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Trust.Zone VPN Review 2022 - Is It Trustworthy?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

In Trust.Zone review we have evaluated the service against many indicators. We have tried our best to project the reality of this service for our readers.

Jurisdiction Seychelles
Price (CAD 3.17) US$2.33/mo. (On a 2-Year Plan)
Servers 183 Servers in 90+ Locations
Logs Does Not Store Logs
Encryption AES-256-CBC
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China Yes
Recommended  Yes
Website https://trust.zone/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV

Created by a company called “Trust Solutions, LLC” and based in Seychelles, Trust.Zone is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, which made its way into the marketplace back in 2014. Overall, the VPN offers quite a decent product. In our blog “Trust.Zone VPN Review 2022 – Is It Trustworthy?” We tried to cover all the features of the service for our clients.


Trust.Zone has 183 P2P-friendly dedicated servers kept in its server list, spread over 90 sites in 38 countries. Compared to Trust.Zone, leading VPN services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN have thousands more servers.

They offer Windows and Android apps in Canada on Google Play, however, neither Mac nor iPhones/iPads are supported. Trust.Zone requires explicit configuration using OpenVPN or L2TP to be used with these and other devices.

The monthly plan in Canada is CAD 12.07 ($8.88), falling to CAD 4.53 ($3.33) for one year and CAD 3.17 ($2.33) for two. The 2-year plan includes 5 simultaneous connections. Zone’s basic plan offers three simultaneous connections, you can add 3 more for CAD 1.36 ($1) a month.

The Trust.Zone 3-day trial is free in Canada. This limits you to 1GB of data transmission, but that’s plenty to test connections, clients, website unblocking, and speed testing. You don’t need to give payment information.

We recommend Trust.Zone is a good service in Canada but ExpressVPN and NordVPN are very strong competitors with solid security records bolstered by additional safeguards like split tunneling and an automated kill switch. Both VPNs also work in Canada with Linux, routers, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs. Trust.Zone prices are competitive on the offered plans.

Trust.Zone VPN Review For Canada – Pros and Cons

Trust.Zone VPN Review for Canada covers the key pros and cons of the tool.


  • Trust.Zone Prices are affordable
  • Allows for anonymous payments.
  • Enables for P2P traffic.
  • Kill switch for Windows app.
  • Superior leak protection solutions.
  • Provides a free Trial period
  • There are dedicated IP addresses offered.


  • Pretty modest VPN server network
  • Custom applications are limited to Windows and Android
  • No VPN kill switch in the Android app
  • Certain server connectivity issues
  • No online chat service

Trust.Zone VPN Review for Canada – Testing Parameters & Key Findings

Trust.Zone VPN Review for Canada evaluates the service based on below mentioned features.

  1. Jurisdiction: Where does Trust.Zone operate from?
  2. Security: Is Trust.Zone a safe option?
  3. Leaks: Does Trust.Zone Leak Your WebRTC/DNS/IP Address?
  4. Server Locations: How Many Server locations Does Trust.Zone Have?
  5. Streaming: Can I Unlock Netflix US and Other Video-On-Demand Services?
  6. Speed: How Fast are Trust.Zone Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I Use Trust.Zone On All Devices?
  8. Pricing: How Much Does Trust.Zone VPN Cost Exactly?
  9. Torrenting: Does Trust.Zone Support P2P/Torrenting?
  10. Trustworthiness: Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer Support
  11. Working In China – Is it reliable to work in Chinese territory?
  12. User-Friendly – Do they provide user-friendly apps for all OS?

Jurisdiction – Where Does Trust.Zone Operate from?

Trust.Zone was founded in Seychelles, a country with no data retention restrictions. This is crucial because it implies Trust.Zone is under no need to keep any user data records for an indefinite period.

The Republic of Seychelles is not a member of any international monitoring coalitions like the Five Eyes. This international intelligence-sharing partnership poses a danger to the personal freedoms of ordinary citizens since it can access sensitive information anywhere in the world.

Due to its isolation from the 5/9/14 Eyes, Trust Zone can provide its users with an exceptionally high level of security and confidence.

Security – Is Trust.Zone a Safe Option in Canada?

