The most efficient way to acquire files of any type or size, Torrenting refers to when your system communicates with other systems to request a file that you want, which is transferred through a peer-to-peer network, after finding a perfect match. However, Torrenting, no matter how popular, still makes your valuable data and privacy highly vulnerable to brazen malware and ransomware attacks, if you indulge in it unprotected. But, shunning it is not recommended at the same time. What you do need is the security and protection of a Best VPN to torrent safely. For more on this, read the comprehensive guide for Best VPN for Torrenting 2019:

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Why Do You Need a VPN for Torrenting?

The internet is a vast domain, inhibited by hundreds of millions of users indulging in different activities. However, if there is one that has garnered the most significant amount of importance in recent times, we would definitely place Torrenting or P2P file sharing on the top!

And, just like in other popular software and operating systems for e.g. Windows and Android, the huge swarm of users, who use Torrenting become an enticing target for the hackers and governmental agencies out there.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Torrenting

Planting malware through phishing becomes relatively very easy for hackers through Torrenting because infiltrating these P2P networks provides them with a direct route to infect as many systems as they want.

Just a single infected file link masquerading as a popular movie for e.g. “Thor Ragnarok” on Torrent can provide the hackers with an unprecedented opportunity to wreak havoc on millions of systems around the world.

The list of threats due to unsecured Torrenting don’t just end here though. Since your real IP remains dangerously exposed, your data packets can be monitored by government agencies. As a result, you may receive copyright trolls and DMCA notices, if they find you indulging in illegal file-sharing activities.

Therefore, VPNs are meant to act as a counter-weight in securing you from these type of online threats. Not only will a VPN spoof your IP, it secures your data packet and stops undue snooping around from government agencies.

But despite knowing all of this, people don’t Torrent with VPN unless they fall victim to a phishing attack, or get a hefty settlement letter. Don’t be one of them and make sure to take the right steps for leveraging security. A VPN might be an investment that doesn’t like it has much advantages but as more and more time progresses, they will become indispensable.

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Torrenting?

Torrenting is an activity for a specific purpose, so it needs a VPN that has a list of features, which support this activity in a highly optimized manner, like fast speeds and dedicated servers. On top of that, there are some additional metrics that differentiate an average VPN from a great one.

Following are some of the most notable factors one needs to keep in mind before choosing a P2P VPN for file sharing:

  1. Offshore jurisdiction
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Zero logging policy
  4. Number of server locations
  5. Speed Performance
  6. Kill Switch
  7. Encryption strength

Our experts have gone the distance and specifically highlighted the factors, you need to consider and evaluate before zeroing down on the best VPN for Torrenting 2019. Here are these highly critical factors that you need to keep in mind:

 Offshore Jurisdiction

A VPN that isn’t based in a secure location is not the one you should ever opt for, whether its for Torrenting or any other purpose. If the provider is based in a country that either a member of data sharing alliance like 5 or 14 Eyes, or it has a set of invasive data retention laws, then that provider is not suitable enough for you for any use whatsoever.

If the country, in which the VPN is based in, falls in either of these categories, it can demand the VPN to produce user data any time it deems worthy by furnishing a gag order.

That’s exactly the reason why many top VPNs are based in countries which are safe havens as far as data privacy is concerned for e.g. Panama, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong etc.

So only go for a best secure no log VPN for Torrenting if that VPN that is based in a data-friendly location when looking to subscribe to one for your Torrenting activities.

 Unlimited Bandwidth

This is another major concern when it comes to selecting a VPN as a high amount of bandwidth is vital towards a great, unhindered internet experience.

More specifically, activities like Torrenting or even streaming require a very big amount of bandwidth, so if a VPN has a limit on how much data you can use, its absolutely not the perfect fit for your requirements.

Nowadays, most paid providers usually offer unlimited bandwidth, however if you go for the free ones, which is seriously not recommended, there will be a very stingy and stifling data cap that you will have to do with.

Unlimited bandwidth should a no-compromise feature for you when selecting the best VPN for Torrenting.

Zero Logging Policy

All those VPN providers, who keep user logs are not VPNs in real, rather they are cons that you need to stay away from. The VPNs out there guard their users with integrity and do not either keep activity logs from users or entertain requests from government authorities to divulge user details.

An explicitly stated “Zero logs policy” is a guarantee that your online identity will remain secure and protected and we recommend that you are never flexible in evaluating this factor. Logging policies are zero-sum games, so we recommend that when you are opting for a VPN.

Compatible Devices

Just like with any service, the top providers always provide you with amazing features, which allow for a lot more ease and flexibility in using their product. Similarly, the best VPNs conventionally provide you with compatibility across all popular and niche domains.

Generally, the best of providers will offer dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and various other devices. Don’t opt for a VPN if its functionality is limited to just a single platform, as it will not provide the best value for your money.

Don’t forget to read our detailed guide on Best VPN for Windows.

The number of Server Locations

One of the biggest nuisances in recent times has got to be geo-restricted content. For e.g. you cant watch the latest season of American Idol if you live outside the country, even if you have a valid cable connection and the ABC app installed on your mobile.

The best VPNs provide you with a very high number of server locations to allow you to unlock such geo-restricted content with ease. So, if you become too tired with Torrenting and want to watch something on Netflix US, then a good VPN for Netflix will be your only savior.

And it’s not just about unlocking Netflix or other geo-restricted sites, a high number of servers ensure that you receive the maximum possible speeds, which is a must for Torrenting. But, if you are opting for a free VPN, then there won’t be a lot of server locations available. Free VPNs conventionally provide no more than 3-5 server locations to their users, while paid ones can provide anywhere from 300-750+ server locations.

P2P Traffic

P2P file transfer and sharing is an activity that requires a lot of bandwidth to work properly because, in most cases, the file size is too big to be handled through servers that host regular traffic. The best VPN for Torrenting have dedicated servers for tasks like Netflix unblocking.

We at, recommend that one should only settle on a VPN for Torrenting if it providers special servers reserved for just P2P traffic.

Simultaneous Connections

Nowadays, people usually own more than one device and having a service that requires you to log out of one device to allow you to log into the other one is a deal breaker. Simultaneous connections offer great value if you own multiple devices and need to use a VPN on each.

The best VPN for Torrenting available in the market will complement their product with seamless integration across multiple devices. We recommend that if a VPN provider is providing you with at least 4 simultaneous connections in the service pack, that one’s definitely a keeper. Some, even more, better ones will power 6 simultaneous connections, so the choice is on you but going below our recommended limit is seriously not considerable.

Speed Performance

Torrenting usually requires incredible speeds, so you don’t need a VPN that slows things down to a point, where even downloading a song requires ages to execute. VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, Private VPN are some of the most reputable names in the market

Since they have an established reputation for offering blazing fast speeds throughout the day, you can feel assured to receive maximum convenience when downloading torrents.

Encryption Strength

When you initiate a torrent download through a client software, your ISP can clearly see that illegal, file-sharing activity is in progress, if your connection is still unprotected. Once it has that information, it can either provide it to copyright trolls to land you in trouble or block you from indulging in it altogether.

