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ExpressVPN Speed Test for Canadian Users: Tried And Tested for Different Regions – 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

ExpressVPN manages to defy all odds to deliver fast speeds on almost all servers with some even delivering a minimal speed loss of 3.7% when connected!

There’s no hiding the fact that ExpressVPN resides on the pricier side in Canada and openly claims to be the fastest VPN. In this ExpressVPN speed test, we’ve put this claim to test so you don’t have to.

So, is ExpressVPN really fast? Having tested it across 8 locations, it’s obvious that ExpressVPN is the best VPN we’ve tested to date.

ExpressVPN is priced at CA$8.6/mo ($6.67/mo) – costing more than its rivals, but it utilizes the next-gen Lightway VPN protocol that ensures unmatched connection speeds and maximum security. With over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries worldwide and 4 server locations in Canada alone, we observed that ExpressVPN remained consistently fast across different server locations.

To test the ExpressVPN speed, we put 8 VPN server locations through a rigorous trial and compared their overall performance for our Canadian users. We’ve weighed whether ExpressVPN lives up to its claim of being the fastest VPN or not!

ExpressVPN Speed Test Results for Canadian Users

For the Express VPN speed test, we ran all the ExpressVPN speedtests over our 100 Mbps connection on 8 VPN server locations on Ookla. The testing procedures involved connecting to different servers in the USA, Canada, Qatar, Australia, Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore to analyze the download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

To help you clearly understand what we measured, here’s a breakdown of all parameters for the ExpressVPN test performed for Canadian users:

1. Download Speed

The download speed determines the time taken by a file to download or a webpage to load. Measured in megabits per second (Mbps), the download speed also impacts the quality of videos when streaming.

A download speed of more than 10 Mbps is considered high and ensures a buffer-free streaming experience in high-definition quality. Hence, a higher download speed will improve your experience in Canada.

2. Upload Speed

Like download speed, the upload speed (measured in Mbps) determines how long it takes to send data to others over the internet. For example, your attached file will quickly get uploaded in the email if your upload speed is higher.

So, the higher the upload speed – the quicker you can transmit data online in Canada.

3. Ping

Ping (aka latency) determines the time taken by a website to respond and is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lesser the ping, the better your online internet connection.

If you’re using the internet connection to play online games, then a low ping is needed for minimal gameplay lags in Canada.

4. Jitter

Jitter measures the variability of Ping. Ideally, the variation in ping should be minimal but it’s only possible with a good connection.

With a lower jitter, you can expect a hassle-free gaming and streaming experience on the internet in Canada.

Now that we’re on the same page to test the VPN speed, here’s a screenshot of our actual speed before connecting to ExpressVPN:


Our local speed test results before connecting to an ExpressVPN server.

I have created a table with the percentage changes when connecting to these servers, as compared to the average speeds I receive on my standard network. Refer to the statistics below to learn how much speed loss you can expect when connecting to ExpressVPN:

VPN Server Latency Change Download Speed Change Upload Speed Change
US 32% 3.7% 8.7%
UK 18% 8.5% 9.5%
Australia 24% 9.8% 11.1%
Germany 58% 10.3% 14.2%
France 42% 8.4% 10.5%

US Server

Upon connecting to a US server on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a minimal speed loss of 3.7% in downloads (96.23Mbps), and 8.7% in the uploads (91.22Mbps) with a ping time of 66ms. On the US servers, ExpressVPN delivers amazingly fast speeds!

ExpressVPN US Server Speed Test ca

Australia Server

Upon connecting to an Australian server on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a bigger increase in speed loss with a 9.8% change in downloads (90.18Mbps), and 11.1% in the uploads (88.99Mbps) with a ping time of 62ms. The Australian servers are slower than US and UK!

ExpressVPN Australian Server Speed Test ca

France Server

Upon connecting to a France server on a 100Mbps connection, the results were quite impressive with a speed loss of 8.4% in downloads (91.55Mbps), and 10.5% in the uploads (89.41Mbps) with a ping time of 71ms. The ExpressVPN download speeds are faster than UK, Australia, and Germany.

ExpressVPN France Server Speed Test ca

UK Server

When connecting to a UK server on my 100Mbps connection, I noticed a slight increase in the speed loss with an 8.5% change in downloads (91.43Mbps) and 9.5% in the uploads (90.49Mbps) with a ping time of 59ms. Still, the speeds are quite remarkable.

ExpressVPN UK Server Speed Test ca

Germany Server

When connecting to a German server on my 100Mbps connection for speed test Germany, there was a significant increase in the speed loss with a 10.3% change in downloads (89.69Mbps), and 14.2% in the uploads (85.72Mbps) with a ping time of 70ms. However, it is still below the 15% change mark!

