If you are interested in watching desi content, then Zem TV is one of the best Kodi addons available for enjoying sports from Southeast Asia, movies/serials from India, and dramas from Pakistan. Some legal battles during the Kodi addons crack down hit the developers group hard, but it continues to operate regardless. Continue reading to understand how to install Zem TV on Kodi by Best VPN. Be advised that before proceeding further, make sure you’ve installed the best VPN for Kodi in order to enjoy unlimited streaming with online security.


Zem TV Kodi Repository

Due to the recent copyright infringement scares, many repositories have shut down, leaving Kodi users unable to access their favorite extensions. There is one repo though, which continues to operate, regardless of the crackdown against third party Kodi developers. It goes by the name of Kodi Israel, which is home to a ton of useful add-ons, including Zem TV.

How to Install Zem TV Kodi Addon on Krypton Version 17 or Higher

  1. Launch the Kodi V17 application and go to settings by clicking on the “Gear” icon.How to Install Zem TV Kodi addon
  2. From the list of configurations, select “File Manager”.How to Install Zem TV Kodi Addon on Krypton Version 17 or higher
  3. Scroll down on the left column and click on “Add Source”.How to Install Zem TV Kodi addon on Jarvis Version 16 or lower
  4. Enter http://kdil.co/repo into the URL box, name the media source “Kodi Israel”, and press OK.how to add zem tv kodi addon
  5. Return to the main menu and click on “Add-ons”.zem tv kodi
  6. Click on the “Package” symbol on the top left corner of the page.zem tv kodi addon
  7. From the list of options, select “Install from zip file”.zem tv kodi download
  8. Find the “Kodi Israel” media source you added earlier and click on it.zem tv kodi setup
  9. To install the repo, double-click on “Kodil.zip”.zem tv kodi settings
  10. Wait for the “Add-on installed” notification and click on “Install from repository”.zem tv kodi configuration
  11. From the list of repos, select “www.kodisrael.co.il Repository”.zem tv kodi repository
  12. Scroll down and click on “Video add-ons”.zem tv kodi zip file url
  13. Find the “ZemTV.com” add-on and click on it.zem tv kodi firestick
  14. Hit the “Install” button and select the latest version.zem tv kodi alternatives
  15. Wait for the “Add-on installed” notification.zem tv not working
  16. You can now access ZemTV.com from your Video add-ons collection!.zem tv kodil

How to Install Zem TV Kodi on Jarvis Version 16 or Lower

  1. Launch the Kodi Jarvis application and go to “System”
  2. From the list of options, click on “File Manager”
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Add-Source” option
  4. Select “None” and enter: http://kdil.co/repo/
  5. Name the media source “Kodi Israel” and hit OK
  6. From the main menu, go to ‘System’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Add-ons’
  7. Select the “Install from zip file” option and click on Kodi Israel
  8. Wait for the repository to install successfully
  9. Head to the “Install from repository” menu
  10. Findcom in the video add-ons of the Kodi Israel Repo
  11. Press the install button and enjoy using ZemTV.com!

How to Install Zem TV Kodi on Firestick

Learning how to install Zem TV on Kodi is incredibly simple and straightforward. All you have to do is follow the same steps mentioned above i.e. install the kdil.co/repo and then find the ZemTV.com extension from the list of Video add-ons.

Zem TV Kodi Not Working/Errors/Issues


Zem TV Kodi Addon Not Installed

One of the main reasons you might be seeing this error is due to obsolete repositories. Clear all kodi repos that are no longer operation, as Kodi may often grab content from them – hence displaying errors. Another option is to install the Indigo add-on and clear your cache.


Zem TV Kodi Download via Zip File URL

  1. Download the latest ZemTV.com addon file from here.
  2. Launch your Kodi Application and select “Add-ons”.
  3. Click on the “Package” symbol on the top left corner.
  4. Select “Install from Zip File” to begin the process.
  5. Find where you saved your file “plugin.video.ZemTV-shani-6.7.0”.
  6. Click on the file to begin the installation.
  7. You will now find ZemTV.com in “Video Add-ons”.


Zem TV Kodi Reviews

ZemTV is famous for being the top choice when it comes to watching Pakistani/Indian dramas and movies. However, it also gains popularity for allowing people all over the world to watch their favorite sports channels. The tweet below describes one such case!

Zem TV Kodi Alternatives

The ZemTV Group was hit hard during the recent Kodi crackdown, but it continues to operate smoothly. However, there is a little uncertainty regarding how long the add-on stay will up. So, without further ado, we present some Zem TV alternatives for you to try!


Though a new name in the marketplace of Kodi add-ons, VIKI is famed for its diverse content from a variety of countries, including Pakistan, South Korea, China, and India. The primary focus of the add-on is movies, which can be browsed by date, release, popularity, and genre.


This add-on covers a small slice of the content from ZemTV. It allows users from all around the world to watch dramas from channels around Asia and the southeast. You can watch content ranging from Korean dramas to Pakistani, Chinese, and Indian TV shows.

How to Watch Sky Sports On Zem TV

Unfortunately, ZemTV no longer provides users the ability to watch Sky Sports. Older versions had an option for you to see live streams, but new updates have removed the source. You may want to consider checking out other sport channels.

Best Zem TV Kodi Channels

  1. live
  2. Cartoon Network
  3. Ten Sports
  4. 8XM HD
  5. Zee TV

Wrapping Things Up

If you are facing trouble in understanding how to install Zem TV on Kodi, follow the above mentioned steps. If the repository method does not work, consider using the direct zip file method. Once installed, enjoy watching your favorite Pakistani/Indian movies and TV series online FREE of charge.

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