The biggest vanguard against exactly this type of a problem is a VPN that provides top-grade encryption. According to industry standards, the best form of encryption a VPN can provide is AES 256, which is next to impossible to decipher.

We advocate that an encryption below this level is not secure enough to protect your Torrent activities and you should only go for a VPN if it provides you with AES 256 military grade encryption services to guard your data packets.

How to Choose the VPN for Torrenting

VPN Torrenting and Logging Policies Overview

As mentioned earlier, if you want to indulge in P2P/Torrenting, you need to sign up with a zero logs provider. One that keeps your identity and information anonymous, even when government agencies go knocking their doors. After all, downloading pirated material via torrents can result in hefty fines. Consequently, you need to ensure you remain completely private online.

At the same time, it is important for you to only consider signing up with providers that “Enable” torrenting. To ease the process for readers, decided to create an in-depth comparison chart of the logging and torrenting policies of 70+ providers. It took us an entire day, but in the end, the effort seems worth it. We hope this helps you out in your decision-making process!

Best VPN for Torrenting 2019

The biggest problem that Torrent users consistently face lies in the gray area between what’s legal to share and what’s bound by copyright infringement laws. Copyright trolls are a set of people whose job is to identify and locate those who have crossed that grey area and are now in the red zone, meaning that they have knowingly or unknowingly infringed upon something that copyright protected.

In recent years, copyright trolls have become much agiler and stronger than ever, and now they are operating as either professional businesses or working for big media houses like Fox and Disney. When these people find out the list of those who have indulged in sharing or downloading something that was protected by copyright laws, they send threat letters demanding a whopping amount of settlements through lawsuits.

Making work ease for these copyright trolls are those who don’t use a VPN while Torrenting, giving away their real IP address quite foolishly. When you start seeding or leeching, there is a window in your Torrent client that shows the IP addresses of every person in the list who’s part of that particular Torrenting stream and that’s exactly where these copyright trolls find their easiest targets.

VPNs are meant to protect you from these copyright trolls by spoofing your IP through re-routing your internet traffic, making sure that the IP they ascribe to you isn’t your real one, thereby ensuring your security while Torrenting to the safest level possible. But just spoofing your IP won’t make a VPN good enough for Torrenting. This is just one of the basic tasks that make a VPN a VPN.

To test any VPN for Torrenting, I check out through these two parameters:

  • DNS/WebRTC leaks
  • Speeds

These two issues needed to be tested in real time because you cannot take anyone’s word for it, because if a VPN is supposedly leaking your IP, you wont notice it until you run the test as VPNs even work fine with no connection problems when they are leaking your IP through a DNS/WebRTC leak.

For DNS/WebRTC Leaks Tests, I use the following tools:

For checking speeds, I use

For Torrenting, you need a VPN with fast speeds, dedicated servers and a whole lot more to guarantee a seamless experience every time you engage in sharing or downloading a Torrent file. Here’s a list of the Best VPN for Torrenting 2019 picked by our experts after reviewing hundreds of services. You’ll not find ones that provide custom-built services for Torrenting better than the ones mentioned in the list below:

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • 800+ Servers in 50+ Countries
    • AES-256-GCM Encryption
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    83% Discount
  2.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • 3,000+ Servers in 94 Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/ 7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    49% Off
  3.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • 2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Recommended #1 VPN For P2P File Sharing: Surfshark

Overview for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

A david among the Goliaths, SurfShark surely lives up to this expression. While the VPN market contains hundreds of small providers, a select few of them ever make out of their lower tier status and challenge the bigger providers, especially in terms of performance.

SurfShark is one such service that is surely going to make itself count among the Best VPN for torrenting providers in the times to come and that is all because of the increasingly reliable performance it tends to offer.

This provider is no NordVPN or ExpressVPN and no it doesn’t offer any flashy features like 1000s of servers, dedicated apps for niche devices like Firestick, double VPN etc. Its feature pack is rather humble and offers nothing more than just the basics. SurfShark’s server infrastructure encompasses 100 servers in 14 countries, which is not a lot certainly, but once you go through the actual performance of these servers, you will be left impressed.

It doesn’t keep any sort of logs, offers military grade encryption, supports OpenVPN protocol, has basic VPN clients for popular OS like Windows offers live chat support and offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

SurfShark doesn’t offer any special servers for the purpose of Torrenting, rather many of its servers work just fine with the activity, as will be evident later on when you go through my real time tests of the service.

Its pricing is definitely within the affordable range as it is currently offering 3 different deals:

  1. Monthly Subscription: $11.95 billed once
  2. Yearly Subscription: $5.99/month ($71.88 billed once)

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or an old VPN junkie, SurfShark is a service that anyone can use and deploy without worrying too much on the performance front.

Surfshark Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

This up and coming provider has been making some waves recently, so as part of our periodical updates for this guide, I checked Surfshark’s performance on the Torrenting front to adjudge whether or not it hold the same sway and offered the same excellent experience it does in other VPN related sphere. And I was certainly not disappointed.

SurfShark doesn’t offer any sort of dedicated servers for Torrenting as its actual server park is quite small to accommodate any such extra feature. It current server list can support Torrenting on various servers, so I went through each one of them and found that their Netherlands server was offering the best performance out of the lot.

Surfshark detailed performance test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Its client is simple and uncomplicated so there is not trouble in any step of the way. I almost instantaneously got connected to its server, after which I went for conducting the DNS leak test.

Surfshark dns ip leak test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

There was no DNS leak occurring on this server, which makes it a highly secure choice for those looking for a budget friendly, but solid VPN service.

As for the speed tests, Surfshark surprised me a bit as I was expecting it to get me a speed loss in the range of at least 40-50%, and that’s because its not a very big provider neither does it advertise itself as a Torrenting VPN much.

But, its speeds were highly acceptable taking into account the fact that it comes for a fraction of the cost of the more established VPN services in the market. The results from Surfshark’s Speed Test are as follows:

Ping: 32 Ms

Download Speed: 75.06 Mbps

Upload Speed: 71.82 Mbps

Connection Speed: 100 Mbps

surfshark speed test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

A speed reduction just shy of 25% is unprecedented for a provider of such a small scale, which reiterates my opinion on the service, that despite being small, SurShark does pack in a punch and is definitely able to compete with the larger providers and even beat them in some instances.


  1. Live chat support
  2. Supports Torrenting
  3. Clients are easy to deploy and use
  4. 30 Day Free Trial


  1. Doesn’t offer novelty features like Double VPN or Onion over VPN.

Visit Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommended #2 VPN For P2P File Sharing: ExpressVPN

Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

This VPN service is just on a whole different level altogether. In the world of VPNs, there is no name better or more trustworthy than ExpressVPN. Be it offering fast speeds or unblocking Netflix US, if there is task that a VPN can compete on, then ExpressVPN is sure to be in top 5 performers in the list, if not the very top.

Likewise, when I resorted to finally test ExpressVPN for its Torrenting performance, my expectations were sky high that it certainly outperform all other services by a fair distance.

And it didn’t let me down.

