3 Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users (2024)

Last updated: January 4, 2024
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For those traveling from the USA to Kazakhstan, the recent move by the Kazakhstan government on January 5, 2022, to curtail internet access demonstrated its capability to control citizens’ online connectivity. This emphasizes the significance of employing a VPN, especially one with robust encryption, to guarantee the security and privacy of users, particularly in regions where internet usage is tightly monitored. Using a VPN becomes essential in such situations to bypass restrictions and ensure a safe online experience while traveling in Kazakhstan.

Aside from the internet shutdown, the Kazakh authorities also imposed restrictions on accessing social media platforms, aiming to hinder information sharing and communication with the global community. This intensifies the necessity for a dependable VPN service, enabling Canadians to circumvent censorship and safeguard their right to express themselves freely online, even while using a Kazakhstan IP address.

If you are in search of a free VPN for Kazakhstan, that allows seamless and secure internet browsing, we recommend delving further into this informative blog. Explore how this free VPN solution ensures a hassle-free online experience with enhanced privacy and protection.

When considering internet service providers in Kazakhstan, it’s crucial to acknowledge that most are under government control. Consequently, we have ensured that all the suggested VPNs have a firm dedication to maintaining a strict no-logs policy and are located outside of Kazakhstan’s jurisdiction.

Discover how these best VPN services prioritize your online security and privacy in this informative selection.

Quick Overview: Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users

Here we are with a quick overview of our Top free VPNs for accessing Kazakhstan.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Kazakhstan with Free Trial For Canadian Users – ExpressVPN stands out as a top-notch VPN, whether Canadians opt for a complimentary or premium plan. It surpasses expectations in every aspect, earning the reputation as the swiftest and most reliable VPN in the market.

2. UrbanVPN – Torrent-Friendly Free VPN for Kazakhstan – While Urban VPN may be smaller in size compared to others, it boasts intriguing functionalities and maintains commendable speeds, rivaling some of the top VPN providers. Despite its smaller scale, this VPN has interesting features that make it a worthy contender in the market.

3. Hotspot Shield – Free VPN for Kazakhstan with Large Server Network – Hotspot Shield operates as a VPN provider headquartered in California, USA. With a widespread server network, they offer connections in multiple regions. Rigorous testing confirms that Hotspot Shield’s servers exhibit high-speed performance, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Methodology | FAQs

How Can a Free VPN Help Canadians in Kazakhstan?

Over the past few years, Kazakhstan has witnessed a decline in internet freedom. The nation has introduced measures such as mandating personal identification when posting comments on websites, frequently restricting access to social media platforms, and employing internet surveillance technology.

These policies have collectively contributed to the tightening control over online activities in the country, prompting concerns regarding freedom of expression and privacy.

Utilizing a reliable free VPN for Kazakhstan server empowers users to bypass website restrictions and access online resources that may otherwise be blocked. Simultaneously, it ensures the encryption of your internet traffic and conceals your IP address, safeguarding your online privacy and shielding you from potential surveillance by both your internet service provider and the government.

3 Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users – Detail Analysis 2024

Finding the right free VPN for streaming your favorite content can be a daunting task. Here’s our pick of the top free VPNs for accessing Kazakhstan and their full details.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Kazakhstan with Free Trial For Canadian Users

Key Features

  • Boasts an extensive network with 3000 servers across 105 countries, including Kazakhstan
  • Experience the service risk-free with a 7-day complimentary trial.
  • Enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds of 89.42 Mbps for downloads and 84.64 Mbps for uploads.
  • Seamless Ultra HD streaming with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Top-notch AES-256 Bit encryption ensures Canadians data remains secure.
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously for added convenience.

When it comes to the ideal VPN for Kazakhstan’s Free Trial, ExpressVPN stands out as a reliable and trustworthy option with a commendable reputation since its establishment. Their vast server network covers 105 countries, prominently featuring a substantial presence in Canada with over 3000 servers, including 500 in Canada exclusively. ExpressVPN also provides high speed servers in UK on its free trial, making it a top free UK VPN For Canadian Users .

Throughout our assessments, ExpressVPN consistently proved its capability to bypass restrictions and unblock various sites and streaming platforms, effectively meeting our intended objectives for website blocking. We easily unblocked ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer in Canada with its server. And then we unblocked Netflix Kazakhstan using ExpressVPN’s Kazakh server.


