How to Watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max

Last updated: August 11, 2023
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watch-sister-wives-season-18-in-New Zealand-on-Max

A big happy family? Can a man keep four women equally happy? Sister Wives is back on TLC for season 18. Now you can watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max using ExpressVPN.

Sister Wives season 18 online will be available through TLC on Max. The show is back for the fans with all four women. Max is the new HBO Max after the recent merger of Discover Plus and HBO Max.

Going against the norm to be accepted with polygamy, Kody and his four wives along with 18 children are coming back on the screens. Christine revealed she is still in the cast after divorcing her previous spouse and polygamous family. Continue reading to learn more about Sister Wives Season 18 streaming and how the family strives to live normally.

However, you cannot access Max in New Zealand due to licensing restrictions imposed by the streaming platform. You need to get a VPN such as ExpressVPN to surpass the geo-restrictions and watch Max or HBO Max in New Zealand.

Let us get into details of how can you watch Sister Wives Season 18 with Max Free Trial and how to watch the TV reality show in New Zealand.

How to Watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max [Step-by-Steps]

If you are looking for how to watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max, we have listed down easy steps for you to watch Sister Wives watch online.

  • Register with ExpressVPN and install the app on your mobile device.
  • Connect to a server in the United States, like the New York server.
  • Clear the cache and cookies from your browser.
  • Go to the Max website and sign in or register.
  • Look for Sister Wives.
  • Stream Sister Wives in New Zealand now with ExpressVPN

Since Max is a premium streaming platform, you need to pay for Max or HBO Max to get its subscription and access the exclusive content library.

Pro Tip: To update HBO Max payment method, begin by signing in to your account. Use the app or website, enter login details, and access your account homepage. Ensure an active subscription, then proceed to the next step for payment update.

Where can I watch Sister Wives Season 18?

Sister Wives Season 18 begins on TLC on Sunday, August 20 at 10 p.m. ET and will be accessible to watch on Max. They last saw each other at the high school commencement of their youngest child, Savanah Brown, in May, and at the marriage ceremony of Kody and Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, last month.

max-hub-of-channel-in-New Zealand

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You cannot access Max in New Zealand due to restrictions. You need to get a VPN service to stream watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max.

Hope we have answered your question regarding Sister Wives Season 18 where to watch.

Can I Watch Sister Wives Season 18 Using Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch sister wives online free watch series but not directly through Max. There are some well-kept hidden secrets you are supposed to know. You can get a free one-week trial through the Amazon Prime Channel. Take advantage of that and get a Max add-on with a week of a free trial.

Once the trial has ended you will be billed. You can also get Max or HBO Max free trial through a Hulu TV subscription. Get ExpressVPN now to surpass the geo-restrictions and watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max.

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Summary of Sister Wives Season 18

Sister Wives season 18 will feature Christine Brown’s engagement to someone new, showcasing the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s divorce. Janelle and Meri Brown have also left their spiritual marriages, adding to the drama and excitement of the upcoming season.

Sister Wives plot also involves Kody Brown and his wives intended to legitimize polygamy, but the family fell apart. Christine is now engaged to someone else, which will undoubtedly be covered in the upcoming season. Kody’s life was in shambles in Season 17, as he struggled to manage his emotions.

Christine and his three surviving wives were targeted by the father of 18 children. Although Kody was in pain, the patriarch was solely to blame for his demise.

Trailer For Sister Wives Season 18

Waiting for the sister wives’ new season trailer? The wait is over. The official trailer was dropped on TLC’s YouTube Channel in late July this year.

Sister Wives season 18 trailer shows a heated argument between the three Janelle, Christine, and Meri dealing with the breakdown of their marriage with Kody, and after a furious argument, Robyn is informed, “She can have him,” referring to Kody.

Mark your calendar to watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max.

Release Date of Sister Wives Season 18

Waiting for Sister Wives new season date? The wait is over. The Sister Wives Season 18 release date is August 20, 2023. The show will premier at 10 pm EDT on the TLC channel via Max.

