The heat is on as the much awaited, Fifa World Cup finally kicks off with the first match between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. There will be tremendous pressure on both sides to perform, especially on hosts Russia, because it will be one of the very few times in decades that they will be playing in front of their home crowd.

Fifa Worldcup News

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Here is our guide on How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia for exactly this purpose, including lists of best live streaming providers in both Arabic and Russian commentary, start time, bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming sites through a BestVPN and more! Let the action begin!


Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Head to Head History in Fifa World Cup

This is the first time that these two opponents will be competing against each other in the game’s most prestigious event and what an occasion to meet it is! The World Cup opener will see both these high potential teams collide and light up the atmosphere for the matches to come! What a great start to the World Cup!

Despite having no history of clashes in the past, these two teams are set to make history with their match in Moscow.

Russia vs Saudi Arabia live


Saudi Arabia vs. Russia odds in Fifa World Cup

While both teams have shown admirably good performances in the qualifiers and the warm-up matches, Matchday is an altogether different ball game. Playing in the first match of such a magnanimous event is enough pressure in itself and in the end, it will all boil down to a “who blinks first” contest.

Both the teams will come out with all their guns blazing, but Russia, with their home advantage and a comparatively better rooster, hold the edge in this ultimate contest. But don’t dismiss the Saudis yet, as they do have the firepower to upend Russia in their home.


Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Time

The match will start at 8.00 pm local Moscow time, which is just after the opening ceremony ends. This translates into the match starting at 6:00 pm BST. But it’s a whole lot better to tune in at 6:00 pm local Moscow time (4:00 BST) to be able to watch the opening ceremony as well, because it will include a spectacular show including some stellar performances by top artists and an exhilarating display of Russian culture among other major attractions. Don’t miss it!


How to Watch Saudi Arabia vs. Russia Fifa World Cup 2018 live online match

Fans the world over will be awaiting the grand, first match of the glittering tournament taking place in Russia and one of the best matches among the lot will be the opening draw between Russia and Saudi Arabia. If you are one of those football fanatics that don’t want to miss out on this match, then here are some of the best viewing options at your disposal:


BBC iPlayer

This is an extremely reliable streaming service based in the UK and above all its free for all, making it a great option for those looking for an easy to subscribe service to watch the World Cup on the go.

BBC iPlayer will be streaming all matches live and if you want to view the opening match, then there are perhaps few better options than this provider due to its high-quality video, lesser breakdowns, and better coverage.

But the BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted, which means that if you live outside the UK, you will need a Top World Cup VPN to access the player easily. The BBC iPlayer also offers native apps for iOS and Android to make it more easy for fans to get through.

How to Watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia live online

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Optus Sports

HD quality is what makes an experience even greater and that’s why a provider which provides such a supreme quality of service is extremely rare among popular streaming providers.

Watch Russia Vs Saudi Arabia Live on Optus Sports

Free providers can be good options, but they can’t match the high-quality Video quality and reliability of broadcast of Optus Sports. This provider is based in Australia and is an official broadcaster for this Fifa World Cup.

And even if you live outside Australia, you can still access the site by bypassing its geo-restrictions using the Best  World Cup VPN with a high conglomeration of servers in Australia.

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How to Watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Fifa World Cup 2018 in Arabic Commentary

The Saudi team has surprised everybody in recent years due to its re-assured resilience, spectacular skills, and bravado in big spectacle matches, despite being situated quite far away from the epicenters of football in Europe.

So there’s a big reason to cheer for this great team and follow it fervently as it begins its journey in the Fifa World Cup 2018. Whether you are a native of the country or not, you need to watch this brave team as it takes on the world’s mightiest.

Here are some great options to watch the first match between Saudi Arabia and Russia in Arabic commentary:


BeIN Sports

Formerly Al Jazeera Sports, the provider rebranded itself to put forth an entirely new image in front of its users. This provider will be streaming the opening match live in the whole of Middle East including countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco among others. Commentaries will be available in multiple languages including Arabic.

