Streaming pirated content is a slippery slope for many, as it puts freebie entertainment-geeks like us, at risk of hefty DMCA fines, which is quite unfair, to say the least. Whatever happened to the free internet, sigh…? Does this mean we put a stop to streaming free HD movies/TV shows though? Ah, you people already know the answer to that, NO WAY!

Now, most are aware of the expediency of Popcorn Time, when you need to binge while relaxing with your bae or family. However, in the unfortunate circumstances of the app shutting down (always a possibility); has come up with a list of the best Popcorn Time alternatives. These outta get all cord-cutters back into the free-streaming groove! Wait just a Minute: Read our Popcorn Time VPN full detail guide as well.


But… Why Do You Need “Alternatives to Popcorn Time”?

We’d have to go a little in-depth to answer this. If you don’t already know, Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, open-source BitTorrent client, which combines streaming technology for watching HD movies/TV shows. Created by a group of geeks from Buenos Aires, PT’s main aim was to create a better way to access entertainment, and so it did – becoming a sensation on Github – as one of the most watched repositories. Things quickly took a turn for the worst though!

Popcorn Time Alternatives

PopcornTime became a worldwide sensation, immediately catching the eye of copyright infringement hunters. Just days later, the BitTorrent-based movie-streaming site was forced to pull the plug, after being labeled the “Netflix for Pirates” – gaining the reputation as an underdog that fights for the rights of consumers. Even users individual users were sued in the U.S., countless of times, while the owners had to face a lawsuit that required them to pay damages of up to $150,000.

Alternatives to Popcorn Time

The site’s creators said, “Popcorn Time is shutting down today. Not because we ran out of energy, commitment, focus or allies. But because we need to move on with our lives. Our experiment has put us at the doors of endless debates about piracy and copyright, legal threats and the shady machinery that makes us feel in danger for doing what we love. And that’s not a battle we want a place in.” This is where the original developers, sadly, made their exit.

Little did anyone know that clone Popcorn Time apps would appear shortly on multiple domains, refusing to bend over for insertion, to the Copyright Industry. This caused another litigation, even involving Warner Bros, Universal City Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures Corporation, against the three prominent PT domains, namely,, and, which reject domination from all legal entities!

Apps Like Popcorn Time

Nevertheless, since these forks are managed by developers around the world, the task has become somewhat impossible. The domain, for instance, even states like a bada$$ “This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down. Download and enjoy”. However, this doesn’t mean users should not search for other alternatives. By a long shot, if these domains are shut down, watching your favorite movies/TV shows freely will be impossible. You NEED to have a backup plan, hence this guide J

Apps Like Popcorn Time – Best for Streaming HD Movies/TV Show

  1. Kodi
  2. TorrenTV
  3. Zona
  4. TV
  5. FMovies


Kodi Alternative to Popcorn Time

The multi-platform, open-source entertainment software, Kodi is famed worldwide for giving users access to all kinds of video content. This involves movies, TV shows, live sports, events, music videos, and short films. It uses various official and unofficial third-party add-ons for providing entertainment. For instance, you can use extensions like Covenant, Exodus, and Fantastic for watching your television favorites. To access LIVE entertainment, you can use extensions like the cCloud TV. As such, Kodi exists as a viable alternative to Popcorn Time, with the added incentive of accessing live channels! Read more: Best VPN for Kodi

Kodi Alternative to Popcorn Time


TorrenTV Alternative to Popcorn Time

This option is best-suited for Apple TV users or any other platform that does not allow for the easy installation of apps. It can send torrent files to all brands of Smart TVs, Roku devices, and even Chromecast, without the hassle of downloading them. All you have to do get a torrent and drag the file into the tool’s window, instantly sending the movie to your Smart TV in high quality. Since there are no menu or settings, all you need to do is drag and drop to watch movies/TV shows! The tool even works for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring complete cross-platform compatibility.

