How to Watch the Asia Cup Final 2019 Highlights For Free

Last Updated: September 27, 2018
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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For all those cricket fans out there, it is always a heightening sensation to learn that the Union Asia Cup is going to be held soon. Everyone is already aware that patriotism runs high in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, which pushes the cricket tournament to new heights. Players give it their best and the crowd is just breathtakingly involved. Are you excited to watch the tournament? Can’t figure out How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018? Read this comprehensive guide from Best VPN



Where is the Asia Cup Final 2018 Going to be Held?

Initially, the plan to host the Asia Cup 2018 was set for India. However, if you are aware of the political scenario between India and Pakistan, you must know that situations are quite tense between both countries. As such, the location has now been shifted to the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in UAE, upon request by the Pakistan Cricket Board – accepted by the Executive Board of the Asian Cricket Council.

Where is the Asia Cup Final 2018 Going to be Held location date

What seems to be the problem? We usually abstain from discussing politics, but according to sources India refused to send its players to Pakistan for the ACC Emerging Teams’ Asia Cup. In light of this, Pakistan said it would refuse to send its players to India for the Asia Cup if the country wants to continue playing these petty games. All in all, we guess things worked out well, and you can visit UAE for the finals!

What Teams Will Be Participating in the Asia Cup Final 2018?

The tournament has a total of six teams from Asia, competing for the trophy. So far, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan have been eliminated, due to having more losses. As such, the final is between none other than India and Bangladesh (which was part of Pakistan back in 1971 – but later emerged as a separate country). Sorry for the history lessons, it is just interesting how much one can learn online sometimes.

Asia Cup 2018 Final Teams


What Channels Will be Broadcasting the Asia Cup 2018?

There is nothing more frustrating than learning that you cannot gain access to live streams of your favorite sports, despite having access to a huge list of channels from worldwide. Oftentimes, events like the Asia Cup 2018 get quite difficult to watch in the US, UK and other locations, due to them not supporting entertainment in Asian countries. Check the table below for information on broadcasters by country:

Country Broadcaster
USA Willow TV
UK Sky Sports
India Hotstar & DD Sports
Canada ATN Cricket Plus
Australia Fox Sports
Malaysia Astro Cricket HD
South Africa SuperSport
Singapore Star cricket
Pakistan PTV Sports & Ten Sports
Bangladesh Gazi TV Network
Hong Kong Star Sports
New Zealand YuppTV
Afghanistan Ariana TV
Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)


How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 Streaming Live in USA

For users who want to stream the Asia Cup Final 2018 live in USA, you do have plenty of options available. However, you will be required to use a VPN service, since many websites impose geo-restrictions. By shifting your location and using a different IP, you can feel assured to receive unmatched unblocking. Below is a list of the Best VPN services you can use for streaming Asia Cup Final 2018, along with the resources of where you can watch it:



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HotStar Premium

You can always rely on hotstar to provide streams of the Asia Cup Final 2018 online, with the match available for broadcast on your PC, mobile, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Android TVs. The service is subscription based and geo-restricted for viewers outside India. To gain unblock HotStar, consider signing up with a VPN service and can connect to a server in India to gain instant and hassle-free access to all live streams of the match between India and Bangladesh on 28th September 2018.

How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 Streaming Live in USA

Unblock Hotstar


Sling TV

Sling TV is another great choice for users, who want to gain access to different Live Sports and events. It offers a variety of networks including Fox Sports, which will be providing live streams of the Asia Cup Final 2018 on 28th September. You have three plans available: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue. Select any to gain access to Fox Sports. You can leverage the 7-day free trial, which means you can technically watch the entire FINAL FOR FREE!

how to watch asia cup

Unblock Sling TV


How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 UK Live Stream Broadcast

Cord cutters and those without a TV subscription will have a great time watching this year’s Asia Cup Final 2018 with a large selection of streaming services broadcasting the season online. Amongst the top few that we recommend for cricket fans located in the United Kingdom, here is a cool list you can use to watch the Asia Cup Final between India and Bangladesh online:


If you want to watch the Asia Cup Final 2018 in UK via cable-TV, as mentioned earlier, you can simply switch your channels to Sky Sports. However, to watch the Asia Cup Final live online, you will need to sign up for the hit service, YuppTV. The website has a dedicated page where you can find all updates regarding the Asia Cup 2018, along with information on matches, players, highlights, and live streams too.

How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 UK Live Stream Broadcast


beIN Sports

When it comes to keeping up with all the matches of the Asia Cup 2018 and now the final, you need to have a proper schedule and TV-guide available. Lucky for beIN Sports users, the website offers detailed and real-time reporting of all matches, allowing you to receive the latest updates. To get live streams, connect to any server in the United States, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Andorra, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and even Malaysia!

asia cup final 2018 on beIN Sports

Unblock beIN Sports


How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 Free from Anywhere

If you are a cord-cutter who relies more on free services for watching your favorite movies/TV shows, live events, and sports, then we’ve got multiple solutions for you too. The internet is filled with plenty of websites that run free broadcasts of almost all sports, including the Asia Cup Final 2018. Below is a list of some of the best options you can rely on for watching the cricket tournament:


A great option for watching the 2018 Asia Cup Final is Cricksports. Though the website does not offer match details in the form of news, blogs, and other resources, you can always rely on the website to provide live streams of every cricket event around the world. The best part of all: you can access the site from everywhere without a VPN. The streams you receive are from the PTV sports channel of Pakistan!

How to Watch Asia Cup Final 2018 Free from Anywhere


If you are looking for all updates regarding the Asia Cup 2018, along with information on matches, players, highlights, and live streams too, then you might want to check out Cricingif. It provides broadcasts of hit events like the IPL, PSL, and ICC too. Therefore, if the above options do not prove useful, you can always watch the final between India and Bangladesh from Cricingif here.

asia cup final 2018 on Cricingif


Cricket Gateway

Cricket Gateway is another solid option for streaming all matches of the Asia Cup 2018. The website is based in Pakistan but offers all the updates for tournaments, highly anticipated ODIs, and normal domestic cricket. The website was providing live streams of all matches for the Asia Cup 2018 just a few, and now will also be broadcasting the final between India and Bangladesh!

asia cup final 2018 on Cricket Gateway


Wrapping Things Up

Are you excited about watching the Asia Cup Final 2018? If so, we hope our above guide helps you find the most relevant and suitable options for streaming the match between India and Bangladesh, based on your needs. Do not hesitate on dropping a comment below, if you come across any other suitable streaming options or want to share your opinions regarding which team will emerge victoriously. Feel free to share the article with your friends and family members too, who are avid cricket fans. Have a nice day!

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