5 Best VPN Providers Based Outside USA

Last updated: April 28, 2021
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Check out these 5 best VPN providers outside US to receive protection from the country's mass surveillance and data retention.

Countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are “Enemy Jurisdictions” that not only retain user information, but also legally bound VPNs to comply with court orders to fork over data to security agencies.

The United States of America particularly stands at the forefront of banning the idea of “user privacy” indulging in mass surveillance activities. To keep yourself protected, here is a round-up on the 5 best offshore VPNs (based outside US):

  1. ExpressVPN: British Virgin Islands ($6.67/mo on a 1-yr plan + 3-months free)
  2. Surfshark: Based in the British Virgin Islands ($2.49/mo)
  3. PureVPN: Headquartered in Hong Kong ($3.33/mo)
  4. Ivacy VPN: Singaporean-based VPN Provider ($1.99/mo)
  5. ibVPN: Romanian-based VPN Provider ($4.83/mo)

5 Best VPN Providers Outside US

Previously, users only needed to review pricing plans and security features to decide which VPN service to go with. Nowadays, the Best VPN providers are located strategically in countries with ideal internet and data retention laws.

Given the massive web of US state surveillance and restrictions to access content, I decided to come up with a list of 5 best VPN providers outside US, leading the way in privacy and data security.

1. ExpressVPN: Located in the British Virgin Islands ($6.67/mo)

ExpressVPN Ranks 4th for Non-US based VPN

Similar to Surfshark, the infamous ExpressVPN also has its headquarters in British Virgin Islands, an autonomous nation that respects users’ right to privacy. The location does not impose invasive laws to record session/connection data.

The provider itself is one of the premier VPN services in the market for all purposes. You can use it for unblocking BBC iPlayer/Netflix, bypass VPN bans in China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, etc, and engage in P2P/torrenting.

Users have access to 3,000+ servers in 160 locations worldwide, military grade AES-256 encryption to secure your data, and features like  Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and Obfuscation.


  1. Verified “no-logs” policy
  2. Multi-logins on 5 devices
  3. Torrenting/P2P is allowed
  4. Unblocks American Netflix
  5. 3000+ servers in 140 locations


  1. No free trial

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2. Surfshark: Based in the British Virgin Islands ($2.49/mo)

Surfshark Ranks 1st for Non-US based VPN

Founded in 2018, Surfshark has its headquarters in British Virgin Islands. The location is an incredibly safe choice for those individuals who want to keep their identity hidden, as it does not impose data retention or mass surveillance laws.

The provider itself is famed for its easy-to-use apps, attractive website design, strong OpenVPN encryption, and database of 1700+ servers in 61 countries worldwide (which bypass “The Great Firewall” and the VPN ban on Netflix).

Advanced features offered by the provider, include CleanWeb (ad/tracker blocker), MultiHop, WhiteListerTM and unlimited simultaneous logins (one of the USPs of the low cost VPN). Pricing starts at $2.49/mo. on a 2-year plan.


  1. 1040+ servers in 61 countries
  2. WebRTC/DNS/IP leak protection
  3. Unlimited Multilogins
  4. Dedicated IPs available
  5. Headquartered in BVI


  1. No free trial

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3. PureVPN: Headquartered in Hong Kong ($3.33/mo)

PureVPN Ranks 2nd for Non-US based VPN

Based in the safe Hong Kong, PureVPN offers excellent capabilities and functionality for bypassing content restrictions and ISP throttling. It is among the few VPNs endorsed by Forbes and commended by reviewers with a 9.5 rating on TrustPilot.

The premium plan gives you access to 2000+ servers in 140+ countries, while offering a huge list of advanced features for maximum security, including Automatic Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, Leak Protection, Split Tunneling, and SOCKS5 proxy.

For device compatibility, PureVPN offers the most versatility, making apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Mozilla, Android TVs, Firestick, and even an add-on for Kodi.


  1. 2,000+ servers in 140 countries
  2. Easy-to-use VPN apps
  3. Dedicated IPs available
  4. Multi-logins on 5 devices
  5. Double VPN and Split Tunneling.


  1. iOS app troubles

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4. Ivacy: Singaporean-based VPN Provider ($2.25/mo)

Ivacy Ranks 3rd for Non-US based VPN

Based in the privacy-focused country of Singapore, Ivacy exists as one of the safest and most reliable services in the marketplace. Under the country’s jurisdiction, tech providers do not collect any logs or user information.

Singapore has no data retention laws and is a heaven for any non-US based VPN provider for keeping your identity protected, whether that be for bypassing ISP throttling, avoiding geo-restrictions, or indulging in torrenting.

At the same time, Ivacy offers exceptional features like Dedicated IPs, Kill Switch, DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection, and NAT Firewalls. You even have access to 1,000+ servers, which successfully unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer.


