How to Use Snapchat in China – Unblock And Gain Instant Access in 2019

Last updated: August 22, 2019
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Launched in 2011, Snapchat is now one of the world’s most popular social media apps with the usage touching 191 million users worldwide in the first quarter of 2018. However, when the world is enjoying the unique self-destruct feature of media shared on the app and the extremely interactive filters, Snapchat remains off-limits to Chinese users due to the ban on the app in the country.

But you can still access it by spoofing your IP with a Best VPN. If you want to know how to use Snapchat in China, read this comprehensive guide containing the list of the Best VPN for China, Snapchat’s popularity in China, Other banned social apps in the country, how to use Snapchat in China on Android and iOS and more by



Snapchat in China 2018 – User Demand From Various Chinese Regions

The Snapchat app is the most popular among the younger groups as they see this as more hip, uptown and sassy than other social media alternatives like Facebook and Twitter. The app’s biggest USP is that content posted on it isn’t permanent at all. It goes away after 24 hours and this self-destruction feature has allowed its popularity to soar among teenagers.

Other more popular features of this great app is that allows users to use augmented reality to morph their faces or complement them with filters. You can use these filters to place a flower crown on your head, get dog ears, and elongate your eyes and more. This augmented reality feature is highly interactive and fun, making it the first mass-scale use of the Viola-Jones algorithm.

This app has transformed the whole way in which users interacted with social media and its appeal hasn’t been limited to the Western World. In China, the app is unavailable but interest in it hasn’t gone down a bit since its inception.

Here is a graphical representation showing the Top Chinese Regions with the most searches for Snapchat in July 2018.

Snapchat in China 2018

The areas in China that are the most interested in Snapchat lie on the country’s Eastern and North Eastern side with Hubei and Sichuan topping the list with most searches with Shandong and Henan following in very closely. One of the biggest cities in the world, Shanghai, also features on the list at 5 signifying that major Chinese urban agglomerations and cities have a high amount of interest in this app.

Does Snapchat works in China – Is it blocked in China?

The Chinese Government is very restrictive and authoritative when it comes to online freedom and it continues to ban thousands of websites and apps that it feels, are not compliant with its internet policy.

Does Snapchat works in China - Is it blocked in China?

Snapchat is a victim of the Chinese Internet Bans, making the wildly popular app unavailable in China. The app is blocked in the country and you won’t be able to access it unless you are using it under the cover of a VPN that works in China. Want to know more about this? Continue reading!

Unblock Snapchat


Why You Can`t Use Snapchat in China?

The Chinese authorities don’t like any kind of website that damage or have the potential to damage the image of their Government or the image of the Communist Party of China. If they any potential danger, they move on and ban it in their country, thereby not allowing any chance of dissent to move in their country through any means whatsoever.

Why You Can`t Use Snapchat in China?

All of these bans are coordinated under the notorious “Golden Shield Project” or more popularly known as The Great Firewall of China.

How to Use Snapchat in China 2018

The Snapchat app is a highly enjoyable social media service and more unique than any of its competitors, so there’s no reason why users won’t be attracted to it in China. If you are living in China as an expat or are a permanent resident of the country, then you can unblock with a Best VPN. A VPN will allow you to circumvent the restrictions in place through spoofing your IP to another country outside of China where the app is available.

How to Use Snapchat in China

Here’s how you can use Snapchat in China on Android by deploying a VPN.

  1. Choose a Best VPN Provider (The ranking table for making the choices more easy for you is given below.
  2. Sign up for its service by selecting a pricing plan and obtaining user credential (VPN username and password)
  3. Install the VPN client on your OS
  4. Connect to a server outside China for e.g. in Japan, Malaysia etc.
  5. Go to the Google Play Store and Download the Snapchat Android app
  6. Install it on your Android Smartphone/Tablet
  7. Sign up on Snapchat by creating an account through your email address
  8. Enjoy using Snapchat in China with extreme ease!
  9. Ensure that your VPN is on every time you want to use Snapchat.
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How to Use Snapchat in China iPhone

How to Use Snapchat in China iPhone

Snapchat is as popular on the iOS ecosystem as it is on Android and using it on the iOS platform is quite similar to doing it on Android in China. Here’s you can unblock Snapchat in China through some very easy steps using Best VPN for iPhone:

  1. Sign up for a VPN provider by choosing one from the VPN list available above
  2. Choose a pricing plan and obtain your VPN username and password
  3. Install the VPN Client from iTunes store
  4. Connect to a server outside China and turn the VPN on
  5. Go to the iTunes store again and download Snapchat app
  6. Install the Snapchat App on your iPhone/ iPad and sign up for the service
  7. Enjoy Snapchat like millions of other dedicated users of the service
  8. Do not forget to turn the VPN on before you use the Snapchat app every time!


How to Use Snapchat In China on Windows

Contrary to popular belief that Snapchat can only be used on handheld devices like Android Smartphones/Tablets or iPhone/iPad, the app can also be setup on the Windows platform.

Snapchat doesn’t offer a Windows app officially but there is a method through which you can allow yourself to set this app up on the Windows platform with relative ease and here’s how you can do it!

  1. Download Bluestack’s Free Android Emulator
  2. Once the download is complete, run the installation
  3. Link the application to a Google Account, just like its done on an Android Device
  4. As the setup process ends, go to the Google Play Store and download and install the Snapchat app just like you would have done on an Android device
  5. Start Using the Snapchat App!