So lets start with the testing process of ExpressVPN.

The provider’s Switzerland server was offering top of the line speeds, and by that I mean, the best speeds out of all Torrent VPNs I’ve tested for this purpose thus far.

Firstly, I connected to the Switzerland server:

expressvpn detailed performance test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Then I carried out its DNS leak test, which was just a formality as there have been no such issues with this provider in my experience till now. And it turned out that even this time, ExpressVPN held on to its immaculate reputation for being incredibly reliable and secure by acing the DNS leak Test:

ExpressVPN DNS leak test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

But the best part about ExpressVPN is yet to come and i.e. Speed. For any person who like to indulge in Torrenting, the more the speed, the better the experience. And since, Torrenting has its fair share of risks of making a person end up with a legal or financial litigation notice, VPNs have become incredibly necessary to continue on with the activity. However, VPNs cause speed loss which can make the experience miserable. Users are often looking for a service that doesn’t cause too much speed loss. And if you are one of them, then you might want to take a look at the following speed test results of ExpressVPN:

Ping: 31 Ms

Download Speed: 82.40 Mbps

Upload Speed: 85.39 Mbps

Connection Speed: 100 Mbps

A speed loss of just of 17.5% is phenomenal to say the least and the upload speeds were even better with a loss of just under 15%. ExpressVPN rules the roost in the world of Torrenting and that’s why I recommend it strongly if you are looking for service that can offer an all-round optimum experience.

ExpressVPN speed test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

The only downside to ExpressVPN is its high price which makes many users shy away from it, but considering the high level of performance it offers which is head and shoulders above the next best services, shelving out a few extra dollars might not worry you considering the immense value you are getting out of the deal.

Expressvpn Overview for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

It features a 30-day risk-free trial period, high encryption standards, incredibly intuitive and compatible apps for every popular platform, zero bandwidth throttling and more.


The only drawback here is that ExpressVPN doesn’t offer dedicated P2P servers as the customer support guy we contacted informed us.

Expressvpn torrent servers

They do have an expansive list of server locations available here and they work great with Torrenting, P2P or any other activity you wish to deploy the internet with. Pricing is a bit higher than other comparative peers, so that’s something they definitely need to improve upon.

expressvpn pricing

The single month plan is among the priciest we’ve seen and it comes in at $12.95/month. Even the 6 month plan don’t provide too much cost flexibility to users who are looking to engage long-term with the service. However, you can get 49% Off on 15 months plan.


  1. Multiple Payment Option Support
  2. A wide range of Compatible Devices
  3. High Encryption Standards
  4. Expansive protocol support
  5. Zero Logs Policy


  1. No Dedicated P2P servers
  2. A bit pricier than similar competitors

Visit ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommended #3 VPN for Downloading Torrents: PureVPN

Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

While all seems fine and dandy with each VPN service if you take a look at just its website, the real value of a VPN can only be tested by checking its performance holistically. And that is exactly what I did, when I checked PureVPN for its Torrenting performance.

In this Torrenting Performance test, I used the three most important parameters that make a VPN highly suitable for Torrenting i.e. ease of connection of P2P/Torrenting servers, Speeds and DNS leak.

If you are an avid Torrenting fan, you would know that all you need from the VPN is to connect easily, offer fast speeds and protect your connection from being snooped out by copyright trolls.

PureVPN offers dedicated P2P servers that you can deploy whenever you indulge in Torrenting activities.

Furthermore, PureVPN’s clients have different modes that have been optimized for particular activities, like when you need to use the service for Torrenting, you go to the File Sharing Mode and that is exactly what I did.

purevpn server for torrenting and p2p file sharing

As is evident from the screenshot presented above, going to the File Sharing Mode, automatically separates and presents PureVPN’s special P2P servers.

I choose the first server from the list i.e. Germany and connected to it here:

PureVPN Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing

The connection was established without any issues, after which, I resorted to check for any DNS leaks.

The test was carried out on and it showed that the my IP was in Nuremberg, Germany, while the speed test results showed that I was connected to Frankfurt, Germany.

This is quite problematic and a usual problem with PureVPN. The servers you connect to are not usually aligned and there is some conflict in the IPs you get in on different test sites. PureVPN needs to sort this mess out fast otherwise, it will stand a very big chance of losing a majority of its customers to other providers who do a far better job at this.

But since, the IP remained inside Germany, PureVPN still did perform better (according to its own standards) in ensuring that the leak test never got anywhere near to our real IP adress.

purevpn ip leak test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

But safety alone cannot guarantee the best Torrenting experience as for that, you need good speeds.

I went to to conduct a speed test and ping rate test of PureVPN and here’s what the results were:

Ping: 49 Ms

Download Speeds: 59.06 Mbps

Upload Speeds: 64.32 Mbps

Connection Speed: 100 Mbps

While its not an anomaly that a provider’s upload speeds are better than its download speeds, this certainly shouldn’t be the case. Download speeds at PureVPN’s specialized P2P server in Germany was recorded on a 100 Mbps connection, so the speed reduction was almost 41%, which is just around acceptable for Torrenting.

purevpn speed test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

The ping was a bit on the higher side, coming in at 49 Ms.

PureVPN Overview for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

When choosing a VPN for Torrenting, the most plausible qualities remain the provider’s trustworthiness in ensuring top-grade features at all times available to all users, and the provider’s integrity towards ensuring protection on all fronts from all data security endpoints.

PureVPN checks the list across all those parameters and it even includes some other, incredible features, still unmatched by other services. Located in Hong Kong, this service has an integrated malware and Trojan protection to block malicious Torrent links autonomously, an ad blocker to stop all those nuisance pop-ups, a NAT firewall, Web RTC services for DNS leak protection and kill switch.

Purevpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing

For Torrent users, things don’t come better than PureVPN. With exclusive P2P servers, shared IPs, diverse server locations, top-grade encryption, multiple protocol support, any Torrent user would be guaranteed with the widest range of security and accessibility features, ensuring that the experience is flawless, smooth and tranquil at all times.

And it’s not just the features, even the pricing plans offer a great diversity of choice for all types of users with different types of budgets.

The monthly plan costs $10.95, while the 1-year plan is billed at $35.4, costing the user around $2.95/month.


  1. DDoS Protection
  2. Dedicated P2P and Torrent servers
  3. 750+servers in 141 countries
  4. VPN Hotspot
  5. Nat Firewall
  6. Multiple Protocol Support Including OpenVPN and L2Tp
  7. Allows Split Tunneling


  1. The trial period at 7 days, needs to be extended

Visit PureVPN31 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommended #4 VPN for Downloading Torrents: NordVPN

NordVPN Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

Another big VPN provider in the market which is a highly preferred user choice when it comes to Torrenting, NordVPN had my expectations high as I started conducting tests on it to adjudge its overall Torrenting performance.

As in PureVPN, NordVPN also offers a special panel in its client through which you can go directly to the menu where you can only select P2P servers.

