Khabib secures the Champion of the lightweight category! Speculations about the rematch are going on. In case that happens, we want our viewers to know that free streams will be available on Sony Liv (Indian Server) and Match TV(Russian server), you will need a VPN to connect to the respective server to enjoy UFC Streams Live!


Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib

McGregor has got a point to prove in his great comeback to the UFC arena, but will he able to beat the unbeaten Khabib who claimed the title previously belonging to Conor, because of the latter’s absence from the game?

To know who the champion will be, you will need to watch this main draw fight at UFC 229! There are many online providers out there who will be streaming the fight live but since they are geo-restricted, you will need a Best VPN to access them!

But do you know that a VPN can help you in getting the fight pass for UFC 229 at a lower price? To know more on this, read our comprehensive guide on How to Watch McGregor vs Khabib live online!


Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight

How to Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight Live Online Free:

The fight between McGregor and Khabib is the main draw in UFC 229 and fans from across the globe will be waiting anxiously for the day to come when these two battle it out in the ring to determine who is better

If you want to watch McGregor vs Khabib live online for free, then you might be in for a big disappointment as there are no credible free streams available for the event at present. I examined many different links but found most of them to be nothing but misleading or sometimes even dangerous too for your online privacy. So I recommend that you stay away from the free options, but if you think that the prices for the fight passes are too high, then you can subscribe to a VPN in order to substantially reduce the prices for the fight passes as we mentioned in detail above.

If you wish to stream the UFC 229: Mcgregor vs Khabib Live Online, Match TV is offering free stream without any subscription in Russia. We recommend you use a VPN & change your location to Russia to enjoy hassle-free streaming of the most awaited fight instantly!

Unblock MatchTV

Match TV

When it comes to watching the UFC 229 FREE, there is no better option than using Match TV. The infamous Russian sports channel (created by the order of the Russian president Vladimir Putin) has a VoD service that provides live streams for all hit events and fights. Simply head to by connecting to a VPN server in Russia and hit the “Live Broadcast” button at the day of the fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Stream UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor on Match TV

Unblock MatchTV


Cheapest Way to Watch Khabib vs Mcgregor Fight using VPN:

What most people don’t know is that even UFC is a geo-restricted service, which means that it serves different versions of its websites in a different region of the world. But the most important part here is that the prices for the fight pass are different in each region as well. Don’t believe us? Then check this pricing plan for buying a fight pass in the Philippines:




DiscountVPN Provider
Philippines$17.20 (920 piso)51% OFFpurevpn reviewPureVPN

$3.54/mo (68% Off)

Visit Provider

India$24.9929% OFF
US$34.99No Discount


Details Given Blow 

UFC fight pass Phillipines

The PPV fight pass for UFC 229 in the Philippines cost just 920 Pisos, which is equal to $17.20! See the difference? The same pass would cost you $34.99 if you bought it in the US, which equates to a difference of $17.81, almost double the price!

The 6-month pass also costs $40.48 in the Philippines but the same pass costs $61.96 in the US!

The prices in the Philippines for the fight passes for UFC 229 are the lowest in the world and you can buy them at the same rates by connecting to a Philippines server using the Best VPN. We used PureVPN for testing with 3 different servers and comparing the amount saved in different regions

These VPNs can also allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions on sites like DirecTV Now and Amazon Prime Video among others by re-routing your connection through a valid US server from anywhere across the world.


Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight Location and Date:

The biggest draw of the card is the fight between the Notorious fighter Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov in the upcoming UFC 229. The Irishman is up against a formidable opponent in the Russian Khabib, who got Conor’s 115 lb title in April because Conor had been too inactive for a very long time now.

Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight Location and Date

McGregor is furious to regain his lost glory as he also lost to Floyd Mayweather in an ultimate humiliation last year in a boxing match. The venue for the fight between Khabib and Conor will be the famous T-Arena in Las Vegas.