We easily unblocked Netflix Kazakhstan using ExpressVPN

Additionally, our team conducted an ExpressVPN speed test in Canada on a 100 Mbps connection, and the results were remarkable, with download speeds averaging around 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 84.64 Mbps.


With ExpressVPN, you’ll enjoy lightning-quick speeds for uninterrupted browsing

Running torrent with ExpressVPN in Canada was a breeze, providing a secure and efficient platform for seamless file sharing. You can trust ExpressVPN to maintain high-speed connections and facilitate hassle-free torrenting experiences.

With the help of this amazing VPN with Kazakhstan server, we were able to watch and unblock platforms like ExpressVPN Disney Plus in Canada, and Hulu with ExpressVPN in Canada. It also supports Netflix, CBS, ARTE, Paramount, HBO Max, and many more streaming platforms.

ExpressVPN offers versatility, supporting an extensive array of devices and platforms, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and macOS. ExpressVPN on Firestick in Canada, Roku, and ExpressVPN on Kodi in Canada is also supported. This broad compatibility allows users to enjoy seamless VPN access across various devices for a unified browsing experience.

Additionally, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer function further enhances accessibility, enabling users to effortlessly stream content on devices that do not support native VPN installations. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of ExpressVPN’s widespread compatibility options.

With ExpressVPN, users can benefit from top-notch security measures, including industry-leading AES-256 encryption, ensuring data protection at the highest level. ExpressVPN goes the extra mile by providing DNS and IP leak protection, as well as malware detection, reinforcing a safe online environment.

Remarkably, despite its advanced features, ExpressVPN remains a budget-friendly option, making premium security accessible to all. Additionally, ExpressVPN enables users to bypass ISP throttling, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted browsing experiences.

ExpressVPN offers a range of subscription choices, among them a 2-year plan at the affordable rate of CA$ 9.09 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free per month (49% discount + 3 months free on the 12-month plan). This makes it an excellent budget-friendly option for users seeking premium VPN services without breaking the bank.

You have the easiness of a useful 30-day refund, and the “cancel ExpressVPN subscription in Canada” option, in case you change your mind. To avoid all this, the ExpressVPN free trial hack in Canada is available to understand the working of this VPN in the trial period. so you can use it as a Free VPN for Russia For Canadian Users and Free VPN Philippines For Canadian Users as well.

Get more about this VPN in our ExpressVPN review Canada.

  • Experience lightning-fast speeds thanks to the innovative Lightway protocol.
  • Enjoy added flexibility with the option to make payments using cryptocurrency.
  • Fast speed for torrent.
  • Fast servers, located all over the globe

  • The pricing may be higher compared to other VPN providers.
  • Beginners may find the service slightly more complex to navigate initially.

2. UrbanVPN – Torrent-Friendly Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users


Key Features:

  • Benefit from a network of 500 servers spread across 21 countries, including Kazakhstan
  • Access the free version, offering unlimited data usage for uninterrupted browsing.
  • Enjoy impressive internet speeds of 59.17 Mbps for downloads and 46.82 Mbps for uploads.
  • Seamlessly stream Ultra HD content with unlimited bandwidth support.
  • Rest assured of top-notch security with AES-256 encryption.
  • Connect up to 4 devices simultaneously for added convenience.

Next on our roster is UrbanVPN, featuring a more compact server network in contrast to ExpressVPN. With approximately 500 servers dispersed across 21 countries, UrbanVPN provides Canadians with a smaller but diverse selection of locations to connect to. Although not as extensive as ExpressVPN’s network, UrbanVPN still ranks among Top free VPNs for accessing Kazakhstan.

UrbanVPN effectively unlocks Netflix for Canadians, albeit limited to the US region. While it may not be as proficient in unblocking other services and applications compared to some VPNs, it remains a viable and commendable option for those seeking a free VPN. UrbanVPN offers valuable features and serves as a reliable choice for users exploring the advantages of a complimentary VPN service.

We easily unblocked and streamed Netflix Kazakhstan using Urban VPN.