NordVPN Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

NordVPN is know the world around for its exemplary performance and reliability and sure it did live up to its expectations by giving me a perfect DNS leak test, which means that at NordVPN, your DNS is safe from all sorts of cyberattacks at all times.

nordvpn dns leak test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Now coming to speeds, NordVPN didn’t disappoint here as well as it offered prime speeds for the best Torrenting experience. Here are the results I got from conducting NordVPN’s speed test results:

Ping: 36 Ms

Download Speed: 74.92 Mbps

Upload Speed: 70.28 Mbps

Connection Speed: 100 Mbps

NordVPN’s speed loss was just over 25%, which is one of the fastest speeds you will get in a Torrenting VPN. These speeds are good enough to allow you to download your favorite content from Torrenting sites without much of an issue.

nordvpn speed test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

NordVPN Overview for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

For beginners, NordVPN is situated in Panama, which doesn’t have any data retention laws and on top of that, NordVPN follows a strict zero logs policy, making it an ideal place to trust your data and internet traffic routing with.

best vpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Secondly, it offers support for all popular internet activities especially for P2P and Torrenting users. NordVPN torrenting has become extremely popular in recent years because of the dedicated servers, diversity of server location, military-grade encryption, kill switch, app kill switch, apps for providing compatibility across different devices.

If you are a Torrent user or a one who likes P2P sharing, finding the dedicated servers reserved for these purposes has been made immensely easier by NordVPN. The customer support icon on the website has an FAQ section, which has a dedicated P2P traffic section. Here you can find the links to their dedicated server recommendation through their app.

If you want more direct support, their customer service is prompt, user-friendly and highly knowledgeable regarding any problems a user might face.

Nord VPN for torrenting and p2p file sharing servers

As far as the prices are concerned, NordVPN provides customers with three different categories to choose from i.e. Simple, best offer, standard. The Simple plan is for just a single month, billed at $11.95, which is a bit on the higher side.

The standard plan makes the subscription last for a year and is billed at $83.88 annually at $6.99/month. But, the plan we recommend for Torrenting users is their “Best plan”, billed at $95.76 for a full 2-years subscription to the service.

nordvpn pricing

Considering that you are a regular Torrent user, the Best plan is one you should go for, ensuring that you are secured by a premium VPN service for a very long time while paying a very affordable amount of money. For Torrent users, there is also a special, limited time deal available that will be billed at $107.64 for a full 3-year subscription plan, making it come at a very reasonable $2.99/month.


  1. Dedicated P2P and torrenting support
  2. Tor with VPN available
  3. Free Trial Period
  4. Double Encryption available
  5. 3359 servers in 60+ countries
  6. Bitcoin and Payment wall accepted
  7. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols
  8. SmartPlay feature for streaming sites


  1. The monthly plan is expensive at $11.95/month

Visit NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommended #5 VPN for Torrents: IPVanish

IPVanish Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

When choosing a Torrenting VPN, what I really look for is stability. And that’s because Torrenting requires prolonged periods of uninterrupted activity which can only come if you are on a stable connection.

IPVanish is on this list for this exact same reason i.e. stability.

Yes, there are lot of other faster VPNs out there, but I choose to include this in the list of best Torrenting VPNs because it doesn’t have breakdowns. Maybe once or twice in a month, but not more than that.

So apart from that, IPVanish doesn’t have any dedicated servers for Torrenting, rather it told us that all of its servers support Torrenting and the speed will vary depending on the distance between your own location and that of the connection server.

ipvanish torrenting and p2p file sharing servers speed

So I decided to check at least 10 of its servers in Europe, to give me a fair idea of what speeds will I get for Torrenting on average.

IPVanish’s average speed was around 55 Mbps for Download and approximately 58-60 Mbps for upload. Yes, the speeds are slow, but the stability is the main factor here that I am looking at.

I got the best speeds on the Copehenhagen, Denmark Server, so I choose to show you that as the most optimal speed representation of IPVanish for Torrenting purposes.

Starting off, I connected to the server, with no problems or glitches at all. It got connected within 5 seconds and it was all smooth sailing.

IPVanish Detailed Performance Test for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing

And then to check whether IPVanish is secure enough for Torrenting or not, I conducted a DNS leak test, which is often more than enough to adjudge a VPN’s capability to keep your identity anonymous Torrenting anonymous.

DNS leak test IPVanish for torrenting and p2p file sharing

No leaks, perfect.

I moved forward towards conducting the speed test now, and here are the results that I got:

Ping: 47 Ms

Download Speed: 63.5 Mbps

Upload Speed: 65.2 Mbps

I tested the speeds on a 100 Mbps connection which means that connecting to IPVanish got me a speed loss of 37.5% which is good enough to power some major Torrenting without much difficulties.

ipvanish speed test for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Surely, it is not as trailblazingly fast as ExpressVPN but considering that it is available for much less of a price tag, IPVanish can surely be a great option for all those looking for stable VPN for supporting their Torrenting activities but without busting their budgets.

IPVanish Overview for Torrenting/P2P File Sharing

One of the very few VPN services out there that have actually gone on to improve considerably over the past few years and is now being counted as among the top VPNs in the industry for nearly all categories, IPVanish is one of the best VPN choices you can make to guard your Torrenting activities.

The best explanation of this service is, it does exactly what its name suggests i.e. vanishes your IP. Through an integrated offshore, server network with an expansive outreach, you can be assured that your data is safe, secure and free from prying eyes every time you deploy it.

IPVanish dedicated web page for Torrenting

On top of that, it provides SOCKS5, super-fast connection speeds, zero data logging policy, readily available customer support, intuitive and highly compatible system apps and a whole lot more. For Torrent users, there’s zero throttling, 256 bit AES encryption, 5 simultaneous logins, unlimited P2P bandwidth, to ensure that there’s no lag whenever you want to download the latest movie or software over the Torrent network.

For users willing to engage with the service, you’ll have the option of choosing between monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. Their 1-year deal billed at $77.99 in a one-time settlement is the only plan worth considering, while the rest are a bit too expensive to merit discussion.



  1. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols
  2. Unblocks Geo-restricted content
  3. Unlimited bandwidth available
  4. Zero logs policy
  5. 40,000+ shared IP addresses


  1. Customer support is slow
  2. No free trial

Visit IPVanish31 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best VPN for Torrenting Free

Adjudging the quality of a free VPN for torrenting service is a very tricky task, because if someone is providing a service for free, then there will definitely be other methods involved for making the cash registers ring.

In the VPN domain, most free services are likely duping the customer by claiming to provide a free service but allowing adware, malicious malware, third-party tracking software and other unholy features to be part of the whole experience.

But despite this, there are still some Free VPNs out there which you can definitely trust and they rank as credible as the best paid VPNs out there. However, you are not likely to find a free VPN that provides exclusive support for Torrenting very often as Free VPNs often come with a very meager data cap running not more than 2-5 GB, which is incapable for matching the needs of frequent torrenters.

Paid VPNs can never be replaced by the Free ones ever, especially for supporting data-intensive activities like Torrenting but still, The Best VPN for Torrenting 2019 for free guide below will feature some top-rated free services that can definitely support Torrent but with limited data caps:


With an incomparable reputation for protecting user privacy and religiously adhering to the policy of keeping zero user logs, Hide.Me is a free VPN service that you can vouch for anytime.