Important Note: Firstly, this app requires a camera to function properly, so ensure that your laptop/computer on which you are using Snapchat on Windows has a built-in camera. If the camera is not available, the app will still function, but it will keep notifying you that it cant detect a camera, making you click the Cancel command tens of time in a single session.

Secondly, neither Google nor Snapchat will work in China unless you are using a VPN, so do go forth and get the Best VPN for Windows to allow you to access services like these on your system in China without any hindrance!

Banned Social Apps in China

Just like we’ve mentioned in the earlier part of this guide, the Chinese authorities dislike any medium or platform through which they can be subject to criticism. So to be safe, the authorities have put up a Blanket ban on Social media sites that find their base in the Western countries i.e. Europe and the US.

How to Use Snapchat In China on Windows

Majorly popular social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter are banned in the country because the owners of these sites have refused to comply with Chinese requests for censorships.

China has also used this ban as a protectionist policy to initiate home-grown replicas of these popular services for e.g. the whole world uses Whatsapp but Chinese people use WeChat, a Whatsapp clone.

If you are living in China, you will have to do without being able to access these popular social media sites unless you use a Top VPN in order to unblock these sites successfully.

Unblock Social Apps


How To Use Snapchat In China Free without VPN

China is very big country spanning from the China Sea in the East to Kazakhstan in the West, making it the second largest country in the world in terms of land area covered after Russia. So it’s obvious that such a large country will definitely have a very complex political geography. It has autonomous regions, direct controlled municipalities but the most interesting of them all are the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong.

How To Use Snapchat In China Free without VPN

The most interesting part about these special administrative regions is that despite being a part of China, they are not affected by any of the Chinese internet censorship bans of Mainland China, allowing the people living there to use social media services like Snapchat without a VPN, just like the rest of the world does.

Both of these regions are located in the Eastern ends of the country.

How To Use Snapchat In China From Shaanxi

Shaanxi is a Chinese province located in Mid – Upper North West of the country and it holds a population in excess of 37 million inhabitants as of 2010. One of the most interesting things about this province is that its residents share a big interest in Snapchat.

If you too live in Shaanxi and share the province’s interest for Snapchat, then you can easily use this great app by getting the cover of a Best VPN. Simply connect to a server outside China after getting a VPN in order to download, install and use Snapchat like the rest of the world does.

Unblock Snapchat in Shaanxi


How Can I Access Snapchat In China From Liaoning

With almost 44 million residents, Liaoning is a major trading center located in the country’s North East. This province is in close proximity to many of China’s neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea thereby allowing its population to be influenced by the habits of these free countries that don’t have internet censorship on the scale of China.

Lianoning’s residents can use Snapchat like everyone else in the world by using it with a VPN as their protection. They simply need to sign up with a Best cheap VPN provider, get its VPN client on their device and connect to a server outside China to access Snapchat without any worries or interruptions.

Snapchat in China 2018 Alternatives – Apps Like Snapchat in China

If you are Snapchat enthusiast in China but are not able to access it despite having a VPN (this rarely happens as Top VPNs can easily bypass the internet censorship and guarantee safe access to the app, but if this problem persists change your VPN provider by choosing one from our list above) the country does have some similar alternatives that you can opt for instead.

These apps do not replicate Snapchat to the fullest measure but they do offer some features that are quite similar to what Snapchat has.

Tencent QQ

Snapchat in China 2018 Alternatives - Apps Like Snapchat in China


WeChat in China


How To Use Snapchat in China FAQs

Can You Use Snapchat In China 2018 While Travelling From Australia?

China and Australia share a great repute each other and the number of people going to and forth from one country to another has grown in unprecedented terms over the past few years.

If you are an Australian traveling to China and want to share your moments from the country to your Australian friends and family back home via Snapchat, you can do it easily by using a VPN to bypass the ban on Snapchat in China.

How Can I Use Snapchat In China If I`m Travelling From United Kingdom?

Visitors from the United Kingdom will be a bit shocked, especially if they are visiting China for the very first time, to find out that many of the services and social media sites they take for granted back home are blocked in China like Snapchat.

If you too are one of those, there is no reason to worry as you can easily not just Snapchat but other social media services like Facebook and Twitter by using a VPN to power through the blanket ban on these services in China.

How To Get Snapchat In China For United States Commuters?

For US tourists and visitors to China, it would be a bit hard to digest that Snapchat is banned in the country. But that’s not the end of the road as you can easily unblock Snapchat in China and get a semblance of online freedom to a high extent matching the one in US, by getting a VPN in order to unblock the blockage on the app.

How To Unblock Snapchat In Shandong?

For Shandong inhabitants, Snapchat can be easily unblocked if they want to use it by acquiring a VPN and connecting to a server outside China.


The Chinese internet censorship regime is one of the stringent in the world and it can get increasingly frustrating at times when the regime bans even harmless social media apps like Snapchat.

However, At, we will always strive to ensure that internet freedom is guaranteed to all of the people in this world, irrespective of what kind of restrictions they face in doing so.

Our comprehensive guides are geared to provide the best answers to your problems relating to internet freedom and if there is anything you would like to ask us, then feel free to comment in the thread below. We would be more than happy to resolve your queries and engage you in a meaningful and well directed conversation.

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