NordVPN Free Trial Hack: Get NordVPN FREE for 7 or 30 Days in Canada in 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Trying to find a way of how to get NordVPN for Free in Canada? Check out this simple guide for instructions on NordVPN's free trial hack that gives you 7 & 30 days of free service with premium features!

Great performance, excellent reliability, powerful security, and an assortment of advanced features. Who wouldn’t give NordVPN Free Trial a shot in Canada?

The provider has a stellar reputation and maintains its standings as numero uno for streaming, browsing, gaming, security, and unblocking. Is it the right choice for you, though?

Does NordVPN offer a free trial in Canada? Yes, NordVPN offers a free trial in Canada. Luckily, NordVPN has brought back its 7-day free trial, but it is available only on iOS and Android devices. If you want to continue with signing up for NordVPN, the process is simple and fast. Moreover, you can also use NordVPN for free for 30 days. Just follow the steps provided below and thank us later!

NordVPN 7 day free trial on Android in Canada – Quick Guide

Does NordVPN have 7 day free trial in Canada? Yes, NordVPN has a 7 day free trial in Canada as mentioned before. To start a NordVPN free trial on Android

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for NordVPN and download. 
  3. Tap Pick a plan and select a suitable plan. 
  4. Select Subscribe and try free
  5. Enter your credit card details. 
  6. Hit Subscribe

Important: You will be automatically charged once the 7-day free trial ends.

How do I get the 7-day free trial for NordVPN in Canada?

First things first, the NordVPN 7 day free trial is only available on Android and sometimes on iOS in Canada. How to get NordVPN free trial in Canada? To get started with the trial in Canada, do this: 

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for NordVPN.
  3. Install the app. 
  4. Sign up with a new account that hasn’t availed a free trial yet.
  5. Next, sign in and tap Pick a plan.
  6. Select the current plan or tap See other plans if you aren’t satisfied. 
  7. Enter your credit card information. 
  8. Tap Subscribe to begin your free trial.  

Important: You need to sign up because only first-time users can avail of the free trial.   

Note: You will see the payment details of your subscription having the day and amount mentioned clearly. To enjoy an absolutely free 7 day trial, you just have to be mindful of your trial period and cancel the subscription before it ends.

NordVPN 30 Day Trial in Canada: Setup Guide

How do I get the 30-day free trial for NordVPN in Canada? To get started with your 30-day NordVPN free trial in Canada, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to NordVPN’s trial page and click on “Start Now.” You will now be redirected to the subscription page.
  2. Choose a subscription duration, create your account, and enter your payment details. Pro Tip: Pay with Bitcoin for maximum privacy.
  3. Check your email for a “Welcome” message. Hit “Download App” inside, which will redirect you to the Nord app’s page.NordVPN-Free-Trial-Check-Your-Email-ca
  4. Here you can see the apps available for different platforms/devices. Click on the relevant option and press “Download.”NordVPN-Free-Trial-App-Download-ca
  5. Complete installation, launch NordVPN, and log in using your credentials. Hit “Quick Connect” or manually find a server.NordVPN-Free-Trial-interface-ca
  6. Make the most out of the 30-days risk-free NordVPN refund, but if Nord does not meet your expectations, you can opt to cancel your subscription.
  7. To do this, you will have to contact NordVPN Live Chat support. Speak to the chatbot, inform them that you need a refund, and state the payment method used.
  8. You will then be transferred to a live agent who will ask you different questions regarding the request for the refund. State your reason, so they can activate your refund!NordVPN-Free-Trial-Live-Chat-ca

NordVPN 7-Day Free Trial vs 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Which Is Better In Canada?

To try out the NordVPN services before binding yourself to a long-term commitment, you get two options: a 7-day free trial and a 30-day time to test the service in Canada without losing money. 

Technically, the NordVPN 30-day period isn’t a free trial as you purchase its subscription. But with its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get your money back by requesting a refund before your refund period ends. 

You don’t have to worry about the money because NordVPN is a renowned name in the VPN industry backed by a proactive support team. I’ve tried them multiple times and safe to say, they’re extremely reliable. 

Free trials tend to be limited in the time frame available, which means you cannot fully test the service. Restrictions usually include speed throttling, reduced servers, and data caps. 

Besides everything else, you have to enter your payment information in both situations so it’s smarter to go for a longer period of free NordVPN trial. 

There may also be limitations to the security you receive. Mostly, features like no logs and automatic kill switches are only available to premium users.

