6 Best Free VPNs for Firestick & Fire TV that Work in Canada [Updated 2022]

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Want to unblock geo-restricted content using the best free VPN for Firestick devices in Canada? Check out these 6 free VPN Firestick for the job!

Best Free VPN for Firestick

Looking for ways to get more out of your Firestick device in Canada by bypassing geographical restrictions on popular streaming services, like Netflix? If so, then you are at the right place.

Not every free VPN is good. Therefore, we recommend the best free VPNs.

We have tested over 180+ services to bring you the 6 best free VPNs for Firestick in Canada, which you can use for streaming and unblocking, minus any hassles.

Of course, free VPNs for Canada do have their limits in the form of data caps and bandwidth limitations, which is why I recommend Surfshark. It offers a risk-free 30-day refund policy. For a complete detailed blog, you can read the best VPN for firestick and Fire TV in Canada.

With that said, other choices in the list are also safe and easy to use with your Fire TV in Canada. They may be limited, but they do the job. So, without further ado, let’s see what they are!

6 Best Free VPNs for Firestick in Canada: Quick Overview

  1. Surfshark: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee in Canada | Simple Fire TV application
  2. Windscribe: Free VPN with 10GB Data/Month in Canada | Download app from Amazon Store
  3. Hide.Me: 10GB Data Cap with Free Plan in Canada | Native app available for Fire TV devices.
  4. ProtonVPN: Unlimited Bandwidth for Free Users in Canada | Simple and Reliable Firestick app.
  5. TunnelBear: 500MB Data Available for Free in Canada | Supports streaming on Firestick.
  6. Hotspot Shield: No Data Limits for Free Users in Canada | Easy-to-Use app for Firestick.

Best Free VPN for Firestick in Canada: Full Analysis

After testing 180+ providers in the marketplace, finding out which services are compatible with Fire Stick in Canada, particularly those belonging to the free category was not easy. I was only able to find 6 totally free VPN for firestick in Canada that are fast and less risky to use.

For each free VPN in Canada listed below, I have provided information on the limitations. I will also continually check and update the list to bring you the most accurate recommendations. Pro Tip: if you come across a blocked VPN server, simply reconnect to a different one. 

1. Surfshark: 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Surfshark is among the best free VPNs for firestick in Canada that defies all odds to tackle names like Nord and Express, giving away amazing VPN deals.

You can take advantage of Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee to use the VPN free for one month in Canada. However, you’ll need to provide your credit card information. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the subscription plan. But the catch is to cancel the plan before completing the 30-day period.

Surfshark offers a user-friendly Firestick VPN free application in Canada that you can download directly via the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store with maximum unblocking capabilities.

You have access to over 3,200+ servers in 63 countries, which you can use for unblocking Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Voot, Hotstar, and even Disney Plus directly from your Fire TV device, minus the “proxy/VPN detected” errors!

The VPN works in Canada seamlessly on the above-mentioned streaming platforms with no buffers or lags. Also, the handy features of Surfshark like Kill Switch, Bypasser, and CleanWeb are always there to keep your online identity anonymous.

Surfshark for Firestick


  1. User-Friendly Firestick VPN App in Canada.
  2. 3200+ Servers in 63 Countries.
  3. BVI is a Safe Jurisdiction.
  4. Strict No-Logging Policy.


  1. Limited P2P Servers.

For more information, check out this full 2022 Surfshark review!

Get Surfshark!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. Windscribe: Free VPN with 10GB Data/Mo

With 10 server locations and an immensely generous data cap of 10GB/month, Windscribe is one of the best free services to use with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Fire TVs in Canada.

10GB is more than enough to judge how a VPN works in Canada when deployed with Firestick and considering the above-average speeds, you will not have a lot of trouble accomplishing that goal.

The encryption standards are a bit weak than we would like them to be at Windscribe, but the firewall and ad-blocking feature more than make up for these shortcomings.

Windscribe for Firestick

Windscribe’s free VPN can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, and BBC IPlayer in Canada. The streaming quality is good and there were no lags experienced.

Here’s how you can install Windscribe VPN on your Firestick in Canada:

Step 1: Go to Windscribe and sign up with your account.

Step 2: Turn on your Firestick device. On Home, select Find and search “Windscribe“.

Find and search "Windscribe"

Step 3: Click on the Windscribe VPN.

Click on the Windscribe VPN

Step 4: Press Get.

Press Get

Step 5: Once the downloading is finished, press Open.

press Open

Step 6: Login with your account and start using Windscribe on Firestick.


  1. Working Free Firestick VPN App in Canada.
  2. 10 GB Data Cap on Free Plan.
  3. Features ad-blocker and firewall.
  4. Supports P2P in All Countries.