Within seconds, we were able to unblock Netflix Kazakhstan using Urban VPN

The UrbanVPN speed test outcomes were satisfactory, demonstrating respectable speeds. Download speeds averaged at 59.17 Mbps, while upload speeds consistently surpassed 46.82 Mbps. These results indicate that UrbanVPN offers users a decent browsing experience with its reliable performance.


Urban VPN offers decent speeds for streaming

UrbanVPN has limited compatibility, supporting Linux, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android devices. The free version permits only one simultaneous connection while opting for the paid version increases the limit to 4 simultaneous connections.

Additionally, UrbanVPN can be utilized with gaming consoles, Roku, Kodi, Firestick, and Chromecast, offering users a broader range of device options for their VPN needs.

Also there is an another aspect, to use Urban VPN, that is you can play games by connecting to different countries of the world other than Kazakhstan, Likewise we played Dota 2 on our Xbox. By connecting Urban’s VPN servers to different countries from Kazakhstan, to appear as if we are playing from those regions. And during this whole process, we were not only able to find this free VPN which gives servers in Kazakhstan, but along with that, we found a good free VPN for Xbox in Canada and a top free VPN for Dota 2 in Canada as well. UrbanVPN implements robust AES-256 encryption, ensuring top-notch security for users. With a sensible no-logs policy and a reliable kill-switch feature, UrbanVPN prioritizes user privacy and data protection. Moreover, it supports P2P torrenting and offers round-the-clock live chat support, guaranteeing a seamless and supported browsing experience for its users.

UrbanVPN offers a singular service level accompanied by several plan options catering to users’ preferences. As the most budget-friendly VPN on our list, UrbanVPN’s pricing starts at $3.49 per month, with the 12-month plan dropping to as low as $1.49 per month. Additionally, UrbanVPN provides added reassurance with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to explore its features risk-free.

If you are still interested in more details about this VPN, read our UrbanVPN review.

  • No need for registration, making the signup process hassle-free.
  • Enjoy unrestricted bandwidth, enabling seamless browsing and streaming experiences.
  • Effortless accessibility to the VPN without the requirement for extensive registration steps.
  • Provides a secure and private online environment, protecting user data from potential threats.

  • Occasionally experiences connection drops, leading to momentary disruptions in service.
  • May encounter occasional connection issues, affecting the overall browsing experience.

Get UrbanVPN in Kazakhstan30-Day Risk-Free Trial

3. Hotspot Shield – Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users with Large Server Network

Key Features

  • The VPN boasts a network of 1800 servers spread across 80 countries, including Kazakhstan
  • Users have access to a free version, albeit with a data limit of 500 MB.
  • Enjoy remarkable download speeds of 81.53 Mbps and upload speeds of 79.04 Mbps.
  • The service supports Ultra HD streaming with unlimited bandwidth
  • Users can connect up to five devices interconnectedly

Ranked third on our list is Hotspot Shield, and rightfully so. It has demonstrated impressive performance when compared to other excellent VPN choices. Moreover, its vast server network boasts 1800 servers across approximately 80 countries, ensuring broad global coverage for users.

Hotspot Shield effortlessly unlocks Hulu and Disney Plus, even with its free plan. It also demonstrates the ability to unblock other streaming services. However, the 500 MB per day data limit restricts the full exploration of its capabilities. Despite this limitation, Hotspot Shield remains a convenient choice for accessing popular streaming platforms with its free plan.

We easily unblocked and streamed Netflix Kazakhstan using Hotspot Shield.


We easily unblocked Netflix Kazakhstan using Hotspot Shield

However, the Hotspot Shield speed test showcased remarkable speeds. Surpassing other VPNs we evaluated, it achieved impressive download speeds of 81.53 Mbps and upload speeds of 79.04 Mbps. This outstanding performance sets Hotspot Shield apart as a strong contender in the realm of fast and efficient VPN services.


Hotspot Shield offers impressive speeds for streaming

Hotspot Shield extends compatibility to various devices, including Android, Mac, and Windows. Canadians can seamlessly access the VPN on their preferred platforms, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience across a wide range of devices. Whether it’s desktop or mobile, Hotspot Shield caters to diverse user needs, enabling secure browsing on multiple devices. During our tests on multiple devices, we found out that Hotspot is also a reliable free VPN for Firestick in Canada.