TorrenTV Alternative to Popcorn Time


Zona Alternative to Popcorn Time

Zona is another famous BitTorrent client, labeled as the “Popcorn Time Beater”, thanks to its remarkable torrent streaming capabilities. It is the Russian alternative for the PT platform, which offers free subscription-based video, minus the hassles and geo-restrictions of sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Player, and BBC iPlayer. Similar to Kodi, you can use Zona for watching on-demand TV series and movies, along with live television, sports, news, and even play games. It has been criticized for being “closed-source”, but entertainment geeks around the world will surely appreciate the diversity of content!

Zona Alternative to Popcorn Time


YIFY.TV App Like Popcorn Time

Undoubtedly, the official YIFY website is recognized as one of the best torrent sites online to get your favorite movies/TV shows. However, if you thought the torrent version was good, you might want to check out its latest YIFY.TV service. The website grants users the ability to stream a host of movies directly through the browser, boasting a similar appearance to that of Netflix i.e. featuring large thumbnails and titles divided into various categories. Though you may come across some broken links, the website is still a good choice for direct streaming via browser, meaning you can leverage entertainment anywhere!

YIFY TV Alternative to Popcorn Time


FMovies App Like Popcorn Time

Similar to the YIFY.TV website, the famous and reliable FMovies is a FREE online streaming website, which has gained quite the momentum in the marketplace – thanks to its exceptional/attractive design, a huge database of movies/TV series, and availability of different domains (in case one of them shuts down). Since it is a website, you can use it on all platforms and devices, including Smart TVs – as long as they are internet-enabled and have a browser available. All content available on the site is easily stream-able, due to the website adding HDRip versions, which usually boast a smaller file size than others.

FMovies App Like Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time Alternatives for Mac

  1. Butter Project
  2. Stremio
  3. WebTorrent
  4. DuckieTV
  5. HD Popcorns


Butter Project App like Popcorn Time for Mac

After the inception and fall of the original Popcorn Time application from the Bueno Aires, numerous identical forks took over the internet. Among them includes the famous Butter Project, which is built from the same open-source code as the original PT. As such, it boasts the same appearance, design, and logo, with just a few variations, like another counterpart called “Flixtor”. Similar to Popcorn Time, the app runs on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Previously, Butter Project was an online service, but after the crackdown against PopcornTime, we guess a software version is definitely more viable.

Popcorn Time Alternatives for Mac


Stremio Alternatives to Popcorn time

A media center similar to Kodi, the Stremio app is a solid alternative for PopcornTime, especially for Mac users. It allows users to watch and organize video content from a variety of different services, including Netflix. At the same time, it offers users the ability to enjoy live TV and sports. You can browse the selection by recent uploads, ratings, and genres. There is even a calendar available, which allows you to receive a visualization of all the movies/series added to the library. You can export and sync it to your calendar to create a proper movie-watching routine! You can even cast files to DLNA, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Wait for a Sec: Read 4 minutes Stremio VPN Guide.

Stremio Alternative for Mac


WebTorrent App Like PT

Similar to TorrenTV, this application for MAC allows users to stream movies/TV shows via simple drag and drop method. However, the only difference is that it works by loading torrents directly via the magnet links. To begin to start with your binge-watching, all you have to do is paste the link of the torrent on the WebTorrent desktop app for Linux, Windows, or Mac and then sit back and wait for the movie to stream. What really sets this software apart from others though, is its safety features. There are TCP and UDP protocols and WebRTC leak protection within the app!

Web Torrent alternative to popcorn time


DuckieTV Alternative to PT

Available in 15 different languages, DuckieTV is not like your standard movie-watching application. It is a software designed for pure TV-show addicts, who want to create a personalized calendar for their binge-watching habits. It typically allows users to receive up-to-date information about their favorite content, while scheduling auto-downloads, as soon as the files are available online in the form of torrents. DuckieTV connects to almost all torrent clients, including Deluge, Ktorrent, rTorrent, µTorrent/BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Tixati, Transmission and Vuze and can even activate the “Play” mode in some.

