How To Watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy On Stan? [Easy Guide]

Last updated: September 27, 2023
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Prepare for Jane The Virgin Season 5 streaming! You can watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Why use a VPN? This is because Stan is geo-restricted and is only available in Australia. Therefore, you need a VPN to mask your IP address and stream Stan in Italy. This way you can enjoy Jane The Virgin Season 5 streaming online.

Jane The Virgin is a TV series that tells the story of Jane Villanueva, who is a devout Catholic virgin. However, she is accidentally inseminated, which triggers a chain of crazy and unexpected turns of events. How will she deal with her fiance? Watch the latest season to find out!

Wondering, “How many episodes in season 5 of Jane the Virgin?” or “What is the cast of Jane the Virgin season 5” Read more to find out!

How To Watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy On Stan – [5 Simple Steps]

You can watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan with the help of a VPN. Read the following steps for more information:

  1. Get a reliable VPN subscription, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app on your device and launch it.
  3. Create a connection with the Melbourne server.
  4. Go to the Stan website and log in to your account.
  5. Search and watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan.

Where To Watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy?

You can watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 TV Series by tuning into Stan. For those of you in Italy, just keep in mind to connect to ExpressVPN, which is, hands down, the best VPN out there.

With a VPN, you can easily bypass all the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform and watch the Jane The Virgin Season 5 stream without any hiccups. That’s not all; you can also watch best movies on Stan and popular sporting events like Rugby World Cup 2023 without interruptions.

Want to know a way to watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 online free of cost? Well, to your surprise, there’s a way. Check out the next heading for more information.

Is There A Way To Watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 For Free in Italy?

You can enjoy the Jane The Virgin Season 5 streaming for free by using the Stan free trial. This trial is accessible to all new subscribers for about 30 days. You heard it right – 30 days of FREE STREAMING!

During this trial, you can watch any show, movie, or sporting event you want, without paying a dime. However, keep in mind that after the trial ends, you’ll be required to pay a subscription fee in order to continue watching.

Check out the Stan pricing here for more information. If you feel like the platform is not for you, you have the option to cancel Stan – and it won’t charge you a penny. Just make sure to cancel before the trial period ends.

What Is The Jane The Virgin Season 5 Premiere Date?

The Jane The Virgin Season 5 release date has already passed. It was 27 March 2019. However, you can watch it on Stan using ExpressVPN.

Excited to watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan? Check out the next heading to know the storyline.

What is the Jane The Virgin Season 5 Storyline?

Let’s discuss the plot of Jane The Virgin Season 5. Just like all the other seasons, this season will also keep you hooked to your screens.

It portrays the story of Jane Villanueva, who is a devoted Catholic virgin. However, her world begins to turn upside down as she mistakenly inseminate during a routine checkup. What happens when a catholic virgin inseminates? The consequences can be imagined!

This unexpected turn of events gives rise to a wave of dramatic and comedic events in her life, turning it upside down. Since Jane is engaged, her pregnancy becomes a huge concern to her fiance.

You’ll find her work her way through these challenges, keeping a balance between love, work, and everything in between. To learn more, watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan now.

Meet The Cast of Jane The Virgin Season 5?

Before you watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan, it’s time to take a look at the Jane The Virgin Season 5 cast – take a look:

Actor/Actress Character
Gina Rodriguez Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Grobglas Petra Solano
Justin Baldoni Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll Alba Villanueva
Jaime Camil Rogelio De La Vega
Anthony Mendez Narrator
Brett Dier Michael Cordero Jr.
Yara Martinez Dr. Luisa Alver
Priscilla Barnes Magda
Elias Janssen Mateo Solano Villanueva
Bridget Regan Rose
Jenna Ortega Young Jane

Jane The Virgin Season 5: How Many Episodes Are There?

