How Much Is JioCinema Subscription in Netherlands? – Premium Plan Breakdown

Last updated: October 3, 2023
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If you are interested in subscribing to JioCinema’s service and you want to know how much is JioCinema subscription in Netherlands, then you are in the right place.

However, it is important to note that certain geo-restrictions are in place, so you might not be able to access the platform, especially if you live in the non-Indian region. So, you need to connect to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to watch JioCinema in Netherlands.

There are two JioCinema subscription plans: a free JioCinema plan and the JioCinema premium plan. With the premium subscription, you get to watch exclusive HBO content as well as live sports events, documentaries, and even a variety of Warner Bros films.

By signing up for JioCinema, viewers get to experience an unlimited number of movies and TV shows. Read the guide to learn more about JioCinema subscription cost and other important details, such as JioCinema premium plan features.

How Much is JioCinema Subscription in Netherlands – Premium Plan?

No need to worry about JioCinema price plans and how much is JioCinema subscription because this guide will offer information on everything. There are two streaming options: the free plan and the JioCinema premium subscription. You can check their details below.

Plan Price and Benefits
Free Price: NA
No login required
Free TATA IPL 2023 live-streaming
Access to all Hindi/regional movies and TV shows
Supported by ads
Premium Price: EUR€ 11.47 /yr
Validity of 12 months
Ad-free access to all Hindi and regional content
Access to exclusive HBO and WB content
Free TATA IPL 2023 live streaming
High video and audio quality
Supports up to 4 devices at the same time

Note: A JioCinema subscription is free to watch, but in order to access some content, you will need to pay a premium subscription, and for that, you need a Jio Sim. You can also delete JioCinema account if you don’t want to stream on the platform anymore.

Does JioCinema Offer Free Plan in Netherlands?

Yes, JioCinema offers a free plan, and it is available for all users across the country regardless of the SIM they are using. With the free membership plan, you can access a vast range of content on the platform, except for international TV shows and movies, especially from HBO and WB.

The JioCinema subscription for free also allows you to watch live TATA IPL 2023 matches, Hindi, and regional content, including Bollywood movies like Bhediya and TV shows like Taali.

For the free plan, you don’t have to log in, and you can access the JioCinema platform from any device you prefer, including a smartphone, laptop, and TV. But you need to remember that with the free plan, you will get served with frequent ads while streaming content.

Does JioCinema Offer a Premium Plan in Netherlands?

Yes, JioCinema offers a premium plan that is priced at EUR€ 11.47 /yr . The plan offers even more content options than JioCinema’s free plan. It consists of exclusive content from platforms like WB and HBO.


Here’s the JioCinema Premium Plan in Netherlands!

Apart from this, you can watch all the live sports events completely ad-free, adding to your streaming experience. Also, the premium plan enables you to get access to JioCinema through 4 devices at the same time and also offers amazing video and audio quality.

So, now you know how much is JioCinema subscription for a premium plan.

How Do I Subscribe to JioCinema Premium Plan in Netherlands?

You can subscribe to the JioCinema premium plan in Netherlands with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. And if you were wondering how much is JioCinema subscription for this plan, then it is EUR€ 11.47 /yr .

Follow these steps to subscribe to JioCinema premium plan.

  • Subscribe to the most reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to the India server.
  • Visit JioCinema’s website and select the Subscribe option at the screen top.

Click the Subscribe button on top!

  • You will land on the subscription page where you will see the EUR€ 11.47 /yr plan.
  • Now click “Continue and pay” to pay JioCinema subscription offer.

Click on Continue and pay!

  • Select the payment method
  • Once you have done the payment, you can start streaming exclusive content.

By following these steps, you will be able to watch JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV or even get JioCinema on Firestick or JioCinema on Chromecast. This is all made possible by ExpressVPN, as it offers private streaming, secure servers, and a blazingly fast speed.

Detailed Features of JioCinema

JioCinema comes with some amazing features that you really need to check out for yourself by subscribing to it. But if you live in Netherlands, you need to use the best VPN for JioCinema, which is ExpressVPN.

Let’s learn more about these features:

  • Option to Resume Watching: JioCinema allows you to easily resume watching a show or movie from where you left off, even if you switch the devices.
  • Personal Watch List: You can easily create a watch list of the movies and shows you want to watch so that you can find them later.
  • Auto Play: The next episode will automatically start playing once you are done watching the previous episode of a TV show.
  • Dock Player: JioCinema allows you to watch a video while you skim through other content on your device.
  • Voice Search: You can easily search for movies, shows, videos and even actors with your voice pretty easily.
  • Quality Selection: Based on your internet connection speed, you can select the quality of the video you want to watch in.
  • Download Option: JioCinema allows you to download movies and TV shows that you can later watch offline also.

Now that you know how much is JioCinema subscription, you can easily take advantage of all these features offered by the platform. Also if your JioCinema is not working, their customer care will ensure to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

If you are living in Netherlands, you can easily watch JioCinema in Netherlands with the help of ExpressVPN. You can also watch TV shows and some of the best movies on JioCinema.

Best Shows, Movies and Live Sports Events to Watch on JioCinema

Here is a list of some of the best shows on JioCinema that you can stream on JioCinema subscription offer. Check it out below:

Best Shows, Movies and Live Sports
The Last of Us
Napoli vs Real Madrid Champions League
White Lotus
Mare of Easttown
Lakhan Leela Bhargava
Game of Thrones

If you are living in Netherlands, you can easily watch these shows on JioCinema with ExpressVPN that offers the best audio and video quality with lightning fast speeds.


JioCinema does not require any subscription for its free plan. But when it comes to its premium plan, JioCinema charges EUR€ 11.47 /yr from its users. To watch JioCinema in Netherlands, you need ExpressVPN to access geo-restricted content.

With JioCinema premium, you can easily watch exclusive content from HBO and WB. Other than this, you can TATA IPL 2023 live and other sports events. You also get ad-free access to Hindi and regional content on the platform.

Although the platform only works in India, but you can watch JioCinema in Netherlands with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that offers easy access to geo-restricted content.

No, you can easily watch JioCinema for free without a JioSim but if you want to get JioCinema premium, you will have to get the Jio Sim.

Wrapping Up

You can now easily understand how much is JioCinema subscription as we have discussed the entire details in the guide above. With our guidance, we hope that you can easily watch your favorite shows and movies on JioCinema without any hassle.

But you need to keep in mind that JioCinema is only available in India. To get access to the platform in Netherlands, you need to get a VPN. This is where we recommend ExpressVPN as it offers amazing performance, robust features and really fast speeds.

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