TorrentHound is now closed for good, but that doesn’t mean that the world of Torrenting is now a little less rich.

Torrenting is still a highly vibrant ecosystem with many reliable and safe Torrenting sites out there looking to cater to genuine users with genuine needs. These sites offer the best access to content from all genres so they are the best alternatives that you can look forward to if you’ve been left disappointed with the closure of Torrenthound.

Here is the detailed guide on the best Torrenhound Alternatives shedding light on the reasons behind the closure of Torrenthound, why it’s necessary to use a VPN service for torrent to stay secure while Torrenting, Best alternatives to Torrenthound and more by!

Do not get tricked with mirror site that act as honeypots to track to torrent users, mentioned website below are the best alternative but it can be risky so it is advised to use a  Torrent VPN service to mask your IP address in regions where DMCA and other copyright laws are prevailing.

What Happened to TorrentHound

As far as Torrenting is concerned, it’s one of the most popular activities on the internet, but on the flip side, it’s also one of the most frowned upon activities on the internet for the authorities. This is because, Torrenting allows users to access much of the media that they like, and free of cost but this also leads to loads of copyright infringement problems.

The authorities and copyright holders get absolutely riled up when they see any popular Torrenting site and this has led them to take some major action against the most popular Torrenting sites out there.

Two of the most popular Torrenting sites i.e. Torrentz and KickAssTorrents were closed down by the authorities for good and the possibility of more such sites falling under the radar of the authorities has since increased exponentially.

But Torrenthound is a case that begs to differ. Its owner did not give the reason of its closure as anything related to getting into trouble from the authorities, rather it cited rising costs and lowered traffic as the main reasons behind the site’s closure.

Its TorrentHound not ‘TorrentHounds’

While the reason given by the site’s owner was highly unusual because Torrenthound was one of the most popular sites for this activity out there, its something else that I need to get your attention to and that is TorrentHounds!

No, its not the same and no, its not even a clone. TorrentHounds is not TorrentHound, rather it’s a cheap imitation that doesn’t work at all. Its just leeching off a popular name in the world of Torrenting, so before I start with the best alternatives for TorrentHound, I would like to warn you about using Torrenthounds.

If you Google “TorrentHound”, the results will return the website for TorrentHounds at “0” ranking and that’s where most Torrenting novices get easily fooled.

best torrenthound alternatives

But the real shady stuff starts once you visit this website.

The site looks like your average Torrenting site, plain jane simple, nothing suspicious really.

Similar to TorrentHound Clone And Mirror

However, when I clicked on a “WonderWoman” Torrent link, I was redirected to a page that said that I didn’t have a “Binary Client” on my system and I would need one to proceed.

torrenthound clone mirror

In simple terms, this page requires you to download and install a Torrenting client from Torrenhounds, but even after doing that, the Torrenting links didn’t work.

So its definitely a dubious site and forcing you to download something before you can proceed is an incredibly unsafe activity. This file can contain anything from a virus to a malware, so it’s best that you stay away from it. It could be even using your system as a node in a much bigger network of user-owned systems, whose power its uses to accomplish something that can’t be done unless you have intense computing power.

There is even a Reddit thread complaining about this very issue, so you can be rest assured that you are alone in this. Check out some of the user comments on this threads:

I would advise you to stay away from it at all costs as it just not safe or workable enough for you to put so much of your system data at stake.

15 Best TorrentHound Alternatives

But wait, don’t get disappointed just yet as there are plenty of Torrenhound alternatives that can offer you a premium, reliable Torrenting experience.

Here are the Top 15 picks for Best Torrenthound alternatvies (But do ensure that you use the nordvpn torrenting before committing to any activity on these sites, as that would mean putting your privacy and anonymity at high risk. Authorities don’t even like legal Torrenting so its better to be protected than to leave things to chance)

It is advised to use a Torrent VPN service to mask your IP address so that your torrent downloads can’t be traced in regions where DMCA and other copyright laws are prevailing.