  1. Customer Support is slow.

For more information, check out this full 2022 Windscribe review!

3. Hide.Me: 2GB Data Cap with Free Plan

With an incomparable reputation for protecting user privacy and religiously adhering to the policy of keeping zero user logs, Hide.Me is a great free firestick VPN in Canada.

The encryption is top grade and can match the one provided by even paid services, and its location in Malaysia takes it away from the purview of draconian data retention laws in Canada.

The data cap for the free version is 2GB, which is pretty good if you want to keep it as a great second option to complement a paid service you have already subscribed to.

Hide Me for Firestick

The free version of Hide.Me in Canada might not unblock many streaming platforms. However, it will keep you safe on the open web.

Here’s how you can install Hide.Me VPN free version.

Step 1: Go to Hide.Me VPN and sign up with your account.

Step 2: Turn on your Firestick device and enter “Hide.Me” in the search panel.

enter "Hide.Me" in the search panel

Step 3: Select the Hide.Me VPN on Amazon App Store.

Select Hide.Me VPN

Step 4: Press Get so the downloading can start.

Press Get

Step 5: Once the app is downloaded, press Open.

press Open

Step 6: Now log in with your account and start using Hide.Me VPN.


  1. 53 Servers in 32 Countries Worldwide.
  2. Exceptional Cross-Platform Support in Canada.
  3. Dedicated IPs Available for VoDs.
  4. P2P Enabled/SOCKS5 Proxy.


  1. Pricey Monthly Plan.

4. ProtonVPN: Unlimited Bandwidth for Free Users

Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN is quite a popular free service in Canada; one that has recently even been banned by Russian agencies for its unbeatable encryption and security.

The service is among the few that works on Amazon Fire TV devices in Canada, allowing users to leverage entertainment by connecting to VPN servers in Canada at the utmost level of convenience.

You can connect to 3 server locations with the free version and if you want more, you’ll have to get a premium plan.

ProtonVPN works good overall in Canada, but it might lack the quality of speed with the free version.

You can download their free VPN for Firestick application in Canada from Amazon Store or Google Play Store and leverage unlimited bandwidth for streaming and unblocking.

ProtonVPN for Firestick Free

ProtonVPN is easy-to-use, flexible, and has unlimited data usage in Canada. However, the slow speeds can come in the way and spoil your experience with streaming services on Firestick a little.

Here’s how you can install ProtonVPN free on Firestick in Canada:

Step 1: Go to the ProtonVPN website and create an account.

Step 2: On your Amazon Firestick device, go to Find > Search.

Step 3: Enter “ProtonVPN” and click on the ProtonVPN icon.

Step 4: Click on the Get button.

Step 5: Wait for the downloading to finish and then click Open.

Step 6: Sign in with your account and start using ProtonVPN.


  1. Working Free Firestick VPN App in Canada.
  2. 600+ Servers in 40+ Countries.
  3. Strict No-Logging Policy.
  4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


  1. Fewer Features with Free Plan.

5. TunnelBear: 500MB Data Cap with Free Version

Based in Canada, TunnelBear may chase away people in Canada, due to being part of a country with allegiance to Five and Fourteen Eyes. However, it is quite privacy-focused and has never been found leaking any info to government authorities.

For encryption and protocols, TunnelBear VPN provides access to IPSec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN in Canada, which uses the standard 256-bit AES ciphers. The provider even adds a “Ghostbear” feature.

It uses obfuscation technology, which helps to get around firewalls in countries, like China. For connectivity, you have a selection of 1,000+ servers in 23 countries. The Firestick app in Canada is available for download directly from the Amazon store.

TunnelBear for Firestick totally free

However, TunnelBear VPN is not available on Amazon App Store yet. So we’ll need to use a third-party app called Downloader to sideload an APK file on our Firestick in Canada.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: On your Firestick, go to the Settings. Head to My Fire TV or Devices > Developer Options > Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On.

Unknown Sources

Step 2: On your Firestick homescreen, go to Find > Search.

Find > Search

Step 3: Search “Downloader“.

Search "Downloader"

Step 4: Download the Downloader app by clicking on Get.

Step 5: Once the app is downloaded, click on Open.

click on Open

Step 6: On the homescreen of the Downloader app, you’ll see a URL field. Enter the TunnelBear URL for the APK file: https://bit.ly/3vmPQQq

Enter the TunnelBear URL

Step 7: Click on Go.

Step 8: Once the VPN is downloaded, install it.

Once the VPN is downloaded, install it

Step 9: Once the installation finishes, launch the TunnelBear VPN app and start using.