Get your Max or HBO Max not working fixed before the show is out so that you do not miss out on any episode.

All Seasons of Sister Wives

There are a total of 17 which are all available on the Max content library. Below we have mentioned the details of all seasons in a table.

Season No. Season Name Air Date
1 Meet Kody & the Wives September 26, 2010
2 Browns Out of Hiding March 13, 2011
3 The Announcement September 25, 2011
4 Sister Wives Separated May 13, 2012
5 Polygamist Debt Threat November 18, 2012
6 Picking Up the Pieces July 21, 2013
7 Meri Drops a Bomb June 8, 2014
8 Growing Up & Moving Out January 4, 2015
9 A Secret Marriage & Sister Wives Unseen September 13, 2015
10 Catfishing Fallout May 8, 2016
11 It’s Worse Than We Thought November 27, 2016
12 Meri Moving? January 7, 2018
13 Meri, On Her Own… January 20, 2019
14 Kicked Out January 5, 2020
15 Being Strong or Being a Bitch February 14, 2021
16 There is no me in polygamy November 21, 2021
17 It’s Over September 11, 2022

How To Watch Previous Seasons of Sister Wives?

Are you new to the show and wondering where can i watch sister wives season 1? You can watch Sister Wives all seasons on TLC via Max. Here we have addressed How to Watch Sister Wives in New Zealand on Max. Get a VPN today!

  • Sister Wives Season 17: Christine relocated from Flagstaff, Arizona, where her ex-husband Kody Brown and the broader Brown family reside, to the Salt Lake City region to be nearer to her family, which includes several of her adult children.
  • Sister Wives Season 16: On their huge estate in Phoenix, Arizona, the Brown family is attempting to come to terms with how to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Sister Wives Season 15: Kody and his wives battle as a family to adjust to the epidemic; Robyn is afraid for her kid’s wellbeing; Janelle sadly pleads with Kody to stay away; and Kody educates the kids on how to preserve toilet paper while deciding where he’ll quarantine.
  • Sister Wives Season 14: When pregnancy is disclosed, it comes as quite a shock. The family is then confronted with the fact that their residences in Vegas are not selling. Struggling financially Kody promotes the idea of constructing one large house, but the Sister Wives are split.
  • Sister Wives Season 13: Meri’s bid on the B&B is approved, but she lacks the funds for the down payment and begs the family for assistance; Kody stands up but learns he lacks the funds and reneges, forcing Meri to come up with the funds on her own.
  • Sister Wives Season 12: The Browns appear to be a normal large American family at first look, but as Kody explains, “I fell in love, fell in love again, and then again.” This is the story of Kody Brown and his four marriages, as well as his unusual family.
  • Sister Wives Season 11: Mykelti delivers a bomb when the Browns are busy preparing for Madison’s wedding. And, while Kody attempts to heal the ties between Meri and Mariah, he discovers that his own attachment to his first spouse remains shattered.
  • Sister Wives Season 10: A therapist assists the family in dealing with the fallout from Meri’s sensational fraud event in the season opener. Furthermore, Madison plans to go to Montana with her fiancé, Caleb, and the Browns wait for their newest addition.
  • Sister Wives Season 09: Kody’s relationship with the Sister Wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – is at a crossroads. While the separation from Kody was meant to be a simple paperwork shuffle, it has turned out to be far more complicated than the family anticipated. In an effort to bond with his youngest kids, Kody brings them to the beach, where Robyn reveals her pregnancy.
  • Sister Wives Season 08: The Browns’ life is far from simple. The family is preparing for their two daughters to graduate from high school, which brings a flood of conflicting feelings, and is banding together to face a potentially hazardous operation for their son Dayton.
  • Sister Wives Season 07: With four debts and three children in college, the demand for the family jewelry firm to produce money and secure investors is at a record high. Robyn is so overburdened with work that she issues a warning to Kody.
  • Sister Wives Season 06: Kody, his four wives, and their 17 children are looking forward to moving into their four neighboring homes after a difficult two years spent in rentals.
  • Sister Wives Season 05: This season, the Browns are still attempting to make their goal of residing in the same cul de sac happen, but may one of the wives’ shockingly terrible credit derail their plans? A family road trip to the home of American polygamy raises tempers.
  • Sister Wives Season 04: Kody and his wife are still fighting financial obstacles to bring their separated family back together in nearby properties. Christine is still unhappy in her relationship with Kody, and Meri has to decide whether to take up Robyn’s offer to be a surrogate.
  • Sister Wives Season 03: Kody and his wives’ lives have been more chaotic than ever since they made their polygamist way of life official. The Browns are invited to New York to talk about their polygamous marriage on national television, but a police inquiry back home begins to worry them.
  • Sister Wives Season 02: After years of disguising their way of life, Kody and his four wives are heading to New York for an appearance as open polygamists on national television for the first time.
  • Sister Wives Season 01: Kody Brown and each of his wives and his 13 children, strive to cope with life as a normal family in a culture that rejects their way of life.