Yes, it is; don’t doubt yourself. The zone is a safe and risk-free location to be in at all times. OpenVPN, which is now the most well-known VPN protocol, is used in Canada. Because it is open-source, the community that uses it can make continuous enhancements to it. They have not come up with any methods that can break the 256-bit encryption.

Trust.Zone also supports L2TP, which is yet another protocol that isn’t perfect but can be helpful in certain circumstances despite its flaws. If you are concerned about your security, the best option for you in Canada is to make use of OpenVPN.

Does Trust.Zone Log Your Data in Canada?

No, it does not. The privacy statement for Trust.Zone is brief. They don’t store any kind of logs on any of the VPN servers to protect your privacy,” it says plainly in the section dedicated to that topic. All user information is de-identified and not linked to a specific user’s public IP address in Canada.

However, we were unsatisfied after reading only two phrases, so we reached out to Trust support staff for further information in Canada. It responded in like with “No logs,” a similarly succinct phrase. After reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions, we learned that Trust.Zone does, in fact, log certain data:

Trust.Zone isn’t really no-logs because of this, even though the information in question isn’t individually identifiable in Canada. Nonetheless, there is no reason for concern on your part. To validate its privacy policy, Trust.Zone should hire an independent audit.


Encryption is the process of converting information into an unintelligible code that prevents eavesdropping. Below, we will explore the encryption process utilized by Trust.Zone in Canada.


The Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) protocol has two main functions: encrypting the packet’s message and encrypting the whole transmission in tunneling mode. When used with various Internet protocols, it’s an excellent tool for establishing private Internet conversations in Canada.


Using RSA, you may implement multi-factor authentication to guarantee that only authorized users can access your VPN in Canada. Methods range from the basic, like a push notification or one-time password (OTP), to the complex, such as hard and soft tokens or biometrics. In a nutshell, RSA-4096 verifies that only the intended user is accessing the program.


Bit-for-bit encryption and decryption are the basis of the Advanced Encryption Standard in Canada. Congratulations to Trust.Zone for adhering to the current norm in encryption strength, which is 256 bits. They used something called Double VPN to encrypt our data twice.

VPN Protocols — Featuring OpenVPN

The protocols used on the Internet dictate how information is sent and received in Canada.


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) creates the tunnel your data will pass through, but it does not encrypt the data itself in Canada.


OpenVPN is widely regarded as the safest method for getting over firewalls, as its security and speed are unparalleled in Canada. It wasn’t made by a firm and is continually being updated to evade government snooping.

Kill Switch

Safeguard your privacy and electronic gadgets with the VPN’s kill switch. It isn’t turned on by default, but you may choose to enable it during the installation process in Canada.

In the event that your VPN connection drops for whatever reason, a kill switch will immediately cut off all network access. This prevents malicious software from infecting your device, as well as IP address leakage and data exposure in Canada.

Whereas a web page was still loading, I temporarily severed the VPN connection to test this function in Canada. After losing the connection, I had to manually reconnect my modem before I could use the internet again. This validated the safety of my electronic belongings.

Trust.Zone VirusTotal Test in Canada

Trust.Zone’s files are virus-free since I ran them using VirusTotal in Canada. No malware or viruses were detected in Trust.Zone’s Windows or Android apps, which is hardly a surprise.


Leaks – Does Trust.Zone Leak Your WebRTC/DNS/IP Address?

You may remain anonymous online by using a VPN service from Seychelles. The following are the outcomes of leak testing I ran after connecting to the exact US server:

WebRTC Leak Test

While evaluating Trust.Zone for WebRTC leakage, we found none.


IP Leaks Test

Trust.Zone does not have an issue with IP leaks, as can be shown in the details below.


DNS Leak Test

The DNS leak testing was also passed without a hitch by the service provider.


Servers – How Many Servers Does Trust.Zone Have?

Trust.Zone offers VPN access from any of their 187 servers located in 40 different countries. Trust.Zone maintains some and leases others, as there is a mix of real and virtual servers involved. Although the server network is limited, it does support the most common geographic regions.

The majority of Trust.Zone VPN servers are located in North America and Europe, as is customary, but the company also maintains a small number of nodes in Asia and the Pacific. South Africa AND Brazil are your only two choices if you live in Africa or South America, respectively.

They have eleven servers in American states, three in Canadian provinces, and four in Australian regions.

