How To Get UK IP Address in Canada With A VPN 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
Donald Fredrick

Donald Fredrick

Get a UK IP Address using our recommended VPNs for better security and features in Canada!

Why would you need a United Kingdom-based IP address in Canada? There are numerous considerations. If you are a British citizen living overseas, you may miss some of your favorite British television programs, or you may just like to stay abreast of domestic news in general.

You may be a football fan who desires to observe as numerous games as feasible or you can transact with British banks that necessitate a British IP address for added security.

To view geo-restricted British content or conduct online banking transactions within the United Kingdom, you should have a UK IP address in Canada. This article, “How To Get UK IP Address in Canada With A VPN” reveals the appropriate resources and legal means to accomplish your objective.

A VPN is required to access websites that are restricted in the United Kingdom. By altering your IP address, you can circumvent the geographic limitations (sometimes known as “geo-blocks”) placed on UK websites It’s easy to pretend that you are inside the UK by using a VPN service that has servers located in the United Kingdom.

How To Get UK IP Address in Canada – Quick Overview

Obtaining IP addresses in the United Kingdom is a joy. To connect to a UK VPN server in Canada, all you need is a VPN. Here’s a step-by-by-step guide to getting started.

  • Select a VPN service with a strong reputation and purchase a membership.
  • Download and install the VPN client software that suits your gadget.
  • Launch the VPN program and log in using your credentials.
  • Use the VPN program to locate a UK server inside the country.
  • Connect to the United Kingdom VPN server to get the UK IP address in Canada.
  • You can enjoy surfing blocked content now.

Best VPN To Get UK IP Address in Canada – A Quick Glance

For those who lack the leisure to read through the in-depth stuff, we’ve supplied an alternative. For the sake of our readers’ convenience, we’ve provided a brief description of each of the VPNs we considered.

  • ExpressVPN has several VPN 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. Optimized for speedy and secure operation. Easy-to-use privacy applications and features are of the highest quality. ExpressVPN costs $6.67/mo (CA$8.66/mo) on a 1-year plan.
  • NordVPN has huge network of 5600+ servers in 59+ countries. It has industry-leading security and a 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN costs $3.99/mo (CA$5.16/mo) on a 1-year plan.
  • Surfshark is renowned for its affordable prices with reliable services. They have 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. Provides unlimited concurrent connections. Surshark costs $2.49/mo (CA$3.22/mo) on a 1-year plan.
  • CyberGhost has 6000+ servers in 88 countries. It is beginner-friendly and provides good security measures. CyberGhost costs $2.29/mo (CA$2.97/mo) on a 1-year plan.
  • IPVanish is unparalleled for privacy and torrenting. Using the Wireguard protocol for high speeds. They have 2000+ servers in 75 countries. IPVanish costs $3.99/mo (CA$5.16/mo) on a 1-year plan.

Best VPNs To Get UK IP Address in Canada – Detailed Analysis

Each VPN on our list contains UK-based IP servers, so users can get UK IP addresses quickly in Canada, and solid security measures to keep you safe and anonymous. You may test them risk-free because of their money-back assurance.

ExpressVPN – Best Among The Rest To Get UK IP Address in Canada


Key Attributes

  • Network Description – ExpressVPN has servers in over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries.
  • Cash-Back Assurance – There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Data Security – Stringent no-logging policy and no DNS/IP leaks
  • Concurrent Device Connections – 05 per device
  • Pricing Plan – ExpressVPN costs $6.67/mo (CA$8.66) on a 1-year plan.

ExpressVPN is a comprehensive performer. It offers trustworthy service, fast connection speeds, and exceptional customer service. Currently, the company offers over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries.

The ability to securely browse geo-restricted online media websites such as Sky TV, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and others is one of the service provider’s defining attributes.


ExpressVPN offers army-grade encryption that protects your online connection and prevents data breaches. As its default encryption algorithm, it utilizes 256-bit AES-CBC, in addition to perfect forward secrecy and HMAC authentication included is a network lock, sometimes known as an online kill switch.