5 Recommend TorrentHound Alternatives

Closures of websites comes as naturally to the Torrenting world as controversies to Uber, so its best that you always keep an eye on other top players in the world of Torrenting and not just focus on one. TorrentHound is definitely gone for good now but there still remains a lot of Torrenting sites that are good enough for you to consider.

But irrespective of what site you choose among these, it’s highly recommended from my end that you subscribe to a Cheap VPN such as purevpn and ensure that you are always secure from getting tracked by the authorities or from receiving litigation notices for copyright infringement by copyright trolls! ( doesn’t endorse any illegal Torrenting activity that cause copyright infringement).

Above, I listed the top 15 Best Alternatives to TorrentHound and here I am covering 5 of them in a bit more detail (They are the top 5 among the 15, so if you are considering an alternative, go for these ones first and then for the rest).

The Pirate Bay:

Is there any site after the closure of KickAss Torrents that can lay claim to the tile of being the Best site for Torrenting other than The Pirate Bay? Definitely not!

The Pirate Bay is one of the best, if not the best Torrenting site on the internet right now. It caters to media and content from all genres and usually users have no difficulty finding what they came looking for. The site is extremely user friendly and pretty straightforward to benefit from, even for novices.

TPB works on a premise of being the ‘Hub” of all best Torrenting sites in that it amalgamates only the best links to access a file through Torrenting from across the web and that’s the reason why its still unassailable as a Best Site for Torrenting!


Most of you might not be familiar with this name and that’s because it’s quite a new entrant in to the world of Torrenting, but still, within its short period of time serving in this industry, it’s become a hot favourite and for some solid reasons.

Apart from the reliability and diversity of the Torrent links it offers, Torlock has one of the best interfaces in the whole Torrenting industry with each different genre having its own dedicated section.

Torlock also guarantees that new Torrent links be updated every once in a while keeping this service a cut above others. But I love this site most because of its great E-Book section, do try it out as its highly recommended from my end because other Torrenting sites don’t cate much to this genre.


While I really don’t like the blue colour that forms the background of this site’s interface and that’s because Torrent sites need to carry darker hues, but apart from that the site is great for Torrenting definitely.

SeedPeer offers optimized buttons for each dedicated genre from music to movies allowing users to sift through their favourite Torrent links with incredible ease. I use this site mostly for anime file Torrenting as SeedPeer caters to this genre exceedingly well.


The name of this site is peculiar and I must say that it raised suspicions in my mind when I first started deploying it for Torrenting, but this site might not look too good from outset, grows on you as you use it frequently. This is because RARBG is sturdy, which is capability that not many Torrenting sites can match.

I have yet to encounter broken Magnet or Torrent links on this site, so I rate it very high on reliability. It has all genres but it could a lot better with a bit more frequent updating of newer Torrent files, but overall it’s definitely a recommended service.

If you are looking for a reliable alternative for Torrenhound downloads then this is definitely it.


If you are a fan of the old school, then Nyaa.Si is what should suit your tastes the best. This is a very easy website for users in terms of navigability as it is incredibly uncomplicated to begin with.

Offering both magnet and Torrent links for each file on the main interface, its perhaps the best site to get accustomed to the world of Torrenting.

It doesn’t have much in the name of flashy user interface nor its update its links directory as frequently as other sites on this list do, but it’s definitely one of the better Torrenting sites out there if you are looking for a good enough TorrentHound alternative.


Torrenting allows you to access your required media files catering to nearly all genres ranging from movies to games and from software to music, so it’s imperative that instead of shunning this activity altogether due to closure of some valuable Torrenting sites like Torrenthound, you know more about the best alternatives to these sites in order to keep your Torrenting game stronger than ever!

This guide was about the best Torrenthound alternatives and consisted of what are the best ones among the hundreds that exist out there. However, keep two things in mind here, first that you definitely need the dedicated VPN to secure you while Torrrenting and secondly that Torrenting is a bit different on each device and you can see this evidently in our Torrents on iOS guide, so try to be more platform specific in order to gain the best results.

If you have had problems with any of the alternatives listed here, do mention it in the comment thread below, I would be more than happy to oblige in changing the guide after checking the validity of the problem. Let’s strive to build a more powerful, safer, reliable and legal world of Torrenting.

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