Streaming on Kodi may sometimes bring about buffering issues that are incredibly irritating and infuriating. If you are to solve this issue, you must clear the cache of the application. This may leave you wondering: “how to clear cache on Kodi”. The answer is quite simple though and does not require any rocket science. Similar to installing add-ons for entertainment, rejuvenating Kodi requires you to depend on an extension. So, we present to you, Indigo for Kodi.

This brilliant maintenance extension ensures that the media center never slows down again. Not only does it give you the ability to clear cache, but it can also revert everything back to its initial settings. No matter if you are connected to best vpn. This means, you can setup Kodi again with better running add-ons for entertainment, while ensuring things run smooth as ever. Follow the guide below for instructions on how to install Indigo and the steps to clear cache for seamless streaming of HD videos.

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How to Install Indigo Addon on Kodi Krypton

Indigo is available to install from the popular FusionRepository. Here is a simple guide to install Indigo on your Kodi Krypton media center:

  1. From your Kodi Krypton home screen click Add-Ons form the sidebar menu
  2. Next, click the Add-ons browser icon on the top left (see in the image)how to clear cache on kodi
  3. From the Installer menu click Install from Zip File>begin-here>, let the add-on install and wait for the confirmation messagehow to install indigo kodi addon
  4. From your home screen, head over to Add-ons >Program Add-ons >Indigohow to stop buffering issue on kodi krypton

You have successfully setup Indigo on Kodi Krypton, next let’s go through each feature and get your Kodi Krypton media center tuned up.


Tuning Kodi Krypton with Indigo Addon

Indigo contains some excellent maintenance tools that you can use to keep your XBMC-Kodi Krypton running smooth with buffer free streaming and fast navigation. Available options provided within Indigo include:

Tuning kodi krypton indigo addon


Indigo Addon Configuration Wizard on Kodi Krypton

This is probably the only option you will use in Indigo since it makes all necessary changes to optimize your Kodi Krypton media center. All you have to do is “Install”the recommended tweaks when alerted and let Indigo take care of itself.

kodi krypton configuration wizard using indigo addon


Indigo Addon Installer on Kodi Krypton

The built-in add-on installer in Indigo is something you will totally fall in love with. The Add-On installer feature allows you to browse through hundreds of video, audio, program, live TV and sports add-ons, plus install them directly from within Indigo. Add-on installer automatically install your favorite add-ons without having to go through setting up repositories and browsing through long menus.

Indigo is a superb add-on for beginners starting out with Kodi it allows you quick installation of add-ons, in addition to categorized lists of popular Kodi add-ons.**Do remember you may experience issues installation some add-ons through Indigo, so you might have to install using original repositories.**

kodi krypton indigo addon installer


Kodi Krypton Maintenance Tools Including Indigo Addon

A selection of tools designed for the tech savvy Kodi user, Maintenance Tools are a great collection of tweaks to improve your Kodi Krypton’s routine performance. This Indigo section provides information on cache, packages, thumbnails downloaded by Kodi while you use your various add-ons.

kodi krypton auto maintenance using indigo addon


The Maintenance Tools section also provides some very useful options including:

  1. Installing custom Keymaps for keyboards, mice and controllers
  2. Delete crash logs & reports
  3. Configure Kodi to automatically run maintenance tasks automatically
  4. Force Update &Uninstall add-ons
  5. Check Repository health
  6. Disable the built-in malicious scripts blocker
  7. Enable the debugging mode


I’m sure advanced Kodi users will love indigo features and its ease of navigation.

Rejuvenate Kodi Krypton Using Indigo Addon

As the name suggests Indigo’s rejuvenate option completely clears all XBMC configurations and reconfigures your Kodi Krypton with the latest Config Wizard. The process is automated and only requires your permission twice. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you know your way around Kodi.

kodi krypton indigo addon update


Kodi Krypton Factory Restore Using Indigo Addon

The factory restore option as its name suggests resets your existing Kodi configuration & any tweaks you have made to the official factory configuration.

factory restore kodi krypton using indigo addon


Kodi Krypton Logs Uploader Using Indigo Addon

The Log Uploader feature is available in the Indigo add-on,but, as far as I can remember the repository that serves this feature has now been discontinued. I am still not sure how the logs uploader feature works since there is no surety it’s active.


Kodi Krypton Network Speed Test Using Indigo Addon

Another great feature from Indigo, the network speed test allows you to test your internet connection based on three varying tests. You can test either small, medium or large file size to determine how fast your network is performing in conjunction with Kodi. This is a great option for those who stream a lot of live TV and sports on Kodi.

network speed kodi krypton indigo addon


Kodi Krypton System Information Using Indigo Addon

Once again, as the name suggests this feature provides information on you Kodi, your device and your internet connection.