The “Gambling capital of the world” will get to witness the fight on October 6, 2018, and it promises to be one of the most intense fights in UFC this year as both of the opponents have something to prove to the world.

While Khabib aims to keep his title intact, Conor wants it back and he claims that the title is rightfully his. And Conor is a bruised tiger at the moment, coming through a string of losses in high profile matches, so he will ensure that he puts in all his efforts in towards making this the “fight of his glory”! :

So don’t forget the details on how to watch McGregor vs Khabib

  • Venue: T-Arena, Las Vegas, USA
  • Date: 6th October 2018
  • Draw: UFC 229

Khabib vs Mcgregor Fight Channels and Broadcasting Rights:

UFC fights are incredibly popular across the globe and that because they offer what no other professional sports do i.e. unabashed, exhilarating entertainment involving the sport of fighting. UFC has a certain air about it, which still stands unmatched by other sports that involve fighting like WWE, its “over the top” cousin”.

But the biggest differentiation point of UFC is that its fights are realistic and not stages as in other fighting leagues. And that’s the primary reason as to why Khabib vs McGregor is expected to top or be in among the top fights in terms of fight passes sold in all of UFC history.

This is an event you wouldn’t want to miss out on, so here is the list of channels which will be broadcasting the fights from UFC 229 live in different regions across the world:

BT SportsUK
Combate Channel by GlobosatBrazil
TV5, Aksyon TV, Hyper on Channel 91 and 261Philippines
Sony SixIndia
Fox Sports 2 & Fox Premium in Pay TVLatin and Central American Regions


How to Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight Live Online:

Watching sporting events online is a trend that is catching steam globally because it allows sporting fans to never miss any of their favorite matches irrespective of where they are. So, cashing in on this trend, major sports providers are now offering a high level of cord cutting options for those dedicated set of users who want to watch matches online.

Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib Fight Live Online

UFC has been a leader in this segment, as it offers a high number of online options through which you can watch all of their fights and contests. So to guide you through on this, here are detailed descriptions for the top 3 online channels that will allow you to watch McGregor vs Khabib in UFC 229 anywhere!

1. UFC TV:

The brand’s own streaming service, this is perhaps the best option among the lot if you are into reliably watching all UFC fights including the draw between McGregor and Khabin taking place in UFC 229.

fight pass UFC 229

This streaming service is offered in a pay per view format in which you need to buy a fight pass. These fight passes come either as a onetime subscription for a particular event for e.g. UFC 229 or you can buy a 6-month subscription in which you get a 50% discount.

The One time Pay Per View Pass will cost you $34.99 for watching UFC 229, while the 6-month subscription of PPV for UFC fights is available at $61.99.

If these prices seem high to you, then don’t worry, we can tell you secret through which you can secure the fight passes at much lower rates, But how? Simply, connect a VPN to Philipines server to get the pass in $17.20 making it a 51% discount with this simple hack!


2. DirecTV Now:

An incredibly comprehensive IPTV Provider, DirecTV now has been ruling the roost for the past few years in the online domain for its HD quality streaming, a high number of channels and other features like DVR cloud storage for recording TV shows.

DirecTV Now for UFC

DirecTV Now is also where you can watch all UFC matches live and the best part here is that you don’t have to pay an additional price to watch it as it is included in your subscription plans.

Here the packages that are currently being offered by DirecTV Now:

Pricing Plans:

  • $40/month: 65+ Channels
  • $55/month: 85+ Channels
  • $65/month: 105+ Channels
  • $75/month: 125+ Channels

Apart from this, you can add more exclusive channels to your existing list by paying a few extra bucks like you get HBO by paying an additional $5/month.

directv add-ons

But do keep in mind that this service is geo-restricted and requires you to have a Best VPN that is connected to US servers if you want to access it.


3. Amazon Prime Video:

Who doesn’t know about Amazon, but what’s more interesting about this giant e-commerce provider is its streaming arm known as Amazon Prime Video which competes with the likes of Netflix and Hulu in the streaming and IPTV categories.

