A Complete Guide to Setup Amazon Fire TV VPN Without Root

Obaid Chawla June 24, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a portable USB device developed by Amazon to enhance the HD video streaming experience of cord cutters. Amazon Fire TV Stick offers over 4,000 VoD sources, however since the device is US specific most apps are geo-restricted when accessed outside the country. A Fire TV VPN is necessary to unblock apps including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu etc. When using the Fire TV outside US.

Amazon Fire TV Stick also gives access to favorite video streaming, music, reading and many other subscription based services through built-in apps. You can watch over 25000 TV shows and movies using more than 100 subscriptions based services.

In September 2016, Amazon announced the release of the latest version of its Fire TV Stick that you can pre-order now. The shipping of orders will begin from October 20, 2016.


This is where you will require an Fire TV VPN to unblock apps for different regions. For instance, if you wish to use US based apps like HBO Now, HULU or Netflix simple connect your Fire TV Stick VPN with a US server. This will change your location virtually to the respective US city and replace your IP address with one from the US.

How to setup an Amazon Fire TV VPN Without Root


Setting up a Fire TV VPN requires you to configure the service directly on the router or installing apps using Apps2Fire.  There are two prerequisites that you need to confirm before setting up a VPN on the router, and, are necessary for your Amazon Fire TV VPN to work.

1 – Subscribe to an Amazon Fire TV VPN (We have used PureVPN for our Guide)

2 – Change your Amazon account location to US

• After logging in your Amazon account, Click on ” Your Account” tab


Amazon Fire TV VPN

  • Now click on “Manage your Content and Devices”

Change Location in Fire TV


  • Click on settings tab and then go to ” Country Settings” and select country to United States

Changing Location to US in Fire TV

  • Mention your US address and details or you can provide a dummy address as well

Follow our illustrated guide below to setup your Amazon Fire TV Stick VPN without root on the router:

 Setting Up Amazon Fire TV Stick VPN on Router

To setup your Fire TV Stick VPN on the router follow our step by step guide:

  • Open your web browser >Type in the gateway address to your router (usually 192.168.XX.XX)

Fire TV Stick VPN - Router Settings

  • Depending on your router UI, choose “Settings” or “Advanced Settings” > WAN


  • Choose “PPTP” in connection type or protocol
  • Leave other settings unchanged, including the “Get IP Automatically” option

VPN on Router - Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Move on to WAN DNS (Ask provider for SmartDNS settings), these will router your traffic through the Amazon Fire TV Stick VPN DNS rather than Google DNS

WAN DNS on Fire TV

  • Next, enter the Username & Password sent to you by the VPN provider upon registration

VPN Setup on Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Leaving other settings unchanged, move to the box that says “Server Address or Name” and enter the VPN server address for USA (your VPN service can provide you these details)

VPN Server Setup on Fire Stick

  • Click “Apply” or “Save” whichever is used, then restart your router. When the router restarts your traffic will now be passing through then US based VPN server.

Install Google Play on Fire TV without ROOT

Although there are two ways to install Google Play on your Amazon FireTV stick, we will go with the easier trick using your Android smartphone or tablet PC. To install Google Play on FireTV stick using your Android device here is what to do:

  1. Download & Save the Google Play Store APK on your phone or tablet
  2. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device and install Apps2Fire app
  3. Launch Apps2Fire app on your phone or tablet
  4. Go to your Amazon FireTV stick Settings > System > Developer Options > turn on ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources
  5. Go back to Settings > System > About > Network > Remember or write down your FireTV Stick IP Address
  6. Go to the Apps2Fire app on your Android device, in the menu bar scroll left to SETUP
  7. In the empty field type in the IP Address of your FireTV stick, then click save
  8. You should now be connected to your FireTV Stick via Apps2Fire
  9. Click the Upload/Install from File system arrow
  10. Choose the Google Play APK you saved in step 1
  11. You should get two option “Install” or “Upload”, tap Upload
  12. Let the file Upload & Install on your FireTV (Please wait! This may take up to 10 minutes)
  13. Once completed, go back to your Amazon FireTV Home
  14. Download ES File Explorer on your FireTV
  15. Open ES File Explorer and scroll to the Download folder
  16. You should see the Google Play Store APK here,
  17. Click on the icon, then click “Install” (another “Install” button may appear click that also)
  18. Once completed just tap “Open”
  19. You should now be able to see Google Play Store on your FireTV Home Screen
  20. Enjoy downloading your favorite apps

You can also watch the video tutorial below and follow the same steps to install Google Play on Amazon FireTV without ROOT.



