How to Install and Use Surfshark on Kodi in Germany in 2023

Last updated: January 22, 2024
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Surfshark VPN is one of the fastest-growing VPN services that is quite affordable and works well with many platforms like Kodi, firestick, and more.

Surfshark gained popularity because of its extremely low cost, huge server counts, and amazing security features. All these features can help you get the best streaming experience on Kodi. If you want to learn how to use Surfshark on Kodi in Germany, this Surfshark Kodi Installation guide is for you!

With over 3200 servers from 100 countries, Surfshark is the best answer to all your streaming needs. You wouldn’t have to worry about any sort of cyber attack or data leak and also be able to use Surfshark on Kodi in Germany and other unlimited devices simultaneously.

The only thing that will be required from your side is a good connection so that you don’t encounter buffering issues or video quality drops. Surfshark on Kodi in Germany is also quite affordable compared to other VPNs.

We at Best VPNs for Germany understand the hustle of finding your favorite movies online, and we know how much geo-restrictions are imposed by streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar, and more.

So, to encounter these geo-restrictions, thousands of users are now using this Surfhark Kodi combination. We also recommend using it to unlock geo-restricted content on Kodi with Surfshark.

Why do you need Surfshark on Kodi in Germany?

Kodi has become a go-to option for many people over the past few years because of its wide content availability and versatility. There are multiple options for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on Kodi with the help of streaming platforms. However, some people hesitate to use Kodi because they feel a little insecure. After all, it is an open-source platform.

Kodi is also used with multiple add-ons for multiple purposes, but they have a lot of security flaws, hence making it a very risky option. Some content is not available in the official add-on section. So, people go for the unofficial add-on and put their data at risk.

This is why we recommend you not to use or download any unofficial software or add-on to your device. The best way to do it is using Surfshark for Netflix in Germany and other streaming platforms.

In Kodi, your network traffic is exposed, which means your internet service provider, Government, and hackers can see and track your activity over the internet. No one is safe on Kodi, in short.

If a hacker finds you unsecured on the Kodi platform, they can use your IP address to trace your online location, or your bandwidth will be throttled by your ISP after monitoring your streaming activities. Similarly, governments can also see your streaming and then impose a penalty for watching restricted or pirated content.

After you connect, you will appear as a user from the connected area. This will break all the geo-restrictions, and you can watch any content from all over the world. You will get the value for each penny you pay for your subscriptions.

Another reason to use Surfshark, that users can avail Surfshark free trial in Germany, for 7 days not only this but it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also cancel Surfshark in Germany if you ever find, that it is not working upto your expectations.

If you are not satisified with Surfshark performance on Kodi, you can also try an alternative VPN which is Tunnelbear, here you can refer to our guide for how to setup Tunnelbear on Kodi in Germany.

How to Install Surfshark on Kodi in Germany – Quick Guide

It is very easy to download Surfshark on Kodi in Germany. Here is a quick guide on installing Surfshark on Kodi.

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription.
  2. Log in to their website and choose and download an OpenVPN configuration file of your desired server from their server list.
  3. Download the Zomboided repository and upload the file and the configuration file from the previous step. Also, switch the LibreELEC device and start your Kodi on Raspberry Pi.
  4. Install the VPN from settings.
  5. Configure the VPN settings, and then you’re good to go.

How to Set Up Surfshark on Kodi?

You can set up the Surfshark Kodi addon with the help of two methods.

Method 1: Set Up the Surfshark VPN App on a Supported Kodi Device

This method for setting up the Surfshark Kodi addon is ideal for devices that can work with a VPN, like mobile devices, Windows PCs, and Smart TVs. You can do this by following these easy steps.

  1. Get a subscription to Surfshark VPN.Surfshark on Kodi
  2. Go to your app gallery and download and Install Surfshark on your Kodi in Germany device.Surfshark on Kodi 1
  3. Enter the credentials that you got while getting the subscription and Log In to the app.Surfshark on Kodi 2
  4. Click on Quick Connect or choose from the long list of servers beside it.Surfshark on Kodi 3
  5. Close your Surfshark tab and let it run in the background.Surfshark on Kodi 4
  6. Open your Kodi player and start streaming geo-restricted content.

Surfshark on Kodi 5

Method 2: Set Up Surfshark on a Supported Router

This method for Surfshark VPN Kodi setup is recommended for Kodi users who have devices that do not support VPN applications, for example, Xbox and Apple TV. Here is how to do it.

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark VPN.
  2. Install Surfshark on your Wi-Fi router. You can learn how to do it online.
  3. Connect the same Wi-Fi network to your device.
  4. Open Kodi on that device and enjoy restricted content.