Sister Wives Season 17:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 It’s Over September 11, 2022
2 Is There a Favorite Wife? September 18, 2022
3 The Labors of Life September 25, 2022
4 And Then There Were Three October 2, 2022
5 The Last Family Gathering October 9, 2022
6 Telling Truely October 16, 2022
7 The Failed Priest October 23, 2022
8 Hang on With Me October 30, 2022
9 A Polygamist Divorce November 6, 2022
10 The Knife in the Kidneys November 13, 2022
11 The Worst Goodbye November 20, 2022
12 Life After Polygamy November 27, 2022
13 Coronapocalypse December 4, 2022
14 Which Wife Is Next? December 11, 2022
15 One on One: Part 1 December 18, 2022
16 One on One: Part 2 January 1, 2023
17 Life After Polygamy January 8, 2023

Sister Wives Season 16:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 There is no me in polygamy November 21, 2021
2 Four Wives, Three Fires November 28, 2021
3 Not Social but Very Distant December 5, 2021
4 Cistern Wives December 12, 2021
5 Sad Sorry Lonely Little People December 19, 2021
6 No Head Wife December 26, 2021
7 Choosing Kids over Kody January 2, 2022
8 Two Cliques January 9, 2022
9 The Teflon Queen January 16, 2022
10 The Beginning Of the End January 23, 2022

Sister Wives Season 15:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Being Strong or Being a Bitch February 14, 2021
2 Felons No More February 21, 2021
3 Robyn the Peacemaker February 28, 2021
4 The Basement Wife March 7, 2021
5 Polygamists in a Pandemic March 14, 2021
6 Different Wives and Rules March 21, 2021
7 Birthday Breakdown March 28, 2021
8 Can I Light You Up? April 4, 2021
9 A Family Stuck April 11, 2021
10 Polygamy Hell April 18, 2021
11 Everything’s Upside Down April 18, 2021

Sister Wives Season 14:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Kicked Out January 5, 2020
2 Happier Alone? January 5, 2020
3 Lonely In Flagstaff January 12, 2020
4 Four Wives, One House? January 19, 2020
5 A Not So Merry Christmas January 26, 2020
6 An Awkward Valentine’s Day February 9, 2020
7 Why Not One House? February 16, 2020
8 Doubting Polygamy February 23, 2020
9 This Land Is Your Land… Or Hers? March 1, 2020
10 A Breaking Point March 8, 2020
11 Being Gay and Religious March 15, 2020
12 Robyn vs. Kody March 22, 2020
13 The Heat Is On March 29, 2020
14 Baby Steps April 5, 2020
15 Two Moms, Their Daughter, and a Baby April 12, 2020