Duckie TV alternative to popcorn time


HD Popcorns Apps Like PopcornTime

HD Popcorns is a clone version of the YIFY website, boasting the same neat and clean outlook, which presents movie titles in the form of thumbnails, while providing other details like access to Trailer link, IMBD ratings, and reviews. It is a good choice for Mac users, who are looking for the latest in torrents for both: Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The best part of all: the site does not overload you with ads, which makes the entire movie-watching experience incredibly streamlined. You can even download the subtitles directly from the website, eliminating the hassle of exploring other pages online.

HD Popcorns app like popcorn time


Popcorn Time Alternatives for Android

  1. Terrarium TV
  2. Mobdro
  3. Shudder
  4. CinemaBox
  5. Popcornflix
  6. Jio Cinema


Terrarium TV

Almost identical to the PT app for Android, the famous Terrarium TV has become a top choice for many, who want to watch high-quality movies/TV shows in 720p and 1080p on their Smartphones, Tablets, and other Android devices. Every video comes with subtitles and you can even choose the language. The software can easily be downloaded from the website directly, as the Google Play Store listing has been removed, due to increased pressure from copyright infringement hunters. The platform is in direct competition with other apps like the PlayBox, CinemaBox, Showbox, and SnapTube.

Popcorn Time Alternatives for Android



Introduced as a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs on the Android OS, Mobdro is a reliable application for binge-watchers, who want to access their favorite TV shows, movies, sports, live TV, music videos, and even news on a single platform. The app is available for download free of charge, but if you want access to a huge database of content, you will have to go for the premium version. Regardless of the subscription, everything from the menu to interface is amazing, and users can even enjoy listening to audio or video podcasts aggregated from a variety of sources online.

Mobdro alternative for popcorn time



For Android-users, who like watching movies/TV shows on their smartphones/tablets, particularly those relating to the “Horror” genre – you might want to check out SHUDDER! It will literally make you shit your pants with the kind of scary content available to stream, which is perfect for those lazy nights with bae, after smoking up craving for some munchies and jump scares – so you get an excuse to cuddle up or be dramatic! With a regularly updated database of horror aficionados, you can feel assured to be so frightened that your heart will beat faster than a marathon runner!

Shudder app like popcorn time



Created by the same developers of PlayBox HD, this streaming platform works on both: Android and iOS devices, making it a viable alternative to the famous Popcorn Time. Offering exceptional quality of movies/TV shows, laid out attractively in large thumbnails, there is a very welcoming vibe of the app that makes using it worthwhile as compared to others. There is even a “Favorites” folder, which grants the ability to save movies you want to watch for later. Though, you cannot download the app directly from the Google Play Store. You have the .apk file available on the website.

CinemaBox alternatives to popcorn time



Owned by Screen Media Ventures and introduced in the marketplace of entertainment back in July 2010, Popcornflix enjoys a strong user-base and reputation online, offering free ad-supported streaming video of webisodes and classic/latest movies. It has a directory of over 1000+ films, which are approved by copyright agencies with all the relevant licensing. Subsequently, you can feel assured that streaming on the VoD service will not get you into legal hassles or caught in hefty DMCA fines, which can get quite stressful for users that do not enjoy strong financial backing.

Popcornflix app like popcorn time


Jio Cinema

Listed as one of the most downloaded apps in entertainment on the Google Play Store, the Jio Cinema enjoys a strong reputation as the preferred choice for fulfilling your cheesy, desi cravings. It offers movies/TV shows and live programs available to stream around the world with the content spread across 10 genres and 15 Indian languages. You can download the app from the store directly or choose to stream titles from the main website too. The best part of all: the software has a very appealing UI that will make you fall in love with it instantly. It is also easy to use for oldies!