*Do remember that not all Google Play Store apps will work on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Install Kodi Fire TV Stick using ES File Explorer App


Here is the complete step by step guide you can follow to install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick successfully.

  1. Enable your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick on your TV.
  2. Follow the setup process by mentioning your Amazon credentials if you are installing setup for first time.
  3. Go to Settings>System> Developer>ABD Debugging and turn on Apps from unknown source.
  4. Search ES File Explorer with the help of search box given at the top of screen.
  5. Install free ES File Explorer then open it again and click add favorite
  6. The ES File explorer window will be opened on the right side of screen
  7. Now use your remote to navigate to the link then download Kodi and click the link
  8. A new page will be opened, go to more tab and click that button.
  9. Now click open in new window and complete the installation process
  10. Open Kodi to make sure it is working efficiently


Amazon Fire TV Official Regions

Although it offers a huge range of entertainment, the Fire TV Stick is limited to a handful of regions. This means that if you try to use the Fire TV stick outside these official regions you will be shown a geo-restrictions message. The official Amazon website indicates that the Fire TV stick works only in:

• United States
• United Kingdom
• Germany
• Austria (Fire TV Stick only)
• Japan


Top 10 Amazon Fire TV Apps to Try Out

Amazon Fire TV offers numerous apps for users to get into the cord cutting habit, with the following apps built-in and available to download through the Amazon store:

1. Amazon Instant
2. Netflix
3. YouTube
4. Kodi
5. All-cast
6. ES File Explorer
7. ZenMate VPN
8. Fire TV Stick Remote
9. BBC iPlayer
10. Cartoon HD

With a huge arsenal of video and music streaming apps available over the Amazon Fire TV stick, still, none you can use outside the 5 official regions. So, if you bought your Fire TV stick in UK you will be unable to watch anything but YouTube on it when you go back home.


Amazon Fire TV VPN – Wrapping It Up

The Fire TV Stick needs little effort from its owner when unblocking apps on the device. If you want the complete online streaming experience, consider using an Amazon Fire TV VPN. Most VPN services now provide desktop & mobile apps for you to easily cast your media from your devices.  You can also configure all VPN services on router level so you can use your Fire TV stick  and Fire TV on all your devices.

Did you find our blog helpful? Did you have any issues configuring the Amazon Fire TV VPN without Root? Leave us your comments and feedback below and let us know if you need help with subscribing to or using Amazon Fire Stick.

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6 Responses to A Complete Guide to Setup Amazon Fire TV VPN Without Root

  1. Pegah

    So I signed up for VPN (ipvanish) have it set up on my fire tv, every app recognises the location of the VPN except Amazon itself, so basically can’t watch any amazon videos, but can watch Netflix or any other app on the tv. Any suggestion on how to set it up with no root…setting it up on router is not an option sadly…

    • admin

      Hi Pegah

      Amazon Prime is tied to your actual Amazon account and the country you have registered it in. I will suggest just create a separate account with either USA or UK as the official region. When you wish to watch something on Amazon Prime simply connect VPN then sign in with this account, it should work out.

  2. jimf

    If I run two fire sticks on two tvs, can I use the same vpn account to log in to both, or must I subscribe twice?


  3. Russell Ayers

    I want to run android app on my Fire TV stick, how can I do this? tell me

    • Ameer

      Hi Russell I dont clearly get you, the FireTV already uses Android apps, the OS is just modified to us the Amazon Silk OS a mod of the real Android OS.

      If you however want to install android OS on the FireTV stick i would suggest not to do that. I would recommend buying an Android USB PC instead.

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