How to Watch/Unblock DC Universe Outside USA – Easy Guide

Last Updated: January 01, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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DC Universe just launched in September 2018 and its fans are ecstatic.

Now you can watch all the content related to the franchise on this great streaming platform only, content which you won’t get to watch elsewhere. Yes, not even on Netflix.

But do you know that DC Universe is geo-restricted outside the US?

Do you know how you can access it?

Here is our dedicated guide on How to Watch/Unblock DC Universe outside USA including three Best VPNs for the purpose, Best vpn Reddit reviews and more!

What Countries DC Universe Services Are Available Right Now Outside USA?

Batman, Superman anyone? If you haven’t heard these names ever, I will believe that you are just an alien visiting this planet on your summer break.

These characters and many other popular ones are part of the DC Comic Book Franchise and apart from Marvel, DC is the biggest such brand in the world.

And now it has launched its own streaming site named DC Universe where you can find all the movies, shows, digital comic books, comments section, and forums or basically anything related to the characters belonging to the franchise.

Yes, Netflix is perhaps your first choice when it comes to streaming platforms obviously, and your second good bet might be on Amazon Prime, but DC Universe is unlike both of these popular sites.

Sure, the functionality and idea is the same, but the content will entirely be different.

DC Universe caters to a very dedicated genre, one related to only its own characters and storylines, taken out of its comic books.

The number of fans of the DC Franchise is phenomenal across the world, so launching such a service was a really good idea.

But, wait there’s a catch.

Like all good things ever, DC Universe is only available in the United States.

How to Watch/Unblock DC Universe Outside USA

Which makes sense as the most number of dedicated fans for the franchise definitely lie in the country.

However, for the fans of the franchise outside the world, this is a bummer seriously.

But not to worry because as always, I will guide you on how to unblock DC Universe outside US just like I’ve done with other innumerable such platforms i.e. with the help of VPNs or dedicated servers.

Best VPN To Watch DC Universe Outside USA

Like I said earlier, DC Universe can be easily unblocked and watched outside the US even if you are using a VPN, but do you know which VPN will actually do that for you?

No, right?

Well, here are 3 of the best VPNs that I have tried and tested with DC Universe since 2019 and they can surely do the job perfectly.


This is seriously a no-brainer. There is no such streaming platform that this stellar provider cannot unblock. From Netflix to UFC fights, I recommend ExpressVPN for everything you want to watch if its geo-restricted and cant be accessed without a VPN.

Best VPN To Watch DC Universe Outside USA

To provide a short brief on this provider, it has got over 2000 servers, military-grade encryption, ample number of client apps, OpenVPN protocol support, zero logging policy and more.

But above all this, its US server park is one of the best in the business. You just need to connect to anyone and start streaming DC Universe. Yes, its that simple.

It’s definitely a bit pricey as compared to the rest, but its worth your every penny.



  • Unblocks All US Streaming Sites
  • Over 2000 Servers
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Dedicated clients for Streaming devices like Firestick available
  • Live chat support


  • Expensive Plans



Another great VPN service for all those streamers who want unblock US content like the DC Universe service is PureVPN.

The provider is not known much for its security as it’s for its capability to power the best streaming experience among all providers.

And it has got all the right features like military-grade encryption, 2000+ servers, compatible client apps, live chat support, kill switch and more.

What Countries DC Universe Services Are available right now Outside USA


What’s even better here is that PureVPN also offers you the chance to secure your own dedicated IP. With this, you will be absolved of all the problems that are associated with sharing a server park like in the normal VPN service plans like low speeds, banned servers etc.

And to top it all off, PureVPN is cheap, way cheap. Its like being offered for less than half the price of ExpressVPN’s subscription, with some plans being even cheaper than that. So that’s a sure shot draw.

For DC Universe enthusiasts on a budget, this is a premium service that you should definitely go for.



  • 2000 servers in over 160 countries
  • Unblocks DC Universe from outside US
  • Live chat support Dedicated IP available
  • Military grade encryption
  • Cheap Plans


  • Keeps some connection timestamp logs



5000+ servers and counting, NordVPN has left no stone unturned in offering an exceptional capability to streamers across the globe. Fast speeds are its forte and security is ever unflinching.

And I will babble again on all the generic features again here, but do know that NordVPN has got everything like the rest for e.g. military-grade encryption, Zero logging policy etc.

DC Universe Online Reddit

I got DC Universe unblocked quite easily with NordVPN and the experience was as flawless as I get every single time.

As far as the price is concerned, NordVPN is not too expensive but is just short of being budget friendly.



  • 5000+ Servers worldwide
  • Multiple client apps available
  • Affordable plans
  • OpenVPN protocol support

Extra security features like DoubleVPN available


  • Live chat support not available


All these three providers are great, but they have some minor differences in performance. It’s all technical jargon, so let me make it easier for you to understand and eventually make a decision based on it.

ExpressVPN: Stable

PureVPN: Cheap

NordVPN: Loaded with features.

DC Universe can be unblocked by any of the trios, but it depends ultimately on what you are looking for.

How to Watch/Unblock/Access DC Universe Outside USA

If you have opted for any of the providers above, you can unblock DC Universe outside the USA by following these easy steps. I am taking ExpressVPN as an example here:

  1. Go to the provider’s site and choose a pricing plan
  2. Pay for the subscription and obtain user credentials
  3. Download the compatible app client like I downloaded ExpressVPN’s Windows clientexpressvpn for dc universe
  4. Connect to any US server (This might differ with Pure and Nord as you have to ask their support which servers work with DC Universe) and DC Universe will be easily accessible!

dc universe


DC Universe Online Reddit

Reddit is where the action happens these days. I mean, I get all of my major news from this platform.

Whether its an Easter egg in a new show or the best reviews on a certain service or problem, Reddit is your place to go.

So, I went there to find out as to what VPNs users were the most satisfied with when it comes to unblocking DC Universe outside USA.

But to my surprise, I found nothing except a few fleeting mentions on how VPNs can be used to unblock DC Universe in Australia. But except for that, there were no mentions of the best VPNs for this purpose as such.


So now if you ask me on what other ways are there through which you can watch DC Universe outside USA, I would say none. VPNs are the only real thing when it comes to unblocking, while the rest of the options like proxies, don’t actually work these days.

Streaming sites have gone stratospheric these days, with subscriptions flooding in like anything. DC Universe might be serving a dedicated genre but its primed to reach millions of subscribers in 2019, so if you want to join the bandwagon, do so now!

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