How to Use Surfshark on Kodi in Germany

Once you’ve added Surfshark on Kodi in Germany, follow these easy steps to start using Surfshark VPN with Kodi.

  1. Connect to your desired server.
  2. Launch Kodi and try to use any Kodi add-on that you couldn’t stream because of geo-restrictions.

Ensure that the server location you’ve connected and the Kodi channel you’re trying to access are in the same regions. Otherwise, your Surfshark VPN Kodi setup won’t work correctly.

Surfshark Features for Kodi Users

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Support for Multiple Devices

The best thing about Surfshark is that it can be used on multiple devices. You can use Surfshark on Roku, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and many other platforms. This multiple-device support makes it ideal for Kodi Users. You can learn more about Surfshark’s multiple devices support on our Surfshark Review in Germany.

Malware Protection

We all know that Kodi add-ons come with many risks, and they can not be minimized with the help of an anti-virus. Any add-on that you use with it can lead to extreme damage to your data and device. However, with a Kodi Surfshark connection, you can identify such potential threats and secure your data and activity from such unwanted elements. There are also some free VPNs for Kodi in Germany, but they don’t protect you much from malware attacks.

Various Device Connections

Another amazing feature of Surfshark is that it has no limits to simultaneous connections. You can use the same account of Surfshark VPN on multiple devices at the same time to stay safe and protected from everywhere. This is one of the biggest reasons Surfshark is the best VPN for Kodi in Germany.

Stable Connectivity with High-Speed Servers

Stability and high-speed server are the two most important features in a VPN, and the Surfshark Kodi addon provides both. Even though it has over 3200 servers from a long list of 100 countries, it has maintained its high speed on each server and provides stable connections.

With our Surshark speed test in Germany, we also found it provides optimum speeds and a buffer-free streaming experience.

How to Change Server Locations on Surfshark for Kodi

To avoid any sort of IP conflict, please make sure you have exited from all of your running programs before you change server locations on Surfshark for Kodi. Also, close any apps running in the background before you change server locations. For changing server locations on your Kodi Surfshark combination, follow these guidelines.

  1. Close the Kodi player from the foreground and background.
  2. Open your Surfshark VPN and disconnect from the server that you were connected to before. Click on any new server to connect to it.
  3. Keep the Surfshark window open until you see that it is successfully connected.
  4. Re-open your Kodi app and then enjoy your favorite content.

How to know if Surfshark is working properly on Kodi?

If you want to know if your Surshark Kodi compilation is working okay, then you can perform a straightforward DNS leak test. With this test, you can easily decide if your Kodi Surfshark merger is working correctly or not.

Here is how you can conduct a simple DNS leak test:

  1. Launch the Kodi player and go to the add-ons section.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the option for Download.
  3. Click on Program Add-ons
  4. From the list of Add-ons, search and select DNS Leak-Test
  5. Click on Instal and click OK
  6. Click Open
  7. Here, you will be shown your current IP address, and with this, you will know if your DNS is leaking or not.

DNS not leaking indicates that the Surfshark Kodi connection is okay and doesn’t need any fix. If it leaks you DNS, you can simple contact the Surfshark customer support and tell them about this issue.

FAQs – Install Surfshark on Kodi in Germany

Yes, it is safe, and it is also recommended that you use a VPN while using Kodi inside Germany. A good VPN like Surfshark will keep your data encrypted and protected from dangerous elements over the internet. You will also be able to unblock geo-restricted content on Kodi with the help of a Kodi Surfshark connection.

Yes, Surfshark works very well with Kodi inside Germany. You can easily download it on your Kodi device and connect to any of your desired servers from their 3200 servers and then enjoy your streaming experience.

If your VPN is not working with Kodi, then first check whether the date and time on your streaming device are correct or not. Secondly, turn off the automatic updates and try to check for any updates manually. Restart your Wi-Fi router, and choose a server for your desired Kodi add-on.

There are multiple benefits of using Surfshark VPN. You can protect your IP and sensitive data, improve overall security, unlock censored or restricted content, play games at better and stable connections, improve your online anonymity and privacy, make streaming experiences safer, and many more. Also, remember that you will get all these benefits at a very discounted price.

Wrapping Up

We hope that we have helped you to learn how to install Surfshark on Kodi in Germany. The process to install the Surfshark Kodi addon is straightforward. You just need a valid subscription to Surfshark VPN and the Surfshark VPN application installed on your Kodi device. Once the app is installed on your system, you just have to connect to your desired location and enjoy your streaming.

Apart from content unblocking, Surfshark VPN also safeguards your data and privacy and provides a buffer-free streaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Surfshark VPN now and enjoy your favorite movies using Surfshark on Kodi in Germany!

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