VPN Connection Guide 2020 – A Must Read for Novice Users in Japan

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Those living in Japan are well-aware that the country advocates freedom of speech and press, which also extends to expression and speech on the internet. However, over the last few years, there has been an increase in geo-restrictions and action against accessing copyrighted material, calling for the use of Best VPN to avoid legal charges from local ISPs. So, without further ado, read this VPN Connection Guide for Japan.

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What is a VPN Connection

A Virtual Private Network abbreviated as “VPN” is a network technology used by government agencies and normal citizens alike for leveraging secure access to the internet. It creates a protected pathway for your internet, encrypting all sent and received data.

What is a VPN Connection


How VPN Connection Works?

VPNs typically cloak your online presence by changing your IP address through modem and making it appear as if you are located in a different country. At the same time, they allow you to create a “private” network only accessible to you, hence why it is mostly used in large corporations and enterprises alike.

How VPN Connection Works?


Why Should You Use VPN Connection in Japan?

When you learn that streaming/downloading copyrighted material is a criminal offense, that can land you a hefty fine, TWO-YEAR JAIL SENTENCE, or even BOTH – things get quite stressing. As part of the 2012 Computer Network Monitoring Law, the government of Japan even monitors all users, which reiterates how important using a VPN is in Japan.

Why Should You Use VPN Connection in Japan?


VPN Connection Mechanism/Features to Look for the Internet

  1. Advanced Features – Reliable VPN services should offer advanced features like DNS/IPv6 leak protection, DoubleVPN, SOCKS5 proxy, Split Tunneling, NAT Firewall, and Automatic Kill Switch.
  2. Protocols Support – The Best VPN services will never skimp on providing good protocol support. Choose a service that grants the ability to connect to OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP.
  3. Logging Policy – The last thing you need is paying for a VPN that logs your connection/session information, or refuses to reveal details on how long the data is used before deletion. Always go for a provider with a certified/verified zero logging policy.
  4. Bandwidth Throttling – VPNs allow users to bypass geo-restrictions for streaming content online, download torrents, or play games. Look out for providers that impose bandwidth throttling.
  5. Concurrent Connections – The best of VPNs do not only allow access to a single device, but offer the ability to establish connections on a multitude of devices simultaneously.
  6. Server Availability – Select a provider that gives you access to a huge database of servers across countries all over the world. Do not settle for providers that offer only 5/6 locations for connectivity.


Best VPN Connection Apps

Below are three top VPN providers, famed worldwide for their amazing performance, advanced features, server’s availability, support system, and overall reliability that you most certainly must try!

Best VPN Connection Apps in 2018


ExpressVPN – Editor`s VPN Connection Choice in Japan

ExpressVPN is a popular addition in the market of VPNs. It is based in the British Virgin Islands, offering unmatched privacy and anonymity, boasting a no logs policy that even shook the Turkish Authorities. Monthly pricing starts at $12.95, and you have 2,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries worldwide. Features include kill switch, split tunneling, multiplatform support, and 24/7 live chat support.

ExpressVPN connection


  1. Connect to 3 Devices Simultaneously
  2. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  3. 24/7 Live Chat Support
  4. Automatic Kill Switch
  5. No Logging Policy


  1. A bit costly – but worth it!



Established in 2013 and located in Gibraltar, Buffered VPN is a privacy-dedicated service. Gibraltar is outside the reach of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and National Security Agency (NSA). It offers unmatched BitTorrent downloading capabilities while allowing connection to 5 devices simultaneously. Other features include 30-day refunds, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 live chat.

Buffered vpn connection


  1. Based in Gibraltar
  2. Unblocks Netflix US
  3. Servers in 39 Countries
  4. Good Privacy – No Usage Logs
  5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Expensive – Starting Price at $12.99!



Created by Golden Frog, VyprVPN uses impressive technologies like Chameleon, which fights against VPN blocking and throttling, setting it apart from the competition. For connectivity, VyprVPN gives you access to a huge list of 700 servers, spread across 70 countries. Features include VyprDNS, multiple protocols for encryption, NAT firewall, and native apps for all platforms.

VyprVPN connection


  1. Servers in 70 Countries Worldwide
  2. NAT Firewall and VyprDNS
  3. Connection to 3 Devices
  4. 200,000+ IP addresses
  5. Netflix US Accessible


  1. Keeps Connections Logs for 30 days


Is Internet Access In Japan Secure Using VPN Connection?