The encryption standard is top grade and can match the one provided by even paid service, and its location in Malaysia takes it way off from the purview of draconian data retention laws plaguing similar services in other countries.

best vpn for torrenting free

Still, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed, for e.g. live chat is not available and you can only send a message that will be replied after some time. vpn servers for torrenting and p2p file sharing

The data cap for the free version is 2GB, which is pretty good if you are not using it for extreme Torrenting. Its suitable at best for smaller Torrent file sharing activities like books, softwares etc, or you can keep it as a great second option to complement a paid service you’ve already subscribed to.


  1. Incredible encryption standards
  2. An explicitly stated, zero logs policy.
  3. Provides great speed for torrenting


  1. Servers in just 3 countries
  2. Not suitable for unlocking geo-restricted content
  3. The data cap is low for extreme Torrenting

Windscribe VPN

Coming in with an unprecedented 10 GB cap for the free version, Windscribe VPN is the most data friendly VPN out there. The data limit would be best suited to the average Torrenter who can easily cope up with the generous free offer by Windscribe.

windscribe free vpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Its also provides P2P support, there is no Open VPN configuration available in its free configuration, downgrading the encryption standards a bit, but still, it remains a service we can vouch for anytime.

The speeds remained incredibly stable during our trial for Torrenting and we did great with all the 11 server locations on offer. We recommend that if you are not willing to pay money on a VPN, then Windscribe is the best option you can try out to secure yourself while Torrenting online.


  1. Unlimited device connections
  2. 10 GB data cap
  3. Features ad-blocker and firewall
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting


  1. Doesn’t support Open VPN
  2. Customer Support is slow

SecurityKISS VPN

This Free VPN is a bit different than others in the data cap it offers for its end users. Instead of providing a monthly data cap, SecurityKiss has a daily data cap rounded off at 300 MB, making it ideal to indulge in moderate Torrenting on a consistent basis.

With the free version of SecurityKiss, you don’t need to worry about exhausting your data cap too much, making it one of the best choices out there for Torrent users. On the security front, it supports OpenVPN on its Windows and Mac clients, making it a high profile encryption station to tunnel your data with.

securitykiss vpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing free


The only downside is that you get just 4 server locations in the free version, but all in all, it’s a great free VPN service for Torrenting.


  1. Open VPN encryption protocol available
  2. 300 MB of data available on a daily basis
  3. Serves zero ads
  4. Customer Support is great


  1. Just 4 server locations available
  2. Not good for Mobile Operating Systems


This free VPN service has been a personal favorite of our review team because, during our speed tests, we never got speeds downgraded irrespective of what time of the day it was. This means that ZoogVPN actually doesn’t throttle your speed in its free version.

zoog vpn free for torrenting and p2p file sharing

The data cap provided by ZoogVPN is limited to 2GB, which despite not being too ideal for extreme Torrenting activities, can definitely provide much needed cover online during tasks that require low intensity data like software sharing through P2P networks.


  1. 2 GB data cap
  2. Provides strong encryption
  3. Servers are never too crowded
  4. Fast Speeds for torrenting activity


  1. Customer support takes too much time
  2. Only provides 3 countries for IP reshuffling

Worst VPNs for Torrenting 2019

Privacy is not just a policy in the VPN domain, but it’s a mainstay. Any VPN provider who does comply with requests to extradite data, even with legal authorities, is compromising its reputation to its end users. A zero logs policy must be a uniform standard for all VPNs out there and if any VPN is found violating this, it should not just be avoided, but shunned for good.

But the problems with bad VPNs don’t stop with just storing meta-data logs or complying with the authorities, there have been cases of other serious misgivings being reported on behalf of these providers like planting malware, injecting third-party tracking software and above all, never even existing at the first place.

Here is our Worst VPN for Torrenting 2019 list that is meant to ensure that you are enlightened with the knowledge to avoid these dubious VPN services finally and for good!


This is a name that shouldn’t have featured on this list at all. After all, this VPN provider has got it all, top grade encryption, multiple protocol support, 750+ servers, 30-day money back guarantee, compatibility across many different devices and some more.

But all of this pales in comparison with how HMA complied with an alleged FBI request to provide user data on demand. Dubbed the LulzSec controversy, HMA user Cody Kretsinger faced a 15-year jail term after the service revealed his identity to the authorities thereby indicting him with evidence to the Sony Pictures’ website intrusion and hacking.

Worst vpn for torrenting is hidemyass

Its not about what Kretsigner did was legal or not, its about the inherent ability of HMA to keep user logs, making it a place to avoid definitely at all costs.

That the provider keeps user data is a stark reminder for all those users out there that even the best in the business can be lying to you about a lot of things and only expert comment should be the final say in how you view a service as critical to your online privacy as a VPN.


  1. Keeps data logs and complies with requests to extradite them

Betternet VPN

Irrespective of whether you are using a VPN for Torrent or for other purposes, you wouldn’t ever like your VPN selling off your data to people who want it. Betternet is a VPN service that does exactly that and some more.

betternet vpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing


Infamous for selling not just user data, but for serving countless ads, suffering multiple DNS leaks and being situated in a country like US, where providers have to be compliant to data extradition requests, Betternet VPN is one VPN that shouldn’t be considered a VPN.

Its just a con at best, a way to rip of unsuspecting customers off of their money. We recommend that you steer clear of it and don’t be misled by their “Zero logs policy”.


  1. Keeps user logs
  2. DNS leaks reported
  3. Third party tracking software allowed
  4. Slow connection speeds

Hotspot Shield

If you started out with the internet in the late 90s or early 2000s, you might be very well aware of the VPN named Hotspot Shield.

For most of us, this VPN brand was our introduction to the world of terminologies like IP spoofing and encryption. And since it has been around for such a long time, it has definitely generated a lot of trustworthiness owing to years of operations.

However, this time we would advise you to stay away from it since a user has found that an information disclosure bug in its privacy network infrastructure can actually be deployed to discern your real IP address, thereby placing you in an extremely vulnerable position online.

The bug was found within its free service and not in its paid service, but the infrastructure used by both remains the same and there is a very high chance that this spillover can affect you as well, even if you are with the paid service.

It’s been a great service for years, but until this problem gets solved comprehensively, we cant recommend you to opt for Hotspot Shield and provide a way for you to compromise your privacy while Torrenting.


  1. Infrastructure is weak and can lead to easy IP giveaways.


earth vpn for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Most providers in our Worst VPNs for Torrenting 2019 list are names that wouldn’t have been here had they adhered to a strict no logs policy. EarthVPN is no such exception. Although it is by no means an excellent VPN service, it still provides a pretty good quality of service to its users.

Torrent users can be misled by the dedicated P2P server feature that it offers to its customers and opt for a service, but they should keep in mind that Earth VPN was found guilty of the biggest sin in the world of VPNs i.e. keeping user logs!

