The Game of Thrones final season is here after a long wait of 2 hard years for the fans. As announced, Season 8 has begun from April 14th, 2019. The show will be broadcasted following the previous season’s pattern, which is a new episode every Monday.

How to watch Game Of Thrones in Canada?

The final season has six episodes, so if you’re in Canada and wondering how to watch Game of Thrones live online, don’t worry! We have the best options available for you!


Luckily for Canadian’s, the show is available on multiple platforms including legal ones. Thanks to Bell Media for finally including the show on its streaming channel, ‘Crave’.

So if you have an account on Crave, bingo! Sit back and relax as the service broadcasts Game of Thrones series at the same time when the episodes are released internationally. However, you will need a Movies + HBO subscription plan on Crave

Crave is a great choice to opt for as the stand-alone streaming service, as it offers a great choice of movies, TV shows, and channels such as HBO, Showtime and STARZ.

Crave + Movies + HBO package will cost you $19.98/month, which seems like an awesome option to stream Game of Thrones compared to subscribing to HBO alone considering the price difference.

watch game of thrones in canada


Another great option is to watch the Game of Thrones is watching it straight from HBO. You will need a subscription of HBO NOW and a best VPN service, as HBO NOW is only available in the United States.

HBO is the producer of the much-loved show that has stretched to 8 years and yet kept fans glued to the storyline. No doubt the best place to watch the show is, therefore, HBO itself. The subscription fee of HBO NOW is $14.99/month.

watch game of thrones on hbo canada

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Sky Atlantic

Now if you are wondering, how can I watch Game of Thrones in Canada using UK based channels then we’ve got you covered. You have another platform to watch GoT live, Sky Atlantic. It is a licensed source to stream GoT, and the streaming service offers 75 HD quality channels just for $29.5 per month on the basic plan.

However, if you opt for Sky Atlantic, you will have to pay for 18 months of subscription fee altogether. It is a great choice if you want value for your money along with a huge list of channels, but if you’re heading towards it just for the show, then it might not be the most pocket-friendly choice.

Again it is important to take note that Sky Atlantic is limited to the U.K only. Therefore, a VPN will be needed for streaming Game of Thrones.

watch game of thrones on sky atlantic canada


By far the cheapest option to watch Game of Thrones is to subscribe to the Indian streaming platform, Hotstar broadcasts thousands of hours of entertainment. There is also a U.S option available for Hotstar, but the Indian version is way cheaper! The U.S version costs $ 19.99 per month while the Indian version is available for just $2.88.

Connect to an Indian server and subscribe to Hotstar and enjoy the cheapest way to watch Game of Thrones in Canada, in fact anywhere!

watch game of thrones on hotstar canada

All broadcasting Channels

Here is a complete list of broadcasting channels to watch Game of Thrones live:

  1. Sky Atlantic
  2. Sky Go
  3. Now TV
  4. Foxtel
  5. HULU
  6. Amazon Prime
  7. Kodi
  8. iTunes
  9. Google Play
  10. Hotstar
  11. HBO
  12. DirecTV NOW


Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, the above-described options will be a great choice to opt for; otherwise, you can check through the list of all the broadcasting channels to watch Game of Thrones in Canada.

You can even download the episodes on your phones whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, as many streaming services allow you to download and stream GoT while on the go!

I hope the guide was useful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, drop a comment below.

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