ExpressVPN has introduced “Lightway” which is a new open-source protocol developed by the firm to enhance the speed and stability of VPN connections. With its formal debut, ExpressVPN has rendered its service accessible across all platforms. ExpressVPN’s servers do not keep detailed records on internet traffic due to a stringent no-log policy.

ExpressVPN has programs for Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS devices, as well as a wide variety of Routers. Consoles & smart TVs may be connected with ExpressVPN with its MediaStreamer smart DNS proxy. According to Trustpilot, ExpressVPN is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are all available from ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN costs $6.67/mo (CA$8.66) on a 1-year plan. You can speak to a live chat available 24/7 to handle any technical difficulty.


  • Fast and dependable servers in the United Kingdom.
  • Powerful unblocking
  • Superior security features and privacy protection
  • Live chat assistance


  • Not the most affordable alternative

Get ExpressVPN Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN – Top-Notch Security To Watch UK Content Safely in Canada


Key Attributes

  • Network Description – There are 5600+ servers in 59+ countries.
  • Cash-Back Assurance – 30-day cash-back guarantee
  • Data Protection – with a rigorous no-logging policy and prevention of DNS/IP leaks
  • Concurrent Device Connections – are six.
  • Price Plan – NordVPN costs $3.99/mo (CA$5.16). on a 1-year plan

NordVPN maintains over 400 servers in the United Kingdom as part of a worldwide network of over 5600+ servers in 59+ countries. It is a highly secured service that has offered VPN services for even more than a decade.

NordVPN must have no difficulty unblocking websites like All4, Sky TV, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, and ITV Hub. It allows users to choose a dedicated server on how they wish to access the web, including anti-DDoS, ultra-secure privacy, streaming TV, and more.


Strong encryption standards exist as the data and online activities are protected by NordLynx, a new-generation VPN protocol. The server employs the 256-bit AES protocol with 2048-bit SSL keys by default. Prevention from DNS leaks is activated. No user data is collected by NordVPN due to the no-log policy, so your online footprint will remain invisible.

Available are the apps for platforms that include Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and macOS. NordVPN offers to connect up to six different devices at once. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all packages. Live chat is accessible 24/7, for any technical questions. Trust Pilot gives it a score of 4.4.


  • Operates over 400 servers in the UK
  • Can unblock the majority of popular UK streaming services
  • Blazing speed servers.
  • Robust security and encryption.
  • Live chat 24/7


  • The desktop application is a bit sluggish

Get NordVPN Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Surfshark – Unlimited Concurrent Connections in Canada


Key Attributes

  • Network Description – The network comprises 3200+ servers in 65+ countries.
  • Data Privacy – Strict no-logs policy and DNS/IP leakage prevention
  • Concurrent Device Connections – Unlimited connections
  • Money-Back Guarantee – for 30 Days
  • Price Plans – Surshark costs $2.49/mo (CA$3.22) on a 1-year plan.

Surfshark operates more than3200+ servers in 65+ countries. The download speeds are adequate for live UHD streaming content without considerable lagging, and it can even bypass notoriously stubborn streaming media services like All4, Eurosports, and Sky TV.


This service employs 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and protections against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks to prevent spies from reading your Online activity. It does not store personally identifiable information, and you may join utilizing cryptocurrency and a disposable email address.

Their NoBorders mode is an innovative function that is ideal for consumers in countries with strict internet censorship. A “MultiHop” server function passes the user’s internet connection over two VPN servers, resulting in increased security and anonymity.

