How to Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS

Last updated: December 15, 2023
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Celebrating Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday on CBS is a musical milestone you won’t want to miss, especially if you live in Germany. Geographical limitations may be an obstacle, but there is a digital option to guarantee you don’t miss a note of this historic occasion.

Accessing CBS from in Germany necessitates a calculated strategy. The best VPN for Germany is essential to accessing this unique musical spectacular. With the help of a VPN, you will be able to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS.

We provide advice on how to choose the best VPN provider for uninterrupted streaming access in our guide. With their knowledge, you may overcome distance and fully experience the magic of Willie Nelson’s birthday party. Continue reading for more details to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS. Attend and take part in this tribute to an actual icon!

How to Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS [Quick Steps]

Here is a quick step on how to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS:

  1. Select a Reliable VPN: Choose a reputable VPN service that offers servers in the USA such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Sign Up and Install: Register for the chosen VPN service and download/install the application on your device.
  3. Launch VPN & Connect to US Server: Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a server located in the United States.
  4. Access CBS Website: Once connected to the US server, visit the CBS website or use the CBS app to access the live stream of Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration.
  5. Enjoy the Celebration: Tune into the live broadcast and enjoy the musical festive honoring Willie Nelson’s iconic career and 90th birthday!

Remember, a VPN is crucial to virtually placing yourself within the USA, enabling access to CBS and ensuring you don’t miss this historic celebration. Follow these steps to join in the festivities from anywhere in the world!

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Who is hosting Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration?

The hosts for Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration include Jennifer Garner, Chelsea Handler, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, and Owen Wilson. These renowned personalities will be guiding the event, adding their unique charm and perspectives to the tribute honoring the legendary Willie Nelson.

Their collective presence promises an evening filled with warmth, humor, and heartfelt tributes to honor the iconic musician’s legacy. This star-studded lineup ensures a celebration that will resonate with fans worldwide, amplifying the significance of this milestone in Willie Nelson’s legendary career.

Where Can I Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration?

You can watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS! It’s happening at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and it will be a huge event with many famous singers and musicians.

Willie Nelson and artists like Beck, Gary Clark Jr., Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dogg, Norah Jones, Miranda Lambert, Dave Matthews, Keith Richards, George Strait, and Chris Stapleton will be there. Just turn on CBS to watch this special celebration honoring Willie Nelson’s amazing music career.

For Willie Nelson sad news, he has faced health challenges like emphysema and pneumonia. Despite quitting smoking marijuana due to breathing issues, reports suggest he continues to use alternative methods like edibles and hemp oils for managing discomfort.

Who is performing at Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration?

At Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration, the stage is set for a festive array of performances. Amy Grant and Trisha Yearwood co-host and deliver touching renditions like “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “Joy to the World” with Lindsey Stirling.

Grant sings “Grown Up Christmas List,” Yearwood mesmerizes with “O Holy Night,” and guests like Lady A, Jordan Davis, and Jon Pardi add their flair with classics like “What Christmas Means to Me” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Ashley McBryde teams up with Stirling for “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” while The War And Treaty and Zach Williams with Lainey Wilson round out the evening with soulful performances, creating a joyful celebration of timeless holiday tunes.

Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration 2023 Schedule

Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration, recorded in April 2023, is set to be broadcast as a concert special on December 17 from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Additionally, you can catch the celebration streaming on Paramount+.

The special event honors the iconic performer and will be available for both live streaming and on-demand viewing for Paramount+ subscribers with SHOWTIME or on-demand for Paramount+ users. The announcement regarding this broadcast was made during Willie Nelson’s second appearance on CBS on November 2.

If you are searching, will Willie Nelson 90th birthday concert be televised? Yes, Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Concert is set to be televised on CBS, promising a captivating showcase of musical tributes and performances honoring the legendary artist’s legacy.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration?

Using a VPN is crucial to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS due to regional restrictions. This event is likely limited to viewers within the United States due to licensing agreements or geo-blocks implemented by CBS. Here are some reasons why a VPN is essential:

  • Bypass Geo-Restrictions: A VPN allows you to virtually change your location by connecting to a server in the USA, tricking streaming platforms like CBS into thinking you’re accessing from within the country.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: VPNs encrypt your internet connection, safeguarding your data from potential threats while streaming content online.
  • Access Anywhere: With a VPN, you can access CBS and enjoy Willie Nelson’s celebration from anywhere globally, ensuring you don’t miss out on this iconic event.

For uninterrupted streaming of events like Willie Nelson’s birthday celebration, consider using a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN. It enables seamless access to geo-blocked content, ensuring you can join in the festivities from anywhere. Don’t miss out—secure your access with ExpressVPN today!

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Why Is ExpressVPN The Best VPN to Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS

ExpressVPN stands out as the top choice to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS due to its blazing-fast servers, robust security, and reliable ability to bypass geo-restrictions seamlessly.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS


Key Features

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS. It provides a wide network with over 3000 servers dispersed across 105 countries, guaranteeing dependable access worldwide for uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and safe connections from any location.