There are a total of 19 episodes of Jane The Virgin Season 5 TV Series. Here’s a breakdown of each episode:

Episode Number Episode Name Release Date
S5 E1 Chapter Eighty-Two Mar 27, 2019
S5 E2 Chapter Eighty-Three Apr 3, 2019
S5 E3 Chapter Eighty-Four Apr 10, 2019
S5 E4 Chapter Eighty-Five Apr 17, 2019
S5 E5 Chapter Eighty-Six Apr 24, 2019
S5 E6 Chapter Eighty-Seven May 1, 2019
S5 E7 Chapter Eighty-Eight May 8, 2019
S5 E8 Chapter Eighty-Nine Jan 15, 2020
S5 E9 Chapter Ninety Jan 16, 2020
S5 E10 Chapter Ninety-One Jan 17, 2020
S5 E11 Chapter Ninety-Two Jan 20, 2020
S5 E12 Chapter Ninety-Three Jan 21, 2020
S5 E13 Chapter Ninety-Four Jan 22, 2020
S5 E14 Chapter Ninety-Five Jan 23, 2020
S5 E15 Chapter Ninety-Six Jan 24, 2020
S5 E16 Chapter Ninety-Seven Jul 17, 2019
S5 E17 Chapter Ninety-Eight Jul 24, 2019
S5 E18 Chapter Ninety-Nine Jul 31, 2019
S5 E19 Chapter One Hundred Jul 31, 2019

Chapter Eighty-Two

Jane finds out something very shocking which shatters her world into bits. This makes her question Rafael as she looks for more answers. However, this makes Rafael take a break from their relationship, which pushes Jane into further confusion.

Chapter Eighty-Three

In this episode, Jane turns to Alba, seeking for advice. Unfortunately, the response she gets is not what she was expecting. On the other hand, Luisa tried to confront Rose, having Rafael by her side. Rogelio, who gets back to work with River, finds himself estranged in a power struggle.

Chapter Eighty-Four

This episode starts with Jane and Rafael facing obstacles in their relationship. This obstacle is more than what they expected, turning their world upside down. On the other hand, Rogelio comes to a realization that his relationship with River is not what he had assumed.

Chapter Eighty-Five

Jane and Petra form an unexpected connection as she seeks answers about life’s complex situations. However, Petra also relies on Jane for advice on her relationship.

Chapter Eighty-Six

After must reluctance, Jane finally agress for a grand 30th birthday party. On the other hand, her mentor offers very good advice which reignites her love for writing. Meanwhile, Petra reckons that she and JR are finally able to find some stability in their relationship.

Chapter Eighty-Seven

Jane struggles hard to give Rafael his space after discovering his gruesome secret. On the other hand, Michael and Jane uncover important clues on the day he faked his own death.

Petra tries to push herself into JR’s world, taking Jane’s assistance along the way.

Chapter Eighty-Eight

Jane looks forward to embracing new experiences, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone, as suggested by Michael. On the other hand, Michael returns to his former life, as Jane tries to fight her feelings for Rafael.

Chapter Eighty-Nine

In this episode, Jane tries her best to cope with Ragael’s negligence, looking for every opportunity to connect with him. However, a matter concerning Mateo arises and Jane takes it as an opportunity to get back to Rafael.

Chapter Ninety

Rogelio and Jane work in collaboration to pitch a pilot. However, her excitement fades away in an instinct as she find out a secret regarding her book’s publication. On the other hand, Alba and Jorge make a a very important decision about their future, while Rafael seeks Jane’s permission to introduce Mateo to Luisa.

Chapter Ninety-One

Jane struggles with balancing her time between writing a network script and her very first novel. However, in a twist of events, Rafael becomes furious with Jane as she makes an appointment with the doctor that he doesn’t approve of.

Chapter Ninety-Two

Jorge moves into Alba’s home, asking Rafael and Jane to consider co-parenting. Rogelio comes across unexpected challenges. On the other hand, Xo faces anxiety thinking about the results of her PET scan.

Chapter Ninety-Three

Airing on January 21, 2020, after Rafael witnesses Mateo’s behavior at school, he seeks an alternative approach to Mateo’s treatment. Rogelio becomes paranoid about River’s revenge, and Jane persuades Petra to step out into the world after learning of Rafael’s new relationship.

