BCCI President to visit Pakistan during Asia Cup 2023 matches, It’s Confirmed!

Last updated: August 28, 2023
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Ashley Page
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In a significant development for cricket enthusiasts across the subcontinent, the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Roger Binny, has confirmed his upcoming visit to Pakistan during the highly awaited Asia Cup 2023 matches.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has extended visas to three key BCCI officials, including President Roger Binny and Vice President Rajiv Shukla, marking a historic occasion that promises to strengthen cricketing ties between the neighboring nations.

For those unable to witness the matches in person, fans in the France have the opportunity to watch Asia Cup Live in France, capturing the electrifying spirit of the games from across the globe. The confirmation of Binny’s visit amplifies the significance of cricket as a sport and a bridge between nations, making it an event worth experiencing even from a distance.

Sources reveal that the BCCI’s visa request encompassed seven officials, with President Roger Binny, Vice President Rajiv Shukla, and Executive Assistant Muhammad Akram being granted the necessary documentation. The forthcoming visit holds profound significance as it marks the first time in 18 years that a BCCI President is set to step foot on Pakistani soil, following the last visit by a BCCI President in 2005 for an Asian Cricket Council camp.

The BCCI’s delegation is slated to arrive in Pakistan on September 4, 2023, through the Wagah Border. In an affirmative statement, Roger Binny confirmed that he and Vice President Rajiv Shukla would attend the Asia Cup matches and an official state dinner during their stay. Binny expressed his optimism about this visit serving as a catalyst to revitalize cricketing relations between India and Pakistan, noting the immense popularity and cultural significance of the Pak-India matches.

The Asia Cup holds a distinctive place in the cricketing calendar, drawing unparalleled attention and fervor from fans across both nations. The confirmation of this visit comes when cricket diplomacy is on the rise, with Pakistan agreeing to participate in the ICC ODI World Cup hosted by India.

While the visit primarily centers around cricket and fostering affinity, it also carries a broader message of goodwill and cooperation. Binny’s decision to accept the invitation stems from his experiences of warm hospitality during his earlier travels to Pakistan. He recounted fond memories of the 1980s, where he encountered a welcoming environment and shared camaraderie between Indian and Pakistani cricket enthusiasts.

As the region gears up for the Asia Cup, the BCCI President’s visit amplifies the significance of cricket not just as a sport but also as a bridge between nations. Beyond the matches and formal gatherings, it symbolizes the enduring spirit of the game and the potential it holds to bring people together. While cricket remains at the forefront, this visit could pave the way for more interactions and collaborations beyond the realm of sports, ushering in a new era of cooperation and understanding between India and Pakistan.

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