Sister Wives Season 13:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Meri, On Her Own… January 20, 2019
2 Sister Wives Secrets January 27, 2019
3 Kody Wants Out February 10, 2019
4 Kody’s Shocking Move February 17, 2019
5 Mariah’s Big Announcement February 24, 2019
6 Flagstaff Flirtation March 3, 2019
7 Divided We Move March 10, 2019
8 Aspyn’s Royal Wedding March 17, 2019
9 Kody’s Secret Plan March 24, 2019
10 Moving Meltdowns March 31, 2019
11 Leaving Las Vegas April 7, 2019
12 Tell All, Part 1 April 14, 2019
13 Tell All, Part 2 April 21, 2019

Sister Wives Season 12:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Meri Moving? January 7, 2018
2 Groomzilla January 14, 2018
3 I Will Survive January 21, 2018
4 Meri’s Crazy Idea January 28, 2018
5 PolygaMexicamist Wedding February 11, 2018
6 Meeting Mariah’s Girlfriend February 18, 2018
7 Risking Arrest February 25, 2018
8 The Truth Comes Out March 4, 2018
9 The Longest Labor March 11, 2018
10 Confronting Meri March 18, 2018
11 Game Night! March 25, 2018
12 Tell All, Part 1 (Season 12) March 25, 2018
13 Tell All, Part 2 (Season 12) April 1, 2018
14 Polygamy 101 April 1, 2018

Sister Wives Season 11:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 It’s Worse Than We Thought November 27, 2016
2 Kody Takes Responsibility December 4, 2016
3 He Pops the Question December 4, 2016
4 Embarrassing the Sister Wives December 11, 2016
5 The Dress Doesn’t Fit December 11, 2016
6 Maddie Gets Married December 18, 2016
7 Guide to Wedded Bliss December 25, 2016
8 Another Catfishing January 1, 2017
9 A Shocking Revelation January 8, 2017
10 The Newlyweds vs The Browns January 15, 2017
11 Tell All, Part 1 (Season 11) January 22, 2017
12 Tell All, Part 2 (Season 11) January 29, 2017

Sister Wives Season 10:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Catfishing Fallout May 8, 2016
2 Pawn Shops and Polygamy Perks May 15, 2016
3 Confessions May 15, 2016
4 Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly May 22, 2016
5 Unforgiven May 29, 2016
6 Baby Sister is Born June 5, 2016
7 Meri Makes Amends June 12, 2016
8 Kody Behind the Scenes June 12, 2016
9 Hawaiian Vacation Erupts June 19, 2016
10 Tell All (Season 10) June 26, 2016

Sister Wives Season 9:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 A Secret Marriage & Sister Wives Unseen September 13, 2015
2 Wrestling with Adoption September 20, 2015
3 All About Janelle September 20, 2015
4 Marriage Counseling Texas Style September 27, 2015
5 All About Christine September 27, 2015
6 Just Trying to Stay Afloat October 4, 2015
7 More Girls Than Kody Can Handle? October 11, 2015
8 Robyn’s Big Announcement October 18, 2015
9 A Judge Decides October 25, 2015
10 Chaos in the Cul-de-Sac November 1, 2015
11 A Boy or A Girl? November 8, 2015
12 Meri Catfished November 15, 2015
13 Tell All (Season 9) November 21, 2015

Sister Wives Season 8:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Growing Up & Moving Out January 4, 2015
2 A Family Meltdown January 11, 2015
3 Courting Another Wife January 18, 2015
4 One More Woman in Kody’s Life January 25, 2015
5 Anthropologists Move In February 8, 2015
6 Robyn: Behind the Scenes February 8, 2015
7 First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer February 15, 2015
8 Meri: Behind the Scenes February 15, 2015
9 Divorce March 1, 2015
10 Tell All (Season 8) March 1, 2015

Sister Wives Season 7:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Meri Drops a Bomb June 8, 2014
2 Polygamists in a Shark Tank June 15, 2014
3 The Big Decision June 22, 2014
4 Vegas Surprise June 22, 2014
5 Growing up Polygamist June 29, 2014
6 Four Wives in Two RVs July 6, 2014
7 From Monogamy to Polygamy July 13, 2014
8 Every Brown Revealed July 20, 2014
9 Tell All (Season 7) July 27, 2014

