6 innovative online tech services to enrich your trip in the mountains

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams


Going for a trip in the mountains or trekking on wide open, green plains can rejuvenate your mind and soul like nothing else. The serenity that environment offers is unmatched, as you find yourself surrounded by nature on all sides. Far away from the urban jungles and the trappings of modern day living, its trips like these that make you feel you are alive.

And many people simply hate using any sort of technology or even minutely interacting with it during such trips and for all the right reasons. Because, after all, we go there to breathe the fresh, open air and internalize the calmness of the surroundings, so why spoil the fun with some itsy gadgets?

However, if used in the right manner, technology can not just allow your trip to become safer, but also enrich your whole trip by adding some tremendous value to it.

But how can that possible happen? Is that what you ask? Well, then let me point out 6 great ways through which you can make technology your ultimate friend during this trip:

GPS Tracker apps

Firstly and most importantly, wherever you go, you need to ensure that you remain safe at all times. Mountains and far-off green plains are great because they are far away from human populations but that can also be their biggest drawback.

From avalanches to sudden blizzards to even bear attacks, catastrophe can strike at any moment. In such moments of calamity, your only chances of rescue depend upon how well you can define your location. And the best way to do it is through way of GPS or Global Positioning System, which can allow your location to be pinpointed to all sorts of rescue teams.

So before you pack your stuff, do get yourself a good enough GPS Tracker app. You can find plenty of them online on Play Store or the iTunes store.

Portable Chargers/ Power Banks

Smartphones these days, no matter how many advanced features they offer, have the battery life shorter than that of a mosquito. And in the mountains, you don’t often find sockets that easily.

A Powerbank has become an absolute necessity if you are traveling with a gadget of any sort, let alone a smartphone. This simple but extremely intuitive invention comes as a lifesaver for all those looking to move out of town for the next couple of days.

The low battery indicator will not put you in anxiety if you have this in your backpack.

Luggage Trackers

Ever forgotten your bag somewhere, only to remember about it after about 2 hours into the trip? If yes, then I welcome you to the club of lost luggage woes!

Usually, during mountain trips, hikers or mountaineers don’t generally pack a lot of stuff so they have a single backpack at most. But even that can get lost. Forgetfulness can strike even the sharpest of minds and it is in those moments that you have the wish that you could track your bag out and retain it from where it is.

Well, don’t worry as there is already a piece of tech that can help you with that. Luggage trackers now come aplenty and you can find a good one for not-such-a-big-price.

A simple contraption, it’s mostly a small stick on the chip that you can put on your backpack and then install the app on your smartphone to be assured that from now onwards you know exactly where your bag is.

Portable Wifi Hotspot

The mountains offer breathtaking scenery but there are times on your trip that you can feel a bit bored and homesick. Yes, you can listen to music, but it doesn’t involve all of your senses. Streaming apps like those for Netflix or Hulu or even checking in on your latest Facebook updates are a lifesaver at such times, especially when you are looking to relax in your tent up in the Alps.

From watching your favorite sporting event to binge-watching the latest series and from texting breathtaking pics of the amazing scenario on Whatsapp to friends and family to catching up with the daily news, the internet is vital to your sanity up there. And that’s why I recommend that you get a Portable Wifi device that can offer a HotSpot for at least 3-5 devices.

All of these other apps will also work if you have a Portable Wifi up there as well. If you want, you can add other different tools to it as well to increase the benefits it brings to you like adding a VPN to unblock the internet firewall in countries like China.

Health Apps

While the rest of the tech services I mentioned in this guide are wholly important to making your trip better, there are some other services that can be of equal importance to you depending on your needs, especially when it comes down to protecting your physical health.

For women, I always recommend that they get a period tracking app so that they can plan their days accordingly and stock up the supplies. Other great such services include health meter apps which consistently track your heart beat rate and other medical symptoms, so you know how well your health is reacting to the environment around you in real time.

These tech services do seem inconsequential and we don’t usually give a fleeting thought to them, but just like the concept of insurance, you don’t seem to need them until you actually need them.

So, do take care of these little things the next time you plan a trip to the mountains because you don’t want small things to nag you while you feed your soul with the complete experience of being at one with the environment where nature is at its best and most breathtaking self.

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