Surfshark offers programs for the operating systems Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. A policy of unlimited concurrent connections allows the maximum amount of devices to connect. Surshark costs $2.49/mo (CA$3.22) on a 1-year plan. Support through live chat is available around the clock for any technical issues. This service has a Trust Pilot rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Robust unblocking capabilities
  • Fast enough connection speeds for most uses
  • No records stored
  • Extremely inexpensive pricing
  • Protects all of your devices


  • Occasionally sluggish connection speed

Get Surfshark Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

CyberGhost – Beginner Friendly VPN Service in Canada


Key Attributes

  • Network Description – The network has 6000+ servers in 88 countries.
  • Data Privacy – Strict no-logs policy and DNS/IP leakage prevention
  • Concurrent Device Connections – seven connections per device
  • Money-Back Guarantee – for 45 Days
  • Price Plans – CyberGhost costs $2.29/mo (CA$2.97) on a 1-year plan.

CyberGhost is recommended due to its beginner-friendly approach, and no lagging to watch blocked UK content via optimized UK VPN servers in Canada. CyberGhost offers almost 700 servers in the United Kingdom, which are part of a worldwide network of over 6000+ servers in 88 countries.

Additional features include anti-tracking, anti-malware protection, and ad-blocking capabilities. CyberGhost can unblock Hulu, Netflix, Eurosports, All4, Sky TV, and other geo-blocked content reliably. This positions it in an elite category of VPNs.


By default, all Internet communication is encrypted with perfect forward secrecy and 256-bit AES encryption using the OpenVPN protocol. A kill switch for the Internet is supplied. The corporation is registered and has its headquarters in Romania.

Therefore, it is exempted from compulsory information protection laws. CyberGhost emphasizes the security aspect with domestic laws of not keeping user information (no- logs policy).

Available app platforms include Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux. Routers don’t have apps, they may still be configured manually. To resolve any technical issue you can connect to experts through Live Chat which is available round-the-clock. Trustpilot gives it a score of 4.6 out of a possible 5.0.


  • Large server presence in the United Kingdom.
  • Perfect for streaming and downloading.
  • User-friendly apps for beginning newbies.
  • Privacy and security online are robust.


  • Blocked in China and the United Arab Emirates.
  • No command over advanced features.

Get CyberGhost Now!45 Days Money Back Guarantee

IPVanish – Comprehensive Apps to Get UK IP Address in Canada


Key Attributes

  • Network Description – They have 2000+ servers in 75 countries.
  • Data Privacy – Strict no-logging policy and DNS/IP leak protection
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30-days
  • Concurrent Connections – 10 per user
  • Price Plans – IPVanish costs $3.99/mo (CA$5.16) on a 1-year plan.

IPVanish offers the best value for money by providing intuitive apps to get UK IP addresses in Canada. It maintains over 100 UK VPN servers in the United Kingdom. Its global server network consists of over 2000+ in 75 countries.

IPVanish is fast, safe, and has huge uptime. IPVanish is adaptable with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sling TV, and HBO Max with no difficulties.


By default, IPVanish employs OpenVPN with a DHE-RSA 2,048-bit key exchange with perfect forward secrecy, SHA512 authentication, and 256-bit strong encryption, It does not save any information (no-logs policy) other than when an account is initially created.

IPVanish is popular among Kodi users since it allows them to instantly download the Android APK to their devices. Apps are available for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Linux and routers could be manually configured with IPVanish. It is rated 4.6 out of 5.0 on Trust Pilot.


  • Unblocks an expanding variety of streaming services
  • Preferred by Kodi and users of remote-friendly programs


  • Does not function with some Netflix libraries
  • No Bitcoin payment option

Get IPVanish Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How To Get UK IP Address in Canada with A Proxy Server

A proxy server can be used to get a United Kingdom IP address in Canada. If you look long and hard enough, you could even come upon a free proxy server. Proxy servers are a computer that serves as intermediaries between your device and the network in its most basic form. Both your real identity and your IP address may indeed be hidden using this method.

This strategy can be used to circumvent geographic limitations in jurisdictions like the UK and elsewhere. However, if you want to browse the internet anonymously, we recommend utilizing a virtual private network (VPN).