In 2014, a user in the Netherlands was caught very swiftly by the police after they found out that he was the real person sending the bomb threats to a local school, in which he himself studied. But, the best help provided to the authorities was by EarthVPN, because that user was quite erroneously deploying EarthVPN to spoof his IP, believing that he would never get caught through that way.

However, Police got hold of user logs at Earth VPN and after that, catching the culprit was quite easy. Despite the pricing of Earth VPN looking too good to be true with all the top grade features being offered, this is a service that doesn’t keep its promises and complies with the authorities for data extradition requests and inquisitions. Definitely, one to steer clear off!


  1. Keeps Logs
  2. Speeds are consistently slow

Worst VPN for Torrenting Free

Conventionally, free VPNs are not very good and in like other free services, there are other ways of making money being deployed by the provider and these ways can be extremely dangerous for the end user. Mostly, free VPNs should be avoided and the user should vouch for a paid service that guarantees top-grade online security.

Many Free VPN services have been known to be just a face for malicious, third-party tracking software and malware to be easily flown into devices. Even worse, these Free VPNs can also turn your device into a botnet and incorporate it into their spamming or phishing empire without you even realizing it.

However, due to the lure of the free, many users continue to get misguided and end up losing control over their data and online security. Here is our list for Worst VPN for Torrenting Free which includes names that need to be flagged out of your list and forwarded to other users out there so that they can stay clear of these extremely bad candidates for a VPN download:

Hola VPN

Despite the Hawaiian sounding name, this service is actually based in Israel. Hola VPN has been caught many times trying to siphon off user data and sell it in dubious marketplaces, including those that lurk in the deep dark web.

worst vpn for torrenting free is hola

In addition to this, the VPN is known to serve countless ads, implant third party software and on top of all of that, it doesn’t own any of its servers. Hola’s VPN model works on converting existing user devices into system nodes and pass of as an actual VPN.

A Torrent user downloading it not only would get his/her IP address go unprotected, but even stands the risk of losing all of the Torrent material downloaded previously on the system due to the viruses that accompany the VPN client by Hola.

Never go for Hola, it’s a rip off at best.


  1. Doesn’t own servers, rather works through a node based network
  2. Serves Ads
  3. Sells user data
  4. Vague logging policy
  5. Can be much more harmful to Torrent users

Opera Free VPN

It’s quite rare for a very credible firm to shelve out a very shoddy product, but that’s exactly what Opera, the famous browser, recently added a free VPN client which can be enabled without a subscription on its browser.

However, experts have shown that the Opera Free VPN is not a VPN, but a proxy based service which, as many users know, is quite incompetent at securing your browsing activities online.

Opera VPN is also worst free for torrenting and p2p file sharing

For Torrent users, Opera Free VPN gets a big no, because you are not really spoofing your IP, but making it a hell lot easier for copyright trolls to come for you. Proxy IPs are usually flagged by copyright trolls and any user coming through that stream would definitely raise a lot of suspicions.

We recommend, that with Opera, you just need to stick to their browser and never open the settings pane and turn the VPN on.


  1. Doesn’t own servers, rather works on proxies.
  2. No clear logging or user data policy


Being based in a 5 eyes country i.e. Australia, is now becoming one of the biggest reasons to shun a VPN service immediately and VPNSecure definitely lies in that category.

Furthermore, the service has a quite weak network infrastructure that is prone to multiple DNS request and IPv6 leaks, making it vulnerable to hacking and malware attempts.

There is also some doubt on whether the service owns all of its servers as a research found that there was evidence of stealing user bandwidth by VPNSecure.

VPN Secure for torrenting and p2p file sharing free worst

For Torrent users, this is an extremely meek service at best and one that you shouldn’t want to be associated with. Those copyright trolls are becoming smarter than ever so trying to steer clear off through the help of a weak service like VPNSecure is not an attempt that you should be considering any time soon.


  1. DNS leaks are quite common
  2. Weak network and server infrastructure
  3. Based on 5 Eyes country

Super VPN Free VPN Client

If there is one VPN that not just Torrent users, but everyone should be avoiding every time they come into contact with it, has to be Super VPN Free VPN client.

The most jarring thing that you notice while interacting with this VPN is that there is no mention of how they encrypt data, how many server locations they have and where they are located, logging policies and every other feature that normally accompany every VPN out there.

Super VPN Free worst Client for torrenting and p2p file sharing

Except for the unlimited bandwidth it offers, there is nothing more to write home about this service. On top of its bad service standards, it serves unnecessary ads, prompts frequently for meddling permissions and is incompatible with nearly every OS.

We strictly advise our readers and the VPN community to never ever engage with this shady VPN provider or risk compromising your valuable and online privacy to the highest extent possible.


  1. No mention of encryption standards or protocol supports
  2. Lagging Speed
  3. Unnecessary ads and permission prompts
  4. Very few servers (If they own any)


Despite being located in data shark location i.e. Germany, there is a lot more about this service that makes it an unsuitable candidate for Torrent users.

Firstly, the logging policy is extremely vague and insecure, secondly, the free version is stripped bare of all the good features that accompany its paid version and thirdly, there are just four server locations available, and even 2 of them were not responding when we were testing them.

Zenmate VPN is also free worst for torrenting and p2p file sharing

The speeds remained pathetically low throughout the trials and the worst part of it all was the consistent ads that we faced. These ads were based mostly on accessing our cookies so they are pretty intrusive with that.

We advise that you don’t opt for this service unless you want to be irritated a lot by deploying this VPN.


  1. Serves Ads
  2. Vague Logging Policy
  3. App Incompatibility across many OS
  4. Slow Speeds
  5. Customer support is not convenient

Best VPN Locations For P2P File Sharing

If you do a lot of Torrenting, then you might be interested in learning how to get the best speeds and access the fastest Torrent swarms. A VPN can easily allow you to do that but for that you need to know the right servers to connect to.

Torrent speeds are the fastest in countries or regions where Torrent swarms are the biggest and have the most seeders thereby allowing leeches (Downloaders) to get a file faster by virtue of much smaller file bits transferring at much faster rates.

Across the world, the biggest swarms are found in European nations as these countries have the largest Torrenting traffic and base in the world. If you are an avid Torrenting enthusiast, connect to servers in the following countries via VPN to get the best Torrenting performance:


Among our top VPN for Torrents, three providers offer some incredible speeds on specific servers in these countries. Here is a list of these providers with their fastest servers in best Torrenting countries:


One more pro tip here, the best VPN protocol for Torrenting is still OpenVPN, but do try to shuffle to OpenVPN UDP if you are still not getting the speeds you require.

Legal issues with Torrenting And P2p Law Fines – Detailed Insight

The perception around the world regarding Torrenting is that it revolves around piracy and indulging in it is illegal. However, that’s often not the case because Torrenting itself is legal by all accounts. The only illegal thing you can do in Torrenting is to download copyrighted content while using it.

If you using Torrents to download or share material that has no copyright attached to it, then you are doing no crime at all and its high time that we work towards dispelling this notion that has most Torrenting fans worried around the clock.

However, if you do frequent sites like PirateBay or UTorrents, which do host a high amount of illegal content, then you do have reason to worry.

