Attracting millions of viewers for each big fight, UFC has now transformed into a global phenomenon that has no equal.

The next fight, titled UFC 226, will be held between UFC Heavyweight Defending Champion Stipe Miocic and current UFC Lightweight Champion Daniel Cormier and it promises to be one hell of a match!

However, the event is not free and requires you to buy a pay-per-view subscription and do you know that the rates for PPV vary wildly and you can get access for extremely low rates if you use the Best VPN? To know more, read this on the Cheapest Way to Watch UFC 226.

Cheapest Way to Watch UFC 226 Miocic vs Cormier Fight live online without cable


UFC 226 Channels And Official Broadcasters Fight Night List

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC, as its more popularly known, is the most famous mixed martial arts showcase event in the world, so fans of the great franchise would definitely want to know the channels through which they can watch this high-level UFC draw live!

If you are one of those, then don’t worry! We’ve got it covered for you!

Here is the list of UFC 226 Channels and Official Broadcaster varying from region to region:

Country Broadcaster
UKBT Sport 2
CanadaFight Network
AustraliaFox Sports


But as most of these channels are geo-restricted, you won’t be able to access them until you live in their specified area of availability of till you use the Best VPN to unblock these channels from other regions.

VPNs are now being increasingly used to power maximum online freedom as they allow users to watch anything, anywhere in the world, which won’t be available to them otherwise.

There is no reason that you should miss this Big Fight just because you don’t live in the right place. You have all the right in the world to ensure that you watch your favorite fighters battle it out this Saturday by using the Best VPN to bypass geo-restrictions on these channels!

Cheapest Way to Watch UFC 226 Miocic vs Cormier Fight

UFC is a Pay Per View event and you need to buy a “Fight Pass” to access the event. Currently, there are two types of fight passes that you can buy:

  1. Pay Per View HD, which offers the chance to watch this fight only,
  2. Pay Per View HD + 50% off 6 Month UFC Fight Pass

However, what if we tell you that you can easily get the Fight Pass for a way lot cheaper price than you can currently get it for? Seems impossible right?

No! We don’t have a special deal with UFC or any of the fighter!

But, we do have something a whole lot better! A VPN!

Getting a cheap VPN and connecting to a different region can make a huge difference in the price you will pay for the Fight Pass! Don’t believe us? Well, look at it for yourself!



DiscountVPN Provider
Philippines$17.24 (920 piso)78%purevpn reviewPureVPN

$3.54/mo (68% Off)

Visit Provider

US$64.9950% Off (6-Months)

Details Given Blow 

ufc pay per view US price


This is the pricing plans for getting a UFC Fight Pass in the US. If you are in the US and want to secure a Pay Per View Pass, you will have to pay $64.99 for it, while the PPV + 50% off 6-month pass will cost you $91.96. But is that the lowest price you can get? Not really!

Here comes the biggest surprise!

Just put on the best VPN and connect to an Indian Server and reload the pricing plan page on UFC’s website and again and you will get this:

ufc pay per view india price

The PPV Pass will cost you just $34.99 in India! That’s almost a 46% difference in price!

The PPV HD 6 month pass is also available for a much lower rate in India, at just $61.96.

But is that still the lowest price? No!

For the lowest possible price for getting a UFC Fight Pass, you will have to use the best VPN to connect to the Philippines and this is what you will get:

ufc 226 pay per view tickets on sale

(Screenshot of the page after connecting to a server in the Philippines via PureVPN)*

While the prices are mentioned here in Piso if you convert these prices into US Dollar. These are the rates you get:

  1. Pay per View HD: $17.24
  2. Pay per View HD + 6 Month pass: $40.58

Now that is some deal you can secure by using a VPN! The difference between the price for the PPV Fight pass in the US and the price for the same pass in the Philippines is a whopping 78%

If this isn’t the best offer, then we don’t know what is!

And even if we account in the price for buying a VPN, even if it’s for a month, the addition to the price would be no more than $5-9, which still keeps the deal incredibly valuable.

So all of those UFC fans out there, you need to get a VPN fast!

How to Watch UFC 226 Miocic vs Cormier Fight Live Online Without Cable

You can also watch the UFC 226 watch Miocic vs Cormier Live Online without cable as there a lot of reputable providers out there that will be broadcasting the greatest fight draw of the season in supreme HD quality. Here are the Top 3 Live Online Options for Watching the UFC 226 draw!

Fifa Worldcup News

Important Note! Streams mentioned below can be Geo-restricted in parts of the world, we recommend you to use a VPN service to access streams in your respective region without any hassle!

Unblock Streams


Since this is a special event, many top online Live TV providers will be streaming UFC 226 on their services and one of the most reliable names among them is DirecTV through which you can watch UFC online. The UFC live stream on DirectTV is of HD quality.

UFC 226 Channels And Official Broadcasters Fight Night List

It is currently offering the event at $64.95 and if you compare it with the prices you get through a Best VPN, then you will find a big difference in these two different available offers.


