It hurts me to be the bearer of bad news for fans of the legendary NYAA torrents website taken down by on 1st May 2017 after putting up a 7 year fight with Japanese copyright trolls. NYAA was a central BitTorrent hub for South East Asian entertainment, primarily Anime & South Korean movies. Come May 2017, all three NYAA domains namely, & have all been taken down, with a server hold status greeting users. If you are looking for kickass alternatives, click here.


nyaa is taken down

Most Japanese, Korean and Chinese entertainment fans may be devastated by the news so I thought why not get torrent enthusiast buzzing with these 7 brilliant NYAA alternatives.


Remember! You can be tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize you or report users’ to the FBI. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.


Best NYAA Alternatives List

  2. Pantsu NYAA
  5. RUTracker
  6. Anime-Sharing
  7. Tokyo Toshokan

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HorribleSubs was the first domain to rise to prominence as soon as NYAA was suspended. A fan subtitle group, HorribleSubs, offers a categorized library of most torrents available on NYAA. Built around high speed magnet links, HorribleSubs is the first point of contact for disgruntled NYAA torrent users’.

horriblesubs best nyaa alternatives
2. Pantsu NYAA

The original NYAA alternative being setup by admins & users of the original website, Pantsu NYAA currently hosts all torrents up to April 5 2017. The website was originally posted to 4Chan groups (check it out routinely for new domains & alternatives), later was made viral over Reddit.


pantsu nyaa alternative

Currently, available with most NYAA content, Pantsu NYAA also offers a search button with complete functionality of the original website coming soon.


Shana Project is a torrent index powered by the Tokyo Toshokan website. Offered with a search feature, blog, season list and featured anime and manga torrent episodes on the homepage, Shana Project is a great NYAA alternative for high speed downloads. is third nyaa alternative


One of Shana Project’s most powerful features is the auto download feature, allowing you to schedule downloads each time a new anime episode is released. You will find all series hosted on NYAA, so a great alternative you should bookmark for latest series episodes from across S.E.Asia. auto download



A direct download website dedicated for anime, TheHylia was primarily designed as a central hub to get your favorite anime series in one place without having to go through a massive advertising storm and affiliate links. The website is against pricy subscriptions and does not support any advertising on the domain to make it an attractive download service for a global audience. is fourth nyaa alternative


TheHylia has a simple interface with a search option and an account management feature. There is a limit though, you can only download one file at a time.

      5. RuTracker

A Russian torrent indexing service, RuTracker, has been victim of constant trolling and suspensions like NYAA. But, RuTracker has already survived the worst even after being tagged as a piracy website. RuTracker is a complete torrent index rather than just for anime and movies, with categories including music, games, books and others.

rutracker is 5th nyaa alternative


The first thing you will need to do is have a translation add-on in your browser to get thewebsite in english or other languages, its in Russian.RuTracker offers a dedicated search feature, categorized torrents, forum, FAQ and archived menus. You can register an account to participate in forum discussions but do rememebr most will be in Russian or central European languages.

       6. Anime-Sharing

Anime-Sharing is more of a categorized forum that a torrent website with a proper search and notifications of latest anime available for download.

anime-sharing is 6th nyaa alternative


Powered by quick navigation features including an FAQ, a huge community, calendar, forum actions and quick links, Anime-Sharing might not be a direct substitute for NYAA but a great alternative to get anime sources and latest series. Usually, the mods upload new series episodes in a single thread to allow a quick look at all trending series.

      7. Tokyo Toshokan

I was going to list TT on top but both the website and the torrents found on the index are slow. The website is also incomplete and only meant to download torrent hash files. The untidy look and difficult navigation will definitely put you off if you wish for ease of use and a decent interface. Tokyo Toshokan does claim to be “A BitTorrent Library of Japanese Media”and thus offers all of your favorite series previously available on NYAA.

tokyo toshokan is last nyaa alternative


There is hope however, the website has a search feature and provides a list of trending torrents plus featured torrents are displayed on the home page with their relevant statistics. The website navigation you join the forum, join the chat rooms, subscribe to the RSS feeds, submit new torrents and customize your TT page. Suffering majorly because of its very untidy website, Tokyo Toshokan is probably one of the top three alternatives for NYAA on ipad torrents.

Honorable Mentions from our readers also include:



In a Nutshell

I hope you enjoyed my countdown of the best alternatives for NYAA to download your favorite anime and other South East Asian entertainment. Do remember to comment and follow our Twitter feed& YouTube channels for some brilliant guides, tips & tracks, torrentz alternatives, and reviews. Until then enjoy some HD quality anime on our top ranked list of NYAA alternatives. Dont forget to secure all your downloading using best vpn and best vpn for torrenting.

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  1. shuzxi

    I have found the working Nyaa link,
    you should add this in your list.


  2. Lisa

    Found New Version of Nyaa Torrents.

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