Amazon prime for UFC

UFC can be now also be watched through this medium since April, so if you are looking to check out a new service to watch McGregor and Khabib live online, you can go forth and buy the PPV pass on its site.

However, Amazon Prime Video works only in the US, so if you live outside the country, you will need to bypass the geo-restrictions on this site by using the Best VPN.

Unblock Amazon Prime


Stream UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor on Roku

It is entirely possible for Roku users to stream the hit fight between Khabib vs. McGregor. However, in order to do so, you will still have to purchase the UFC Fight Pass. Once done, you can simply visit to watch the event or you could choose to add the official UFC Channel to your Roku Device. As another option, you can even install Kodi on Roku and get the cCloud TV, Planet MMA, or SportsDevil add-ons for streaming the event FREE. For more details, you can read our extensive guide on how to watch ufc 229 on Roku.

Stream UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor on Roku


How to Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor on FireStick

The UFC 229 is definitely one of the most anticipated events this year, where we get to see Khabib and McGregor go all-out on each other. This is why many users of different devices like the FireStick wonder if they can watch the event directly from their home too. You should know that there is no official way to play UFC 229 on Firestick, but you can get the Fox Sports GO app to stream the fight safely and securely. Follow the steps below to get started using vpn for firestick:

  1. Open your Firestick Device and head to the main menu.
  2. From the list of apps, select the “Amazon App Store”.
  3. Open the app and then search for “Fox Sports GO”.
  4. Click on the “Download” button. Wait for the installation to complete.
  5. Subscribe to Fox Sports GO and return to Firestick Home.
  6. Launch Fox Sports GO and enjoy streaming the UFC 229!

How to Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor on FireStick


How to Watch UFC on Kodi

While we have listed plenty of options above, it is always good to have more available, especially when events like the UFC 229 come up. Who would want to miss the amazing action between McGregor and Khabib, both of whom are incredibly capable and powerful MMA fighters!

Now, you do know about the official ways to watch the event, but what if we told you there is a way to stream the UFC 299, without paying a single penny? Yes, you heard that right, cord-cutters and freebies have the ability of watching McGregor and Khabib go head-to-head via Kodi.

The open source, multi-platform software is famous for providers users an alternative for watching their favorite movies/shows, Live TV, sports, events and various more via third-party add-ons. The best option for watching UFC 229 involves installing the Planet MMA add-on. Still you can learn about UFC stream in our comprehensive guide on how to watch UFC 229 on Kodi.

Follow the steps below to get started:

How to Install Planet MMA Add-on for UFC 229!

  1. Open the Kodi V17 Application and go to settings by clicking on the “Gear” icon.
  2. Select “File Manager” and click on “Add Source”.
  3. Enter the URL box.
  4. Name the media source “Supremacy Repo”, and press
  5. Return to the main menu, click on “Add-ons”, and then the “Package” symbol.
  6. Select “Install from zip file” and find“Supremacy Repo”.
  7. Double-click on “” and wait for the notification.
  8. Click on “Install from repository” and select“Supremacy”.
  9. Scroll downclick on “Video add-ons”, find“Planet MMA” and open it.
  10. Hit the “Install” button, select the latest version from Supremacy, and then press
  11. Launch Planet MMA and click on “Fight LIVE” to begin streaming the UFC 229!



UFC events keep coming up, throwing ever more entertaining fights by pitting superstars against superstars, but the fight passes remain the only way to see them in action live. Our aim through this guide was to tell you about how you could use a VPN and lower, not just the prices of UFC 229 but also of other UFC events and make them more affordable to you. The fight is on, let’s wait to see who emerges victorious from the fight of the year!

Even after you don’t have such source to catch this exciting clash of these two warriors, your Gaming console might also help you catching the best UFC stream. Read our guide on how to watch UFC 229 on PS4.

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