The Android app also uses a remarkable Guardian feature, which prevents threats from entering your phone or stealing your information. Upon browsing the internet, visit the Guardian feature to check and see what threats Guardian has blocked for you. The Android app also boasts a Wi-Fi security check feature, which grades the level of security of your connection.


Opera VPN iOS Review

The Opera VPN iOS app is quite similar to its Android counterpart. The only difference between the two is that the Android version uses OpenVPN protocol for establishing connection, whereas the iOS uses IPSec with built-in VPN settings. When you download the app, you will not be required to enter an email address, password, or any other information.


Opera VPN iOS Review


Instead you are displayed a set of guides in the form of pages. Each page provides information regarding the different features of the service. If you click on settings, users also gain the ability of setting the app to launch with system boot or re-launch itself if the application shuts down for any reason. You also have an ad-blocking feature, which can be enabled/disabled.



If you are facing trouble in installing the Opera VPN app on your Android device, you can always download the APK file separately. This proves to be quite useful, especially in circumstances where you were more comfortable using an earlier released version of the application. If you want to download the APK file, click on this link.


Opera Free Browser Review

To use the VPN on the Opera browser, all you have to do is install the software. Once the browser is installed, you must enable the VPN feature by going to Menu -> Privacy & security -> VPN -> Enable VPN. This will encrypt all your browser traffic and page requested information, which ensures nobody will be able to track your internet activity.


Opera Free Browser Review


You can toggle the VPN function off and on by clicking on the small button marked “VPN”. The feature is quite intuitive and does not come with any data limit whatsoever. You can even install the Opera VPN on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Best part of all: you do not have to provide any personal information for using the service. It is simple install-and-use!


Opera VPN for Chrome

If you want to use the Opera VPN for Chrome, you will have to download the SurfEasy VPN add-on. Since none other than Opera Software owns the service, it offers the same reliability and capability as its browser counterpart. However, the SurfEasy add-on comes with a 500MB bandwidth limit, which proves to be quite inconvenient.


Opera VPN Reddit Review

Our Opera VPN review unveils that the service has a very active presence on Reddit. You can find various threads of customers seeking for questions/solutions regarding problems faced with the browser add-ons and smartphone applications. You will have many active community members present for providing solutions to varied issues. Here is a thread on the safety of using the service. Read our detail blog here about Reddit VPN


Final Verdict

Our Opera VPN review establishes that the service offers quite the convenience for exploring the web anonymously. Its reliability and compatibility is quite similar to any other expensive browser VPN service. It is easy to use and available for every major browser and device. However, there is a little confusion regarding its security. We would also like seeing an addition of more servers available for connection. Otherwise, beating this FREE service is definitely a tough one!


The Good

  1. Intuitive add-on
  2. Free VPN service
  3. Great connection speeds
  4. Dedicated Android and iOS apps
  5. Smooth browsing experience


The Bad

  1. Poor customer support
  2. Limited server selection
  3. SurfEasy imposes bandwidth limitations
  4. Use Google DNS servers instead of proprietary
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