How to Watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia Fifa World Cup in Arabic Commentary

For new users, there is a special Eid deal especially for the Fifa World Cup 2018, so don’t miss out on it. The site is not available outside of the Middle East, so you will requiring a top World Cup VPN to unblock the site and proceed further with the live streaming.

Eid deal especially for the Fifa World Cup 2018

An Israeli online streaming service, this provider will be broadcasting every match of the Fifa World Cup live on its website including, the first match.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on

The commentary will primarily be in Arabic, so it’s a great option for those looking for coverage in their native language. If you live outside Israel, you won’t be able to access the site unless you use a best World Cup VPN to bypass geo-restrictions by connecting to an Israeli server.


How to Watch Saudi Arabia vs. Russia Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russian commentary

If you are a fan of the Russian football team but still missed out on securing a ticket to the stadium, you can still catch the action in your native language in HD quality.

There are three official providers authorized to broadcast the match in the country, which includes one government channel and two private channels, and here we will be describing the latter two because of their better quality and reliability:

Probably the most popular sports streaming site in Russia at the moment,’s fame has crossed the boundaries of the country and now many people from outside the country are looking forward towards accessing this amazing live streaming provider and nearly all of them would be using a Best VPN to unblock the site from outside Russia.

Wath FIFA World up 2018 on MatchTV

If you are like one of those who is not living in the country,’s geo-restrictions can be easily bypassed with a World Cup VPN that has good enough Russian servers.

The commentary and other coverage with this provider will be predominantly in the Russian language.


Channel One

The other private, official broadcaster for the first match in Russia is Channel One. Known for its magnanimous service which includes streaming of live TV shows, latest news and much more, Channel One will this time be vying for the top spot as the best streaming provider to opt for to watch the Fifa World Cup 2018 live online.

How to Watch Saudi Arabia vs Russia Fifa World Cup in Russian commentary

But, there’s one catch, Channel One is not available particularly outside Russia. It might work in your territory one moment and go off the other, so to make the connection much more reliable, you need to use the Best VPN for World Cup to unblock the site and ensure a more surreal viewing experience.


Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Fifa World Cup 2018 Prediction

According to our prediction, this match would see Russia emerge as the winner but not by a big margin! The scoreline is unlikely to show a big difference and the final score would be 1-0, with the only goal being scored by the hosts in the beginning stages of the second half.


How to Watch Saudi Arabia vs. Russia on Kodi

Kodi is fast becoming a fan favorite due to the immense ease and flexibility it provides to its viewers. From live TV to TV shows, you can watch virtually anything on Kodi if you know about the right add-ons and repositories to access.

However, if you don’t know about the particular add-ons which will provide live streaming for the first match on Kodi, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our guide on How to watch Fifa World Cup on Kodi, containing multiple add-on options for HD streaming and tutorials on how you can bypass any geo-restrictions through a Top VPN on Kodi.

How to Watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia in the USA

The US football team might have disappointed its fans a lot due to not qualifying for the main event, there will be a whole lot of other teams that fans will from the country be supporting and cheering for.

More than 300 odd million people live in the US and most of them are sports buffs so we will definitely witness a lot of interest in the Fifa World Cup 2018 from this country

If you are among those who will follow the event for the love of the game but don’t know your options for watching the event, then read this comprehensive guide on how to watch Fifa World Cup in the USA for gaining more clarity towards the kinds of paid and free options available at your end.

How to Watch Saudia Arabia vs Russia without Cable

If you are not willing to go for the conventional option of watching the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia through official Cable TV providers and instead want to go for cord cutting options, then read this blog on how to watch Fifa World Cup without cable for the best options!


The tournament which the world waited for more than four years is just about to begin and at, we look forward towards allowing you to make this occasion as memorable as we possibly can. This guide contains the best options for live streaming the match from anywhere in the world and we believe that this will prove worthwhile for millions of fans across the globe in achieving the aim of watching their favorite teams in action!

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