Hotspot Shield caters to premium users with essential features, including P2P torrenting, robust AES-256 encryption, and their proprietary protocol, Hydra. The VPN ensures user privacy with a strict no-logs policy and offers an automated kill switch for added security.

Additionally, Hotspot Shield provides round-the-clock live chat support, guaranteeing prompt assistance for any potential concerns or inquiries users may have.

While Hotspot Shield does offer a free tier, its features are somewhat restricted, making the paid tier a more appealing choice. Opting for the 12-month plan proves to be cost-effective, as it amounts to just $7.99 USD per month in total, providing better value for money compared to the monthly package priced at $12.99 USD.

Our comprehensive Hotspot Shield Review can help you further in learning more details about this VPN.

  • Remarkable speed performance, providing fast and efficient browsing experiences.
  • Successfully unlocks access to Netflix and its content.
  • Offers seamless streaming and downloading capabilities for uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Provides reliable and consistent connectivity for users.

  • Customer support may exhibit occasional inconsistencies, affecting the level of assistance provided.
  • Users may experience intermittent challenges when seeking support or resolving issues.

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users

Unblock Kazakhstan with a reliable free VPN by following our testing methodology.


Choosing a free VPN for Kazakhstan provides various benefits, but price is a critical consideration. Since it should be free, it allows users to access essential features without incurring any costs, making it an economical choice for privacy and security.


Encryption is a key feature to prioritize when selecting a VPN. Look for strong encryption protocols, such as AES-256, as they ensure that your data remains confidential and protected from potential cyber threats, guaranteeing a secure online experience.

Chosen Server:

The number of Kazakhstan servers offered by the VPN provider is crucial for optimal performance. The more servers they have in the region, the better the connection stability and speed, facilitating seamless access to local content and services.

Unblock Geo-restricted channels:

Unblocking geo-restricted channels is essential, especially for accessing global content from Kazakhstan. A reliable VPN should bypass geo-restrictions, granting access to popular streaming platforms and ensuring an enriched entertainment experience.


Speed is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a free VPN. Look for a service that maintains high-speed connections, enabling smooth and uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and downloading activities, enhancing overall online productivity and satisfaction.

3 Simple Steps to Connect to a Local Kazakhstan Server

Connecting to a VPN with Kazakhstan server is easy with these three simple steps:

  • Download and Install the VPN: Begin by downloading the preferred VPN software or app on your device. Ensure it is compatible with your operating system.
  • Select Kazakhstan Server: Launch the VPN application and browse through the server list. Choose a server located in Kazakhstan to establish a local connection.
  • Connect and Enjoy: Click on the “Connect” button to initiate the connection to the Kazakhstan server. Once connected, you can now enjoy a secure and unrestricted browsing experience, accessing local content and services with ease.

Following these straightforward steps enables Canadians to access the internet through a local Kazakhstan server, providing enhanced security and ensuring seamless access to content available within the country.

What Are The Risks of Using a Free VPN in Kazakhstan For Canadian Users ?

Secure and fast free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users are available, but with following risks involved.

Security Vulnerabilities:

Free VPNs may lack robust security measures, leaving your data susceptible to potential breaches and cyber-attacks. Without proper encryption and security protocols, your sensitive information could be exposed to malicious entities.

Data Privacy Concerns:

Free VPN providers often rely on alternative revenue streams, such as selling user data to third parties for advertising purposes. This compromises your privacy as your online activities could be tracked and analyzed without your consent.

Limited Features and Bandwidth:

Free VPNs usually offer limited features and bandwidth, resulting in slower speeds and restricted access to certain services and websites. This can hinder your online experience and productivity.

Unreliable Connections:

Free VPN servers might become overcrowded due to a large number of Canadians, leading to unstable connections and frequent disconnections. Such unreliability can disrupt your internet activities and pose frustrations.

Potential Malware and Adware:

Some free VPNs might embed malware or adware in their applications, putting your device at risk of infections and intrusive advertisements. These unwanted elements can harm your device’s performance and compromise your security

Free VPNs to Avoid for Canadians in Kazakhstan

Stream Kazakhstani content with a free VPN, but avoid these free VPNs at all cost.


Hide.me VPN is a popular service known for its strong commitment to user privacy, robust security protocols, and no-logs policy. It offers a user-friendly interface and decent speeds, making it appealing to many users.

