How Much is Stan in South Korea: Is it Worth the Price?

Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Do you know how much is Stan in South Korea? Before you get a subscription to this Australian Platform, you should know about it.

Stan is a popular Australian online video streaming platform. This platform has a vast array of content for everyone!  However, this service is only available to residents of Australia. Therefore, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN to access Stan from anywhere without interruptions in South Korea.

Its huge content library is drawing our attention all the time. After getting access to Stan, you can watch Bledisloe Cup 2023, Twisted Metal, and many more exclusive shows. However, potential subscribers are always thinking about the Stan subscription price.

To make everything clear and easier for you, we made a comprehensive guideline about Stan where you can find Stan costs, plans, shows, channels, and many more. Keep reading to find out the lowest Stan prices to the highest ones.

What are Stan subscription Plans in South Korea [Easy Steps]

To get an idea about how much is Stan in South Korea, you need to follow our complete review.

We tried to break down every little detail about all these plans including the features that we found in South Korea on Stan’s website. Before we get the details, let’s check the table below.

Particulars Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Stan Price per month AU$10 AU$16 AU$21
Resolution SD HD Up to 4K
Offline download devices 1 3 5
Simultaneous Streams 1 3 4
Free Trial Available Available Available

Now you have a comparison chart to find out how much is Stan a month. Still confused about all these plans? Maybe you need a better explanation to understand all these plans.

Recently, Stan included add-on sports packages as well, and for that, the Stan price is right now AU$15/ per month. Remember, this price is in addition to your main Stan plan. Without further ado, let’s discuss how much is Stan in South Korea.

Basic Plan

Most of the new and potential subscribers look for the Basic plan first. This plan is the cheapest option if you want to save your pocket. It comes with AU$10/mo.

The main purpose of adding this plan is to keep everyone under a single hood, especially those who are not avid streamers.

Not only that, it has many other good sides as well. For example, it offers a free trial and this free trial is also ad-free in South Korea! Can you imagine?

Not everything is good with the Stan Basic Plan. It has a drawback as well. You can stream content on SD resolution. Many of us usually don’t like to stream content in SD resolution.

Keep reading to find out how much is Stan in South Korea for those who don’t want a Basic plan.

Standard Plan:

How much is Stan in South Korea? Standard Plan is the most suitable Plan for many users not only for the cost but also because it allows the user to stream content in HD resolution. This plan costs around AU$16/ per month.

Additionally, you can Stan free trial and it also lets you connect your single subscribed account to up to 3 devices. Furthermore, the plan is offering an ad-free service. So, enjoying the best shows in South Korea on Stan without any interruption is now easy.

You can also get Stan for free if you use the Stan Free Trial which is available for all the new subscribers.

Premium Plan:

The last Plan that Stan offered was Premium Plan which cost around AU$21/ per month. This plan opens all the options and facilities for the user in South Korea. It lets you enjoy content in 4K resolutions. If you want to get a subscription for the family as well, then Premium Plan is for you.

It lets you share your Stan account on up to 5 devices without making any security and streaming-related issues. Not only that, this plan also has the option to download movies and TV shows. In this way, you can easily watch your favorite content offline.

This plan never lets you miss anything you want. Once you get this plan, you will never think about canceling Stan’s subscription at all.

What is Stan Sport and How Much Does it Cost in South Korea?

Stan is getting better and better. Now they have Stan Sports as well. This is their recent addition to their subscribers who also love to enjoy sports events without any ad. Stan Sport is now offering on-demand streaming of sporting events. The Stan subscription cost is AU$ 15 per month.

Don’t worry, before you fix your mind to getting Stan Sport besides your Stan subscription, you can check its 7-day free trial as well in South Korea. Remember, Stan Sports is not a stand-alone scorpion. So, you must add this plan without an existing Stan Subscription.

After getting access to Stan Sports, you can enjoy many premium and exclusive sports events without facing any ads or interruptions. Not only that, Stan announced that they will include more events on their sports platform.

In upcoming years, you can catch all the matches of the UEFA Champions, Europa, Conference, and Youth League.

Which Stan Subscription Plan is Best for Me?

Now come to the main point. Which plan should you choose and which is best fit for you? Based on preference and budget, subscribers look for the most comfortable plan. Before you choose the plan, you might get answers to your general queries.

After knowing everything you need to know, it will be easier to pick the best Stan plan for you. First of all, you might be looking for the opportunity to share the account with your family or friends. So, how many people will watch at home?

Not only that, you may also be trying to figure out which plan offers the best picture quality or what you prefer. Do you want to stream content offline as well? If you have all these questions in your mind, then Premium Plan is the best plan for you.

Trust me, you can get more from this plan than your quarries. Yes, it is the all-in-one plan for you. To get this plan you need to pay only AU$21/month. That’s all. With this plan, you can watch the best Stan shows, movies, and content in 4K Ultra HD in South Korea.

Not only that, it lets you share your account with up to 5 devices and allows the user to download movies, TV shows, and series to watch online in South Korea. You can not only stream Stan on iOS but also get Stan on Android.

Now that you how much is Stan in South Korea, get a subscription now!


Stan is not free to use at all. This is a paid Australian OTT Platform. It comes with three different plans for the user, and it starts from $10. As a new user, you can avail Stan’s free trial for 30 days. In this way, you can watch your favorite show on Stan for free.

No, there is no extra-paying option available on Stan to watch movies. Stan is offering three different plans; these are Basic, Standard, and Premium Plans. Every Stan plan has a price. Once you get the plan, then you are covered by the facility of these plans. So, you don’t need to pay to watch movies on Stan in South Korea at all. When you have Stan’s plan, then you can enjoy all the latest and exclusive movies.

Of course! Stan is worth it if you want to stream all the latest and exclusive content in South Korea. With the low monthly fee, Stan draws everyone’s attention. This streaming platform is now getting a better competitor for Netflix. It has a diverse selection of TV shows, series, movies, documentaries, sports events, and many more.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt about it, Stan is becoming the most prominent OTT platform for everyone. After knowing how much is Stan in South Korea, you might be wondering to take a look at this streaming platform.

To stream Stan from anywhere, all you need to utilize is the best Stan VPN and that is ExpressVPN. That’s for today. Already you know what you need to do with Stan.

Best of Luck!

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