Do Free VPNs allow you to access Netflix US in 2018?

Obaid Chawla October 22, 2018

Are there any Free VPNs that can unblock Netflix US and save us from paying for those hefty plans by paid VPNs? If you are among those who think on the same lines, you are in for a bit of a surprise. Netflix unblocking is a tough ask and only the Best VPNs are up to it reliably, but do Free VPNs count amongst them is a question that we will answer in our guide on the Best Free VPN for Netflix By!

Why Free VPN for Netflix fail to Stream?

Netflix is the best streaming service currently and users just cant seem to get enough of it. This is because it just doesn’t host content, it’s the ultimate content factory! And the fact that it added 7 million new subscribers in the third quarter of 2018 is a testament too the service’s soaring popularity.

Why Free VPN for Netflix fail to Stream

But, despite the thousands of hours of content available to Netflix users in each country, they still want more and you know what the best part about it is? That they can get! Actually, Netflix is a geo-restricted site which means that while most of its shows can be watched worldwide irrespective of which country you are located in, it does offer a significant number of shows in some countries while blacking the rest out from viewing them.

This happens because the shows which Netflix didn’t produce on its own, but acquired their streaming rights, have their copyright cover them in only a few locations and that’s where they are allowed to stream.

Users want access to these shows and movies, but they cant use your average VPN to get there.

Netflix has enforced a VPN ban on its site and while no one can be exactly sure on how this ban actually works, we do have a fair idea.

Basically, Netflix’s VPN ban, from what we’ve noticed thus far, detects too many connections coming from similar IPs and terms them as suspicious i.e. showing VPN based connections. It then goes on to block access to these IPs to ensure that users cant still work their way in.

Only the Best VPNs can bypass this Netflix VPN ban and that’s because they have the resources to get ever newer IPS to re-route user connections from, if Netflix bans their previous ones.

This shuns out Free as well as small VPN services from operating in the Netflix unblocking domain effectively.

The Netflix VPN Ban cannot be bypassed by any Free VPN and you need to take our word for it because we have reviewed each service and the same old error of Netflix detecting a proxy pops up on our screen.

Yes, these Free VPNs also don’t offer other suitable features for streaming like fast speeds or unlimited bandwidth, but that comes later as these will come in to play when these VPNs become able to unblock Netflix, which seriously wont happen ever!

Which VPN Works for Netflix Free:

As we reiterated earlier, Free VPNs are shams if you want to sign up with them to unblock Netflix. They just don’t make the cut!

Even among the paid ones, only a select few VPNs can unblock Netflix US and allow users to watch those geo-restricted shows and movies.

These paid VPNs are quite dedicated towards working to ensure that they can shift their servers faster than Netflix can recognize them and ban them.

But, wait, there’s catch here. If you want a Free VPN for Netflix, you surely cant do that with Free VPNs, but what if we tell you that you can get those paid VPNs and use them as Free VPNs?

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to know more about it!

How to Get Netflix for Free with VPN:

No, you cant get Netflix for Free forever, but you can definitely use it for free for a month. This is because Netflix offers a one-month free trial plan that you gets activated when you sign up for the service.

You do have to submit your payment details for the pricing plans you select though, but you wont be charged until the free trial period ends.

But if you are located in a country where Netflix still hasn’t launched its service actually like China (Yes, there are still countries where there is no Netflix! Imagine their plight), you can actually unblock the site and access its free trial to check whether you want to continue or not.

But it cant be done with a Free VPN, because even if the VPN can bypass the geo-restrictions and unblock the site, it wont be able to support streaming, and show you an error of detecting a proxy server.

To know more about the Best VPNs that can actually unblock Netflix Free Trial, visit our guide on Netflix VPNs.

Free VPN that Works With Netflix:

When we again tested multiple free services to check whether they work with Netflix unblocking or not, our stance was dignified yet again. This is because none of them worked at all, not even for a moment.

Free VPN that Works With Netflix

There are many guides out there, who will be misleading you with all kinds of Free services that unblock Netflix like HomeBrew, Proton, Windsrcibe, Tunnelbear, Keenow etc, you should not believe them At all!

This is because, Tunnelbear offers just 500 MB per month of bandwidth usage in its free plan and anyone in their right minds would know that this wont be enough to support even 3 hours of streaming at low quality and even the other VPNs on such lists have very similar limitations or even flaws.

We recommend that you seriously stay away from such guides and don’t waste your time on knowing more about Free VPNs for Netflix.

Here are some Free VPNs that we tested out for unblocking Netflix US and Netflix UK and they all failed:

  • Tunnelbear
  • Windscribe
  • Kennow
  • ProtonVPN
  • Me
  • SurfEasy

Some of these VPNs can definitely be opted for if you need limited online privacy protection or even to indulge in some limited Torrenting as we’ve described with detail in our guide on Free VPNs for Torrenting, but they just cant work with Netflix, because Netflix is a different ball game altogether.

Here are the 7 best Paid VPN services that you can choose to unblock Netflix US and bypass the VPN ban on the site in October 2018:

On top of this, many of these Paid VPNs offer impressive refund periods like ExpressVPN and PureVPN offer 30 day refund policies that you can use to unblock Netflix without committing your money to it!

Isn’t this a good idea!

NordVPN even offers a special, 3 day free trial with no questions asked. It doesn’t even require any payment details whatsoever.

So, if you want a Free VPN to unblock Netflix, you can use the free trials or refund period of these VPN services. If you feel satisfied and wish to continue further, you can always go up for paying and buying their subscription for long term Netflix unblocking capabilities.

How to Beat the Ban on Netflix VPN?

As we’ve already discussed in detail on how the Netflix VPN ban supposedly functions, we wont linger on that thing again here. Just a small recap on it, Netflix’s VPN ban identifies VPN connections by checking for too many connections to its site coming from a string of related IPs or from IPS that appear suspicious.

How to Beat the Ban on Netflix

The Best VPNs can only bypass it if they can switch their servers fast enough before Netflix’s banning mechanisms identify them.

Free VPN for Netflix Reddit:

Can you imagine that some admins of Reddit threads were so frustrated with people asking for Free VPNs that work with Netflix that they were thinking up of putting a disclaimer about how people should seriously refrain form asking this question again!

Here are some comments culled from such threads that reiterate our opinion:

Free VPN for Netflix FAQ:

What free VPN works with Netflix?

No Free VPNs reliably work with Netflix or can provide you with the functionality to unblock the site from outside the US

What is the best VPN Reddit?

According to a majority of Reddit threads, the top VPNs are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PIA
  5. PureVPN 

What are the 14 eyes?

14 Eyes are actually 14 countries that have a liaison among themselves on issues of data sharing and cross surveillance of citizens. VPNs based in these countries are not safe or preferable to be deployed by general users


The purpose of writing this guide was to inform our users on firstly, how many blogs are misleading users into believing that Free VPNs actually work with Netflix while they don’t, and secondly on why do free VPNs don’t work on unblocking Netflix US and why you shouldn’t waste your time on them and go for the paid ones that offer the most reliable service for the task.

We believe in total honesty and integrity and this is the primary reasons that we prefer truthfulness over sensationalism. A guide that says the Free VPNs will work with Netflix, will definitely get more clicks than us, but they will seriously undermine their own website’s credibility. We don’t do that here, so if you liked our guide, then do mention it in the comments below!

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