Chapter Ninety-Four

After various ups and downs, Jane and Rafael are finally in a stable place. However, after discovering that Mataeo’s treatment may come with certain consequences, they fall into a state of confusion.

Chapter Ninety-Five

Jane is more than thrilled to find out that Lina is back in town. However, her excitement turns to dust as soon as Lina asks for a favor. On the other hand, Rafael and Petra start working together again, resurfacing old tensions.

Chapter Ninety-Six

Jane finds an inspiration for her book and starts looking for an agent almost immediately. On the other hand, Rogelio is anticipating a new role as Jane looks forward to fostering a unique relationship with her twins.

Chapter Ninety-Seven

Jane starts contemplating her past as her editor suggests a dark twist for her book. Meanwhile, Rogelio helps River connect with her daughter.

Chapter Ninety-Eight

Jane is positive about her books; however, all her optimism is put to stop as soon as unexpected obstacles start to arise. On the other hand, Rafael and Petra’s relationship blooms, making Petra extend an unexpected offer.

Chapter Ninety-Nine

The second last episode is the special one where the cast and crew reflect upon their journey of Jane the Virgin’s all five seasons. From favorite moments to cherished experiences, this episode is as wholesome as it gets.

Chapter One Hundred

In the last episode, Jane and Rafael prepare for their big day, but Rafael’s attempt to support Jane’s writing dream leads to unforeseen consequences. Xo and Rogelio must reveal a family decision, eliciting a range of reactions, including Petra’s.

Unveiling The Jane The Virgin Season 5 Trailer?

Ready to watch Jane the Virgin season 5 promo? Here’s a sneak peek:

Who Does Jane Marry in Jane the Virgin season 5?

Jane ends up marrying Rafael Solano. After several conflicts and inconveniences, Jane and Rafael find their way back to eachother.

The series comes to an end with a heartfelt scene of the newlyweds sitting together, portraying the scene of happily ever after. Watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan with ExpressVPN now!

Does Jane Divorce Michael in season 5?

No, Jane does not divorce Michael. However, the show’s plot takes a dramatic turn related to Michael’s character.

At the end of Season 4, it is revealed that Michael, who was presumed dead, is actually alive but suffering from amnesia. His return creates a complex love triangle between Jane, Michael, and Rafael.

Throughout Season 5, the series explores Jane’s feelings for both Michael and Rafael as she navigates the challenges of her romantic life. Without giving away too many spoilers, I can confirm that the show addresses this relationship dynamic and its resolution in the final season.

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Jane The Virgin Season 5

What Other Content You Can Watch on Stan in Italy?

Wondering what to watch on Stan? Stan has a huge content library, with some of the best shows, movies, and sporting events. Here’s what to watch:

SpeedSeries 2023 The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
Love Triangle Season 2 Robyn Hood
Laver Cup 2023 Scrublands Orignal Series


Jane and Rafael is the best couple in Jane the Virgin. Why? This is because after several ups and downs, obstacles, and breakups, these two found their way back to each other. Their marriage is a symbol that there’s indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Get ready to watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 TV Series.

Rafael is Jane’s true love in Jane the Virgin. As Jane’s journey unfolds, she forms a meaningful connection with Michael Cordero. However, as life presents various challenges and she undergoes personal growth, Jane comes to the realization that Rafael is her ultimate and genuine love.

Season 6 of “Jane the Virgin” did not get canceled due to network decisions; instead, Executive Producer Jennie Snyder Urman made a deliberate creative choice to conclude the show after Season 5. This decision was not impromptu but aligned with her longstanding plan for the series to wrap up after its fifth season.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can watch Jane The Virgin Season 5 in Italy on Stan with the help of ExpressVPN.

Since Stan is geo-restricted, you need a VPN to access it. This way you can not only watch Season 5 but also access other seasons of Jane the Virgin that are available on the platform.

Happy streaming!

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