This means, there is a good chance you could risk your identity by going online with a free trial. Not to mention, 7-days just aren’t enough time to check all offerings. On the other hand, 30 days lets you check each feature in greater detail. 

Not just this, I suggest maximizing your free period by leveraging the 7-day free trial, paying for the subscribed plan, trying out the service for another 30 days then claiming a refund. So, in total, you get 37-day free access to NordVPN

In all honesty, the risk-free money-back guarantee and easy refund process (as shown in the screenshots above) make the Nord VPN free trial worth trying in Canada!

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Why Choose NordVPN Free Trial in Canada?

NordVPN is a feature-packed VPN with unbeatable connection speeds and privacy features in Canada. But that’s not all, so here’s a list of features that make the Nord free trial an absolute hit. 

  • More than 5500+ servers in 59+ countries including 4 server locations in Canada
  • Audited no-logs policy
  • Efficient kill switch and split tunneling 
  • Extremely fast connection speeds
  • Unblocks popular streaming sites including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and others
  • Customized apps for all major platforms
  • No bandwidth limitations 
  • Six simultaneous device connections 
  • Real-time customer support 

How to Cancel NordVPN Free Trial and Get Refunded in Canada?

The steps to canceling your ongoing NordVPN subscription are easy. Follow these instructions within the 30-days of your VPN subscription purchase and avail a 100% refund in Canada:

  1. Go to the official NordVPN website and click on “Login”.
  2. Enter your username and password to gain access to the dashboard.
  3. Click on the “three-dot” button, next to the “Change Plan” option.
  4. Select “Cancel Automatic Payments” from the mini pop-up.
  5. Click on the “Confirm Cancellation” to continue.
  6. Wait for the “Your automatic payments have been canceled” message.
  7. Click on the “Speech bubble” icon to open customer support.
  8. Select “Email” from the list of options at the bottom.
  9. Add “Refund” in the subject and “Billing” in the department box.
  10. Fill in all other details required, including a reason for the refund.
  11. Hit the “send” button to submit your refund request!

NordVPN Free Trial vs. Money-Back Guarantee

I have listed the steps for leveraging both: the 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee and the 7-day trial available only on iOS and Android devices. Which option is better though?

Well, free trials tend to be limited in the time frame available, which means you cannot test the service fully. Restrictions usually include speed throttling, reduced servers, and data caps.

There may also be limitations to the security you receive. Mostly, features like no logs and automatic kill switches are only available to premium users.

This means, there is a good chance you could risk your identity by going online with a free trial. Not to mention, 7-days just aren’t enough time to check all offerings.

Nevertheless, the risk-free money-back guarantee and easy refund process (as shown in the screenshots above) make getting the 30-day offer way more appealing.

What Features Can You Expect From the Free Trial NordVPN in Canada?

After signing up for the free trial, users gain access to all of NordVPN’s features in Canada. Now, I cannot list all of them down, but some of the most important ones include:

  1. 5500+ Servers in 59+ Countries including 4 server locations in Canada
  2. Safe Jurisdiction (Based in Panama)
  3. Mirror Website for Chinese Users
  4. Simultaneous Connections on 6 Devices
  5. Unblocks Netflix US/UK/CA, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney+
  6. DoubleVPN, Kill Switch, CyberSec, and Onion over VPN

Can I Get NordVPN Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

NordVPN is a premium VPN service that accepts multiple forms of payment. This means you can opt to pay via PayPal, Amazon Pay, cryptocurrencies, and several other payment methods if you don’t have a credit card.  

Though entering your payment details for a free trial might not be in your favor, you can rest assured of its refund. It’s because NordVPN has a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy letting you try out the service risk-free. 

How Does NordVPN Compare to Other Free Trial VPNs in Canada?

Though there are lots of free trial VPNs on the block, NordVPN still holds its ground by offering its premium features on a free trial in Canada. The NordVPN 7-day free trial is the best bet for Android users because of its well-rounded capabilities.

Similar to ExpressVPN and Surfshark, Nord has a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s a quick free trial comparison of the top VPNs today.   

VPN Provider

Free Trial Duration

Payment Details Platform Limitations

Money-Back Guarantee


7 days

Required Android and iOS None



7 days

Required iOS and Android  None



7 days

Required  iOS, Android, and macOS None



1 day

Not required Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS Streaming



7 days

Required iOS and Android  None


How to Get Free NordVPN in 5 Minutes: Video Guide

Here’s a video guide to help you get started with the NordVPN free trial.

