ExpressVPN Deals 2018 – Now Get 3 Months Free with 35% Discount

Obaid Chawla October 17, 2018

Will ExpressVPN offer an amazing discount on this Black Friday like other VPNs? Is there a special Christmas deal being offered by ExpressVPN at the moment? Does ExpressVPN has a special promo code? Are there any ExpressVPN Deals available?

If you want answers to these questions, then you are definitely at the right place! Here is our dedicated guide on ExpressVPN deals, containing info on the latest discounts by this Best VPN, its Black Friday VPN deals and more by

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ExpressVPN’s Official Contest for a Free 12 month Subscription

While you all will be anxiously waiting for more special deals to come out of ExpressVPN, what if I tell you that the provider is offering you an awesome opportunity to get a 12 month subscription of ExpressVPN for absolutely Free!

As privacy aficionados would know very clearly, this is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month and ExpressVPN’s free plan campaign revolves around promoting user privacy in this month.

Users have been invited by ExpressVPN to tweet a GIF on their Twitter Timeline that best personifies the concepts of user privacy and cyber security. The Tweet must contain the hastag #cyersecurityinonegif along with tagging @ExpressVPN.

There is no restrictions on what GIF you use here as long as it remains true to the concept of cybersecurity. ExpressVPN has announced the cut off date of this contest to be October 17, 11 PM UTC, and by this time the 3 top tweets that get the highest number of Re-Tweets and likes will get the prize of a free 12 month ExpressVPN subscription.

The conditions to participate in this contest are quite relaxed and all you need to is to include the relevant hashtags and mentions, follow ExpressVPN on Twitter, keep a track of your Twitter inbox to check if you are the winner or the prize will go to the next person along with respecting your local country laws.

So hurry up if you want to avail this deal of a lifetime!



ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals

That time of the year is fast approaching when customers are treated to unbelievable discount deals on their favorite products and services, allowing them to romp up their shopping sprees to a whole new level. And this time is going to be no different, especially in the VPN domain where the Halloween VPN providers will be going rock bottom with their prices!

ExpressVPN is one such service that users will be waiting anxiously for it to announce its black Friday deals. That’s because ExpressVPN’s pricing plans are a bit expensive the year round and users wait for these special occasions like Black Friday to get access to this stellar service at an affordable price.

As of now, ExpressVPN hasn’t specifically announced its official Black Friday VPN deals yet, but it has put up a new special deal which you can definitely consider as a great deal from the provider.

This is ExpressVPN’s new 12+3 deal and it comes at just $6.67/month ($99.95 billed once).

ExpressVPN Deals

It means that potential customers are being offered a whopping 49% ExpressVPN discount on the pricing plans! This deal is the lowest that ExpressVPN has gone the entire year, so if you want to buy it before Black Friday, then its definitely an offer that justifies its value!

As far as the official Black Friday deal for ExpressVPN is concerned, I will be updating you about it here as soon as the deal is announced!

ExpressVPN CyberMonday Discount

CyberMonday happens on the Monday after Black Friday concludes and often times the deals on it are just as good as they are on Black Friday. Many VPN providers even offer the same deal they did on Black Friday on CyberMonday so as to facilitate users in a continuity.

ExpressVPN CyberMonday Deals

ExpressVPN, like other VPNs does offer its own exclusive CyberMonday deals each year but I believe that this deal is going to come out only on late October or at the beginning of November.

This deal hasn’t been made live yet by ExpressVPN so you need to wait it out a bit, till then, the 15 Month New exclusive deal is pretty good if you want to subscribe to the service at an awesome discount!

ExpressVPN Christmas Deals

Christmas deals are not offered on as a widespread scale as its done on special shopping occasions like Black Friday, but still most of the VPN industry is quite active even on Christmas, offering some great discounted deals for VPN users to choose from.

ExpressVPN hasn’t announced its Christmas deals yet, but I have a strong inclination that it will only announce it once Black Friday and Cyber Monday passes. I am expecting this ExpressVPN deal to go live around the start of December which will be the perfect time to leverage as much time as they can before the occasion.

I will definitely update this Christmas deal right here once ExpressVPN announces it.

ExpressVPN 2 Years Discount

ExpressVPN is not a big fan on long term plans like 2 year deals and even its current special deal is offering a subscription for just 15 months only.

Most other VPN providers like PureVPN and NordVPN offer 2 and even 3 deals round the year and go the extra mile on special occasions like Black Friday to announce plans like 5 year deals or lifetime subscription offers. But its highly unlikely that an ExpressVPN 2 year plan is offered anytime in the near future, even on Black Friday or CyberMonday.

At max what it will do is that it will lower its prices on the existing plans or offer a new plan with a bit longer subscription period at a lower price like the 15 month plan mentioned above.

If an ExpressVPN 2 year plan does come by, I will definitely update it here as soon as I can.

ExpressVPN Promo Code 2018

While I really like promo codes, they are not just the “In” thing in the VPN domain. Only Torguard offers something off a sort of a credible promo code i.e. “TGLIFETIME50” allowing you to get 50% discounts on all of its pricing plans. But apart from this, the promo codes in the rest of the industry are almost next to non-existent and ExpressVPN hasn’t offered one such in recent memory, so I am highly doubtful that it will offer it anytime soon.

Author’s Opinion on ExpressVPN Deals

ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPNs out there and it has done considerably well considering its exorbitant pricing plans when the rest of the VPN industry is hitting rock bottom with its pricing plans and deals.

Author’s Opinion on ExpressVPN Deals

Even Major VPNs like PureVPN, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess etc. continuously offer plans that can allow the user to get a credible VPN service to protect its anonymity online at just $2-3/month. But ExpressVPN’s best plans haven’t gone below even $8/month. That’s around 3-4 times more expensive than the rest of its peers.

But due to the credibility of its excellent service and the reliability of its features, ExpressVPN has managed to go great guns despite its sky high prices, because users think of them as justified as compared to the value that this provider is offering in its service.

However, if a special shopping occasion is fast approaching, then it would definitely be a plus for most users to be able to subscribe to this service for a bit less than you can usually get it for.

I am expecting an ExpressVPN discount of at least 60% this time on Black Friday from ExpressVPN and its not such a big deal considering that its running its pre-Black Friday offer (the 15 month plan mentioned above) at a 49% discount.

What Does ExpressVPN say about its Deals?

While most of the blogs and guides that you will find out there on Google for Black Friday deals for ExpressVPN or even for other VPNs in general, you wont ever get any information on what the provider says about the availability of its deals and the discounts that users can expect. But I don’t write this way, as I always look to make my guides and blogs as credible as possible.

So following in with this practice of mine, I asked ExpressVPN’s chat support as to when we should be expecting the Black Friday deals to be announced? But I was met with disappointment when the chat support executive said that they don’t even have plans to announce it soon.

What Does ExpressVPN say about its Deals?

I even asked the guy on what their last year deal was but I was notified by that guy that he couldn’t locate it.

Expressvpn last year deal

So right now, the only ExpressVPN discount you can actually avail is the 15 month plan which I have described in detail above.


ExpressVPN is one of the Top Most Providers in the industry and this is the guide through which you can get the best information on how to secure its subscription at an incredible discount. I will be updating more such blogs and guides on different VPNs and their relevant deals in the times to come so stay tuned for more because the biggest shopping season of the year is just about to arrive!

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