ExpressVPN Germany Server Speed Test ca

ExpressVPN Speed Test for Canadian Users: Combined Analysis

On average, we measured an average ExpressVPN download speed of 91.81 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.16Mbps. In our intensive ExpressVPN speedtests for Canadian users, this is how the ExpressVPN servers performed:

Server Download Upload Ping
US 96.23Mbps 91.22Mbps 66ms
UK 91.43Mbps 90.49Mbps 59ms
Australia 90.18Mbps 88.99Mbps 62ms
Germany 89.69Mbps 85.72Mbps 79ms
France 91.55Mbps 89.41Mbps 71ms
Average 91.81Mbps 89.16Mbps 67ms

ExpressVPN Speed Test for Torrenting

ExpressVPN works exceptionally well for torrenting. Upon connecting to a Australian server over our 100 Mbps connection, we received a 40 Mbps download speed.

In our torrenting speed test for ExpressVPN, we managed to record an average download speed of 5.4 MB/s.


ExpressVPN’s torrenting capabilities tested on BitTorrent 7.2.1.

Unlike several other VPN services, ExpressVPN lets you choose a server to torrent. We connected to a nearby server and started our download. To further test ExpressVPN’s claims, we went ahead and enabled its Network Lock kill switch.


The Network Lock kill switch efficiently prevents IP address leaks.

The kill switch is reliable as it ensured no IP address leaks when our connection dropped.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best for Gaming in Canada?

ExpressVPN is considered the best for gaming in Canada because of its easy-to-use apps across all the major platforms. Unlimited bandwidth at high speeds, protection against DDoS attacks and ISP throttling improve your gaming experience with ExpressVPN.

High speeds ensure lower ping times. With the next-gen Lightway protocol, ExpressVPN delivered impressive speeds for gaming online in Canada. It also supports the OpenVPN protocol that can be connected over UDP or TCP.


ExpressVPN supports the Lightway and OpenVPN protocols.

During our rigorous speed test for ExpressVPN, we didn’t come across many gameplay lags and played Rocket League. We just made sure to connect to a server nearer to our location.

More ExpressVPN Features in Canada

Take a quick glance at some other ExpressVPN features that add to its credibility as a premium VPN provider in Canada.

Price: CA$8.6/mo ($6.67/mo)
Simultaneous Device Connections:
Audited No-Logs Policy:
Allows Torrenting: Yes
In-App Split Tunneling Feature: Available 
Server Network:
3000+ servers in 160 locations, and 4 server locations in Canada
Automatic Kill Switch:
British Virgin Islands
Customer Support:
Money-Back Guarantee:
30 days
Free Trial:
7-day trial (Android and iOS devices)

If the price point doesn’t sit well with you, know the hacks for ExpressVPN free trial!

Which Streaming Platforms ExpressVPN Unblock for Canadian Users?

You can use ExpressVPN to access a number of geo-blocked streaming platforms in Canada, including:

Considering the exceptional download speed, ExpressVPN is capable of streaming all these platforms internationally with minimal buffering. Because of this, ExpressVPN is ranked among the best VPNs for streaming.

Want to stream Netflix right away? Know the working ExpressVPN servers and binge-watch the exclusive Netflix Canada, UK, and US library (when you’re traveling across borders)!

Does ExpressVPN Offer Split Tunneling in Canada?

Yes, the ExpressVPN app for Windows, Mac, and Android offer an advanced split tunneling feature in Canada that lets you exclude some apps from the protected VPN connection and keep some apps encrypted when you connect to ExpressVPN. The split tunneling feature is not available for macOS 11 and later.

Split tunneling comes in handy for sharing files via P2P as you can simply set your torrent client to use the VPN while browsing the local internet normally. ExpressVPN supports torrenting on all its servers so you can enjoy local and foreign services at the same time.

ExpressVPN offers three different split tunneling options in Canada:


When connected to ExpressVPN, you can choose from these three different split tunneling options.

You can use the split tunneling option in ExpressVPN by following these simple steps:

  • Open the ExpressVPN app.
  • From the hamburger menu on your left, select Options.


  • Mark the Manage connection on a per-app basis option, then click Settings.


  • Choose between allowing or not allowing selected apps to use the VPN.
  • Click the + button to manually sort the apps that use (or do not use) the VPN connection.


Important: Even if the app is excluded from the split tunneling protected apps, it will send your DNS traffic through one of the ExpressVPN servers.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of ExpressVPN that we observed during our tests:


  • Extremely fast speeds across global server locations
  • Advanced security features
  • Instantly unblocks major streaming platforms
  • Audited no-logs policy
  • Real-time customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 7-day free trial on iOS and Android devices


  • Above-average pricing plans
  • Lacks labels on streaming servers
  • Occasional connection drops

For more insights, read our in-depth ExpressVPN review!