ExpressVPN ensures a smooth, unblocking experience for streaming Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration on CBS from anywhere globally. Its robust servers in the USA effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to this historic event.


Unblocking CBS makes it easy to stream Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration with ExpressVPN!

Among the best features is MediaStreamer compatibility, which lets consumers enjoy high-quality material without delays or buffering while optimizing their streaming experience.

ExpressVPN is known for its consistent ability to unblock various Netflix libraries across the globe. Netflix with ExpressVPN in Germany enables users to access its content from different regions by connecting to servers in those locations, ensuring a wider range of shows and movies.

ExpressVPN ensures a seamless viewing experience during the festivities with optimal speeds that feature an astounding 89.42 Mbps download and 84.64 Mbps upload rates, as demonstrated by the ExpressVPN speed test in Germany.


ExpressVPN shows the high-speed performance for streaming.

In addition to enabling safe torrenting and offering anonymity and protection while sharing files, ExpressVPN’s stringent no-log policy protects user privacy.

Enjoying Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday celebration on numerous screens is made possible by ExpressVPN’s convenient ability to connect up to 8 devices at once. ExpressVPN guarantees excellent security by protecting user data and online activity from potential threats and prying eyes through the use of AES-256-bit military-grade encryption.

To protect user privacy and stop data breaches, the Network Lock kill switch function serves as a failsafe by stopping internet traffic in the event that the VPN connection is lost.

ExpressVPN provides a user-friendly design, a plethora of features, and extensive compatibility across devices and operating systems, which ensure hassle-free installation and streaming on several platforms.

ExpressVPN can be configured on Kodi, providing users with enhanced privacy and security while streaming content. By installing ExpressVPN on Kodi in Germany, users can bypass geographical restrictions and access geo-blocked content securely.

This VPN offers an easy-to-use app compatible with Amazon Firestick. Users can install ExpressVPN on Firestick in Germany device, allowing secure and unrestricted streaming, bypassing geo-blocks, and ensuring encrypted connections for a safer streaming experience.

For Willie Nelson 90th birthday concert streaming, ExpressVPN offers a seamless solution to access the event live on CBS from anywhere in Germany. With its optimized servers, you can securely connect and enjoy the celebration in real time.

In terms of Willie Nelson 90th birthday concert YouTube, ExpressVPN guarantees that geo-restrictions won’t prevent you from seeing event highlights or related content. It assists in getting over restrictions so that joyful videos or performances can be accessed.

Even if there might not be an official movie release for Willie Nelson 90th birthday concert movie, you can still watch any relevant streaming platforms or material for the event with ExpressVPN’s dependable service, ensuring you don’t miss any behind-the-scenes videos or cinematic releases.

ExpressVPN provides a risk-free 7-day ExpressVPN free trial so that consumers can try out the service before committing and make sure they like the features. It also guarantees consumers a risk-free investment with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If users are not happy with the service during the first month, they may get their money back.

For those looking for premium VPN services for viewing events like Willie Nelson’s birthday celebration, ExpressVPN provides value at a competitive price of EUR 6.17 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. Its rich feature set and outstanding performance further enhance this offer.

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  • Top-tier security protocols ensuring user privacy
  • Exceptional speed for seamless streaming
  • Vast global server network for unrestricted access
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation

  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some competitors

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FAQs-Watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS

Ticket prices for Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday concert vary based on availability and seating. They can range from affordable options to more premium seats, with prices often fluctuating, especially closer to the event date. Websites like Vivid Seats may offer last-minute tickets starting at certain prices before additional fees.

Willie Nelson stands approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall. While his height has been a subject of interest among fans, Nelson’s stature around 5’6″ is widely reported. He is one of the most famous American singer, guitarist, and songwriter.

Willie Nelson has two sons who are actively engaged in the music industry. Lukas Autry Nelson and Jacob Micah Nelson, have pursued careers as musicians, following in their father’s legendary footsteps. They’ve made their mark as talented artists in their own right.

Yes, you can watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration on-demand after its initial airing. Streaming platforms like Paramount+ often offer on-demand access to special events, allowing viewers to catch up at their convenience. Check the platform for availability and any specific timelines for accessing the celebration after its broadcast.

Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration is set to air on CBS in December. While specific airing times may vary based on your location, it’s advisable to check local listings closer to the date for the exact broadcast schedule. The event will also stream on Paramount+.


As the anticipation builds for Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration on CBS, accessing this milestone event in Germany demands a reliable solution. ExpressVPN emerges as the key to unlocking this musical extravaganza regardless of geographical boundaries.

Beyond enabling access to Willie Nelson’s celebration, ExpressVPN prioritizes user privacy and security. Its encryption protocols safeguard your online presence, shielding sensitive data from potential threats while enjoying the musical festivities.

Don’t let geographic limitations hinder your opportunity to watch Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Germany on CBS. Upgrade your streaming experience and witness this iconic celebration by connecting with ExpressVPN today!

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