The FIFA World Cup 2018 is the global showcase event of the sport and Hulu, the online Live TV service will be broadcasting all the 64 matches live through its amazing platform.

Hulu is offering 50+ live channels in its beta package including those channels that will be streaming the World Cup matches in HD quality. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, then read this guide on hulu world cup 2018 featuring the list of channels that will stream the matches, how to bypass Geo-restrictions on Hulu using a Best VPN, pricing guides, how to record Live matches and more.

Fifa Worldcup News

Hulu and its Live TV services are restricted to the US only. If you wish to access Hulu outside US, We recommend you use a VPN & to change your location to the US to enjoy hassle-free streaming of the World Cup games instantly!

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Hulu World Cup 2018 Channels

Hulu is offering 50+ live channels in its Live TV Beta Plan which has made it an incredibly popular online Live TV provider in recent times.

Hulu world cup 2018 channels

And this season, Hulu is your place to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 live. Among the 50+ channels in its listings, you also get premier broadcasters for the FIFA World Cup allowing you to watch all of the 64 games on any device or software you want.

Here is the list of channels available on Hulu that are streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018:


Fox Sports

This American Channel has the official rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in USA making it one of the most reliable streaming options among many available. On top of this, with Fox Sports, you also get access to commentary, match insights, post-match analysis, game timings, exciting competitions and much more.

fox sports on hulu

Fox Sports is available on Hulu.


Fox Sports 1

Another channel from the Fox family, Fox Sports 1 is quite similar to Fox Sports as they both will be broadcasting all the 64 matches from the tournament live.

fox sports 1 on hulu

Fox Sports 1 is available on Hulu.


Fox Affiliates

Hulu went a step further than other Live TV providers when it allowed Fox affiliates to be added to its list of existing channels for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Fox Zip Code hulu

All you need to access your local Fox affiliate channel is to enter your area zip code and Hulu will present you with the channel on its Live TV. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Geo Restricted Channels for Hulu World Cup

While Hulu is a great service, it’s only available in the US at the moment. This implies that Hulu is a geo-restricted site so you can’t access it if you live outside the US unless you are using a Best World Cup VPN to connect to a US server.

Fox Sports, FS1 or other Fox Affiliate Channels can be easily accessible to you on Hulu if you are willing to deploy a VPN to re-route your connection. If you want to know more on how this is done and the Best VPNs to choose from for this purpose, continue reading further.


How to Unblock FIFA World Cup Hulu Geo Restricted Channels Using VPN

Unblocking any geo-restricted site is an immensely easy task for a Top VPN these days. VPNs were initially made to provide users with anonymity online and their main customers consisted of exactly such people like journalists working in sensitive areas or government officials. But since the rise of Online TV and the bludgeoning growth of the internet, customers have started demanding easier access to geo-restricted websites like Hulu and that’s where VPNs came in.

Similarly, a VPN is what will allow you to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Hulu if you live outside the US. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Choose a best World Cup VPN from the ones listed in our table below
  2. Pay for a pricing plan that suits your budget in the most appropriate manner
  3. Download and install its native client depending on your OS
  4. Enter VPN credentials and choose a US server
  5. Click Connect and open Hulu (if you have a valid Hulu account)
  6. Go to Fox Sports, FS1 or enter your zip code to know about a local Fox Affiliate and enjoy streaming matches from the FIFA World Cup live!
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How to Record FIFA World Cup Matches on Hulu

Hulu is an amazing service and apart from the Live TV option, it also provides you with an amazing feature to record 50 hours of matches on its service in order to allow you to watch the matches later as per your convenience.

How to Record Fifa World Cup Matches on Hulu

All you need to do in order to enable this option is to enable (+) option on My Stuff and then head over to select your preferred settings as per your recording requirements.

To disable this feature, just disable (-) this option on My Stuff.


Hulu World Cup FIFA Supported Devices

The best thing about Hulu is its amazing repertoire of supported devices. Hulu can work on just about anything you can think of. Conventional options like Smart TVs, mobile, PCs all work on Hulu but the list is not just limited to these as Hulu offers a wide variety of other options as well.

Fifa World Cup Hulu Supported Devices


Here is a full-fledged list of all the device supported by Hulu:

  1. Apple iPhone and iPad (running iOS 10 or newer)
  2. Android phones and tablets (running 5.0 or newer)
  3. Apple TV (4th generation or later)
  4. Chromecast
  5. Fire Tablets
  6. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  7. LG TV (select models)
  8. Nintendo Switch
  9. Roku and Roku Stick (select models)
  10. Samsung TV (Select TV Models)
  11. Xbox One, Xbox 360

Hulu doesn’t work on Kodi still and there is no dedicated add-on for the service available on the platform on the moment.

One thing you need to remember before using Hulu is to ensure that the speed of your internet connection is within the range of 8-10 MBPS. VPNs also do reduce some speeds due to their encryption and other security apparatus so do discount that as well in the speed of the internet connection. A 10 MBPs connection would work just fine, but if you can get anything upwards of 15 MBPS, then you would encounter zero buffers and supreme quality.


Hulu World Cup FIFA Subscription

If you are looking to subscribe to Hulu for streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches, then you would need to subscribe to their Live TV Beta Plan which costs $39.99/month.

FIFA World Cup Hulu Subscription


This plan includes access to 50+ live TV channels, 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage, 2 simultaneous screens, unlimited access to Hulu streaming library containing the latest Hit TV shows, movies and a whole lot more.

In addition to this, Hulu offers multiple add-ons that you can buy by paying separately like enhancing your Cloud DVR storage from 50 hours to 200 hours.

Hulu is currently offering a one week Free Trial as well.



Hulu might be available to only American viewers at the moment, but after reading this guide, you wont be far away from it either, irrespective of wherever you are located on this globe.

At, we love to facilitate our valuable users towards making the most out of their internet connections by ensuring that they know how to access geo-restricted websites and enjoy the full entertainment options available on them.

If you have any query or suggestion, do not hesitate before commenting in the thread below. We look forward towards engaging with you guys on all issues and trying to provide the best possible ways to resolve your queries in a meaningful manner.

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