Sister Wives Season 6:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Picking Up the Pieces July 21, 2013
2 Four Lives of Kody’s Wives July 28, 2013
3 Big Boy Panties! August 4, 2013
4 Odd Wife Out August 11, 2013
5 Christmas Surprise August 18, 2013
6 Robyn’s Secret August 25, 2013
7 Polygamy Questions Answered September 1, 2013
8 A Wife Decides September 8, 2013
9 Sister Wives On the Ropes September 15, 2013
10 Polygamist Marriage Therapy September 22, 2013
11 Tell All 2 September 22, 2013
12 Mother-in-Law Invasion December 29, 2013
13 Boys Night Out January 5, 2014
14 Polygamist Flash Mob January 12, 2014
15 While the Wives Are Away… January 19, 2014
16 Browns in Crisis January 26, 2014
17 Tragedy in the Family February 9, 2014
18 Celebration Countdown February 16, 2014
19 The Commitment Celebration February 23, 2014
20 Tell All 2 (Season 6) February 23, 2014

Sister Wives Season 5:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Polygamist Debt Threat November 18, 2012
2 Kody Begs for an Answer November 25, 2012
3 More Sister Wives December 2, 2012
4 Polygamist Cults December 9, 2012
5 Mourning the Loss December 16, 2012
6 Confronting Failure December 16, 2012
7 Polygamist Pilgrimage Into the Past December 23, 2012
8 Hard to Say Goodbye December 30, 2012

Sister Wives Season 4:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Sister Wives Separated May 13, 2012
2 Polygamist Date Nights May 20, 2012
3 Brutal Honesty May 27, 2012
4 You Asked, Browns Answers May 27, 2012
5 Infertility & Nesting June 3, 2012
6 4 Wives, 4 Valentines June 3, 2012
7 Brown Boys Do Vegas June 10, 2012
8 No Place Like Home June 10, 2012
9 Meri’s Baby Decision June 17, 2012
10 Brown Family Confessions June 17, 2012
11 Leaving the Nest June 24, 2012

Sister Wives Season 3:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 The Announcement September 25, 2011
2 Teen Sex Talk October 2, 2011
3 4 Houses, 4 Relationships October 2, 2011
4 The 4 Lives of Kody Brown October 9, 2011
5 Defending Polygamy October 16, 2011
6 The Wives Diet Woes October 23, 2011
7 July 4th Rebellion October 30, 2011
8 Another Wife November 6, 2011
9 College-Bound Browns November 13, 2011
10 Sister Wives on the Strip November 20, 2011
11 Kody Climbs Into the Ring November 20, 2011
12 Sisters’ Special Delivery November 27, 2011

Sister Wives Season 2:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Browns Out of Hiding March 13, 2011
2 Free Range Browns March 20, 2011
3 The Price of Polygamy March 27, 2011
4 Carving into Polygamy April 3, 2011
5 Wife #3 Hits Sin City April 10, 2011
6 Polygamist Party April 17, 2011
7 The Brown Family Decision May 8, 2011
8 Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis May 8, 2011
9 No Place For Home May 15, 2011
10 Gambling on the Future May 22, 2011
11 Sister Wives in the City of Sin June 5, 2011

Sister Wives Season 1:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Meet Kody & the Wives September 26, 2010
2 Courting a Fourth Wife October 3, 2010
3 Wives on the Move October 3, 2010
4 Third Wife in Labor October 10, 2010
5 1st Wife’s 20th Anniversary October 10, 2010
6 A Fourth Wife to Be October 17, 2010
7 Four Wives and Counting… October 17, 2010
8 Sister Wives Special October 31, 2010
9 Sister Wives Honeymoon Specia November 21, 2010

10 Best Episodes Of Sister Wives:

The popular TLC TV reality show Sister Wives has a lot to offer to its fans. The story revolves around Kody Brown and his four wives, only one of them (Meri) is officially married to him. The family seeks to preserve their polygamous lifestyle while raising their combined 18 children as a joyful family.