NordVPN Free Trial Alternatives in Canada

Since they’re Nord’s alternatives in Canada, you shouldn’t expect the same performance but they have impressive features too. Consider trying out the following free trial alternatives if the Nord VPN free trial isn’t working.

ExpressVPN — The #1 (30-Day) Free Trial VPN

Surfshark Free Account 

PureVPN Free Account 

IPVanish Free Account

FAQs – NordVPN Free Trial

Does NordVPN have free trial in Canada?

Yes, NordVPN does have a 7-day free trial available for iOS and Android users in Canada, along with a no-hassle, risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, both of which you can utilize for testing the service and its capabilities.

How long is NordVPN free trial in Canada?

The free trial itself is available on iOS and Android for a good 7-days period in Canada. Users that want to get more out of the service should consider getting the 30-day refund guarantee instead (it’s easier to cancel as well).

How much is NordVPN free trial in Canada?

The NordVPN free trial doesn’t cost you anything in Canada if you cancel it anytime before the 7-day free trial period ends. After the 7-day period, you are charged the amount for your subscription plan without any additional fee.

Does NordVPN charge a small amount when you sign up for the free trial in Canada?

The NordVPN free trial is completely free which means you aren’t charged a penny till it’s a 7-day free trial period in Canada

Is NordVPN trial safe in Canada?

It’s entirely safe to use the NordVPN free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee in Canada as it’s one of the top-tier VPN providers with an audited no-logging policy and privacy-oriented features in place. 

NordVPN offers AES-256 encryption, an efficient kill switch, and a split tunneling feature to protect your online anonymity to a great extent.

How do I activate NordVPN for free in Canada?

To activate your NordVPN free trial in Canada

  1. Get NordVPN from the Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Click on the “Free Trial” button under the “Subscriptions” heading.
  3. Enter your payment details (the amount won’t be charged till 7 days)
  4. Enjoy using NordVPN for 7-days, without paying a penny.

How do I cancel my NordVPN in 30 days and get refunded in Canada?

You will have to log into NordVPN’s dashboard on their website and click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” button. After completing the process, you will have to contact the support team with a request to refund the money!

Why not just use a free VPN instead of NordVPN’s money-back guarantee in Canada?

Free VPNs use shady practices to pay for operational costs like app development, updates, server expansion, and technical support. Some even may sell your data to third-party services, mitigating the entire purpose of getting a VPN in the first place.

Is there a NordVPN free version available in Canada?

No, there is no free version of NordVPN available in Canada. While you can avail of a trial for free, you will still have to subscribe to their premium plan, if you wish to continue using their service for unblocking, streaming, torrenting, etc.

Is NordVPN Free Trial Worth it in Canada?

If you’re in search of a provider that works in all countries, offers good security, and works perfectly for a number of use cases, then opting for NordVPN’s free trial is definitely worth it in Canada!

How do I get my 3 month free NordVPNin Canada?

To get 3 months free NordVPN in Canada, buy a 2-year premium plan of NordVPN for CA$5.15/mo ($3.99/mo), it comes up with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

What happened to NordVPN’s 3 day free trials in Canada?

NordVPN used to offer the NordVPN 3 day trial in Canada but not anymore. It’s because the users started abusing the service by creating multiple new accounts for unlimited access. 

Now, NordVPN has a 7-day free trial on mobiles and a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets users test the service after adding their payment details.

Does NordVPN auto-renew after a free trial?

Once the free trial ends, the subscription is automatically renewed unless the user manually cancels NordVPN automatic payments.

How do I get an unlimited NordVPN free trial in Canada?

You can get a 7-day free trial and a 30-days refund period to test the features of NordVPN in Canada. At most, you can get 37-day free access to NordVPN. However, you can get multiple free trials by signing up with different accounts and filling in your payment information to enjoy unlimited free trials. 

Of course, this will be a bit of a hassle so if you want, you can subscribe to its yearly or 2-year subscription plans. Safe to say, you won’t regret buying NordVPN

Wrapping Things Up

Most users have heard about the “NordVPN Trial: 3 Days Free for Any Plan”, but most do not realize that this is actually outdated information.

Now, the users can access the 7-day NordVPN free trial and 30-day risk-free refund to test out their service and determine whether it is appropriate for use in Canada or not.

Have you tried the NordVPN free trial hack in Canada? Share your experience with the VPN in the comment section below!

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