YouTube Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh – Dozens of VEVO Artist Channels Affected

Last Updated: April 10, 2018
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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**Update at 10:28am by Best VPN – YouTube is finally retaliating. The removed “Despacito” video is back up!

In a surprising turn of events, many official celebrity VEVO YouTube channels have been HACKED! Oh yes, it seems the hit video streaming platform does indeed have security vulnerabilities. Though people are still debating whether it is a “bug”, let us clear things out and tell you it CERTAINLY IS NOT.

YouTube is too advanced to suffer a minor bug of “CHANGED TITLES”, and did we mention the “Despacito” video has been taken down, after reaching the 5-billion mark? Oh no, how are you going to listen to your favorite track now? Haha, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy hearing this version.

**Update at 8:28 AM: The “Despacito” video has been re-uploaded by a channel known as “”Vainglory Tournaments TV”. So, as we stated earlier, YouTube has definitely been HACKED!


YouTube VEVO Hacked – What’s Going On Though?

While the entire hacking escapade is rather funny, as we see titles changing consistently – things are getting rather serious by the minute, as some of the hacked videos are delivering a message of protest asking for freedom in Palestine by using the “FreePalestine” tags. Other videos even had a title that said “Fuck Illuminati”, but for now, it’s clear that the hackers are anti-Israel. Affected channels include:

….And the list keeps on growing!

Youtube Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh


Information on the Youtube Hackers Prosox & Kuroi’sh

It’s too early to say anything about the hackers, but we do know there are at least six individuals responsible for the attempt: “Prosox”, “Kuroi’SH”, “Shade”, “Akashi IT”, KiraRoot, and Xepher.

While some of them seem to bring about issues relating to Palestine and the Illuminati, we recently came across a Tweet from Prosox, who says there is a vulnerability in the video-sharing site that allows for the changing of titles.

This leads us to believe whoever these guys are might just be messing with YouTube or revealing a “bug”.


Possible Future Attacks by Hackers Prosox & Kuroi’sh

Oh wait, we spoke a little too soon earlier. In no way are these guys revealing a bug. Shit just got double-serious. The hacker account going by the name “Kuroi’SH” posted a tweet seconds ago declaring that if their Twitter handle doesn’t manage to garner 40,000 followers, they will hack NASA, NASA Hubble, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul.

Phew… If you thought things are coming to an end, you’re mistaken! Earlier, Kuroi’SH threatened on hacking NASA, and surprisingly, they did fulfill on their promise. The site was compromised around five days ago, and has been trying to recover since. This hacker group sure is gutsy as hell. It even tagged NASA and asked “Where’s your security?”

Prosox & Kuroi’sh nasa hack

Pro Tip: Always browse the web with a VPN service so that all your activity is anonymous & encrypted!








How to Fix Your Hacked YouTube Account

If you are one of those unfortunate individuals affected by the recent YouTube hack, there are certain steps you can take to ensure complete recovery or at the very minimum, stoppage of malicious activity on your channel. Before, we begin though, make sure to take this Security Checkup.

If you find that you cannot login to your YouTube account, click here. You will be asked to answer some questions for confirming whether or not the account is yours. Do not forget to fill all the details out. If your account recovery is successful, change your password immediately, and follow the tips below:

  1. Add a number of recovery options for signing in easily at a future time. This includes a a “Recovery Phone”, which belongs ONLY to you.
  2. Remove the previous email added to your account, and add a new one that is coupled with multiple security measures. Follow these tips for additional protection.
  3. Get another layer of security on your YouTube channel by adding the 2-Step Verification, which requires you to enter a code when signing into your account.
  4. Check the forwarding/filter settings of your account and block any unrecognized IP address that is currently logged in.

As the story continues to develop, make sure to keep following this blog for more updates. Till then, let us know what you think in the comments below. Who do you believe the hackers are? What are they trying to prove? Is changing a YouTube title with a hack code that simple?

2 Responses to YouTube Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh – Dozens of VEVO Artist Channels Affected

  1. Anon


    Stop spreading misleading headlines. Vevo most likely used the same password on all their accounts and didn’t have 2-factor authentication enabled. Youtube itself has not been compromised, only the Vevo accounts. Think before you speak.


      Hello, We really appreciate you commenting Anon. Do take a few deep breaths and relax. The entire purpose of an article is to read it completely, not just the headline, which as you can see already mentioned about VEVO channels being affected. Let’s work on comprehension, before getting furious shall we?

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