Proxy servers do not ensure complete anonymity or security when surfing the Internet. While VPNs not only provide you encryption but also give your protection against snoopers.

How To Get UK IP Address in Canada with SmartDNS

SmartDNS helps people acquire a UK IP address in Canada. SmartDNS services alter your DNS queries so it seems like you’re in the UK. This technique is efficient for accessing UK services on smart gadgets, but it lacks the security and privacy of a VPN.

A VPN prohibits the Isps and government from monitoring your web activity. SmartDNS doesn’t offer these benefits; it only provides access to UK-based internet services.

Choosing The Best VPN To Get UK IP Address in Canada – Methodology

To determine the best VPN for accessing U.K. IP addresses in Canada, the following factors were considered:

Servers in the UK

Choose a VPN with servers in the United Kingdom to get the UK IP address in Canada. Obtaining a UK address is impossible without it.

Military-Grade Encryption

Use a VPN that has 256-bit encryption, the highest degree of protection currently available. Your online activity should not be tracked by the VPN, which should have a stringent security policy. There should be a kill switch and IP/DNS leak prevention, and you may select from a variety of protocols.

Application For Your Preferred Devices

All platforms are not supported by all VPNs. Before signing up, make sure you can use the service on the devices you intend to use. To maintain your online security, find out how many devices you may use simultaneously from any place.

Reliable Customer Support

Regardless of the time of day or night, you should be able to receive help from your VPN service. Call, email, and live chat should all be available methods of getting in touch with the customer service department.

Before you join up, make sure you speak with customer care to see if they can address all of your concerns. For example, they should be able to tell you if and which of their servers are capable of unblocking Netflix streams.

High Speeds

One of the most common reasons for obtaining a UK IP address in Canada is to access television programming. Because of this, you’ll need a VPN that has fast and reliable servers. Make certain that the service has no and/or infinite bandwidth.

How To Get UK IP Address in Canada – FAQs

How can I get a free UK IP address in Canada?

To obtain a free UK IP address in Canada, one needs to follow these procedures.

  • Registering for a free virtual private network is not recommended.
  • Signup for the subscription and then download the VPN software or program.
  • Erase your cache and reboot your device to delete past geolocation markers.
  • Sign into your VPN service and log in to a United Kingdom server in Canada.
  • Go to your United Kingdom site to surf

Does NordVPN have UK servers in Canada?

Yes, there are 607 servers in the United Kingdom area that they manage.

Do any VPN providers offer a dedicated IP address from the UK in Canada?

Dedicated IPs from the United Kingdom are available through several VPN services. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are examples of VPNs that charge an additional fee to provide you with an individual IP address. Keep this in mind when choosing your VPN service.

Having a dedicated IP address has several benefits, including the opportunity to avoid blacklists and the need to re-verify your identity.

If I use a UK IP address from a VPN service in Canada, would it prevent my Internet service provider from restricting the BBC iPlayer service?

All VPN service providers are not created equal. Other VPNs, like certain ISPs, place capacity restrictions on your connection, resulting in stuttering and lag when using BBC iPlayer. High-quality VPN providers often provide unlimited bandwidth.

By connecting to a British VPN server and obtaining a UK IP address in Canada, you may avoid bandwidth restrictions imposed by your ISP and continue watching BBC iPlayer without interruption.

How can I get UK IP free in Canada?

You may obtain free UK IP addresses in Canada three ways:

  • Utilizing a VPN to acquire a UK IP address in Canada.
  • Proxy Servers are available to get UK IP addresses in Canada.
  • You may use TOR to acquire a free UK IP address in Canada.


In this article titled “How To Get UK IP Address in Canada With A VPN“, we are devoted to giving the most useful, easily accessible information for obtaining a UK IP address in Canada. We have exhausted all legal means and the most effective resources to achieve the objective.
We listed top-tier VPNs for acquiring UK IP addresses in Canada, however, ExpressVPN stands out as our top recommendation due to its overall superior services.

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