Amazon Prime

Everyone is well aware of the Amazon brand name as the world’s biggest online store, however, the firm has now launched its online streaming service by the name of Amazon Prime. You can now watch UFC 226 Online on Amazon Prime as well by buying the PPV match pass for $64.99 from the provider. Amazon Prime also has UFC Live stream in HD.

How to Watch UFC 226 Miocic vs Cormier Fight Live Online Without Cable

Unblock Amazon Prime



Another big streaming provider, SlingTV will also be showing UFC live, but since it’s a PPV event, you will have to buy it separately from the Sling TV plan thereby making the UFC 226 event a little bit more expensive to watch through this provider.

How to Watch UFC 226 All Fights Free Live Online Streams

If you want to watch UFC online at Sling TV, the PPV will cost you $64.99 plus tax, but first, you will need to subscribe to the service by buying a plan. Sling TV Orange is their lowest priced plan $25 and it includes 30 + channels. Also, you can also opt for additional services like getting more DVR cloud space or a subscription to another channel like HBO for an extra charge.

Unblock Sling TV


How to Watch UFC 226 All Fights Free Live Online Streams

UFC fights are always paid events and you have to have a Fight Pass to allow you to watch the matches during a draw, so no official UFC 226 free streams exist and if anyone or any site is claiming to do so, it won’t be able to do it, thereby leaving you in a limbo on the eve of the match.

But if UFC 226 free streams are not available at the moment and if you are concerned about the high price tag of the Fight pass, go for a VPN and connect to Asian servers where the prices are extremely low as compared to what you will be paying in the US or in European Countries. As we mentioned above, Philippines has the lowest rates for the UFC Fight pass, thereby allowing you to enjoy your favorite UFC 226 draw at an extremely low price.


How To Watch UFC 226 in Canada:

For Canadian UFC fans, Fight Network is the place to tune in to in order to watch the UFC 226 big match draw in Canada. The best thing about watching UFC in Canada is that Fight Network is available on various devices like Android, iOS, and Roku, thereby allowing you multiple choice avenues to choose from.

How To Watch UFC 226 in Canada:


UFC 226 Tickets on Sale

Unfortunately, the tickets for this ultra-fun event at Las Vegas are now closed for sale. The hype for this event was so huge that not just the normal tickets but also the VIP buys got sold out a good 4-5 days before the event actually takes place.

UFC 226 Tickets on Sale

But don’t worry if you missed it, UFC has plenty of action coming up in the upcoming days to interest you and if you want to buy tickets for their forthcoming events, you can do them here.

UFC 226 Fight location and Date

The fight will be taking place this time in one of the happening cities of the world i.e. Las Vegas Metropolitan Area at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

The starting time of the match is 10 P.M Eastern Standard Time, United States and the event will be held on Saturday 7th July 2018.

UFC 226 Fight Cards

UFC has gained its extremely loyal fan base by making its competitions exciting through pitting the best of mixed martial arts fighters against each other in different weight categories. Here is Main Fight Card for UFC 226:

  1. Heavyweight Stipe Miocic (Current Champion) VS.  Daniel Cormier (CC-LHW)
  2. Heavyweight Francis Ngannou      VS.           Derrick Lewis
  3. Lightweight Michael Chiesa            VS.         Anthony Pettis
  4. Light Heavyweight Gökhan Saki    VS.     Khalil Rountree Jr.

Miocic vs Cormier Fight History

Both of these great fighters are coming fresh from a spectacular defence of their titles. The title defence happened in UFC 220 and since then Daniel Cormier will be upgrading himself from the lightweight category to the heavy weight category in the much touted UFC 226 title match draw. Many have dubbed Cormier to be one of the best fighters in lightweight category of all time, so Miocic won’t be having it easy in the upcoming fight on 7th July. We can’t wait for the action to begin!

UFC 226 FAQs

How Do I Cancel My UFC 226 Fight Pass Subscription?

To cancel your Fight pass, just visit the Fight pass page and click on the “My Account” tab. Once here, go to “my Subscriptions” option and then you will see an option named “Cancel Subscription”. Click “Yes Cancel Subscription” to finally end your Fight Pass Subscription

What Does The UFC 226 Fight Pass Get You?

The fight pass is a digital subscription by UFC and it contains exclusive access to UFC live events and a whole lot more. Fight Pass is one of the most sought after subscriptions in the arena of professional fighting as it guarantees the best content from UFC live and behind the scenes special programming.


The UFC 226 will be much easier to watch from across the world if you use a VPN as it will incredibly lower the price you have to pay to access this great event. VPNs have now taken on a different discourse and apart from guaranteeing online privacy, they are becoming much more popular in being the big agents towards providing the ultimate entertainment to users a across the world, through their innate ability to unblock geo-restricted sites and to lower prices for global tournaments like we’ve made evident in the earlier part of this guide.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the cheapest ways to watch UFC 226, feel free to comment in the thread below. We would be more than happy to resolve your issues and provide you with the best possible guidance in order to ensure an uninterrupted way to access the biggest fighting event of this season!

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