As compared to other countries, Japan does grant for more internet freedom, but there are still situations where you need a higher degree of anonymity. There are some concerns about the country passing information to the Five Eyes Nations. The only way to protect your online identity at all times is to use a VPN connection for japan, which is completely legal to use in the country, as compared to localities like China and Russia – where VPNs are banned.


How to Install VPN Connection Windows 10 OS/7 Service Packs

  1. Click on the “Network” icon in the Windows Taskbar and go to “Network Settings”.Is Internet Access In Japan Secure Using VPN Connection
  2. Select “VPN” under the “Network & Internet” menu and then click on “Add a VPN Connection”.How to Install VPN Connection Windows 10 OS/7 Service Packs
  3. We choose to use a PPTP configuration by using the configurations from freevpnaccess.com.add a vpn connection on windows
  4. Fill out all the information and hit the “Save button”. Return to the previous menu and click on the connect button to enjoy using the VPN via PPTP method.using the VPN connection via PPTP method in windows


iPhone VPN Connection Installation Guide

  1. Open your iPhone head over to Settings.iPhone-VPN-Connection-Installation-Guide
  2. You will now see a list of configuration options. Select “General”.How to Setup Android VPN Connection
  3. Tap on the “VPN”.VPN Connection Free Apps
  4. Tap on “Add VPN Configuration” to commence the PPTP setup.VPN Connection Smartphone Client
  5. Select PPTP on the “Add Configuration” panel and then enter settings from freevpnaccess.com.VPN Connection Mac iPhone generations iPad
  6. Click on “Save”, and return to the VPN menu.
  7. Turn the VPN “ON”.Amazon Fire TV Firestick VPN Connection Method
  8. The VPN logo will now appear at the top right of your iPhone!iPhone VPN Connection Installation


How to Setup Android VPN Connection?

When it comes to setting up a VPN connection, you have two options: download a dedicated client for the platform from any of the above providers or use the manual OpenVPN method.

App Method

  1. Sign up for any provider above by visiting their main website and download the Android app.
  2. Open the app and enter your login credentials i.e. username and password
  3. Connect to any server of your choice. Enjoy using the VPN!


PPTP Setup

  1. Head over to settings > More > VPN
  2. Tap on the (+) icon and you will be prompted with setup details that you need to fill up
  3. Name the connection, select PPTP in the “Type” menu
  4. Enter VPN server and login details from your provider
  5. Save the network, enter credentials, and hit “Connect”


VPN Connection Free Apps

Free and trustworthy VPN apps are very hard to come by and there is a lot scamming going around in this domain, as many dubious operators are using the façade of providing a free VPN service to commit a wide variety of privacy violations. To ensure you do not fall for their tricks, try these Top 3 Free VPN Providers:

  1. Hotspot Shield
  2. TunnelBear
  3. ZoogVPN


VPN Connection Smartphone Client

You can be done with your VPN setup through the OpenVPN client in less than 5 minutes on a good enough internet connection. Let’s walk you through the step by step process:


OpenVPN Method

  1. Go to Google Play Store and Download/Install OpenVPN Connect.
  2. Once installed, download the .ovpn configuration files from here.
  3. Click the “import” button and locate the .ovpn file downloaded.
  4. Select the file and click “Done Reading Config File” to close the import dialog.
  5. Click on the server of your choice and enter the username/password.
  6. Check the “I trust the application” box and click on “OK”.


VPN Connection Mac/iPhone generations/ iPad connection

Here is how you can configure a VPN connection on your Mac through a dedicated app with incredible ease. We are using ExpressVPN as a reference for the app:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN.com and head over to the products section.
  2. Click on “Mac” > Download app.
  3. Enter your user credentials once the VPN is installed.
  4. Select a server based on your preferences and click on “Connect”.


Amazon Fire TV/ Firestick VPN Connection Method

For the setup guide, we will use ExpressVPN’s FireTV app as a reference. Let’s run through the process of setting the VPN app on your FireTV device:

  1. On your FireTV device, open the search bar, enter “ExpressVPN”, and download the app.
  2. Sign in to the app using your ExpressVPN username and password.
  3. Tap on “OK” to allow ExpressVPN to go through with connection requests.
  4. Tap on “Power” button to turn the connection on or chose a specific server location on your own and then turn the VPN on.


Wrapping Things Up

We believe that our comprehensive guide above proves to be a great help for those located in Japan. Our policy is to assist our users in every way possible and guide them through to the best privacy options available in the market at the moment.

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