If you do commit to or indulge in piracy through Torrenting then legal issues can range from facing fines to even jail time, however the latter is highly uncommon as most copyright holders look for out-of-court settlement most of the time.

To know more about the kind and severity of legal charges you can face, you need to be familiar with the relevant laws regarding piracy in your country.

Here is a country wise breakdown of the legal laws and issues you can face if you indulge in piracy:

United States of America

Perhaps, the most notorious place of all for Torrenting, USA is home to a highly evolved legal regime governing issues around piracy.

First things first, USA has an extremely stringent stance on downloading illegal content through any means possible. It is illegal to do in USA and in any other USA governed territory or even on USA military bases.

In USA, most copyrighted media is owned by big corporate houses like Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, Sony and the like, so they often have the financial muscle to power through with lawsuits of all kinds, especially those concerning piracy of their content.

But they often don’t do it on their own, rather they hire firms known popularly as copyright trolls to do the job for them. These Trolls look for IP addresses of those who indulge in sharing or downloading of copyrighted content and then send them with either warning letters or settlement/fine letters.

Its highly uncommon that these trolls or even the media houses will look for legal litigation, because more often than not, they only want people to stop doing so with the softest means possible like fines.

But piracy in the USA can legally be punished with up to five years imprisonment and up to $250,000 in fines.


This neighboring country of USA is not as stringent when it comes to punishing people who commit piracy.

Its piracy laws are there but are as lax as its borders i.e. they are there, but you won’t get caught much and even if you do, there isn’t much the authorities will do with you.

The only relevant law dealing with copyright violations in Canada is “The Copyright Modernization act”.

Under this act, notices can be sent to copyright violators by Internet Service Providers because they are the only ones that have easy access to the IP addresses as well as browsing history of violators.

But still, even if someone is found violating any sort of copyright on a file i.e. by downloading it in an unauthorized manner, the max that a copyright holder can do is sue to the violating party for no more than $5000. This is too mere an amount to make the copyright holders interested towards filing a court case.

The only big downside of indulging in piracy or illegal Torrenting in Canada is that after a few repeat occurrences, your ISP will certainly start to indulge in bandwidth throttling.

United Kingdom

With a wide majority of larger Torrenting sites like PirateBay being already blocked, UK is not quite a friendly place when it comes to Torrenting fans.

Even if a copyright violation was done by user for non-commercial purposes, media houses are encouraged to file court cases and seek damages, which in most cases, have no cap on the amount of money that a user can be fined for.

As far as ISPs are concerned, they can either resort to throttling bandwidth or even dismember users from accessing internet through their gateways if they notice any sort of illegal downloading or copyright violations.

ISPs with more than 400,000 users are required by law to send cease and desist letters to copyright violators.

However, one major loophole here is that the law doesn’t apply to those ISPs that have fewer than the required number of subscribers, so if you have an ISP like that, you are relatively safer as compared to those connected with the bigger ones.


If you think that not much Torrenting happens in India, then think again.

The Indian Piracy industry clocks in at almost $2.7 billion each year indicting some woeful damage on local media houses.

Home to more than a billion strong population, digital piracy is a menace here owing to the insurmountable popularity of Bollywood and other regional cinema.

Piracy here is as illegal as in any other country but not much enforcement takes places, especially when personal consumption is involved.

According to the Indian Copyright Act, a person can be jailed for a maximum of 7 years and be fined for 200,000 INR, if found to be violating copyright of any media file or project.

The authorities are most likely to go after those who sell or host pirate content online as commercial piracy is seen as a bigger crime than the one committed for non-commercial purposes.


Piracy is strictly illegal in the European country and its prosecution system in this regard resembles the USA more than other European countries.

In Germany too, copyright holders give the rights to sue on their behalf to copyright trolls and fines can range up to 500 or even 1000 Euros.

Still, the system is not as efficient because copyright trolls can only track IP addresses and not actual names and identities, so many notices that come are not addresses to people by name. So in case, you receive one without your name mentioned in it, just ignore it.

But, if you have an unsecured internet that someone can access through Wifi in order to violate copyright laws or download copyrighted content, you will be liable to pay any legal fines that are imposed. These fines are usually no less than a 100 Euros in most cases.

The Netherlands

This Urban Myth needs to be busted.

Across the world, many people believe that the Nordic countries like the Netherlands are piracy havens and no fines or laws are there to tackle this issue.

This is wrong as you can be fined in the country if you indulge in piracy or copyright violations like in most countries. The only difference here is that piracy for non-commercial purposes doesn’t carry jail time in the Netherlands as its not a criminal offense but a civil one.

The fine is fixed at 150 Euros per film as authorized by Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP), the Dutch anti-piracy watchdog.

Early last year, the AP gave full permission to Dutch film owners to send notices to those IP addresses that violate or transgress copyright laws.

GDPR for Torrenting Sites and Why it Matters

Since the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook Data leak Scandal, many global authorities have started taking the data privacy of their individuals and citizens quite seriously, and the most glaring example of this is the GDPR law enacted by the European Union.

In layman’s terminology, the GDPR law restricts anyone from using or publishing the private data of an individual living in the European Union.

Sounds like a good thing right? Not quite! Why?

Because, the GDPR law is coming in conflict with WHOIS modus operandi. WHOIS is a directory in which domain name registrars enter the complete details of individuals or entities who are domain name owners. This directory is public, which means anyone can access it. But that wont remain the case for long due to the GDPR law.

Publishing any sort of personal details of an individual can lead to fines of up to 20 million Euros under the new GDPR law, so non-compliance is out of question.

But this raises an important question on part of ICANN, the authority that makes it compulsory for domain name registrars to enter the details of domain name owners in the WHOIS registry.

Under the new GDPR law, ICANN wont be able to publish the WHOIS directory publicly, which has got many entertainment and media houses worried over how this regulation will protect copyright violators and give rise to activities like illegal Torrenting site hosting.

The GPPR law is good and will go a long way to improve the data privacy of citizens residing in the EU but many argue that making this law cover the ICANN’s WHOIS directory will render many law breakers immune to a high extent from litigation because their identities remain protected.

GDPR for Torrenting Sites and Why it Matters

These entertainment houses are now demanding a re-framing of how the GDPR is to be applied over WHOIS in order to best serve their interests and leave it possible for them to track down entities whenever a problem arises, at least through email.

For Torrenting sites, this can become a big problem because if the media houses get their way, it will become a lot more difficult to run a site, because much of the media hosted on these sites for Torrent sharing is copyrighted. The public domain directory will make it easier for media house to launch legal prosecution of individuals or entities running these sites.

The matter remains undecided and it is unclear on what gets decided in this regard, but whatever it is, it will definitely affect Torrenting fans and the sites that remain available for them to access.

How To Download Torrent with VPN

Download Torrent with VPN

Downloading a Torrent with a VPN is a very easy process. Here’s how it goes!