  1. Advanced Features like VigilantBear and GhostBear.
  2. 1000+ Servers in 23 Countries Worldwide.
  3. Easy-to-use Windows Client Software.
  4. 50% Discount on the Yearly Plan in Canada.
  5. Works with Netflix Smoothly in Canada.


  1. 500MB Limit on Free Trial

6. Hotspot Shield: No Data Limits for Free Users

This one is more generous as a free service as compared to Tunnelbear, allowing you the option to choose between servers in 15 countries including Canada, getting protected by military-grade encryption, and more.

Hotspot Shield is an old name in the VPN industry, gaining user trust and credibility over the years. It also offers unlimited bandwidth to the users with their basic (free) plan in Canada.

However, you won’t have access to many other features like multi-logins or chat support unless you plan to go premium. The Free version of this service is supported by ads.

Free Hotspot Shield for Firestick

The VPN offers fast speeds and a user-friendly interface. Also, torrenting and P2P file sharing is allowed.

Here’s how you can install Hotspot Shield for free on Firestick in Canada:

Step 1: Go to the Hotspot Shield website and create your account.

Step 2: On your Firestick homescreen, click on Find and head to Search.

Find and head to Search

Step 3: Enter “Hotspot Shield” and click on the VPN in the results.

Enter "Hotspot Shield"

Step 4: Click on Get to download the VPN app.

Click on Get

Step 5: Once the downloading finishes, click on Open.

click on Open

Step 6: Now sign in with your account and start using Hotspot Shield VPN.


  1. Unlimited VPN Bandwidth in Canada.
  2. Automatic Kill Switch
  3. No DNS Leaks Detected
  4. Chrome Extension
  5. Split Tunneling Available


  1. Slow Customer Support

How to Install Free VPN on Firestick in Canada:

Step 1: Launch your Amazon Firestick device and click on the “search” icon.
How to Install Free VPn for Firestick (1)

Step 2: Type in “Windscribe” or any other free VPN you prefer and tap on the first result that appears.

tap on Windscribe

Step 3: Tap on the “Windscribe” app and hit the “Get” button.

tap on the Get button

Step 4: Wait for the download/installation process to complete

Wait for the download to complete

Step 5: Launch the app and enter your username and password

Step 6: Connect to any server of your choice by exploring “countries”

Criteria of Choosing Top Completely Free VPN for Firestick in Canada

When it comes to getting the best free VPN firestick in Canada, you need to be wary of certain factors. Below I have provided a list of criteria for the VPNs that I selected to use on Firestick in Canada:

  • Zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leaks that could result in getting your VPN detected in Canada.
  • Minimal speed loss issues so that you can unblock seamlessly on Firestick in Canada.
  • Applications are available on Google Play and Amazon Store for installation in Canada.
  • Strong military-grade, AES-256 encryption for security and privacy in Canada.
  • Good number of servers in different countries for stress-free unblocking.

Best free VPN for Firestick in Canada FAQs

Which free Firestick VPN in Canada gives you most data?

Windscribe and Hide.Me VPN gives 10 GB free data for Firestick in Canada. 10 GB is enough for 3 hour high definition streaming or 10 hour standard definition streaming. However, a better option would be to sign up for Surfshark by taking advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee to escape all kinds of limitations.

Is there a totally free VPN for Firestick in Canada?

Yes, there is. All the VPNs mentioned in this guide including Windscribe, Hide.Me, ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, and Hotspot Shield are freemium VPNs for Firestick in Canada. You can enjoy all the benefits that they offer for free. However, if you want more, you’ll have to sign up for their premium subscription plan.

Is it safe to use free VPN on Firestick in Canada?

Yes, it is. But only if you are using a freemium VPN. Freemium VPNs are the free version of premium VPNs. Other VPNs that are totally free can be dangerous. They can target you with ads and sell your private data to concerned parties to earn a commission. Also, they can be very slow to use and your data will be at risk.

How do I change the VPN on my Firestick for free in Canada?

All you need to do is uninstall the VPN that is already on your Firestick. Then create an account on your desired VPN provider. Now download the VPN app from Amazon App Store on your Firestick, sign in with your account and start using the VPN in Canada.

Does Firestick have free VPN in Canada?

There are many free VPNs for Firestick in Canada. You’ll be restricted to use some of the features and functions if you go for a free VPN in Canada but it’s good if you’re not a hardcore VPN user. However, if you want to use all the features that a VPN offer and explore maximum content on different server locations then go for premium VPN provider like Surfshark.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, I come to an end of this best free VPN for Firestick in Canada guide. I hope the recommendations above and steps to install a VPN in Canada comes in handy for the viewers.

Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues/troubles, do not hesitate on commenting below. Also, feel free to share this guide with others looking for a working free service for Firestick in Canada!

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