  1. 1,000+ servers in 100+ locations
  2. Dedicated IPs available
  3. Strict no logging policy
  4. Automatic Kill Switch
  5. IPv6 Leak Protection


  1. Slow support

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5. ibVPN: Romanian-based VPN Provider ($4.83/mo)

ibVPN Ranks 5th for Non-US based VPN

Invisible Browsing VPN a.k.a. ibVPN  is a Romania based privacy provider. The location offers one of the most protective privacy laws in Europe, disallowing all security agencies any access to user data hosted on tech providers’ servers.

ibVPN itself is an amazing service, offering a brilliant server network, AES-256-bit encryption and features like SOCKS5 proxies for indulging in safe and high-speed torrenting.

You also get amazing privacy features including a modified version of TOR browser with VPN and Double VPN to encrypt your data twice, which helps in bypassing the “Great Firewall” in China.


  1. Verified “no-logs” policy
  2. Multi-logins on 5 devices
  3. Torrenting/P2P is allowed
  4. Unblocks American Netflix
  5. 3000+ servers in 140 locations


  1. No free trial

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Why Non-US Based VPN Providers?

The US is probably in the top 5 when it comes to unsanctioned state surveillance, data retention, snooping on private calls & messages, mapping the internet and spying on ordinary people.

There are no if’s or but’s anymore on this subject the NSA spied on US citizens, world leaders, foreign citizens and minorities based in the country.

The US also maintains a strict stance over illegal streaming and torrent downloads punishing websites hosting copyright material. Recent cases include KickAssTorrents, Mega Upload, and ThePirateBay.

Surveillance & Data Retention

According to the Stored Communications Act, VPN providers based in the US are bound by law to hand-over all user activities, connection times and personal information when presented with a FISA court order.

US-based VPNs are bound by 3 or more legislations to retain user data and keep it stored within the US for a prescribed time period (2 – 5 years). The NSA requires backdoors to almost all technology service providers, including VPN providers.

This news may be hard to digest but the NSA has according to the Snowden leaks partnered with AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and others to submit all user data to them sometimes without proper court orders.

Data Retention

USA VPN Logging Policies

As mentioned above bound by law VPN providers based in the USA have to retain your online activities & personal information. This saga began in October 2010 when P2P giant LimeWire was shut down after the US music industry sued them.

Now legally bound, US-based VPN providers, keep logs while working hand in hand with the authorities. Always consider studying the privacy policies of a VPN, along with the country laws to ensure you do not get fooled.

Remember that these documents are complex, but detailed to make sure you know everything that they retain and record. Usually, a US based provider logs your personal, financial, location info, real IP address, and browsing activities.

PureVPN Privacy Policy

Preview of PureVPN’s Privacy Policy


US data retention laws also cover services like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and other tech service providers. So the next time you blog, make a video call, post an FB status, tweet or send an email to remember it’s all being monitored.

Next time you are considering using VPN remember that a US-based VPN provider will hand over your personal data and browsing history without blinking if a FISA order is presented to them.

Ban on Torrents

Most US based VPN providers don’t support P2P file sharing or torrent downloads anymore. Increased MPAA lobbying in the US Senate has turned US cyberspace into a highly monitored and restricted environment to operate in.

While some users don’t get into trouble, it is always nice to secure yourself behind a VPN server especially one based outside the USA to ensure they have no way of getting any warrants on a foreign privacy provider.

Ban on Torrents

Lawsuits against ThePirateBay, KickAssTorrents & Torrentz have proved just how powerful the MPAA’s influence can be. Downloading torrents in the US is risky given there are prison sentences and penalties prescribed for infringement. ISPs have been ordered to Monitor and maintain profiles for all users found downloading copyright material through torrents.

Torrent Websites

According to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), all acts of copyright infringement are criminal activities, which also include an attempt of bypassing a copyright material.

US-based VPN providers are bound to cancel or shut down user accounts that are found infringing copyright. The alarming fact is that these same VPN providers are the ones claiming they do not monitor your online activities.

Wrapping Things Up

So the next time you are weighing different VPN services, consider a non-US VPN provider. Since VPN providers outside the US don’t keep user logs they are ideal for those interested in torrents, streaming, and accessing blocked content.

With all factors taken into consideration, Surfshark wins the category of the best non-US VPN. However, if you are looking for another budget-friendly alternative, do considering giving PureVPN a try.

Let me know below if you have any questions regarding this guide or better recommendations to give. Also, feel free to share this guide with other privacy-conscious users, seeking for a secure VPN outside the US.

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  1. John

    Excellent article. I am about suspicious of NordVPN. I know they say they are in Panama but I suspect that is just the front Company. Where they really are and who owns them is what worries me. Could be a honey pot?

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hi there John, hope you are doing well. You are not wrong to suspect the provider, cause they were a lot of rumors about them having a phony location. Rest assured, they are not a honey pot. I have covered it in my review in the very first section: “Security”. Give it a read and it should clear your confusion about the provider: https://www.bestvpn.co/reviews/nordvpn/

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