Many people vote for their best sister wives episodes Reddit, but here we have our own list of the top 10 best episodes.

Episode 1 Season 17: It’s Over

The Sister Wives new season 17 episode 1 could be the best one. It starts with Janelle testing positive for COVID-19, and Kody expresses to Robyn his problems with Christine; Kody and Christine subsequently get ready to have a difficult conversation regarding the prospects of their marriage, which leaves Christine feeling powerful and Kody feeling humiliated.

Episode 4 Season 2: Carving Into Polygamy

The festive episode features 24 great pumpkins that the kids collect from an orchard and have a blast carving and designing into jack-o’-lanterns, more than 20 adorable and bright costumes that stir up the mood for Halloween, and huge trick-or-treat escapade that will make adults feel like children again.

Episode 6 Season 15: Different Wives, Different Rules

Christine is considering returning to Utah now that polygamy is no longer illegal. Coronavirus infections are on the rise, and Arizona has declared a state of emergency. Janelle instructs Kody to stop coming over, and the entire family is at a loss for what to do. This is one of the best seasons of sister wives reddit.

Episode 15 Season 17: One on One Part 2

As the unrest continues, the Browns reveal problems dating back decades, including a brief period when sister wives’ Janelle left the family. The family analyzes Kody’s outburst, and Robyn expresses her displeasure with Janelle Brown’s lack of support. Wondering when was season 15 of sister wives filmed? It was filmed in 2021.

Episode 10 Season 12: PolygaMexicamist Wedding

Mykelti’s family marries Tony’s Mexican Catholic family in an unusual winter marriage. Christine forgets to pack Kody’s clothing, and they surpass the bridal and groom pietas.

Episode 10 Season 11: Tell All Part 1

The Brown Family gets down to talk about this season’s festivities, disclosures, and jaw-dropping occurrences in the newest two-part chapter of Sister Wives Tell All. Nothing is off-limits, from marriages to catfishing to coming-out tales. There are many episodes named Tell All, however, sister wives season 17 Tell All is not available.

Episode 8 Season 11: A Shocking Revelation

Mariah, Meri’s only daughter, makes a shocking statement; the family then travels to a mountain destination, where Meri tries to get in touch with Mariah, who is still upset by the previous scam.

Watch all the episodes on Max, but wait you are restricted to access in New Zealand, So get a VPN and watch Max or HBO Max on Chromecast or any other available device.

Cast of Sister Wives Season 18:

Sister Wives returns to TLC for season 18, and thankfully, viewers will see all four major ladies, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown, as well as family patriarch Kody Brown, onscreen again. Look at the table below to learn more about the cast of Sister Wives Season 18.

Name Role Name Role
Meri Brown Self Kody Brown Self
Christine Brown Self Robyn Sullivan Self
Janelle Brown Self Tamron Hall Self
Sukanya Krishnan Self Andrea Canning Self
Danielle Tummunio Self Suchin Pak Self

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Sister Wives Season 18


Yes you can watch Sister Wives online free only if you get Max free trial. Max free trial is not available directly on its website, therefore, you need to take advantage of Amazon Prime Channel. Once the trial is over you will have to pay for teh subscription to continue. Do not forget to get ExpressVPN along.

Sister Wives season 8 was without a doubt one of the most pivotal seasons for the Brown family. Meri, Kody, Christine, Janelle, Robyn, and the older children were at a crossroads in the season.

Big Ed is involved in a scandal after a phone call between him and his ex-girlfriend was exposed as having been gaslighted, manipulative, and cruel.

With four wives, drama is inevitable, and their lives have been rocked by their fair share of earth-shattering scandals.

Wrapping Up

So here we end our very comprehensive and detailed guide on how to watch Sister Wives Season 18 in New Zealand on Max. Experience how the man manages to get accepted in society and the problems with a polygamous relationship.

Using ExpressVPN you can easily bypass Max geo-restriction from in New Zealand.

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