VPN Latency Tests for Canadian Users

Latency plays a huge role in the testing of a VPN performance. If you receive high pings, you will face a load of ping and connectivity issues. Gamers might be familiar with this phenomenon where high latency equals more lagging and buffering issues.

With ExpressVPN, you can expect some great results though. When connected to their servers, there wasn’t a very high difference, as when not connected to a VPN. At the time of my tests, I was receiving 50ms, and compared this with the VPN latency on different servers.

As you can see from the results below, out of the 5 servers, the UK one has the lowest latency. It doesn’t reduce the ping time, but it stays close to the average I receive on my normal internet connection from the ISP.

ExpressVPN Latency Change Statistics ca

Download Speed Tests for Canadian Users

One of the most important factors of any network is the download speeds you receive. When connecting to a VPN, the added encryption and incoming/outgoing traffic passing through a secure tunnel, results in the average speeds getting reduced.

To get a better idea about ExpressVPN’s download speeds, I have listed them all in one location below. As you can see, the US server gives us the highest speeds on a 100Mbps network. It manages to deliver a good 96.23Mbps, showing only a minimal speed loss of 3.7%

ExpressVPN Download Speed Statistics ca

Upload Speed Tests for Canadian Users

Following its lead in my latency tests, the US server once again had the lowest impact on upload speeds. It managed to deliver an amazing 91.22Mbps on my 100Mbps connection, showing a minimal loss of only 8.7%, which does not make a big difference at all.

Of course, the lowest we received were again from the Germany server. Therefore, it is safe to deduce that as you connect to servers far away, you may notice a higher speed loss. However, even so, a 14.2% change in the upload performance is not bad.

ExpressVPN Upload Speed Statistics ca

ExpressVPN Speed Test: FAQs

How fast is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is an incredibly fast provider that delivers an average download speed of 91.81Mbps and 89.16Mbps upload speed on a 100Mbps connection. The speed loss is negligible if compared to other VPN providers in the market.

Is ExpressVPN slow in Canada?

No, ExpressVPN is not slow as it maintains its lightning-fast speeds via an optimized server network in Canada. However, you may connect to a nearer server location if you ever face occasional speed drops.

How can I make ExpressVPN faster in Canada?

To make ExpressVPN faster in Canada, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Get the latest version of the ExpressVPN app.
  • Connect to a server nearer to your physical location.
  • Change your VPN protocol to OpenVPN (UDP).
  • Directly contact ExpressVPN’s customer support.

How do I check my ExpressVPN speed in Canada?

To check the ExpressVPN speed in Canada, open ExpressVPN on your desktop, access the menu from the Hamburger Icon, and click on the Speed Test option. Finally, click the Run Test option, here you will be able to see the ExpressVPN Speed Test results in a while.

Which is better ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are excellent VPNs. But ExpressVPN is better than NordVPN in offering high privacy, and fast speed streaming and torrenting. However, if you are looking for a reasonable option, NordVPN is good to go.

Is ExpressVPN good for gaming in Canada?

Yes, ExpressVPN is a great pick for gaming today in Canada because of its incredible connection speeds, custom apps for a variety of devices, low ping times, and military-grade privacy features.

Does ExpressVPN give you faster internet?

Yes, ExpressVPN can give you faster internet most of the time as during our speed tests ExpressVPN has consistently provided us an average upload speed of 89.16 Mbps and average download speed of 91.81 Mbps over all locations.

Will using ExpressVPN stop bandwidth throttling in Canada?

With ExpressVPN, you can stop bandwidth throttling and stream at blazing-fast connection speeds as it is a highly-secure VPN provider with extremely fast speeds in Canada as supported by our speed test for ExpressVPN.

If your ISP is throttling a certain type of data, then yes. ExpressVPN will help prevent bandwidth throttling as your activities remain unknown to the ISP. Because your ISP can’t see what you’re doing over the internet, they cannot throttle your data.

How do I get a low ping on ExpressVPN in Canada?

To reduce your ping even further in Canada, you can do the following:

  • Close all the unnecessary apps running in the background.
  • Prefer a wired connection over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect to a local server if possible.
  • Disconnect devices from your router.
  • Restart or upgrade the router.

Wrapping Up

With this, we come to an end to our ExpressVPN speed test guide for Canadian users. Based on the results, it is safe to say that ExpressVPN offers exceptional performance in almost all locations. You can use the VPN for streaming in Ultra HD, gaming without lag, and torrenting with maximum speeds.

As the analysis demonstrates, ExpressVPN is truly a premium VPN that levels with its competitors on the most important features. As far as speed is concerned, ExpressVPN leaves behind its rivals and offers the best experience to its users.

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