Jio Cinema alternative to popcorn time


Popcorn Time Alternatives iOS/iPhone

  1. Popcorntime-Online.Tv
  2. Tubi TV
  3. Movie Box
  4. Crackle
  5. SnagFilms
  6. Viewster



As mentioned earlier, the Popcorn Time application is available on numerous domains, which offer their own version of the software, deriving from the original Github code. Among them includes the Popcorntime-Online.Tv that utilizes the same design and appearance as the The difference between the two is that where the .to version works as an app, the counterpart can be aaccessedvia your website directly. You will have to install “Torrents Time” though to get started with streaming, which works smoothly on Google Chrome.

Popcorn Time Alternative iOS


Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the only few streaming apps that are available to download/install from the iTunes directly. Even though the content is legally suspect, it works well on all iOS devices. The process is simple, just install the app, select a movie/TV show to watch, and hit the play button. Thanks to its beautiful UI and design, you can feel assured never to feel bored while on the platform. Though the content aggregation still needs work, the software is still worth trying. Especially considering that, you do not have to jailbreak your iPad/iPhone, just to install it.

Popcorn Time Alternative for IPhone


Movie Box

Movie Box is another great alternative for Popcorn Time that is available on iOS devices. Though you cannot find the app on the iTunes official store, there is a way for you to get it without jailbreaking your device. The process involves using the Cydia Impactor or vShare. Once done, you can gain access to all your favorite movies/TV shows, working similar to Netflix. The content aggregation is good too, and you have access to class movies all the way to recent releases.




An official subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, this option is best suited for those iOS users who do not want to get caught into legal hassles for streaming pirated movies. Crackle typically aggregates ad-supported video entertainment content from licensed production companies, which means everything you see in the watch list is safe to open and watch. The only problem with such a software is that while it does offer a ton of information for all kinds of movies/TV shows, the variety you receive may not be that appealing to the eye. Regardless, it is available to download for FREE on the iTunes official store.

Crackle alternatives to popcorn time



Similar to Crackle SnagFilms does not aggregate unlicensed content and works its best to only offer titles that have been approved prior by the producer/director. As such, rather than finding popular movie/TV shows, you will gain access to a directory of over 5,000 independent works in a dozen categories, ranging from action-adventure, scare-pumping horror, hilarious comedies, and critically acclaimed documentaries. The app also takes a special interest in international foreign films and gay/lesbian movies, along with Hindi Bollywood works!

SnagFilms app like popcorn time



For iPad/iPhone users, who take especially interested in animated movies, TV shows, and other content – you might find Viewster an appealing alternative to Popcorn Time. It is a site dedicated to the world of animation but also offers users the ability to watch biographies of actors, filmographies, movie trailers, snippets, news, and more. The listing of movies, anime, and TV shows are updated on a weekly basis, which means you can feel assured never to get bored! The best part of all: you can download the app directly from the official iTunes store.

Popcorn Time Alternative Reddit


Popcorn Time Alternative Reddit

Reddit is a great community for getting answers to all your questions, regardless of how nasty or difficult they might be. It boasts a huge forum of Redditors, who are always willing to help out on a variety of topics, which includes Popcorn Time Alternatives. Conducting a thorough research, we also took our alternative finding efforts to Reddit, and came across this useful thread below. The user gives a new solution by the name of xTorrent, which is perfect for streaming torrents, minus the hassle!

[App][Dev] Popcorn Time alternative, Play/Stream Torrent Videos with Seek Feature. from androidapps


Wrapping Things Up

Advocators of the #FreeInternet, please never give up on introducing solutions for FREEBIES like us to enjoy accessing our favorite content. Your hard work is appreciated greatly for investing time in creating these solutions, like the above PT alternatives, to get started with binging just by a click of a button. We also understand the risks many take to simply get their apps out there on the market, and if anything goes wrong – you will always have by your side. As for our audience, we hope the above guide proves resourceful. Don’t hesitate on commenting below, if you have any viable alternatives to share!

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