Ex-Indian Player is not happy with India Asia Cup 2023 squad

Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Ex-Indian Player is not happy with India Asia Cup 2023 squad

Here is big news for all the fans who watch Asia Cup Live in Germany or elsewhere. The announcement of India’s squad for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 has triggered discussions and raised eyebrows, with former Indian selector Krishnamachari Srikkanth expressing his dissatisfaction with certain selections.

The squad, revealed by Chairman of Selectors Ajit Agarkar, includes notable inclusions and exclusions that have left cricket enthusiasts and experts debating the team’s composition and strategy.

Srikkanth voiced his concerns over the selection of KL Rahul, particularly in light of his reported injury concerns. Agarkar had indicated that Rahul’s participation in India’s opening match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup is uncertain due to a recent niggle. Srikkanth’s stance is clear: “It’s being said that KL Rahul has a niggle”.

If you have a niggle, don’t pick him in the squad. If a player is not fit during selection, you shouldn’t pick him. “This straightforward approach reflects Srikkanth’s belief that a player’s fitness should be a primary consideration during squad selection”.

This sentiment refers to a policy Srikkanth suggests was followed during his time as a selector. He emphasized that a player’s fitness on the day of selection should be a determining factor, and if a player is not fit, they should not be included.

Srikkanth also questioned the rationale behind selecting Rahul with the knowledge of his potential unavailability for the initial matches, especially when a capable alternative in Sanju Samson is available as a traveling reserve.

Srikkanth’s viewpoint underscores the importance of transparent selection processes and ensuring that players included in the squad are match-fit. His stance also raises questions about the criteria and communication involved in the selection process. Rahul’s injury history and the ambiguity surrounding his current niggle have sparked discussions about the decision-making approach of the selection committee.

The inclusion of players like Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul, both returning from injuries without recent match practice, has added complexity to the debate. While Agarkar stated that the Asia Cup squad might serve as a preliminary selection for the World Cup, concerns about players’ readiness and form persist.

As the Asia Cup draws closer, the scrutiny on India’s squad intensifies. The squad’s composition, the decision-making behind selections, and the fitness of key players are topics that dominate cricket discussions. To know the exact squad list, you must watch Ind vs Pakistan in Germany.

With the tournament’s commencement on August 30, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await India’s performance and the impact of the selected players on the field. The selection process and the subsequent outcomes will likely remain under the microscope as the cricketing world watches the team’s journey in the Asia Cup.

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