TrustZone Servers

The servers at Trust.Zone can be used for peer-to-peer file sharing. It’s fast and reliable, and the fact that there are no IP leaks makes it a great option for torrenting.

Streaming – Can I Unblock Netflix US and Other VoDs in Canada?

Yes, you can unblock Netflix US via Trust.Zone and the VPN also works for unblocking other VoDs in Canada like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Hotstar, Prime Video, and Disney+. Trust.Zone includes VPN servers that are tagged for accessing regionally restricted content.  Despite how appealing it may be, the results are not guaranteed.TrustZone Netflix Test

Our tests have shown that the Netflix service is inconsistent, but we were able to stream episodes. Users in Canada who value reliability are advised by customer service to pay CAD 2.50 ($1.84) to CAD 14.27 ($10.50) per month for a dedicated IP address, depending on the location they want.

For the time being, we advise sticking with our top VPN picks for streaming in Canada until Trust.Zone fixes these flaws and provides more robust streaming capabilities without charging customers more.

Speed – How Fast are Trust.Zone Servers in Canada?

Trust.Zone download speeds are above average. I utilized speedtest.net on a Thirty Mbps connection and three different Trust.Zone servers to test the speeds in Canada. These are the findings:

A speed of 28.53 Mbps was achieved by the CA server, making it the fastest.


Trust.Zone achieved a speed of 27.43 Mbps on their US server, which is phenomenal.

trustzone-us-speed test

Last but not least, the German server was the slowest of the fast.

trustzone-german server

As a result, Trust.Zone is a very efficient VPN solution in Canada.

Compatibility – Can I Use Trust.Zone On All Devices in Canada?

The compatibility of Trust.Zone is quite strong in Canada.

Operating Systems – It has support for a wide range of platforms and devices in Canada, including Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.
Browser Extensions – Chrome, and Mozilla browser extensions are available in Canada.


Routers –  It is compatible with Roqos, Asus Merlin, DD-WRT, and Tomato available in Canada.
Others –  Fire TV, Smart TVs, Xbox, and the Amazon Firestick are all supported in Canada.

Pricing – How Much Does Trust.Zone VPN Cost Exactly in Canada?

Trust.Zone offers quite a reasonable pricing to its prospects, ranking well in the budget-friendly VPN list in Canada. The VPN typically offers a single plan, which is divided into three categories by duration: 1 month, 3  year months, and 2 yearstrustzone-pricing

As you can see below, the monthly plan starts with a free trial to check out the service, which is a refreshing change to see. The 1-month plan in Canada is set at CAD 12.07 ($8.88) per month.

If users want to receive the best value though, go for the 2-year plan in Canada. Trust.Zone goes the extra mile in delivering an inexpensive product for only CAD 3.17 ($2.33) per month. Otherwise, they do offer a 01-year plan that is also feasible at CAD 4.53 ($3.33) per month.

Payment & Refund Methods in Canada

Lucky for Trust.Zone prospects, you have a good number of payment methods available, which include PayPal and Credit Cards in Canada like Visa MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and UCB.

Trust.Zone even set up PayPro Global, which is a gateway for over 70 payment methods in Canada. These include Qiwi, Union Pay, iDeal, WebMoney, AliPay, Bank Transfer, and more.

If you want to stay completely anonymous when signing up and using the Trust.Zone VPN service in Canada, users even have the option of using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (which enjoys an established reputation for being untraceable).

TrustZone Payment Methods

Building client confidence requires a clear return policy. People are inherently inquisitive about new things but prefer less risk, especially with money. Initially, Trust.Zone return policy looked obvious. You can cancel within 10 days for a full refund in Canada.

I knew the free trial was restricted to 1 GB, but nothing about expensive subscriptions in Canada. If you’re only trying Trust.Zone, keep an eye on your use statistics or you may lose your refund opportunity.

Trust.Zone VPN Cancel Subscription in Canada

Just look for the Help link in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage to get started.

Sign in to your Trust.Zone account first. Your homepage should be like the following. In the upper right-hand corner of your homepage, click Support.

cancellation trustzone

There you should find a ticket form that requires completion. It appears such as this:


Enter the topic and then tap on — Select Department —. Choose Subscription there, then enter your message. Attachments are optional, therefore you are not required to provide any. Hit the Submit button and wait for their reply.

