How to Watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer

Last updated: October 9, 2023
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You might be curious to know how to watch Fake or Fortune on BBC iPlayer. With ExpressVPN, you can watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer. You might not be able to watch BBC iPlayer in Hong kong to stream this well-liked art detective series due to geo-restrictions.

To watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 online free in Hong kong, You will need a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass geographic Restrictions. In fact, it masks your IP address, making it appear as though you are accessing the BBC iPlayer within the UK.

Start watching Fake or Fortune Seasons now and continue enjoying fascinating stories on how art is created and validated. Each edition of the program digs into the fascinating field of artistic research. Be ready to see experts analyzing well-known artworks and revealing hidden aspects. The premiere was on September 26, 2023, Season 11.

Keep reading as we will walk you through how to easily watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 for free. To make sure you don’t miss the exciting art investigation series, we’ll guide you on a quick way to watch Fake or Fortune Free online. Start your journey into the world of art today.

How to Watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Way]

Watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer in a quick and easy way. These quick steps are:

  1. Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app that runs quickly.
  3. Connect to a UK server, We advise the Docklands server.
  4. Visit the BBC iPlayer website and log in using your credentials.
  5. You may watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Fake or Fortune?

You can stream Fake or Fortune Season 11 on BBC iPlayer and BBC One. The official streaming channel that airs its episodes.

Watch Fake or Fortune TV Series free online without paying a single penny. BBC iPlayer is different from other streaming platforms that do not charge any monthly or yearly membership fee from their streamers; only you need a valid UK TV license to stream the BBC channels.

You don’t need a BBC iPlayer free trial as the platform is already free to stream. Consider checking out other BBC channels, including BBC One, if you’re seeking more interesting programming.

Watch some of the interesting shows, such as shows, documentaries, and movies like The Ladhood Series 3, Sorry To Bother You, Robin Hood, and provocative series like those hosted by Louis Theroux. These channels offer a wide variety of entertainment to suit different tastes.

What is the Release date of Fake or Fortune?

Season 11 of Fake or Fortune premiered on September 26, 2023. On Sunday, June 19, 2011, the first episode of this long-running series was aired, marking the beginning of its intriguing examination into the world of art.

What is Fake or Fortune about?

Every episode Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould concentrate their attention on a painting or a collection of paintings, typically associated with a single artist. In episode 5 of series 7, the show tackled its first sculpture, a piece credited to Alberto Giacometti.

The team investigates the paintings on several levels, with help from art historian Bendor Grosvenor in series 1 to 5 and professor Aviva Burnstock, Head of the Department of Conservation and Technology at The Courtauld Institute of Art.

In a later series: establishing the provenance of the piece by working backward from the present to the time the work was created; on a forensic level, with investigation and scientific tests on the materials used to help establish

The team was not always successful before it was officially authenticated in 2020, Philip Mould reportedly thought the Series 4 case involving a Churchill artwork had one of the least satisfying conclusions to date.

Fake or Fortune Season 11 Synopsis

Watch Fake or Fortune streaming online series 11, a new four-part series with good old-fashioned detective work, cutting-edge scientific methods, and interesting art history once again in the picture.

Co-hosts Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould are tasked with determining whether a bronze statue might be from a collection created by renowned 20th-century sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink in the pilot episode.

Further in the series, the investigation group makes trips to France and America in an effort to establish the provenance of probable Sir Joshua Reynolds paintings, impressionist sketches, and a purported Arshile Gorky piece.

Who is the cast of Fake or Fortune?

Want to know who are the Fake or Fortune season 11 presenters? The cast of Fake or Fortune is outstanding, and two renowned presenters, Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce, are at the forefront of the show with their combined knowledge and passion.

  • Philip Mould

The series benefits from the broad expertise and sharp eye of Philip Mould, a well-known art dealer and historian. He has built a reputation as a prominent expert in the field of art authentication and restoration over the course of a multi-decade career.

He contributes greatly to the show thanks to his extensive knowledge of art history and his aptitude for discovering the secrets concealed in works of art.

  • Fiona Bruce

A skilled journalist and broadcaster, adds to the teams. Fiona gives a distinct viewpoint to the field of art inquiry thanks to her extensive background in investigative reporting and presenting.

Her capacity for asking inquiries and exploring the human tales hidden beneath the artworks gives the series depth and emotionally interests streamers. Fake or Fortune is an engrossing examination of art, history, and mystery thanks to Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce working together.

How Many Seasons of Fake or Fortune are there?

With its intriguing riddles and searches for art verification, the engrossing art detective series Fake or Fortune has won over streamers. The complete list of the show’s seasons, along with the number of episodes in each, may be found below:

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 4 19 June 2011 10 July 2011
2 3 16 September 2012 30 September 2012
3 4 19 January 2014 9 February 2014
4 4 5 July 2015 26 July 2015
5 4 17 July 2016 28 August 2016
6 3 20 August 2017 10 September 2017
7 5 12 August 2018 9 September 2018
8 4 25 July 2019 15 August 2019
9 4 28 July 2021 18 August 2021
10 4 23 August 2022 13 September 2022

How many episodes does Fake or Fortune Season 11 have?

There are a total of 4 episodes in the 11 series. Fake or Fortune season 11 episode guide is mentioned below:

Series Episode Episode Name Release Date
Series 11 Episode 1 Elisabeth Frink Tue Sep 26, 2023
Series 11 Episode 2 Joshua Reynolds Tue Oct 03, 2023
Series 11 Episode 3 Cezanne and Pissarro Tue Oct 10, 2023
Series 11 Episode 4 Episode 4 Tue Oct 17, 2023

Is there any Glimpse of Fake or Fortune Season 11?

The eleventh season of Fake or Fortune does not yet have a trailer. Streamers are eager to get a sneak peek of the upcoming mysteries and art investigations series as they wait in excitement for the upcoming season.

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What other Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

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Fake or Fortune


There aren’t many series that have a great combination of art and thrillers in them, therefore the anticipation surrounding Fake or Fortune Season 11 is unmatched! Streamers can’t wait to see the most recent episodes to watch their favorite team unravel the mysteries of various works of art.

Philip revealed that a new television series is in the works. He said there will be a notice indicating he is actively looking for items for the upcoming series in each episode of the current season.
He also mentioned how over the past 11 or 12 years, Fake or Fortune has grown into a huge part of his life and he can’t imagine not doing it any longer.

To get on Fake or Fortune you have to send a short email to in the first instance if you have a piece of art you’d want us to consider. If it’s of interest, they will follow up with you.
Fake or Fortune was created by BBC Studios for the BBC’s use, broadcast, and exploitation.

The high 8.6/10 IMDb rating Fake or Fortune continuously maintains reflects the show’s broad appeal and critical acclaim among streamers. This grade is evidence of the program’s compelling storytelling, artistic studies, and the fascinating journey it takes streamers on in the area of art authenticity and forgery detection.
Watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer by using ExpressVPN as your trusted companion and enjoy the show wherever you are.

Wrap Up

Watch Fake or Fortune in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN. Bypass geo-restrictions and watch this engrossing art investigation series. It’s important to note that Fake or Fortune Season 11 premiered on September 26, 2023.

Fake or Fortune offers you to explore a universe where every brushstroke carries a hidden story. Accept the journey, discover the secrets, and watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 in Hong kong on BBC iPlayer for free.

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