  1. Select a Credible VPN Provider
  2. Fill in your account details and proceed to payment
  3. Secure login credentials
  4. Now download VPN client for the OS you are currently operating with
  5. Once downloaded, activate the VPN and opt for File Sharing from the Dashboard Menu
  6. Now Select an IP of your liking
  7. Click Connect and your online identity is now protected
  8. Proceed to a Torrenting website like
  9. Search for the Torrent link for the file you need to download
  10. Secure the file link. Here is a sample Torrent lead link for the movie “Walking Dead”
  12. Now login to ThePirateBay and extract the Torrent link file
  13. If you have a Torrent client already installed, then clicking on the Torrent link file will automatically commence the download immediately
  14. Download a good media player capable of reading all popular media file formats

Best VPN Protocols for Torrenting 2019

For those of us who get a bit confused with all the acronyms in use as protocol names, things might all seem the same, but the truth can’t be further away from that. Protocols in the VPN world are immensely important because they define the encryption standards in use to secure your data and the transmission protocols being followed.

And if you indulging in Torrent with VPN, protocol selection is an absolutely critical decision on your end. A weak protocol will make it a whole lot easier for snoopers to decrypt the data packet or resolve your original IP, so you definitely need to evaluate your options carefully.

Best VPN Protocols for Torrenting 2018

Currently, OpenVPN is the safest and most reliable encryption protocol available, especially for Torrenting as it provides incredible support for multiple encryptions, eases through firewalls (even the infamous Great Firewall in China can be breached), best security through SSLv3 & OpenSSL integration and a whole lot more.

If you are using OpenVPN as a protocol while Torrenting then your data packets will not get compromised, no matter how devious the hacker or snooper maybe. Even though it takes some effort to run through 3rd party clients, we highly recommend that you use it while Torrenting to shroud your data packets with the best possible security available.

Get a VPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best VPN for Torrenting Reddit

On the latest Megathread for discussing the best VPN for Torrenting on Reddit, users have a wide variety of comments ranging from suggesting Tor and Airguard as their best VPN reddit to some deriding VPN providers for being misleading with their logging policies.

People normally look for a VPN that’s just not only suitable for Torrenting but capable of providing a holistic protective net across every internet activity.

Best VPN for Torrenting Reddit

The biggest sore points of users remain slow or lagging speeds, but despite that, many users are of the opinion that despite being a bit hard on the wallet, renowned VPN providers like Nord and Express VPN provide the best speeds out there, barring a few episodes of downtime or two.

Best Free Torrenting VPN Reddit

Users on Reddit don’t have very good things to share on free VPNs, let along commenting on how they work for Torrenting. Many users who seem to have a good knowledge on how copyright trolls and data retention laws have made it impossible to Torrent without a VPN, or you’ll definitely end up getting caught along with being liable for some hefty fines.

Best Free Torrenting VPN Reddit

Torrent VPN vs Seedbox VPN

FeaturesTorrenting VPNSeedBox VPN
Hides Your IP addressYesYes
Strong EncryptionYesNO
Internet Kill SwitchYesNO
Multiple Server LocationsYesNO
Customer SupportYesNO
Zero Logging FacilityYesNO
Unblocks Geo-Restricted ContentYesNO

Torrenting VPN vs Proxy:

FeaturesTorrenting VPNProxy
Hides Your IP addressYesYes
Strong EncryptionYesNO
Internet Kill SwitchYesNO
Multiple Server LocationsYesNO
Customer SupportYesNO
Zero Logging FacilityYesNO

Best VPN for Torrenting FAQs

When it comes to finding the best VPN for Torrenting, users may come across plenty of issues of queries that need troubleshooting/answering. In light of this, decided to create a FAQ section, which discusses all the common questions we are asked:

Will VPN hide Torrenting from ISP?

A good, secure, leak free VPN will definitely allow you to continue Torrenting without your ISP being able to track this or any other activity you indulge in on your connection.

Can an ISP tell if you are Torrenting?

Yes, if you are not using a VPN, there are many telltale signs from your connection diagnostics that can easily tell your ISP that you are Torrenting. Mostly, ISPs can easily check in on any activity you do because your connection has to pass through their servers before it lands on the internet. They can effectively monitor all your activities.

Which type of VPN is best for Torrenting?

A VPN that can hide your IP, doesn’t have DNS or WebRTC leak issues, offers fast speeds, is based in a secure and data friendly location and doesn’t keep logs, is the best VPN for Torrenting. Our list for Best VPN for Torrenting 2019 presented above in this guide will give you a fair amount of choice on which provider to choose from if you want to do secure Torrenting without worries.

Is IPVanish Safe For Torrenting?

Considering that, IPVanish is a US-based provider of VPN services. We personally would not recommend using the VPN, if you value your privacy and anonymity. Bear in mind that US is part of the Five and Fourteen Eyes Alliances, which impose mandatory data retention laws and indulge in mass surveillance. There is no guarantee, you remain completely anonymous when torrenting online using IPVanish.

Is Torrent with VPN safe?

When you Torrent with VPN, you safeguard yourself against problems concerning online privacy and data misuse. Since VPNs mask your IP address and shift your location, while adding a layer of encryption, tracking your identity is next to impossible!

Will a Proxy Protect VPN users When Torrenting?

Proxy is just another name for re-routing your internet connection through a different IP. A proxy can never be a substitute for a Torrent, as it lacks features of VPNs, like kill switch, NAT firewall, ad-blockers, all of which protect your identity online.

Is there any alternatives to Torrenting?

Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have gained massive popularity over the years due to their incredibly fast, HD quality video quality and highly updated video libraries. You can use a VPN for bypassing the geo-restrictions and stream movies seamlessly!

How do I hide my IP address while Torrenting?

If you want to mask your IP, you definitely need to deploy a VPN, because they wont just protect your IP, they will provide other services like encrypting your data packet, providing kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and zero-logging features which assure completely online anonymity when engaging in torrenting activities.

Which Server to choose from for P2P downloading?

Conventionally, if you are not using a VPN, you don’t have a choice with servers when Torrenting as your default server is the one which your ISP has deployed for your IP. While in VPNs, not every provider will provide you with a dedicated P2P server infrastructure. Even Express VPN, which is among the best VPNs in the whole world, doesn’t provide dedicated P2P servers, even if requested through customer support.

What is the Best VPN for Torrenting in Australia?

If we were to recommend a single provider for Australian users requiring strong anonymity for downloading torrents, NordVPN would definitely top the list. The Panamanian-based provider is the epitome of anonymity in the privacy industry. Its location gives it a strategic advantage over other VPNs. The app client also gives a specialized menu of servers for indulging in P2P/File sharing!

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Wrapping Things Up

A Dedicated P2P service provided by a VPN ensures that you get super-fast speeds and top-notch security while Torrenting and P2P sharing and there is nothing between the Torrent stream and your system that will act as a spoiler.

Normal VPN servers often become too crowded to be able to support P2P activities satisfactorily, so we recommend that you only go for services that provide dedicated P2P servers like NordVPN, PrivateVPN, and Pure VPN, so that your Torrenting experience stays great and protected at all times.

But despite going along those lines with never compromising for security features and logging policies, no matter what the circumstances are, to ensure that you always get the best online security without any obstacles.

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