Does Trust.Zone Support P2P/Torrenting in Canada?

If you need a VPN for torrenting, Trust.Zone is a decent option in Canada. For a VPN that advertises itself as a top torrent VPN, its speeds are about par.  Port forwarding is an additional service that comes at an additional cost. Further, the kill switch is only available on Windows.


All Trust.Zone VPN servers, including the ones in the United States, allow torrenting. Users of Trust.Zone VPN in Canada are not allowed to “conduct any type of illicit file sharing activity,” according to the service’s privacy policies.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer Support in Canada

Trust.Zone Trustpilot Rating in Canada

Trust.Zone has an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. This indicates that the VPN is a good choice in Canada, but I cannot really trust this rating, as the provider itself has only been rated twice on the site.


Trust.Zone Reddit Review

A simple search on Google led me to this Reddit thread, where the majority of reviews about Trust.Zone are positive. One user even claimed that the service worked better than NordVPN.

Trust.Zone Reddit Review

Trust.Zone Customer Support Review in Canada

This is especially true with virtual private networks (VPNs) in the current day when businesses and governments are so set on limiting user access to data in Canada.

You’ll also need access to customer assistance in case any unforeseen problems or issues develop, such as the aforementioned defects in native apps or a mistake on the part of the supplier. Although there is no round-the-clock chat support, tickets can be sent.

TrustZone Support

Simply enter your email address, subject, department, importance, and message. You can even add images to better present an issue/problem. Once you submit a ticket, you can expect to receive a reply within 24 hours in Canada.

If you need a quicker troubleshooting solution, then you also have an FAQ page, where you can find all the details regarding the most common errors in Canada.

Does Trust.Zone Work in China?

Trust.Zone VPN is committed to circumventing the so-called Great Firewall of China and guaranteeing that its customers are able to utilize the VPN service it provides.

customer service-trustzone
In case Trust.Zone doesn’t satisfy your needs to unblock content inside China you can check out NordVPN which works best in China as one of the top alternative VPN services.

Does Trust.Zone Provides User-Friendly Apps in Canada

Because the Trust.Zone app is cumbersome and out of date, it is challenging for new users in Canada to use the app, and it offers very few chances for customization. We would want to see more user-friendly software that has fewer bugs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Our Verdict on Trust.Zone VPN Review For Canada – Is Trust.Zone VPN Worth It?

Without a doubt in my mind, I would suggest Trust.Zone in Canada. Our article “Trust.Zone VPN Review For Canada in 2022 – Is It Trustworthy?” ascertains the value of its various functions to the Trust.Zone review at hand. I like its many benefits, like a risk-free trial, high dependability, low prices, efficient tunneling protocols, and high encryption standards.

In order to provide timely assistance, however, the provider must offer live chat help. In addition, there are no iOS or Mac apps available in Canada. It also doesn’t have some of the most cutting-edge capabilities, like multi-hopping, that other services in this space have.

In spite of this, it is a robust VPN that provides excellent value for the money and meets your security, anonymity, and censorship bypass requirements with flying colors in Canada. Considering all of this, I see no reason to withhold Trust.Zone.

Trust.Zone VPN Alternatives F0r Canada

As we discussed earlier, the “alternative VPNs” for Canada present the greatest options to the audience. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark are recommended owing to their comprehensive features and solid security.

Trust.Zone Review For Canada – FAQs

Trust.Zone VPN not working in Canada, what to do?

If your Virtual Private Network is just not working normally in Canada, you may verify the network configuration, update your location, ensure that the correct ports are open, deactivate your firewall, and re-install the VPN program. Consult your VPN provider if any of the aforementioned solutions don’t work.

Is Trust.Zone VPN free in Canada?

Free use of Trust.Zone is limited to three days in Canada. The free service has numerous limits compared to the premium service: you may only access 136 of the 187 accessible servers on a single device, and you are limited to 1 GB of data transfer. You must pay to continue using Trust.Zone after the 3 days trial period expires.

How do I uninstall Trust.Zone in Canada?

Launch the Device manager (open devmgmt. msc), open the Networking adapters tab, locate the Windows interface – V9, to Remove, mark the box next to Delete the driver software for this device, and click OK to complete the operation.

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