However, it should be noted that the free version of Hide.me has limitations, such as restricted bandwidth and access to a limited number of servers. This may not be suitable for Kazakhstan, where internet access is heavily regulated, and the need for unrestricted browsing and optimal speeds is crucial.


While HolaVPN is free and allows users to access geo-blocked content, its approach to routing traffic through other users’ devices raises significant security and privacy concerns. Canadians User of HolaVPN unknowingly become exit nodes for others, potentially exposing their IP addresses and sensitive data. This peer-to-peer network model poses substantial risks for users in Kazakhstan, where online privacy and protection against surveillance are essential.


HoxxVPN is another free VPN that offers encryption and claims to provide secure browsing. However, there have been reports of connection issues, slow speeds, and limited server locations with this service.

In addition, HoxxVPN’s privacy policy has raised some skepticism, as it may log certain user information. This lack of transparency and potential data logging make it a less desirable choice for users in Kazakhstan, where ensuring data privacy and anonymity is critical.

Learn more about these malign VPNs from HoxxVPN Review, HolaVPN Review, and Hide.me Review.

Free VPN Services for Other Regions:

In case you’re visiting another country, here are a few free VPN guides for other countries:

FAQ: Free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users

Absolutely, Canadians have the option to utilize a free VPN to connect to Kazakhstan effortlessly. Gain a Kazakhstan IP address swiftly with this fast and complimentary VPN service, ideal for unblocking restricted websites and applications.

Experience enhanced security and privacy through the implementation of OpenVPN connection technology, utilizing a 2048-bit key generated via OpenSSL, ensuring a confidential and protected link, especially when accessing open Wi-Fi networks.

Yes, using free VPNs can lead to streaming quality issues and buffering while watching content. Since free VPNs often have limited server options and high user traffic, they may not provide sufficient bandwidth for smooth streaming.

Additionally, some free VPNs implement data caps, further impacting streaming performance and leading to frustrating interruptions during video playback.

Free VPNs may not consistently bypass geoblocking restrictions to enable access to Kazakhstan from any location. Their limited server network and high user traffic can result in unreliable performance, making it challenging to circumvent geoblocks effectively.

For more dependable and seamless access to Kazakhstan’s content in Canada, opting for a reputable and paid VPN service with a comprehensive server coverage is recommended.

The legality of using VPNs in Kazakhstan hinges on Canadians online activities. In a region known for extensive internet censorship, VPNs offer a means to bypass blocked content and restore internet freedom.

By leveraging a VPN, users can navigate the web securely and access unrestricted online resources, circumventing the limitations imposed by the country’s heavy internet censorship measures

While ExpressVPN does not offer a free plan, it does provide a risk-free 30-day free trial, allowing users to test its service in Kazakhstan. UrbanVPN is a free VPN that offers a Kazakhstan server, enabling access to region-specific content.

Hotspot Shield offers a free version, but it may have limitations in terms of server locations and bandwidth, which could impact performance in Kazakhstan. Canadians can explore these options to determine the most suitable free VPN for their needs in the country.

For Canadians seeking an efficient free VPN for Kazakhstan, it offers the ability to bypass blocked websites and access restricted online resources. Additionally, this VPN ensures the encryption of internet traffic, providing enhanced security and anonymity by concealing your IP address. Embrace this powerful solution to navigate the internet securely and access content without limitations in Kazakhstan.

Yes, free VPNs can be safe for use in Kazakhstan, but it depends on the provider’s reputation and security measures. Some reputable free VPN services prioritize user privacy and employ strong encryption, making them safe options. However, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and reliable free VPN to ensure a secure online experience in Kazakhstan.


In light of the increasingly stringent internet regulations in Kazakhstan, investing in a VPN is a prudent decision. With a free VPN for Kazakhstan, Canadians can freely explore their favorite websites and TV shows without encountering any restrictions.

Unrestricted internet usage is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all without cost. A free VPN for Kazakhstan For Canadian Users enables Canadians to exercise this right seamlessly.

For optimal performance, consider using a VPN server based in Kazakhstan, such as ExpressVPN, which we highly recommend for its superior service. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your ExpressVPN free trial today!

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