Kodi Krypton Indigo Addon Sports Listings

The sports listing section is basically a viewer’s guide to get the latest times and streaming channels for sports events including football, cricket, horse racing, tennis, baseball, netball and others.

sports channels indigo addon for kodi krypton


Kodi Krypton Backup/ Restore Using Indigo Addon

In case you ever need to factory restore or delete your Kodi media center, a backup option is also available to save all your existing settings, files and folders to restore later.

backup kodi krypton using indigo addon


Kodi Krypton Log Viewer Using Indigo Addon

A built in log viewer is also available for you to check all events and add-on notifications for troubleshooting later. I found the interface better than I have seen in other log viewer plug-ins.


Clear Cache Kodi Exodus

The Exodus add-on after continuous use may sometimes begin to give video buffering issues. Not only does this hinder the cinematic experience, but it can also be pissing off if you really need to satisfy boredom. Luckily, there is always away to overcome obstacles by extensions. You can clear the cache on Exodus to improve buffering performance. Follow the below steps to begin:

  1. Open the Kodi application and click on the add-ons button
  2. Select Video Add-ons and tap on Exodus
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Tools” option
  4. Look at the bottom to find the “Exodus: Clear Cache” option
  5. Press the enter button to clear cache instantly

Clear Cache Kodi Exodus


How to Clear Cache on Kodi Firestick

If you want to clear cache on Kodi Firestick, you will have to follow the same steps mentioned above. Since the Amazon TV box has limited storage, it is a good idea to have routine clearing of the cache. Simply install the Indigo add-on, click on the “Maintenance Tools”, select the “Clear Cache” option, and revert Kodi back to normal.


How to Clear Cache on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Below

  1. Open Kodi Jarvis and then click on the “System” menu
  2. Now select File Manager and double click on “Add Source”
  3. Enter the following URL into the box:
  4. Name the repository “Kodi Israel” and then hit OK
  5. Return to the main menu and go to system
  6. Select add-ons, install from Zip File, and then Kodi Israel
  7. Wait for the Repo to install successfully
  8. Once installed, go to Install from Repository
  9. Select Kodi Israel and click on Program add-ons
  10. Find and install the Indigo extension and repeat above steps for Krypton


5 Different Types of Kodi Cache

Similar to websites, even an application leaves some sort of cache for functioning smoothly. Kodi cache can refer to any data that the media center locally saves on the platform for faster access to content. Below are the five different types you must know about.


Video Cache

The video cache is the most common and talked about when it comes to Kodi. It functions by saving a few seconds of video content to get rid of small bumps/slowdowns while streaming your favorite movies/TV shows, news, live sports, and music. The cache is stored on RAM (60MB allocated to be exact). If it exceeds the set values, Kodi automatically clears the cache.

Add-On Cache

Each time you download a Kodi extension, they will automatically save files to make their own “cache”. Some may even bypass the normal video cache in replace of special ones that grant pre-downloading of files to play them back offline instantly. Though Kodi does clear cache automatically, you must be aware the device does not run out of space and crash.

Android Application Cache

When you install Kodi on Android devices, the media center will automatically synchronize to your app collection. Upon switching between apps from within Kodi, it is normal for software to leave cache. However, it is possible that sometimes these cache data are corrupted. As a result, they may result in crashes if not cleared out.

Image Cache

This need no explanation, but we will still provide you with knowledge. Kodi will cache various images from within the application to ensure a faster interface. This include thumbnails and cover arts for different extensions along with other pictures that appear in the video library. Mostly, these cached images save on Kodi, but you can shift them to a network or external drive.

Temp Files

Just like web browsers often save temporary files from different websites and pages, Kodi might save a variety of files. This may include previous versions of some add-ons, subtitles related files, and extracted videos from a zip or .rar archive.


See You Again Soon!

I hope you will find Indigo a very effective maintenance tool for your Kodi media center. If you found this article helpful share with friends using the social buttons and leave a comment to let us know if there is something I missed.

See you again soon with more guides, tweaks and amazing add-on reviews for Kodi.

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    Hi I am new to all about Kodi. My friend set it up for me and its been working smoothly since. However, recently the app has been lagging a lot and Ive been told to clear the cache. This guide is helpful. I just wanted to ask what happens if I press the “Rejuvenate Kodi” button. Does it clear all add-ons?!

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