SurfShark Black Friday – Is it Really Giving an 83% Discount?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

This Black Friday Season, SurfShark will be one of the biggest buys due to its immense generosity towards its users!

The provider is already offering such incredible deals that we can’t even start to imagine that what unbelievable discounts its Black Friday savings will contain!

To know more about the current deals offered by this Best VPN, the unbelievable discounts that users can avail currently, what might be expected for this provider in the upcoming shopping season, read this all-inclusive guide on SurfShark Black Friday.

SurfShark Black Friday Is The Talk of the Town

In November, if there is one topic that will remain consistent among conversations, especially those who are avid shoppers, is that Black Friday VPN Deals are just around the corner!

Black Friday has now become a global shopping extravaganza that nearly every industry participates in. You will never find more ridiculous discounts than the ones offered by sellers this season!

And its not just the particular day as many of these exclusive deals run for the whole month of November, ending after just Cyber-Monday. Even, there have many sellers that have started offering Post-Black Friday!

Amidst all of this discount frenzy, VPN providers are not to be left behind.

There are currently hundreds of providers in the industry and almost all of them will offer extraordinary discounts this Black Friday Season in the form of exclusive deals or rock bottom prices!

Among all of these VPNs, users will be more interested in what the Top VPNs have to offer and there is one particular provider that will be getting a whole lot of attention this Black Friday season i.e. SurfShark!

SurfShark has come through the cracks in the past couple of years and has risen to challenge the Top VPN providers like PureVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, VyprVPN etc. for a bigger chunk of the marketplace in the Best VPN Category.

And what’s best here is that it, SurfShark is offering incredibly mind-blowing deals exclusively for this Black Friday season!


SurfShark Black Friday Discount

If you go to SurfShark’s own website, you will get to know their best deal is their 24 month plan that is being offered $3.49/month ($83.76 billed once). This deal is in itself, immensely useful, but you will be much more excited to know that we, at are offering an even better, mind boggling deal on the same plan!

surfshark black friday

If you are willing to buy the SurfShark 24 month plan through our site, then you will be paying just $1.99/month ($47.76 billed once), which is a whopping 83% discount on its original pricing plans!


It’s perhaps the best SurfShark deals that you will come across if you search the web right now and on top of that, its offering a 30-day free trial period, which is definitely the cherry on top!

surfshark deals

But wait! We have even more in store for you as when we contacted SurfShark’s live chat support to know whether they will be offering a special Black Friday offer, their answer was in the affirmative, making the season all the more attractive!

surfshark coupons

Surfshark VPN Coupons

Well, this is a major disappointment. SurfShark isn’t keeping any major coupons at the moment. But hey, who needs these coupons anyway when you have such a great deal already?

For just $1.99/month, you can secure SurfShark’s subscription for 2 years straight! And when you come to think of the exciting features and capabilities that this VPN offers to its user, which you can read more about in our exclusive SurfShark review, you will have no reasons to delay the purchase any longer!

Surfshark Black Friday Discount and Sale

Apart from our own SurfShark exclusive deal and the deals offered on the provider’s own website, there are a lot of other dedicated VPN coupon and discount websites where you can get other exclusive deals on the same provider.

SurfShark sale

One such, quite popular website is StackSocial and when we checked that site to know about the exclusive plans it’s offering for SurfShark Black Friday, we were surprised to know that the site was carrying an exclusive 1-year deal that cost just $34 billed once!

This makes it a double whammy for users as they now can avail both deals i.e. the one year plan and the two-year plan at rock bottom prices, without the seasonal sales even being announced by the provider itself!


SurfShark is an amazing service and as mentioned earlier, it has said that they already have a Black Friday offer for their service waiting in the wings, to be unveiled at the best possible time!

If you want to avail the exclusive SurfShark Black Friday discount then you can wait for the provider to announce them or you can avail the existing ones, especially the one at our site because they are already incredible, to begin with.

Whenever SurfShark offers its Black Friday Discount, we’ll update it right here with no delays whatsoever! So Stay Tuned and Happy Black Friday!

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