Have you ever wondered, is it even possible to watch Game of Thrones without HBO?

I certainly have…

On a hot summer afternoon, I was about to subscribe to HBO but then I thought, what else is HBO offering me other than Game of Thrones? And why should I pay $14.99 every month just for one show which is about to end?

But then it dawned upon me what Tyrion Lannister said Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.”

Hmm… So life is full of possibilities? Death is final?

I then decided to kill my idea of subscribing to HBO and looked for other possibilities to watch The Game of Thrones without HBO.

Halleluiah! I found the mother lode!

In the article, I have listed down multiple ways to watch Game of Thrones without HBO.

On a side note, you may need a VPN service for most of these options due to regional blocks but it’s worth it! Also there are number of alternatives through which you can also watch game of thrones online.

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So, let’s start…

Channels other than HBO to Stream GoT

HBO Alternates for Game of Thrones 8
Streaming Service

Available in

Unblock Channels
FoxtelAustralia  Unblock Channels

$1.99/mo (83% Off)

Sky AtlanticUnited Kingdom
Sky GoUnited Kingdom
Now TVUK, Italy, Ireland



Foxtel is an Australian television company, which provides cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and IPTV streaming services.

In Australia, Game of Thrones is aired on Foxtel online and if you’re outside Australia, you will be needing a VPN as it is geo-restricted.

Foxtel comes at a mere price of $26 per month, however, the device installation is somewhere around $100 plus, which is a one-time cost.

Sky Atlantic:


Sky Atlantic is a British television channel owned by Sky Limited. The channel provides American programs and holds the domestic rights to HBO and Showtime programming along with some other original series.

In the UK, HBO shows are broadcasted on Sky Atlantic, so to watch Game of thrones this is a great option.

Sky Atlantics cheapest package comes at $22 a month, channels offered are 280+ (240 free to air, 11 HD)

Sky Go:


Sky Go is also a part of the original Sky Atlantics and gives you the option to view content online.

For an additional cost of $5, you can use Sky Go, an online option under the umbrella of the Sky Network, to stream Game of Thrones.

Sky Go has available for different operating systems, making it easy for anyone to stream the show while on the go or from the comfort of their living room.

Now TV:


Now TV is yet another online streaming service by the Sky network, but it operates a bit differently. It offers a subscription-based internet television and video-on-demand service.

Now TV is available across different countries throughout Europe. They include the UK, Italy, and Republic of Ireland. If you are located outside these three locations, then do remember to use a VPN.

You can download its app on any smartphone, smart TV, gaming console, set-top-box, PC, laptop, or tablet. The subscription is available for £7.99 a month and 14 day free trial.



Hotstar is an Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform. It is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, which is a completely owned subsidiary of Star India. It offers streaming media and video-on-demand services and is available Android, iOS, FireTV, and Apple TV platforms.

The Indian channel Hotstar airs Gamer of Thrones just minutes after it’s aired in the U.S.

What’s better?

The subscriptions costs around $2 a month hardly. However, the streaming service is only available in India, meaning it geo-restricted.

Channels to which you can add HBO



Do you have HULU? A HBO add-on will cost an additional $15 plus $5.99 a month for HULU, so just sit down and relax!

Hulu is an American entertainment company that offers “over-the-top media services”. It is directed towards instant streaming of television series, with current and past episodes of many series from respective television networks and other content partners.

So if you happen to have a Hulu subscription, just add HBO, instead of getting a separate subscription, and enjoy the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Amazon Prime:


Amazon Prime Video is an Internet video on demand service that is owned by Amazon. It gives you the ability to watch television shows and films for rent, purchase or through Prime Video.

Even if you have Amazon Prime that’s good enough!

Game of Thrones is available the platform and Prime members can add HBO for $15 a month. A Prime membership costs $119 a year, which adds up to almost $10 a month.

DirecTV NOW:


DIRECTV NOW is a subscription based streaming television service that is owned by AT&T. For cord cutters, this is an excellent option as it allows subscribers to stream programs from cable channels.

The basic package is available for $40 per month and if you add HBO on it, it costs an additional $5 per month.

The service is available on iOS, Roku, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast as well. However, DIRECTV NOW is US only, so netizens outside America should opt for a best VPN to avoid geo-restrictions.

How to watch Game of Thrones without HBO legally?

Terrarium TV:


Terrarium TV is a streaming app similar to ShowBox and Playbox HD. The app is above par amongst its competitors and offers quality streaming.

If you wish to watch Game of Thrones episodes for free along with subtitles, do check out the app by Terrarium TV.

The app will provide all episodes of Game of Thrones in HD, and not only that, it provides a vast range of movies and TV shows.

How to watch Game of Thrones free?

Well if you are looking for a free way, then sadly there isn’t one that requires piracy and copyright infringement. WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO DO THAT!

Therefore, as an alternative, the above mentioned platforms offer a way to watch Game of Thrones free using trials. Also you can watch Game of Thrones on Kodi for free.

Below is the length of free trial period for each of these streaming service:

  1. Amazon Prime 1-month free trial
  2. Hotstar 1-month free trial
  3. DirecTV NOW 7-day free trial
  4. Foxtel 10-day free trial
  5. Sky Atlantic 7day free trial
  6. Now TV 14day free trial
  7. HULU 7-day free trial

Wrapping up!

Enjoy the multiple ways to watch Game of Thrones season 8 without HBO. The show that has got the world crazy with its amazing and intriguing story line, millions have fallen prey to the bliss called Game of Thrones.

Using anyone of the options I have listed in this blog, you do not need a HBO subscription to stream Game of Thrones.

So what do you think of the guide? How will the show wrap up? Let us know in the comment section below and enjoy the trailer of the last GoT season.


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