How to use Facebook in China with a VPN

Last Updated: November 13, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Facebook remains banned in the China like all other foreign services. Learn how you can unblock the social media platform by reading this guide from

China continues to be a tease, blocking anything “West”. The Government prefers catering its diverse digital market via its own products/services that comply with local laws.

As such, these cuts cards for all those wanting into the country. Even those trying to reconcile relationships with the Government, such as Facebook.

The social media giant is blocked in the country, despite coming up with complying ventures. Now, you can unblock Facebook by clicking on the link below, or read the complete guide!

How to Access Facebook in China

IvacyPrime for Facebook in China

In-Depth Analysis of the 3 Best Facebook VPNs

There is a way to access Facebook in China. The process involves subscribing to a reliable and reputable VPN into China, which allows users to shift their location.

Here are 3 VPNs for Facebook that deliver the best value, described in detail after comparing their costs, payment plans, and performance in China:

VPN Price Website
Ivacy $1.99/mo. Visit Ivacy
ExpressVPN $8.32/mo. Visit ExpressVPN
Surfshark $1.99/mo. Visit Surfshark

1. Ivacy

Best VPN for Facebook in China

Ivacy Ranks 1st for Facebook VPN

Headquartered in Singapore, Ivacy has been in the marketplace since 2007, standing out as a innovator. Responsible for creating the “Split Tunneling” a dedicated app for Chinese users, the VPN is unmatched!

This app is available on Ivacy’s mirror website for China and gives an “social sites” option that lists all platforms including Facebook. Simply click on it to access Facebook in China, minus the hassles!

Access Facebook in China with IvacyPrime

Users in China can download IvacyPrime from their dedicated Chinese page here:

For more information, check out this full 2019 review of Ivacy

2. Surfshark

Cheapest VPN for Facebook in China

Surfshark Ranks 2nd for Facebook VPN

Surfshark may be a newcomer, but it goes head-to-head against top names in the marketplace, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. It is a budget-friendly service, but one that provides great value.

Starting at $1.99/mo. on a 2-year plan, Surfshark uses the  “NoBordersTM Mode” for the bypassing the “Great Firewall” and providing access to VoDs like Netflix or social media sites like Facebook.

Users in China can download Surfshark from their dedicated Chinese page here:

Access Facebook in China with Surfshark

For more information, check out this full 2019 review of Surfshark

3. ExpressVPN

Fastest VPN for Facebook in China

ExpressVPN Ranks 3rd for Facebook VPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN delivers high-performance servers for users in China. It uses obfuscation to bypass the algorithms and technology employed by the “Great Firewall.”

It is pricy at $8.32/month, but you get the best security, powerful China unblocking capabilities, dedicated China site, multiple apps, and the best live chat support in the industry.

Users in China can download ExpressVPN from their dedicated Chinese page here:

Access Facebook in China with ExpressVPN

For more information, check out this full 2019 review of ExpressVPN

Why is Facebook Banned in China

If we talk about the WHY, there are plenty of reasons why Facebook might have blocked China, in addition to the Ürümqi riots. The country was already strengthening its action against Google, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Since Facebook is no different from the rest and at the time did not comply with the PRS Government regulations of content filtering, the blocking of the platform was quite expected.

If that were not enough, Chinese residents had quite a harsh response to platforms from the West. 80% of netizens from the country agreed that China should punish Facebook.

NEWS: China Said to Quickly Withdraw Approval for New Facebook Venture

Facebook has become that ex who vows to never let go and make your life a hell. For years, the social media giant is trying to mend its relationship with China, after being blocked by the government countless of times – following a disagreement with the local laws.

In recent news, Facebook made another attempt at reconciliation, which received short-lived results. The social media giant announced the launch of an innovation hub in the country.

At first, the Chinese Government database showed that Facebook gained all the relevant licenses and approval for setting up the innovation hub subsidiary in the eastern city of Hangzhou. However, success in China was very brief.

Where Zuckerberg was probably taking a sigh of relief for finally getting through to the Chinese Government, soon news broke out about Beijing withdrawing its approval to open an innovation hub.

Facebook in China

China Facebook Alternative

For users who think using a VPN to unblock Facebook is too much of a hassle, we do have other solutions too, which can help you connect with people from around the world.

Though you may not receive the same features as Facebook, there are plenty of incentives you receive – which make the experience worthwhile. Some of the best China Facebook alternatives include:

  1. Tencent QQ
  2. WeChat
  3. Dianping
  4. Renren
  5. Weibo
  6. Douban
  7. Youku Tudou

Facebook in China FAQs

Considering that using Facebook in China is quite a delicate topic altogether, users may have many questions that need answers. For that, we have compiled a list of FAQs for you!

Is Facebook Banned in China?

China made its decision to block Facebook back in 2008, following the Ürümqi riots, which had a direct connection to Xinjiang independence activists, who were using the platform for communicating.

Initially, it was a partial block, similar to how Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Services experienced. However, as time passed, things took a turn for the worst – eventually leading to a permanent FB ban in China.

Is Facebook Messenger banned in China?

Yes, if the Facebook app and website itself are banned, then FB Messenger also suffers from blocked access. The only way to unblock either is to use a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions by connecting to a server in a different and more secure location.

Wrapping Things Up

All previous misunderstandings combined with the Chinese government first approving and then reverting its decision for the innovation hub by Facebook, just goes to show China gives zero shits about anyone.

With all factors taken into consideration, Ivacy wins this category for accessing Facebook in China. However, if you are looking for an affordable alternative, you can also consider signing up for the infamous, Surfshark.

If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate on commenting below. Also, feel free to share the guide with your friends/family members! 🙂

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